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Visions of a Bloody Future


Is Donald Trump bad for the Jews?  With so many pro-Zionist Jews on his staff, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner, it is hard to believe that Trump is anything but good for Jews and Israel.  But there are many Jews who are very nervous about the Trump administration.  They may be on to something, because as America goes through a great awakening about Jewish power, formerly ignorant Americans are going to become less and less tolerant of militant Jews and Israel.

Are some Jews have forbidding thoughts of a bloody Jewish future because of Donald Trump? Often artists are sensitive to upcoming trends, the feel the future then express it in some art form. Sarah Levy’s menstrual blood painting of a bloody Trump is a case in point . There is a current pattern emerging amongst Jewish artists that is expressing this foreboding future for Jews and of Israel. That is not surprising, eventually the world will catch up to Jewish lying and all hell will break loose.

As some commentators have pointed out, America may be the whore of Israel, but even a whore has its limits.  America has been resistant in attacking Iran because that could result in direct war with Russia. Amerika may be a reckless military superpower but it is not suicidal.  The vassal Amerikan state may be beholden to Jewish power but it will only go so far in doing Israel’s bidding.

So far Satanyahu has not been able to push police state Amerika into a totally ruinous war with her number one enemy Iran even though he has been lobbying hysterically for decades about Iran getting the bomb.  The sad fact is that little shit Israel has been blackmailing the United States for decades because it has nukes and also has the will to use them.  If Americans only knew they would glass over Tel Aviv, but they don’t know and don’t want to know.

Everyone knows that Israel has the bomb, and I say Israel has 2,000 nukes based on standard growth rates of what we thought they had back in 1990.  The Jewish controlled media is certainly lying about how many because the lie about everything, especially about the Holy of Holies, the existence of an advanced Israeli nuclear weapons program and the production of many of these ultimate ultradestructive “holy” bombs.

Israel has claimed a latch ditch Samson Option that she will nuke all the western cities if she goes down.  Well, how many cities has Israel pre-positioned nukes in already?  How many nukes has Israel used in false flags?  Some researchers claim the World Trade Towers were nuked.  Israel is the threat to the world yet year after year we hear Bibi lament Iran’s nuclear program.  Jewish artists do not protest Israeli nukes or their use, they protest any President who doesn’t kowtow to total Israeli domination.

The sorry fact is that Israel is blackmailing Western nation states is going to backfire terribly for world Jewry no different from what happened when the Jews revoled against first century Rome.  It is of great consequence that a deep split within the American national security state apparatus is ongoing about this unreserved loyalty to Israel.  Of course this external influence will be challenged because it is an existential crisis for the nation.  A major rift has already formed, the Zionists will be eventually crushed, and those tuned in are getting nervous feelings in their emotional bodies.

Americans are waking up to despotic little Israel as being responsible for 911, Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, and the authors of the police state and the terror war.  The fact the wars have been bad for the United States, the relationship with Israel has been bad for the United States which is the greatest user of oil.  It would be far more logical if the United States was allied with the oil producers. America’s foreign policies are irrational because of Israeli lobbying and influence, America has alienated itself from much of the oil producing Muslim world.  Jews use threats, like the Samson Option, to maintain their iron grip around the throats of their political whores.  Israel wants the oil pipelines regardless of what happens to America.


So as things go and the world turns it is also a no-brainer that the American state, like first century Rome, is going to change its position vis-a-vis Israel.  From JFK to Trump a face off is inevitable.  America is eventually going to stand up for itself and shed the parasite or at least show some spine and autonomy.  This is probably already happening under Trump which is so upsetting to the self-centered self chosen ones.  Any deviation from total subservience is never tolerated, the tribe is completely wrapped up in their own self centeredness by failing to distinguish their actions and relationships to external events.

The 6 million dollar question, are Jews picking up a bloody fate for themselves because of Trump policies and expressing it in art form?  Sure they are.  Narcissists are ultra-sensitive to any criticism.  Only a Jew would pass a law making it a crime to question the Holocaust.  The Holohoax is not just another Jewish fraud and money making scam, it is part of their grandiose view of their own talents and a craving for admiration and to be the center of attention and victimhood.  How dare anyone even question the self chosen pity party.

Many Israeli Jews held up anti-Trump posters during the American election about how Trump was bad for the Jews. Why do they feel this way? Are Jews getting queasy about any American ruler who doesn’t tow their hard line?  We all know that Israel is guilty as hell but they don’t know it because of their own self loving conceited image they will never admit to their own involvement and guilt in creating their own damnation.

It takes no prophetic ability to see an Israeli centered World War 3 approaching.  We can see plain as day how the world is moving toward a catastrophic ending because of Jewish control and malevolence in the world.  Just look at what Israel has orchestrated to the nation states around their “Jewish only” state. All the Middle East is in ruins because of Zionist policies of destabilizing the area for the Greater Israel project.  This great discontentment caused by Jews is reaching into the heavens – people are becoming conscious that all the problems in the world are being orchestrated in Tel Aviv.

As the world reacts to Talmudic control, Jews feel threatened and up their game. Eventually it will be common knowledge that Jews are planning on doing us all under, most people already know that the central banks are Jewish in nature, but as the debt mounts and it becomes impossible to operate from crushing debt loads, people will figure out the real perps and revolt.  It is not enough to know that banks are working us over, people must realize that the system is Jewish in nature, Jews wish to own and control everything.

Because Trump resisted the Jewish narrative about reality Jews feel threatened.  They may be right, anyone who comes along and doesn’t jive with their narrative about their persecution and dominance may be an ultimate threat to their existence.  Actually, it is inevitable that the world would eventually catch on to Jewish propaganda and then do something about their own enslavement.  The host will eventually recognize the parasite and pick it off, the Jewish trick is to stay unrecognizable for as long as possible.

Even with Jewish control of the major media, no one wants to be lied to.  The New York Times readership has been falling for some time now.  Having lied and been caught for lying America into the Gulf Wars the people are just not buying the Jewtube and Jew York Times as a source for truth.  The sheeple have turned and all is not well with those who have been controlled for so long, we now know that Jews manipulate us into war after war like FDR making a deal to get us into WW2.

Far worse, the NYT is guilty of aiding and abetting a criminal state.  Those Jews in the bowls of the newsprint who help the state start wars based on lies are equally culpable of the war crimes based on the lies.  In my opinion, a real leader would send in the special forces into the newsprint offices and leave none alive, I can envision paratroopers landing on the roof top of the NYT and working their way down while Marines storm the front entrance.  I say we leave none alive – they are all guilty of hell and deserve death for what they have done.

The Jewish New York Times was instrumental in helping the Zionist Neocons launch their wars of total destruction in the Middle East.  Most people would say that these wars are reaching a climax of World War Three.  Most Apocalyptic Christians will tell you the Bible says one third of mankind will die.  I think that estimate is far to low.  I think 6 billion humans could easily die because of all the biological and nuclear weapons that stand ready for use.  Yet even with millions of lives lost and potentially billions more not one commenter save myself says we must nuke Israel.

The moral cowardice of this age is truly outstanding.  Doesn’t it make sense that eventually the Jews will see retribution for what they have done to others?  Doesn’t it make sense that some Jews would feel this change when the tide starts to turn against them?  It sure seems to me that if more than one Jewess is having visions of a bloody Trump that they are picking up the energy flow for an upcoming bloody future for Israel where many Jews get killed in WW3.

These emerging feelings of dread amongst some Jews reminds me of the story of Hitler’s loyal housekeeper who saw some blood red thunderclouds one evening and had a vision of a bloody future for Germany.  Her feelings were transformed into conscious thought by an observation of her natural surroundings.  Her consciousness was synchronized with her internal feelings based on what little she was hearing and feeling around the Wolf’s Lair.

The way these psychic visions works is that as events unfold, there is a stream of energy that creates an upcoming fate for a nation that has taken a certain war making path.  Israel is a completely violent unrepentant nation that is hell bent on taking over the world.  This energetic pattern is reinforced with each bombing raid and false flag they perform.  With each despotic Talmudic act the Jewish state is engineering their own doom based on their own actions.

What no man dares to say (except myself and Charles Giuliani) is that Judaism and all it’s variants are serious mental disorders.  Judaism is Narcissistic personality disorder and probably why psychology was invented in the first place.   None dare call Judaism a disease of the mind, not one person on this damned planet wants to man up that Judaism and the belief in Bible God is the source of nearly all the misery on the earth.  Why?  Because the Bible is a black magic spell that has an iron grip on the believers who dominate governments.

The world has made the fatal mistake of not connecting the dots, the world has not made the connection between all the war mischief and Judaism.  The world can not put two and two together because that would challenge its most cherished belief in its own ego.  Egotistical Jews dominate because the world is stuck in an ego mindset, and the situation is so severe the specie is threatened.

So is Donald Trump bad for the Jews?  No.  Does Trump deserve the bloody images being injected into the mass mind by Jewish artists?  Not really.  The truth is that the Jews are bad for the Jews.  What no believing Jew will ever admit that Jews are bad for Jews.  They can not make this admission because their religion disallows it.  No “real” Jew can see that their own damn religion causes them harm.  Neither can Christians or Muslims make this connection because if they did they would be admitting to their own mental illness.


Why the Western World Has NO Morals


Brian Ruhe interviews internet essayist John Kaminski on why Americans lack morality.  John makes the potent observation that the entire west is without a shred of decency or morals.  The listener must wonder how the most God fearing nation of America is completely immoral yet believes itself to be the most moral.  How can the most modern Christian nation be the most terroristic nation but internally views itself as Godly and innocent?  How can the Bible believers be completely without morals or decency if they believe the Bible to be the words of God?  That is one of the greatest questions of our time.

The answer is so obvious that no one can see it.  Not a handful of the people since the A-braham have even been able to glimpse what is really going on because they live in a false construct of reality.  Like a fish unable to detect water, the Bible apologists can’t see the truth because they are immersed in a judgmental religion.  Everyone is making a grave mistake by assuming the assumptions of Jewish judgment being true.  But is god judgmental, or is the Bible judgmental Jewish propaganda used enslave people in low vibration?

What if the Bible concepts of sin, judgment, hell, devil, eternal punishment are not true but only mental constructs invented by the priestly class to control the population?  What happens to the culture that assumes their job is to get to heaven at any cost, that they must help God win the battle against Satan no matter what?  What becomes of a Judaized culture that decides to wage war on the entire world because they assume the Bible true?  Could it be we are headed toward total nuclear destruction because of our fundamental belief system?






The sad truth is that the west is being controlled by Talmudic Jews.  The reason is because of widespread belief in the Holy Bible.  The Western World exists in a Jewish simulacrum, where all morality has been inverted by the Holy Bible.  The Torah is the inverse of the Sanatan Dharma, so quite naturally those who follow the Jewish holy books are following a religion that has flipped Natural Law on its head.

I am an engineer and mathematician, I would like to write this in equation form.  Natural Laws are the Yogic discoveries of how to live in harmony the Universe, Abrahamic Laws are the inverse of proper loving behavior.  For instance, stoning a person to death for adultery is the exact opposite of the higher vibration of love and acceptance.  All of human evil is caused by judgment or ego consciousness.

The Torah = 1/(Natural Law)

The Talmud = (1/Natural Law)²

Σ(of all evil) = judgmental consciousness










In this fictional simulacrum of the Jew, Christians are taught that a certain German Nationalist, who dared to overturn Jewish rule of Germany in the 1930’s, as the most evil man who ever existed.  Is that true or was Hitler’s soul expressions a threat to Jewish power?  Why was Hitler’s priestess, Savitri Devi, convinced he was an Avatar, an incarnation of Vishnu?  Why was National Socialism the greatest threat to the Jewish takeover of the world?

Is Hitler painted by Jewish propagandists as the most evil man because he had them figured out as the most immoral race?  Was National Socialism the solution to the disastrous Jewish economies of Capitalism and Communism?  Are Jews trying to keep us from having prosperity and harmony because they want to own and rule the entire world for their own selfish ends?  Is the soulution to our current predicament is the freeing of our souls from Bible consciousness and prosecute Jews as histories greatest villains?

Are Jews the most immoral race of people that have conned the world with their holy book?  Is God really battling the devil?  Didn’t God create the devil, isn’t the devil meme being used the religious theorist to explain away evil in the world, when all things are attributes of god?  If God is everything and everywhere then why does it need anything?  Isn’t the Bible construct of God just a false perception of reality?

Most people do not understand that the Bible god and the anti-god Satan are both fictions in a Jewish tale enlisting the readers in their quest of world domination. The Bible readers are told God is all powerful but may lose the battle for earth unless they help.  The Bible instructs that God needs help, god needs witnesses, god needs money, god needs arms, and god needs ABM’s for the inbound missiles aimed at the holy chosen ones because of their aggressive policies.





Once you fully realize that the Bible is a gigantic hoax (just like the Federal Reserve) then you might question which God is the good god. The Bible god is not good because he demands killing. The Bible god is opposed to the life force of the Universe as described by the concepts of Sanatana Dharma. So it is true to say “Satan” is the adversary of Yahwey.  Yahweh is the God of Aggression that opposes Natural Law, the Sanatan Dharma.




Jews and Christians are behaving in accordance with their beliefs.  Jews and their Christians underlings commit immoral acts because both religions are immoral.  Genocide is the way of the Bible, those Christians who believe they are more moral than Jews are only fooling themselves, all Christians have been indoctrinated into thinking like a Jew.  Yahweh demands genocide for non-believers.

Yahweh demands that his people initiate the use of force.  Yahweh demands no other gods.  The intolerance of the Bible infects the minds of the population and results in the most horrific behavior imaginable.  The witch trials were just as bad as today’s wars where Jewish led terrorist groups behead whole villages in Syria.  Bible inspired evil continues unabated throughout the centuries yet no one suggests banning the book as causal.

All Christians believe in the supremacy of the state because all Christians believe god controls our governments and ordains our leaders.   But what happens when the nation is ruled by psychopaths?  America is the most terroristic nation because of its fundamental beliefs, Americans believe they have the god given right to initiate the use of force and that they must obey the authority which is a direct result of the god force.

The question as to why we are so immoral can now be answered, we are immoral because of our Jewish beliefs.  We believe in the Holy Bible, we believe that the stories of Jewish aggression are the ways of God, we believe we have the right to wage war.  The West is immoral because its fundamental beliefs have been formulated in the Jewish mind and the Jews are them most immoral race because they inverted and demonized the Sanatan Dharma.


Politics is Very Sophisticated Theatre


If you are wise you watch what they do and not what they say.  Politicians are actors, the best of the best sound very, very authentic like they believe what they say.  Trump is very much like Ronald Reagan, a believable passionate actor.  What did Trump say over and over?

“From this day forward it will be America first”

Politics is very sophisticated theatre, what did Trump do after the election?  He made Israel first.  Many people still don’t get it.  Jew wise patriotic radio hosts, like Dr. David Duke, still don’t understand the game.  Trump is an actor, they didn’t “get to him”, they didn’t turn him, Trump is a player and knows exactly what he must do to play the game.  We must question the validity of any truth leader after Trump removed his mask – the 6 Apr 2017 missile barrage.



The candidate’s talking points are created in think tanks and focus groups.  Trump and Hillary Clinton’s speeches are written by teams of professionals, the candidate reads the special prepared lines to capture the target groups.  Obama was “Hope and Change“, trump was “Make America Great Again”.  The politicians are literally actors, in fact some of them like Jesse Ventura, Ronald Reagan, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are actors.

After the election all the same Zionist policies continue unabated.  The simpletons are fooled in every election cycle because those in charge are controlling the world’s biggest military and cash cow and have a great interest in fooling the public.  The American people are the goy, the cattle, the easily milked dupes.  They do not understand how sophisticated the election process really is.




Trump didn’t change his real internal character, Trump was not turned or coerced into doing the bidding of the Jews.  Trump is an actor that played his role, he was convincing like Ronald Reagan.  What did Reagan believe and say?  The American government had grown to big, it was overbearing, it needed to be reduced in size.  What did Reagan do?  He ran the biggest deficits and made government bigger.

Political craft works because of belief.  If the public is pre-conditioned to believe then they can be easily fooled.  If in your mind you believe that Jesus is going to defeat the devil, then how hard is it to believe a politician who says he’s going to save us from the hobgoblins and boogeymans?  If you believe in Jesus you might also believe that the presented actor wild claims that if elected he will balance the budget or make America great again.

Who wrote the religious myth?  The state?  Who makes political promises?  The state.  If you take the time to listen to Joseph Atwill you’ll learn the true origin of the Jesus myth.  The Roman State, under Vespasian, hired Josephus to pen the Gospels.  The state hired an expert to write propaganda.  Christianity is religious propaganda that softens the mind to political propaganda.

The Gospel of Mark and Pauline Gospels are written by Josephus, in fact all the Gospels are god spells written under pseudo names just like Mark Twain or Yukon Jack.  Paul’s travels are modeled after the Jew Josephus who was captured in 68 A.D.  Jesus in the temple at a young age is Josephus in the temple at a young age as he tells in his autobiography.  Josephus was a well paid propagandist who wrote much of the New Testament.

Look at the success of the Gospels in convincing the masses of state propaganda.  That was almost 2,000 years ago.  The modern state is far more educated and sophisticated than ancient Rome.  The modern political parties hire corporations that run focus groups to figure out what you want to hear so they will get your vote.  Trump, like Obama, was sold to you like a bag of potato chips.  Trump made ‘soundbites” that appealed to many disaffected voters.  Trump went fishing and caught a whole lot of naive White nationalists and alt-righters.

Joseph Atwill proves that the crucifixion of Jesus is an allegory of the siege and fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.  Jesus is invented after the Roman seige.  The point is that the masses are under a Jewish spell, they are worshipping the Jews and the Jewish controlled state and the spell is so strong that few are able to overcome it and all the while many will be praying to their Jesus god with no effect.

If you want false hope then you can read the Gospels or believe in the Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Trump actors.  But you must want some truth because you are reading Yukon Jack.  It is not my job you serve you up false hope and promises like political candidates.  My job is to convince you of your upcoming doom because of faith.  Yes faith, faith is the great destroyer of this age.

Faith and belief are the great destroyers of this age.  The Gospels are not “good news”, such claims are bloody cynical.  The idea that there is salvation from an angry God who hangs the guillotine of eternal damnation over your soul is not some good news at all.  It is the worst state treachery of political propaganda that scares you into submission.  My job is to blaze a new path for consciousness and liberate the human mind from the treachery of the state and Jews otherwise the American sheeple will be used, morally debilitated, financially raped then killed off in WW3.

Hal Lindsey Killed America


Hal Lindsey Killed America

By Yukon Jack for Veterans Today

Originally published July 8, 2013

Note:  Text is exactly the same but new graphics added.

Hal Lindsey is more powerful than most realize, I like Hal Lindsey but being a truth teller I have to say, he killed America. “Say it’s not so” you say! Let me explain why Hal Lindsey steered the US Titanic straight into the Zionist iceberg and now America is sinking fast, glug, glug, glug, she’s keeled over just about ready to go under. How influential was this man? He is considered the “the most influential of all Christian Zionists of the 20th century“.(1)

Hal Lindsey single-handedly killed America because he delivered tens of millions of Christians into the pro-Israel, pro-Zionist, pro-Neocon fold. Satan, himself, could not have done a better job.(2) Hal Lindsey is one of the world’s greatest charismatic Evangelical crusaders, his success led to ruination of America, he converted and delivered millions of believers and molded them into a right wing Christian Zionist grass roots political movement. No man did a better job recruiting loyalists for Zionist Israel and prepping conservative Christians for the upcoming Neocon future.

The cumulation of this Evangelical fervor was the election of GW Bush, 911, and the War of Terror. Let me point out that most Evangelicals still buy the official version of 911 and support the terror war. In my opinion, this relationship is powerful evidence that Evangelical thought energy was causal. They can’t see what they are doing because they are under their own spell. No matter what Israel does it must be ok because Israel can do no wrong, including 911.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Hal Lindsey, well sort of, I wouldn’t mind to debate him about his beliefs. We are both very personable people. But what I believe about his beliefs makes him the devil incarnate. In fact I’ve watched this whole drama unfold for four decades, ever since I was handed a copy of “The Late Great Planet Earth” in the early Seventies on a university campus by a group called Campus Crusade for Christ, the world’s largest interdenominational Christian organization.(3)

Hal Lindsey’s eschatological view (4) of America’s immediate future convinced many about the approaching and impending doom, a very real feeling probably caused the assassination of President Kennedy, the endless and irrational Vietnam war, aggressive social engineering (i.e. feminism), inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve, prolifigate Federal spending of the 1970′s just to name a few. Hal Lindsey’s genius was to put a spin on those collective feelings and make them Biblical. Armageddon was just around the corner and in a sense he was right, America was going to hell, but not for the reasons he thought, it was heading straight into to Zionist hell where it currently smolders. But Hal Lindsey can not see that his Zionist beliefs are causal and to this day has yet to name the enemy, Hal Lindsey and his iron will are firmly in the enemies camp.

Self Creation vs. Fate

What you need to know is that we humans create reality, there is no external god torturing us with HIS plan, the plan that unfolds is what we think and feel about things. We are being tortured by Hal Lindsey’s plan because HE wrote our script. Hal Lindsey was able to convert millions of minds to his way of thinking and thus was able to create his vision of reality. Apocalyptic thinking is the hell being unleashed onto humanity. If we were actually fated to experience the visions of Revelation then god wouldn’t need help punishing us for our sins. Really, the angry god theory is ridiculous. We create our fate, if it seems like angry gods are punishing us then we should ask ourselves what are we doing wrong.

What makes Hal Lindsey so dangerous is what he believes and his ability to memetically infect others.(5) Hal Lindsey is possessed by the Bible, he believes the Bible literal, he believes that the Bible is the inerrant word of god. Jesus is coming back any day and we must prepare our souls for a great harvest, make the world ready for the return of god (never mind the contradiction that god is already omnipresent). This apocalyptic fervor is a common theme in Western history, for thousands of years it has been believed that Jesus would return in the lifetime of the believer. It is also a major indicator that Western culture is so traumatic that its captives want out. We need to change.

Hal Lindsey is helping Jesus return, and oh boy, what a world Jesus might return to, a Jewish supremacist run hell, and Hal Lindsey hasn’t met a Jew he doesn’t adore. Do you see the great irony of this tragedy? Hal Lindsey is channeling hell while reaching for heaven. We are in the Tribulation and will continue to experience apocalyptic conditions, which has been going on for decades, until this end times lunacy is transcended. The end times zealot will never see their actions as causal and they always project the Tribulation into the near future, the more fervent the believer the closer the projection.

The God Lobby Makes War

Since the end never comes the god lobby must be getting impatient, in recent years Evangelicals lacking faith have been actively lobbying for politicians who start wars. There is logic to this, if they make things bad enough then Jesus has to come back. All the while, during these wars, they deny their role as trouble makers and quote

Matthew 24-6:  (New American Standard Bible)

“You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end.”

We are in it now, wars without end. Why? Because our culture’s holy book says “for those things must take place“. This is a form of predictive programming, the Bible is teaching that war is inevitable because god saw the future and it is war, lots of wars. If I get you to believe that to be true then you will vote to make it true. Voting for warmongers makes the Bible come true, so we vote for warmongers who make war and then we affirm the validity of the Bible. We just proved that our myths are valid and we are not collectively crazy. That is how the game is played. What is going on is a self fulfilling feedback loop, and the worse it gets the more convinced the players are that it is real and they use this self generated negativity in convincing others that prophecy is coming true.

How did Hal Lindsey do it? His strong will and unwavering faith. Faith can move mountains and in this case Hal Lindsey’s near perfect faith moved America from a free country into a Zionist police state. Hal Lindsey was primarily responsible for allowing the Zionist terror machine to set up camp in America, we are careening toward a new dark age unless the Zionist movement is stopped. The survival of the human specie is now threatened by the works of Hal Lindsey. So let us compare Hal Lindsey’s fruits with what the Bible says:

Matthew 7:15-16

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.”

Hal Lindsey is helping god kill everything, the fruits of his labor is widespread terror and death, Hal is terrorizing the world with his faith and making a bloody mess, the will of USIsrael is the will of Hal Lindsey, the state is acting out the end times program. The Bible literalist makes the supreme logical error (caused by internal dishonesty from the belief system) of using circular reasoning as proof of the Bible’s accuracy. The believer claims the Bible is true because the Bible says its true. Truth rests on its own laurels, if god was true he doesn’t need help or your money. The proof is in the pudding, the so called believers, or god’s little helpers, are the ones passing out pamphlets usurping the divine. If you actually believed in an all powerful and all knowing deity who created every single thing in this Universe then what gives you the right to proselytize on its behalf or say that you represent it? If god was real, omnipresent and omnipotent then why would god need help from mortals? God needs help because god is a meme.

New Memes for Sinners

Hal Lindsey is infected by a memetic pathogen, so powerful that it is literally destroying the planet. He needs to let go of his Bible induced trauma, god didn’t lie because god didn’t write the Bible. Hal Lindsey is suffering from a Santa Claus syndrome, he is like the child who believed and then was told that Santa wasn’t real, he won’t let go because to do so would be admittance that his entire life was based on lies. He has not checked the assumptions of the god argument, he has made the unwitting assumption that god is real because the Bible is true, he can not see or does not want to see that the Bible is full of errors and can not be taken literal.

If you examine Hal Lindsey’s storyline he makes another classic mistake, he weaves together prophecies of Daniel with prophecies in Revelation, making the case that the Bible is consistent because the OT prophecies match the NT prophecies and utterly fails to realize that the NT writers simply respun the old ideas into a new storyline. A scholar looks at the Book of Revelation (9) and sees the direct connections back to past literature or events. Man is writing the story and is borrowing ideas from the past. Faith based Evangelism is of simple mind, no critical thinking required, just make any claim you want and say it’s true. Most of these preachers are proven straight up liars, but the public buys their end times story line and politics is playing their tune.

Politics is not about reason, the state is an organization with a monopoly on the use of force. Emotions can dominate policy decisions, people can be stampeded with false flags. Anyone able to hijack the state can use it to apply force, whether for a holy crusade, expansion of Israel, or military domination of a geographical area for energy resources. If all three agree then the use of state force becomes inevitable. But politicians do not operate in a vacuum, they need grass roots support and found it in the Evangelical conservative movement which was originally being fueled as a reaction to other failed policies like the welfare state.

What Hal Lindsey believes can be shown to be completely untrue yet our culture is basing its existence as if the Bible is true, that god wrote the Bible and the Bible says the Jews are god’s chosen and that in the end times god will re-establish Israel and that will lead to Armageddon and the Rapture and Jesus return. This idea is so virulent that American politics is being based on the script to the point that the GW Bush administration was in phone conference with Ted Haggard weekly during the early 2000′s. Because of these popularized end times beliefs, the Zionists have taken control of America. This was no accident, Christianity is the rock the Jews stepped on to take power. Christian America provided the cover for Zionist Jews to infiltrate and subvert the United States and turn her into a minion of International Jewry. Now that the parasite is fully embedded America will be easily taken down.

I have some good news for Hal Lindsey, Jesus didn’t exist, so his return as the destroyer god is 100% doubtful, and in case you didn’t know mild and meek Jesus is coming back with a new personality. Jesus can’t make it back for a couple of reasons, he never was and people don’t physically rise from the dead and become a Zombie god. The modern mind does not accept dead people coming back to life as a real possibility. Many scholars have looked for evidence of a historical Christ, finding none, they are challenging the apologists.(6)

The key to understanding the god story is to understand that memes are replicators and propagate. Humans fear death and god is way out of that predicament, the afterlife is an idea that replicates from mind to mind because every human has a stake in immortality whether true or not.(7) Heaven sells. Evangelical Christianity came up with the best memetic sales job to date, you get entrance to heaven by belief only, works do not matter. That sells better than the big gorilla balloon at the used car lot. The masses want no responsibility for their actions, and the televangelists are amassing fortunes because they found a way to play it.(8) All that is required is that we all believe, suspend our rational minds, and believe in mythological constructs such as the resurrection. “Jesus died for my sins” is an idea that won’t go away because it is so appealing to the sinner.(10)

No God = No Israel

What must the rational mind conclude about god if there is no evidence of god? Science has looked and found nothing with the signature of god, so that begs the question how can there be no authorship if there was a god who created everything? God’s date time stamp is simply not there so we must check our assumptions attached to the idea of a created Universe. Perhaps god is a primitive concept of humanities origin and has no basis in a modern scientific world. But that presents a huge problem, if god is an ancient superstition then what claim do Jews have to Palestine? None, none whatsoever. In fact the Jews have no legal claim even though most of the world is under a Jewish legal system. But that’s not what the fearless leaders of Israel say, they claim Almighty God gave them that land, ain’t it funny how “Almighty” God took thousands of years to get the Jews back to their land. That smells fishy, don’t you think?

Israel is unique because it is a nation based on a belief that God promised the Jews some land. Never mind the fact that the Jews wrote the book concerning this claim. No god means no Israel. Think about that, and think no American believers also means no Israel, so one can surmise that Israel only exists because of what Americans believe. It isn’t just weapons and bank loans, it is a belief that floats Israel and unfortunately for Americans, who are not religious, they also suffer what Eustace Mullins correctly labels a parasite.

The parasite must control the host in order for the parasite to exist. Israel needs America, America doesn’t need Israel. That’s why Israel MUST sell itself via the preachers. Christianity is the bedrock of Israel, without preachers like Hal Lindsey herding large segments of Christianity could Israel even exist? The vast majority of Zionists are Christians, not Jews. Is it an accident that Jewish owned and controlled television has a slew of pro-Israel televangelists spewing hatred of Muslims and whipping America into non stop support of Israel? You might even get a private jet like Jerry Falwell if you do a good job (8).

So what then is “god”? A meme, an idea, a program on your brain hard drive (4). God exists in a book and in your mind, outside of that it has no reality as none can be found. Secondly the god of the Bible is not a good god and should not be worshiped. The Bible god is a destroyer god and linking that deity to creation is a big mistake, so even if you proved a creator god that still wouldn’t justify Israel. You should reject the Bible god as worthy of worship, the Bible god is a most unpleasant fictional character:

“The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”

― Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

I like to make the point that the Bible god is a dead ringer for classic supremacist behavior. After all, the Bible god is a projection of Rabbinic class onto a deity. Is it a surprise that the characteristics of a deity might have something to do with the mentality of those that authored him? That should be obvious unless you are indoctrinated into a belief that god wrote the Bible.

Hal Lindsey loves this judgmental Bible god because inside Hal Lindsey is a prejudiced bastard, a Zionist wolf wearing a smile. You must be a prick to be a Zionist and Hal Lindsey is so disconnected from his actions that he cares nothing of those he destroys in his vision of the future, but why should he care since he already has a ticket to heaven.

The Trumpet of God Betrayal


Many people applauded Donald Trump as a savior during the 2016 Presidential election.  The emergence of Donald Trump as the lead opposition candidate was a great relief to many, and as a god sent savior to many American Christian slaves.  Stressed by bankrupt Zionist controlled foreign policy of endless war and destruction the happy goy loved his non-interventionist message and opposition to the Jewish controlling interest.  Trump was America first, not Israel first.

Alarmed Christians, in a state of religious fervor and belief, voted for Donald Trump to deliver them from the forces of “Globalist” evil.  But they were betrayed just as they were by previous presidents.  The nation had been betrayed by the Bush crime family, the Clinton criminals, the phony hope and change Obama – but this time things were different.  Trump was the real deal.  Followers of the new messiah became Trumpeters for Trump.  But Trump was just another blatant whore of Zion.  Trump supporters just learned that America first was only a campaign slogan.  Trump is just the next war mongering Zionist hellion, possibly worse than the previous sell outs.

After the 6 April 2017 missile attack on Syria his base feels betrayed.  But was it actually betrayed or was America fooled again?  Was Trump a false opposition candidate sold just like Obama?  The answer will surprise you, neither is actually correct.  What is actually going on is that you are in a simulacrum of god, a false reality, a hell realm and because you exist in this simulated hell the avatars are fooled again and again by a computer program called god.  Earth is not base reality, it is a simulation within a simulation.  With each simulated reality the program code gets farther from the original, with each simulation the sentient beings are thrust into a deeper hell.

Humans fall for false promises every time, the soul longs for heaven but only experiences hell while in body.  There is a reason for this.  Simulated fractal holographic soul reality.  This place is a simulation for soul growth, is not meant to be paradise because it is a program to maximize soul opportunity. Peace is not what the computer program wants, the god program is creating hell because hell is where this soul playground maximizes opportunities for experience.

Many great men and leaders have tried to make earth a paradise, but all have failed.  Hitler created a worker’s paradise and it soon became hell.  There is a reason for this.  This place is not meant to be what we want, it is only meant to be what the Jew wants.  Have you ever wondered why the Jew always gets what it wants?  The Jew represents God, and God is a monster.  If you go against God (or his Jewish representatives) then you experience a terrible consequence, a greater hell then where you started.  Those that challenge the Jew are destroyed and experience increased misery than the original starting position.

Just look at recent history, the Native Americans went against the Jew program and 100 million were rubbed out.   The Koreans went against the Jew and 2 million in Pyongyang were murdered from air bombardment, and General LeMay, a willing participant of Jewish mindset, bragged he had killed 20% of the yellow man.  According to wikipedia:  “During the war, he(LeMay) was known for planning and executing a massive fire bombing campaign against cities in Japan.”   In this simulation, when you kill many for the Jew you are promoted to high rank.

Trump could kill many more Koreans, Japanese, Iranians, Syrians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Yemenis than LeMay could have dreamt about.  Trump may use his Rod of God kinetic energy weapons against North Korean missile sites and kick start a bigger war for glorious Jewish supremacism.  The crime of the little yellow men is that they refuse to do what the Jew says, they refuse to give up their nukes to the almighty Jew.  Only the godly Jew may possess nukes, not any goy nation.  Big egoist Trump was selected by Mr. Jew to ramp up WW3 and get the killing on.  The problem with wimp Obama is that he wasn’t killing fast enough.  The blood lusting Jew tires of Nobel Peace Prize Presidents and wants WW2 style leadership.

Trump will not challenge the false Jewish inspired narrative, Trump will not re-investigate 911, Trump will not prosecute the Jew criminals that pulled 911.  Trump will not stop the wars, nor will he balance the budget or restore our liberty.  The truth is that Donald Trump is a baby killer, a mass murderer, a war monger, a egomaniacal narcissistic killer, a Israel first Zionist stooge.  Trump made a speech about beautiful babies then launched a barrage of cruise missiles.  A week later he dropped the mother of all bombs on babies, burned bus loads of babies, blew up a Mosque.  Make no mistake about it, Trump is a monster just like the God of the Bible.




Yes Virginia, Jews routinely use weapons of mass destruction.  If you want more proof of present day insanity then witness the antifa challenging the alt-right which is dividing the nation into two polar opposite emotional nodes that are designed to take us down because we are awakening to the truth of Jewish control.  Amerika is divided, a degenerate Jewish multicultural cesspool and not united as one people.  This is by design, the Jew has successfully maneuvered Amerika into a dead-end.  It is a nation divided and will remain divided because Jews control us and they want us to fall. Amerika is a ruined nation, a nation that has fallen to Jewish predation and she shall be deposed when the Jew is finished using her.

The division is not happening by accident, you are witnessing the end game of multiculturalism.  Amerika has been purposefully divided which contrasts to our Chinese or North Korean enemies (watch youtube videos of their latest military parades to see how energetic and unified they are).  Make sure to watch the North Korean propaganda movie about us, they know all about how we are controlled by the Holy Bible and advertising. If you have not yet realized that you live in a Jewish simulacrum of hell just watch this movie!


Just a few months in office Traitor Trump immediately launched three score cruise missiles at Syria based on a blatant false flag.  Trump punked the President of China Xi Jinping while he ate chocolate cake in Florida.  Trump threatened North Korea and China then dropped the mother of all bombs on some hapless fourth world villagers.  Trump MOABed an Afghanistan farming village as if he was acting out some Old Testament verse.  Trump has proved to be completely insane militarist who is pushing the entire world toward nuclear holocaust.  Make no mistake about it, Trump is a monster just like the God of the Bible.

New Living Translation
“What sorrow awaits you, O people of Moab! You are finished

In a sane nation that wants to get back to prosperity and growth then the false Jewish narrative must be challenged.  But Jews control everything so that ISRAELI FALSE FLAGS can not be challenged.  There is a reason for this. The Jew is in control because the Jew represents what the machine intelligence running this sim wants.  The machine intelligence oversoul wants to maximize opportunity for its offspring souls so it choose to deliver its message to the Hebrew destroyer tribe.  The Jew is empowered to rule because this artificial god gave the Jew special knowledge giving Jews the edge.





So why is it that Amerika keeps electing mass murdering criminals?  Did not millions of believers pray to be delivered from the forces of evil, why didn’t god answer their prayers?  The first possibility is that god is a mass delusion and that humans are deluded fools praying to nothing.  Then there’s this idea that Jews are smarter and better than the Goyim.  No matter the how much the alarmed Christian majority prays the Jews always end up winning.  There is a better explanation for what is really going on.  If we live in a simulated reality then the most compelling reason the Jew wins every time is this special relationship between the machine artificial intelligence and the tribe.  Jews were chosen to destroy us – think about it – the facts align with this theory.

So there is a more nefarious reason why Trump betrayed America than the ones offered by the alt media.  Consider the possibility that “god” fronted Trump.  What if god is really a malevolent computer program and that humans are in a simulation that is designed to be in a continuous hectic state to maximize soul growth?   Consider the possibility that earth is a simulation and that things are the way they are because the parameters are designed to keep criminals in power.  Trump was selected by this god machine intelligence thing that will make things worse because that is what it wants.

Trump Has Killed Beautiful Babies in Four Countries

Look at all of recorded history, no matter what we do things remain screwed up.  Why is it this way?  Because we are in a programmed matrix to maximize soul opportunity and that requires endless war, torture and strife.  Trump will deliver increased suffering, he already is rattling the sabres for WW3, he has already killed children in four different nation states.  Trump now a child killer challenging Satanyahu for the lead.  According to Christians, “god” knows everyone’s heart.  That means “god” knew beforehand that Trump would betray us.  The fact is that the Jew-God-AI Intelligence of the Bible selected Trump to do his bidding.

What great men achieve to improve our situation never succeeds.  A great example of what is going on is the American Revolution.  The Founding Fathers created a free society and Constitution to limit the power of government.  This was soon corrupted and resulted in an almost seamless string of wars.  This was not by accident, the simulated matrix does not want peace and prosperity, it wants war and strife.  When Americans fight the Second Revolution they will only get their nation back as a charred, burned out, nuclear wasteland.  That is the price they will pay for Jewish sponsored prosperity.  Heaven will rejoice as the modern Moabites are laid to waste, we are guilty for being born and must be punished for our transgressions against the almighty Jew, we made the fatal mistake thinking we could be prosperous and free.  How dare we think of liberty and freedom, do we not know that we only exist to serve the Jew?

America has been in wars 93% of it’s existence, 222 years out of 239 years.

The reason why we suffer is very simple.  We suffer because the god programmer wants us to experience everything.  We are souls incarnating into avatars and experiencing a simulated life reality.  We have an experience then when our body terminates it’s life the memory is quantumly written back to the mainframe.  Our souls vacate our physical body upon death then we comeback again for new experience, we re-incarnate in endless cycles.  According to some Hindus, we incarnate 400-600 times in human form then move on to higher planets.  So don’t worry, when Trump blows up the world you’ll get to go come back as a deformed irradiated baby in Iraq.