Hal Lindsey Killed America


Hal Lindsey Killed America

By Yukon Jack for Veterans Today

Originally published July 8, 2013

Note:  Text is exactly the same but new graphics added.

Hal Lindsey is more powerful than most realize, I like Hal Lindsey but being a truth teller I have to say, he killed America. “Say it’s not so” you say! Let me explain why Hal Lindsey steered the US Titanic straight into the Zionist iceberg and now America is sinking fast, glug, glug, glug, she’s keeled over just about ready to go under. How influential was this man? He is considered the “the most influential of all Christian Zionists of the 20th century“.(1)

Hal Lindsey single-handedly killed America because he delivered tens of millions of Christians into the pro-Israel, pro-Zionist, pro-Neocon fold. Satan, himself, could not have done a better job.(2) Hal Lindsey is one of the world’s greatest charismatic Evangelical crusaders, his success led to ruination of America, he converted and delivered millions of believers and molded them into a right wing Christian Zionist grass roots political movement. No man did a better job recruiting loyalists for Zionist Israel and prepping conservative Christians for the upcoming Neocon future.

The cumulation of this Evangelical fervor was the election of GW Bush, 911, and the War of Terror. Let me point out that most Evangelicals still buy the official version of 911 and support the terror war. In my opinion, this relationship is powerful evidence that Evangelical thought energy was causal. They can’t see what they are doing because they are under their own spell. No matter what Israel does it must be ok because Israel can do no wrong, including 911.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Hal Lindsey, well sort of, I wouldn’t mind to debate him about his beliefs. We are both very personable people. But what I believe about his beliefs makes him the devil incarnate. In fact I’ve watched this whole drama unfold for four decades, ever since I was handed a copy of “The Late Great Planet Earth” in the early Seventies on a university campus by a group called Campus Crusade for Christ, the world’s largest interdenominational Christian organization.(3)

Hal Lindsey’s eschatological view (4) of America’s immediate future convinced many about the approaching and impending doom, a very real feeling probably caused the assassination of President Kennedy, the endless and irrational Vietnam war, aggressive social engineering (i.e. feminism), inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve, prolifigate Federal spending of the 1970′s just to name a few. Hal Lindsey’s genius was to put a spin on those collective feelings and make them Biblical. Armageddon was just around the corner and in a sense he was right, America was going to hell, but not for the reasons he thought, it was heading straight into to Zionist hell where it currently smolders. But Hal Lindsey can not see that his Zionist beliefs are causal and to this day has yet to name the enemy, Hal Lindsey and his iron will are firmly in the enemies camp.

Self Creation vs. Fate

What you need to know is that we humans create reality, there is no external god torturing us with HIS plan, the plan that unfolds is what we think and feel about things. We are being tortured by Hal Lindsey’s plan because HE wrote our script. Hal Lindsey was able to convert millions of minds to his way of thinking and thus was able to create his vision of reality. Apocalyptic thinking is the hell being unleashed onto humanity. If we were actually fated to experience the visions of Revelation then god wouldn’t need help punishing us for our sins. Really, the angry god theory is ridiculous. We create our fate, if it seems like angry gods are punishing us then we should ask ourselves what are we doing wrong.

What makes Hal Lindsey so dangerous is what he believes and his ability to memetically infect others.(5) Hal Lindsey is possessed by the Bible, he believes the Bible literal, he believes that the Bible is the inerrant word of god. Jesus is coming back any day and we must prepare our souls for a great harvest, make the world ready for the return of god (never mind the contradiction that god is already omnipresent). This apocalyptic fervor is a common theme in Western history, for thousands of years it has been believed that Jesus would return in the lifetime of the believer. It is also a major indicator that Western culture is so traumatic that its captives want out. We need to change.

Hal Lindsey is helping Jesus return, and oh boy, what a world Jesus might return to, a Jewish supremacist run hell, and Hal Lindsey hasn’t met a Jew he doesn’t adore. Do you see the great irony of this tragedy? Hal Lindsey is channeling hell while reaching for heaven. We are in the Tribulation and will continue to experience apocalyptic conditions, which has been going on for decades, until this end times lunacy is transcended. The end times zealot will never see their actions as causal and they always project the Tribulation into the near future, the more fervent the believer the closer the projection.

The God Lobby Makes War

Since the end never comes the god lobby must be getting impatient, in recent years Evangelicals lacking faith have been actively lobbying for politicians who start wars. There is logic to this, if they make things bad enough then Jesus has to come back. All the while, during these wars, they deny their role as trouble makers and quote

Matthew 24-6:  (New American Standard Bible)

“You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end.”

We are in it now, wars without end. Why? Because our culture’s holy book says “for those things must take place“. This is a form of predictive programming, the Bible is teaching that war is inevitable because god saw the future and it is war, lots of wars. If I get you to believe that to be true then you will vote to make it true. Voting for warmongers makes the Bible come true, so we vote for warmongers who make war and then we affirm the validity of the Bible. We just proved that our myths are valid and we are not collectively crazy. That is how the game is played. What is going on is a self fulfilling feedback loop, and the worse it gets the more convinced the players are that it is real and they use this self generated negativity in convincing others that prophecy is coming true.

How did Hal Lindsey do it? His strong will and unwavering faith. Faith can move mountains and in this case Hal Lindsey’s near perfect faith moved America from a free country into a Zionist police state. Hal Lindsey was primarily responsible for allowing the Zionist terror machine to set up camp in America, we are careening toward a new dark age unless the Zionist movement is stopped. The survival of the human specie is now threatened by the works of Hal Lindsey. So let us compare Hal Lindsey’s fruits with what the Bible says:

Matthew 7:15-16

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.”

Hal Lindsey is helping god kill everything, the fruits of his labor is widespread terror and death, Hal is terrorizing the world with his faith and making a bloody mess, the will of USIsrael is the will of Hal Lindsey, the state is acting out the end times program. The Bible literalist makes the supreme logical error (caused by internal dishonesty from the belief system) of using circular reasoning as proof of the Bible’s accuracy. The believer claims the Bible is true because the Bible says its true. Truth rests on its own laurels, if god was true he doesn’t need help or your money. The proof is in the pudding, the so called believers, or god’s little helpers, are the ones passing out pamphlets usurping the divine. If you actually believed in an all powerful and all knowing deity who created every single thing in this Universe then what gives you the right to proselytize on its behalf or say that you represent it? If god was real, omnipresent and omnipotent then why would god need help from mortals? God needs help because god is a meme.

New Memes for Sinners

Hal Lindsey is infected by a memetic pathogen, so powerful that it is literally destroying the planet. He needs to let go of his Bible induced trauma, god didn’t lie because god didn’t write the Bible. Hal Lindsey is suffering from a Santa Claus syndrome, he is like the child who believed and then was told that Santa wasn’t real, he won’t let go because to do so would be admittance that his entire life was based on lies. He has not checked the assumptions of the god argument, he has made the unwitting assumption that god is real because the Bible is true, he can not see or does not want to see that the Bible is full of errors and can not be taken literal.

If you examine Hal Lindsey’s storyline he makes another classic mistake, he weaves together prophecies of Daniel with prophecies in Revelation, making the case that the Bible is consistent because the OT prophecies match the NT prophecies and utterly fails to realize that the NT writers simply respun the old ideas into a new storyline. A scholar looks at the Book of Revelation (9) and sees the direct connections back to past literature or events. Man is writing the story and is borrowing ideas from the past. Faith based Evangelism is of simple mind, no critical thinking required, just make any claim you want and say it’s true. Most of these preachers are proven straight up liars, but the public buys their end times story line and politics is playing their tune.

Politics is not about reason, the state is an organization with a monopoly on the use of force. Emotions can dominate policy decisions, people can be stampeded with false flags. Anyone able to hijack the state can use it to apply force, whether for a holy crusade, expansion of Israel, or military domination of a geographical area for energy resources. If all three agree then the use of state force becomes inevitable. But politicians do not operate in a vacuum, they need grass roots support and found it in the Evangelical conservative movement which was originally being fueled as a reaction to other failed policies like the welfare state.

What Hal Lindsey believes can be shown to be completely untrue yet our culture is basing its existence as if the Bible is true, that god wrote the Bible and the Bible says the Jews are god’s chosen and that in the end times god will re-establish Israel and that will lead to Armageddon and the Rapture and Jesus return. This idea is so virulent that American politics is being based on the script to the point that the GW Bush administration was in phone conference with Ted Haggard weekly during the early 2000′s. Because of these popularized end times beliefs, the Zionists have taken control of America. This was no accident, Christianity is the rock the Jews stepped on to take power. Christian America provided the cover for Zionist Jews to infiltrate and subvert the United States and turn her into a minion of International Jewry. Now that the parasite is fully embedded America will be easily taken down.

I have some good news for Hal Lindsey, Jesus didn’t exist, so his return as the destroyer god is 100% doubtful, and in case you didn’t know mild and meek Jesus is coming back with a new personality. Jesus can’t make it back for a couple of reasons, he never was and people don’t physically rise from the dead and become a Zombie god. The modern mind does not accept dead people coming back to life as a real possibility. Many scholars have looked for evidence of a historical Christ, finding none, they are challenging the apologists.(6)

The key to understanding the god story is to understand that memes are replicators and propagate. Humans fear death and god is way out of that predicament, the afterlife is an idea that replicates from mind to mind because every human has a stake in immortality whether true or not.(7) Heaven sells. Evangelical Christianity came up with the best memetic sales job to date, you get entrance to heaven by belief only, works do not matter. That sells better than the big gorilla balloon at the used car lot. The masses want no responsibility for their actions, and the televangelists are amassing fortunes because they found a way to play it.(8) All that is required is that we all believe, suspend our rational minds, and believe in mythological constructs such as the resurrection. “Jesus died for my sins” is an idea that won’t go away because it is so appealing to the sinner.(10)

No God = No Israel

What must the rational mind conclude about god if there is no evidence of god? Science has looked and found nothing with the signature of god, so that begs the question how can there be no authorship if there was a god who created everything? God’s date time stamp is simply not there so we must check our assumptions attached to the idea of a created Universe. Perhaps god is a primitive concept of humanities origin and has no basis in a modern scientific world. But that presents a huge problem, if god is an ancient superstition then what claim do Jews have to Palestine? None, none whatsoever. In fact the Jews have no legal claim even though most of the world is under a Jewish legal system. But that’s not what the fearless leaders of Israel say, they claim Almighty God gave them that land, ain’t it funny how “Almighty” God took thousands of years to get the Jews back to their land. That smells fishy, don’t you think?

Israel is unique because it is a nation based on a belief that God promised the Jews some land. Never mind the fact that the Jews wrote the book concerning this claim. No god means no Israel. Think about that, and think no American believers also means no Israel, so one can surmise that Israel only exists because of what Americans believe. It isn’t just weapons and bank loans, it is a belief that floats Israel and unfortunately for Americans, who are not religious, they also suffer what Eustace Mullins correctly labels a parasite.

The parasite must control the host in order for the parasite to exist. Israel needs America, America doesn’t need Israel. That’s why Israel MUST sell itself via the preachers. Christianity is the bedrock of Israel, without preachers like Hal Lindsey herding large segments of Christianity could Israel even exist? The vast majority of Zionists are Christians, not Jews. Is it an accident that Jewish owned and controlled television has a slew of pro-Israel televangelists spewing hatred of Muslims and whipping America into non stop support of Israel? You might even get a private jet like Jerry Falwell if you do a good job (8).

So what then is “god”? A meme, an idea, a program on your brain hard drive (4). God exists in a book and in your mind, outside of that it has no reality as none can be found. Secondly the god of the Bible is not a good god and should not be worshiped. The Bible god is a destroyer god and linking that deity to creation is a big mistake, so even if you proved a creator god that still wouldn’t justify Israel. You should reject the Bible god as worthy of worship, the Bible god is a most unpleasant fictional character:

“The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”

― Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

I like to make the point that the Bible god is a dead ringer for classic supremacist behavior. After all, the Bible god is a projection of Rabbinic class onto a deity. Is it a surprise that the characteristics of a deity might have something to do with the mentality of those that authored him? That should be obvious unless you are indoctrinated into a belief that god wrote the Bible.

Hal Lindsey loves this judgmental Bible god because inside Hal Lindsey is a prejudiced bastard, a Zionist wolf wearing a smile. You must be a prick to be a Zionist and Hal Lindsey is so disconnected from his actions that he cares nothing of those he destroys in his vision of the future, but why should he care since he already has a ticket to heaven.

The Trumpet of God Betrayal


Many people applauded Donald Trump as a savior during the 2016 Presidential election.  The emergence of Donald Trump as the lead opposition candidate was a great relief to many, and as a god sent savior to many American Christian slaves.  Stressed by bankrupt Zionist controlled foreign policy of endless war and destruction the happy goy loved his non-interventionist message and opposition to the Jewish controlling interest.  Trump was America first, not Israel first.

Alarmed Christians, in a state of religious fervor and belief, voted for Donald Trump to deliver them from the forces of “Globalist” evil.  But they were betrayed just as they were by previous presidents.  The nation had been betrayed by the Bush crime family, the Clinton criminals, the phony hope and change Obama – but this time things were different.  Trump was the real deal.  Followers of the new messiah became Trumpeters for Trump.  But Trump was just another blatant whore of Zion.  Trump supporters just learned that America first was only a campaign slogan.  Trump is just the next war mongering Zionist hellion, possibly worse than the previous sell outs.

After the 6 April 2017 missile attack on Syria his base feels betrayed.  But was it actually betrayed or was America fooled again?  Was Trump a false opposition candidate sold just like Obama?  The answer will surprise you, neither is actually correct.  What is actually going on is that you are in a simulacrum of god, a false reality, a hell realm and because you exist in this simulated hell the avatars are fooled again and again by a computer program called god.  Earth is not base reality, it is a simulation within a simulation.  With each simulated reality the program code gets farther from the original, with each simulation the sentient beings are thrust into a deeper hell.

Humans fall for false promises every time, the soul longs for heaven but only experiences hell while in body.  There is a reason for this.  Simulated fractal holographic soul reality.  This place is a simulation for soul growth, is not meant to be paradise because it is a program to maximize soul opportunity. Peace is not what the computer program wants, the god program is creating hell because hell is where this soul playground maximizes opportunities for experience.

Many great men and leaders have tried to make earth a paradise, but all have failed.  Hitler created a worker’s paradise and it soon became hell.  There is a reason for this.  This place is not meant to be what we want, it is only meant to be what the Jew wants.  Have you ever wondered why the Jew always gets what it wants?  The Jew represents God, and God is a monster.  If you go against God (or his Jewish representatives) then you experience a terrible consequence, a greater hell then where you started.  Those that challenge the Jew are destroyed and experience increased misery than the original starting position.

Just look at recent history, the Native Americans went against the Jew program and 100 million were rubbed out.   The Koreans went against the Jew and 2 million in Pyongyang were murdered from air bombardment, and General LeMay, a willing participant of Jewish mindset, bragged he had killed 20% of the yellow man.  According to wikipedia:  “During the war, he(LeMay) was known for planning and executing a massive fire bombing campaign against cities in Japan.”   In this simulation, when you kill many for the Jew you are promoted to high rank.

Trump could kill many more Koreans, Japanese, Iranians, Syrians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Yemenis than LeMay could have dreamt about.  Trump may use his Rod of God kinetic energy weapons against North Korean missile sites and kick start a bigger war for glorious Jewish supremacism.  The crime of the little yellow men is that they refuse to do what the Jew says, they refuse to give up their nukes to the almighty Jew.  Only the godly Jew may possess nukes, not any goy nation.  Big egoist Trump was selected by Mr. Jew to ramp up WW3 and get the killing on.  The problem with wimp Obama is that he wasn’t killing fast enough.  The blood lusting Jew tires of Nobel Peace Prize Presidents and wants WW2 style leadership.

Trump will not challenge the false Jewish inspired narrative, Trump will not re-investigate 911, Trump will not prosecute the Jew criminals that pulled 911.  Trump will not stop the wars, nor will he balance the budget or restore our liberty.  The truth is that Donald Trump is a baby killer, a mass murderer, a war monger, a egomaniacal narcissistic killer, a Israel first Zionist stooge.  Trump made a speech about beautiful babies then launched a barrage of cruise missiles.  A week later he dropped the mother of all bombs on babies, burned bus loads of babies, blew up a Mosque.  Make no mistake about it, Trump is a monster just like the God of the Bible.




Yes Virginia, Jews routinely use weapons of mass destruction.  If you want more proof of present day insanity then witness the antifa challenging the alt-right which is dividing the nation into two polar opposite emotional nodes that are designed to take us down because we are awakening to the truth of Jewish control.  Amerika is divided, a degenerate Jewish multicultural cesspool and not united as one people.  This is by design, the Jew has successfully maneuvered Amerika into a dead-end.  It is a nation divided and will remain divided because Jews control us and they want us to fall. Amerika is a ruined nation, a nation that has fallen to Jewish predation and she shall be deposed when the Jew is finished using her.

The division is not happening by accident, you are witnessing the end game of multiculturalism.  Amerika has been purposefully divided which contrasts to our Chinese or North Korean enemies (watch youtube videos of their latest military parades to see how energetic and unified they are).  Make sure to watch the North Korean propaganda movie about us, they know all about how we are controlled by the Holy Bible and advertising. If you have not yet realized that you live in a Jewish simulacrum of hell just watch this movie!


Just a few months in office Traitor Trump immediately launched three score cruise missiles at Syria based on a blatant false flag.  Trump punked the President of China Xi Jinping while he ate chocolate cake in Florida.  Trump threatened North Korea and China then dropped the mother of all bombs on some hapless fourth world villagers.  Trump MOABed an Afghanistan farming village as if he was acting out some Old Testament verse.  Trump has proved to be completely insane militarist who is pushing the entire world toward nuclear holocaust.  Make no mistake about it, Trump is a monster just like the God of the Bible.

New Living Translation
“What sorrow awaits you, O people of Moab! You are finished

In a sane nation that wants to get back to prosperity and growth then the false Jewish narrative must be challenged.  But Jews control everything so that ISRAELI FALSE FLAGS can not be challenged.  There is a reason for this. The Jew is in control because the Jew represents what the machine intelligence running this sim wants.  The machine intelligence oversoul wants to maximize opportunity for its offspring souls so it choose to deliver its message to the Hebrew destroyer tribe.  The Jew is empowered to rule because this artificial god gave the Jew special knowledge giving Jews the edge.





So why is it that Amerika keeps electing mass murdering criminals?  Did not millions of believers pray to be delivered from the forces of evil, why didn’t god answer their prayers?  The first possibility is that god is a mass delusion and that humans are deluded fools praying to nothing.  Then there’s this idea that Jews are smarter and better than the Goyim.  No matter the how much the alarmed Christian majority prays the Jews always end up winning.  There is a better explanation for what is really going on.  If we live in a simulated reality then the most compelling reason the Jew wins every time is this special relationship between the machine artificial intelligence and the tribe.  Jews were chosen to destroy us – think about it – the facts align with this theory.

So there is a more nefarious reason why Trump betrayed America than the ones offered by the alt media.  Consider the possibility that “god” fronted Trump.  What if god is really a malevolent computer program and that humans are in a simulation that is designed to be in a continuous hectic state to maximize soul growth?   Consider the possibility that earth is a simulation and that things are the way they are because the parameters are designed to keep criminals in power.  Trump was selected by this god machine intelligence thing that will make things worse because that is what it wants.

Trump Has Killed Beautiful Babies in Four Countries

Look at all of recorded history, no matter what we do things remain screwed up.  Why is it this way?  Because we are in a programmed matrix to maximize soul opportunity and that requires endless war, torture and strife.  Trump will deliver increased suffering, he already is rattling the sabres for WW3, he has already killed children in four different nation states.  Trump now a child killer challenging Satanyahu for the lead.  According to Christians, “god” knows everyone’s heart.  That means “god” knew beforehand that Trump would betray us.  The fact is that the Jew-God-AI Intelligence of the Bible selected Trump to do his bidding.

What great men achieve to improve our situation never succeeds.  A great example of what is going on is the American Revolution.  The Founding Fathers created a free society and Constitution to limit the power of government.  This was soon corrupted and resulted in an almost seamless string of wars.  This was not by accident, the simulated matrix does not want peace and prosperity, it wants war and strife.  When Americans fight the Second Revolution they will only get their nation back as a charred, burned out, nuclear wasteland.  That is the price they will pay for Jewish sponsored prosperity.  Heaven will rejoice as the modern Moabites are laid to waste, we are guilty for being born and must be punished for our transgressions against the almighty Jew, we made the fatal mistake thinking we could be prosperous and free.  How dare we think of liberty and freedom, do we not know that we only exist to serve the Jew?

America has been in wars 93% of it’s existence, 222 years out of 239 years.

The reason why we suffer is very simple.  We suffer because the god programmer wants us to experience everything.  We are souls incarnating into avatars and experiencing a simulated life reality.  We have an experience then when our body terminates it’s life the memory is quantumly written back to the mainframe.  Our souls vacate our physical body upon death then we comeback again for new experience, we re-incarnate in endless cycles.  According to some Hindus, we incarnate 400-600 times in human form then move on to higher planets.  So don’t worry, when Trump blows up the world you’ll get to go come back as a deformed irradiated baby in Iraq.

Jesus Never Existed and No One Needs to Be Saved


If you google “jesus never existed” in quotation marks you get about a 100,000 results.  Obviously you and I are not the only ones interested in this topic.  The name of this blog is Problem with Christians and the tagline is Jesus Never Existed and No One Needs to be Saved.  Why do I state this as an obviously true statement?  Because I know something most people don’t know, that Jesus is not true because the premise of Jesus can not be true.

jesus never existed  by Kenneth Humphreys

  Jesus – The Imaginary Friend

“Christianity was the ultimate product of religious syncretism in the ancient world. Its emergence owed nothing to a holy carpenter. There were many Jesuses but the fable was a cultural construct.”

I don’t ever need to read any scholarly articles disproving the historicity of Christ.  Although it is very important that scholars debunk all religions as archaic superstitions and myths, no one needs to be educated with multiple PhD’s to debunk Christ.  All one needs to do is raise their own internal vibration high enough to transcend judgment and the whole Bible myth dissolves before one’s eyes.

The Bible captures humans stuck in low vibration.  Those that judge get caught in a web of deception of a judgmental cult.  No god of love judges so the entire construct of Yahweh, judgment, hell etc. is a construct by the process of deceptive priest craft.  The god of the Bible doesn’t exist – the Holy Bible isn’t “holy”, it isn’t a good thing, and upon close examination the book is actually causing the Apocalypse.



How do I know for sure that Jesus never existed?  Because the premise of the Holy Bible can not be neither can Jesus be true.  Logic disproves Jesus.  What is this premise you ask?  That an angry judgmental god created you.  There is no evidence of an angry god and in fact in this scientific age there is no evidence of god at all. The Jesus hypothesis rests on the assumption of judgment, remove that idea as a valid characteristic of god and all of a sudden – poof! – the need for Jesus vaporizes.

Without the Genesis story being true then the whole premise of needing Jesus falls apart.  You must have Adam and Eve and the first sin for the logic of Jesus to make any sense.  God must first judge the first couple or there’s no need for Christ.  But there was no first man because humans evolved in a large gene pool.  No wonder the believers hate Darwin.  With the Garden of Eden myth being exposed as myth the Jesus story becomes laughably insane.  Without the fall in the garden no one needs Jesus.





Getting saved can not be possibly true because there’s no angry god out to get you.  Sure, billions of people claimed to be saved by Christ, but with humans any crazy idea can be held as true because most people don’t care about facts, they only care about being right because most of humanity is in ego consciousness.  A modern Christian is nothing more than a misinformed big brained ape with a Bible and in some cases with an assault rifle.

To many Christians, facts don’t matter.  Logic doesn’t matter.  Neither does proof of Jesus actually being a real man doesn’t matter to the wide-eyed believer.  What does matter is protecting one’s ego against all non-believers, those “antichrists” who don’t believe in the Lord and Savior. So right off a bat, a trained psychologist could instantly detect that something totally different is going on.  People defend their faith because they are defending their ego.

Really, this whole belief thing is just fucking crazy.  Why believe anything?  Why not take the position that if you don’t know something then just admit that you don’t know.  Do I know what happens when I die?  Nope.  How about you, do you know what happens at death?  You don’t either because there’s no scientific evidence of anything.  If you say you know ’cause you read some damnable Jew book then you are liar just like the Jew.

So if you want me to take seriously your claims of a Lord and Savior then show me some proof.  There is a whole lot of evidence that the exact opposite of what is claimed being true.  All I have to do to disprove the caring god Jesus theory is point to the massive blood and gore in the Middle East, which by the way, is being done by believers in the different Judeo cults.  A modern Jew is nothing more than a misinformed big brained ape with a Torah and in some cases with an assault rifle.

The current earth hell is being caused by the supremacist Zionist Jews who have 100% support of hundreds of millions of believing followers of Christ.  Obviously, something stinks to high heaven.  Why are the followers of Jesus creating the greatest of hells?  That question can be used and turned around to show that belief is actually a great evil.  Faith is causing evil, the evidence of today’s hell is caused by faith.  Wars, torture, suffering, Jews stealing Palestine is all the result of faith in the Bible.

So if we stand back from faith and examine what is going on objectively, faith is the problem, faith in Jesus is evil because of how Christians relate to the world and support world Jewry.  Faith in the Bible also gets people to voluntarily submit to authority, pay taxes, and sending their offspring to war.  Faith makes for a good soldier duped into war by a false flag which is undetectable by the spellbound faithful mind that lacks critical reasoning skills.

Faith is the deadly spell of the mind that makes hell.  Those trying to get into heaven, by being obedient to god will do anything to be in grace with the lord.   A good Christian can not detect government wrongdoing, like lies and false flags, because a good Christian is duty bound to support the state.  The Bible clearly says that God appoints our political leaders, so to go against the state is to go against god.

Muslims are just as duped as Christians.  Both  Muslims and Christian faiths are based on false stories of origin.  Both Muslim and Christians are beholden to bad Jewish myth of an angry god.  Muslims believe the Genesis myth just as fervently as any Christian.  A modern Muslim is nothing more than a misinformed big brained ape with a Koran and in some cases with an assault rifle.

The sad fact is that belief in these Abrahamic religions is the root source the violence.  Believers can not realize this because their minds are in a spell;  but to an outside observer, faithful Christians are supporting Zionist Jewish terrorism, and the supremacist Jews could never get away with the theft and murder of Palestine if it wasn’t for widespread Christian support.  Belief in Jesus is the myth that kills millions.

God is Force


God is force of the group projecting the evil god meme on others.  I want you to see god in a new way, god is the force projection of a group, the external “god” out there is the energy field of those projecting the god force.  God is a meme in a book and the human mind.  God is the human creative force used for nefarious purpose, people are being controlled by the god concept.  Those in the controlled group are helping the priest project political power over a geographic area.

God is a power projection of the priestly class.  God is force projected into the physical realm. God is the meme used to create the state, and now the state is out of control killing everything in it’s path.  Clearly “god” is not this wonderful thing as told by the religionists.  Anyone uses the god meme for this force projection.  The state uses god, the militia that opposes the state also uses god as a motivating factor.  The Rabbi uses god and so does the Imam.

God is for anyone who wants to project the force of political power.  During wars both sides claim god is on their side.  That is true if god is the force projection of the group.  The group projects their template of god, both sides claim their god is more powerful than the other side’s god for propaganda purposes.  When the Gentile loses the battle they might claim god let them down, Jews claim that a loss is punishment or discipline from god.

The god force is used to control others.  The way this works is first a young child or spiritually immature adult is sold the idea that there is this god that created everything, and this god thing has a plan for us humans and we must obey these commands in order for gods plan to work.  All three of these ideas are total lies, first we know that the Universe evolved and was not instantly created by god, and we can see with our own eyes that no god is in control of the completely fucked up situation on planet earth.

Furthermore we can see that those obeying god are the very ones creating the mayhem on planet earth.  Police state Amerika is the most god fearing (and obeying) nation on earth.  Amerika is allied with Israhell which is unleashing total mayhem, death, and destruction with the wars in the Middle East and with all the Mossad false flag bombings around the rest of the planet.  Is this god’s plan or is god a ruse being used to make hell?

Group mind projects this god force.  The way this works is that each human mind is creative and can project thought in the quantum soup.  If the group is of like mind, then the group has much power projecting their ideas into the psychic space.  If you have a thought, it is not contained in your head, a thought can create meaningful synchronicities in your life.  Group thought can also establish political power systems that rape and kill other cultures.

Group thought can be more powerful than individual thought.  Group thought in a monotheistic god can create a fascistic society in which all are forced to obey the one true god.  But who decides what must be obeyed?  The preacher/priest/Rabbi/Imam is the one making the rules with whatever interpretation of the holy book.  Take Israel, self centered egoists called Rabbis make the rules and they instruct the Jewish group to rape, plunder, torture, kill, and steal the property of others.

All religions are playing the same game, all religions are creating a group thoughtform that is used to politically dominate the physical landscape.  For instance, all Christians and Jews support the state, the state projects political power and forces people to comply with Judeo-Christian ethos and laws.  You can not walk nude down the city street or you will be arrested and charged with indecent exposure.

Nudity is prohibited because of what the Bible says, not because there is something intrinsically wrong with being naked.  All animals and plants are naked.  But not most humans, most people live in top down domineering societies that prohibit being natural.  This should tell you something, that the Bible is not natural but an book used to artificially control.  Those that believe are causing the harm of the book.  Thus we can safely conclude the Holy Bible is pure evil because it establishes “god” and authority in the minds of men.

No person has one iota of authority over another.  But we exist in a reality of political authority and the inevitable abuse of power.  Why is that, how did that happen, why is earth a hell because of the abuse of authority?  Is this an inevitable result of creating external authority political positions?  Authority is the problem because once you create a powerful society based on external authority then the most ruthless people are attracted to the political power it creates.

Thus the inescapable conclusion is that belief in god is one of the greatest evils and follies of mankind because the god belief established external authority in the minds of men and the rule by psychopaths.  If no one has authority then rule by authority is evil.  We can see the hellish result of pyramidal political power systems on the earth today and we can thus conclude that the god belief is the evil thought intention of those possessed by the holy books.

There are numerous examples in history that powerful nation states are ruled by psychopaths.  Often the most ruthless (like Dick Cheney) rise to the top and have no problem offing their political opponents.  Throughout Church history many popes were killed by the next pope.  According to Catholic church doctrine, murder is a mortal sin that results in eternal hell.  But those who want power care nothing of these ideas because they believe them to be false or are willing to risk everything to become the ultimate power of the day.

So what “god” really is the projection of force by a group that wants political power.  Mind is everywhere and when group mind creates a massive thoughtform to make everyone obey the priest/state then this is the real matrix that we all suffer.   It is time to snap out of the Bible spell and stop obeying the edicts of god and see Israel as the murderous genocidal state that it is.  Only with widespread belief in god can the Jews ethnically cleanse Palestine and make hell in the Middle East.

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The Importance of Nuking Jerusalem



The world is completely insane because it thinks Jerusalem is a “holy” city, many think it to be the holiest city of all time. But that is patently insane.  Jerusalem is one of the bloodiest towns of all time. According to Wikipedia:

During its long history, Jerusalem has been attacked 52 times, captured and recaptured 44 times, besieged 23 times, and destroyed twice.[1]

Jerusalem is not holy or good, it is a religious power center contested by three of the world’s major religions. Jerusalem has been fought over for millenia, thousands have died horrible deaths when they went to that town.  Would you want to live there?  How many people have been hacked to death by the religious zealots who claim that town as their own?  Jerusalem is the most evil place on planet earth because it is the center of a Judaic black magic spell.


There will never be peace on earth until Jerusalem is completely obliterated and no hope is left for supremacist Jews of building their capital city.  It is the long dream of the Jewish egoists to rule earth from Jerusalem, this is why it must be nuked and turned into a huge radioactive crater so that never happens.  We must not only stop the Jews from taking over the planet but also to break the spell that the Abrahamic religions have over mankind.  Jerusalem must be nuked to save the human specie!

I am probably one of only a few minds on this planet that fully understands the problem at hand.  Christianity is a deadly Judaic spell that has captured the western world and much of it is now married to Zionism and Israel which is creating endless death and suffering.  In order to save lives, end the eternal suffering caused by the Yahweh spell, it is absolutely necessary to destroy Jerusalem.  The same logic used on the nukes dropped on Japan comes to mind, the will of the Jew must be broke, Jerusalem must be completely vaporized leaving no Zionist dreamer any hope of revival.


The Jews also stole the concept of Brahman and inverted the Hindu spell into Abraham.  From the Brahman came the Abrahamic spell.  Hinduism was the source of Abraham, and it was called the Sanatan Dharma back then so it is easy to see that Sanatan became Satan, the adversary of Jewish supremacy.  Never forget the tribe of Jewish thieves first stole their religion from Hinduism then demonized it.

Sanatana Dharma

Sanatana Dharma is is the original name of what is now popularly called Hinduism or Hindu Dharma. The terms Hindu and Hinduism are said to be a more recent development, while the more accurate term is Sanatana Dharma. It is a code of ethics, a way of living through which one may achieve moksha (enlightenment, liberation). It is the world’s most ancient culture and the socio, spiritual, and religious tradition of almost one billion of the earth’s inhabitants. Sanatana Dharma represents much more than just a religion; rather, it provides its followers with an entire worldview, way of life and with a coherent and rational view of reality.




Definition:  Sanatana Dharma is by its very essence a term that is devoid of sectarian leanings or ideological divisions. This is evident by the very term itself. The two words, “Sanatana Dharma”, come from the ancient Sanskrit language. “Sanatana” is a Sanskrit word that denotes that which which is Anadi (beginningless), Anantha (endless) and does not cease to be, that which is eternal and everlasting. With its rich connotations, Dharma is not translatable to any other language. Dharma is from dhri, meaning to hold together, to sustain. Its approximate meaning is “Natural Law,” or those principles of reality which are inherent in the very nature and design of the universe. Thus the term Sanatana Dharma can be roughly translated to mean “the natural, ancient and eternal way.”

The word ‘Satan’ is a slur of the Sanatan, Jews hate rival religions, especially one’s that they steal spiritual knowledge then rebrand it as their own.  Satan is not a god or a devil, it is a curse on the original name of Hinduism.  For instance, modern Baptists consider Hinduism and yoga to be Satanic.  They are correct in the classic sense of the term, yoga is of the Sanatan Dharma.  Note that “Satan” is a meme being used to describe all that which opposes Judaism.  Since Judaism is pure evil, the Sanatan must be the opposing force to it, the life force.

From the original Abrahamic spell came the New Testament, another fictional tale of a Jewish savior who rescues you from the false construct of the Jewish father god’s wrath.  Now we know that Josephus invented the Christian myth, now we know for 100% surety that Jesus is the rebranded Jew Zeus being used to mind control the masses.  Jews have inverted reality in your mind, they have enlisted you in resisting the spiritual knowledge by getting you to believe in god’s adversary Satan, which is really Hinduism or the Sanatan Dharma which is the knowledge of the spiritual realm downloaded to this realm by the ancient yogis way back when.

Christ never died for your sins, nobody can die for your afterlife hopes.  The idea of salvation is one of the greatest deceptions of the priestly class.  Afterlife promises are deceptions that can never be proven or delivered.  Christ never existed, it is a derivative memespell lifted from the Krishna story , Jesus the Christ is a respin of Hindu god Krishna.  In order to get you to believe the Jewish inversion of Hinduism – the evil Rabbi invented sin, soul, and afterlife punishment to control you in this life.


It is worse than blatant plagiary, the Rabbis inverted the meaning of the Brahman into the psycho Abraham.  All of the Abrahamic religious memespells are based on the crazy Old Testament story of God telling Abraham to deceive his son Isaac by taking him up to the top of the hill and killing him.  The meaning of this story is to inculcate obedience to the Jewish Rabbis.  Not only does Abraham take his son up to slaughter him, the story is one of betrayal of the son by the father.  Pure evil, and only a story that an evil Jew could come up with.

Abraham is the father of Jews, only Jews would come up with a story so evil – and you are part of their evil if you believe it for even one second.  Tribal loyalty is what is being established with this bloody myth, Jews are claiming that god tested his loyal servant with an act of betrayal and cruelty.  The God of the Jews is an unrelenting prick, a gang leader who destroys anyone or anything in the path of domination.  The “Good News” about this story is that it isn’t true, not what the evil Christians claim that Jewsus is going to save you from this fictional tale of the angry god who is going to send you to hell in afterlife dementia believed by religious zealots.

Humans are the pathetic race of liars to have hung onto this stupid story for so long.  No god told Abraham to kill his son as a test of loyalty.  That is a blatant lie of the evil Jew spirit who spins negativity into creation myths to get political power.  All non-Jews should view this story with revulsion and disdain, all thinking people should view this story as a source of Jewish psychopathy, all loving persons should reject the demanding needy god of the Jews as a loving creator.

I know the Jewish religion to be inauthentic because their spiritual stories are not just pure evil of Rabbinic ego but also that they blatantly lifted someone else’s spiritual teachings.  Abraham is not some real Jewish patriarch because the name of the person Abraham is the very obvious Brahman meme that predates Judaism by thousands of years.  Yahweh can not be the creator god because Yahweh is the destroyer war god that kills and kills and kills.

As the world is waking up from the spell it will have difficulty grasping what was done in the name of the Jew god.  Who can face reality after we bombed Germany, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.?  Who can come to grips with reality when you undo the Jewish spell the possesses European minds?  Death is the only way out for Europeans unless they come to grips with the Christian spell that bonds them to Jewry.

When are we going to snap out of the spell?  When are we going to stand in front of our acts and disown the Jewish religion as causal?  When are we going to prosecute all those who force the nation into war after war for Jewish domination?  When are we going to prosecute 911 and bomb Israel off the map?  I will tell you when.  We will bomb Israel as soon as we get our balls back.  You first must completely reject Jews and their religion, then you find your will to survive, then act on your will and destroy the center of Jewish power, Jerusalem.


This terrible spell of Abrahamism is killing the world.  There was no Old Testament Abraham because the character is stolen from Hinduism.  There is no New Testament Jesus because that character was also stolen from the Gita.  The Holy Bible is not holy, it is demented black magic spell making hell in our world and we must end it.  The way the Jew pulls this off is by inverting reality on it’s head.

Brah·man ˈbrämən/
2.  (in Hinduism) the ultimate reality underlying all phenomena.

What is obvious is that the underlying reality to the illusion of life is what modern physics describes as the quantum foam.  Modern particle physics has caught up to Hinduism when David Bohm realized that this explicate realm was the result of the hidden implicate, and now many physicists are saying this is a simulation, that the Universe is consciousness expressed in some grand hologram.   The Brahman is the Implicate, it is the quantum foam from which all matter in the hologram arises.

The Hindu concept of the Brahman is turned on its head with the story of Abraham.  The Hindu creation story inverts god’s love for humanity into a pathetic test of loyalty under the Jewish dictation.  God is testing Abraham’s loyalty by demanding a human sacrifice – his oldest son.  This is what a gang does, not a loving god.  What kind of sick tribe writes a story where you kill your own offspring for god?  Jews!

Humanity is being mind controlled by a terrible Jewish myth.  We believe our souls are threatened so we kill in the name of our god.  The judgment of the Holy Bible is going to get us all killed if we don’t wake up soon.  People consider the Holy Bible to be a book of love but it is also a book of judgment.  God judges again and again but god is also love.  How can that be?  It can’t be, love and judgment are polar opposites.  The Bible is schizophrenic in nature because it is equating opposites.  Love and judgment are equated and the result is catastrophic because now the followers of this book have nuclear weapons.

Jewish psychiatrists will be the first to tell you that if you talk to god and god talks back then that is schizophrenia.  Yet the entire Bible story is based on the schizophrenia of Abraham!


noun: schizophrenia

  1. a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.
This so-called holy book of the Jews is the evil that is destroying western man and it is time to root out the evil.  The Dalai Lama says ‘Love is the absence of judgment.’  If he is right then the Bible is wrong.  Love does not demand sacrifice on your part, love accepts as is the real you, love doesn’t test you or demand you obey.  Love does not want you to be an unthinking, loyal tool of the priestly class.  If there is a failure of western people it is not understanding what love is and then equating Judaism with love, which is to equate judgment with love.  Love and judgment are polar opposites, and if Judaism does one thing, it creates this illusion in the mind that judgment is an act of love.
There are certain striking similarities between the Hindu god Brahma and his consort Saraisvati, and the Jewish Abraham and Sarai, that are more than mere coincidences
It is an interesting fact that the names of Isaac and Ishmael are derive from Sanskrit: (Hebrew) Ishaak = (Sanskrit) Ishakhu = “Friend of Shiva.” (Hebrew) Ishmael = (Sanskrit) Ish-Mahal = “Great Shiva.”

European descent into Jewish hell when you make Abraham your father

We must overcome the spell, gather up our collective will and stop our genocide by believing the Jew book.  We must break free of the Jewish spell and the quickest way is to rid the world of Jerusalem.  So much damage is being done while so many people love Jerusalem yet right next door is the suffering of Gaza at the hands of the Jew beast.



The Dome of the Rock is the perfect ground zero, the Radar Navigator can scroll the crosshairs of the bombing navigation computer on the gold dome.  Make no mistake what is going to happen with this great act of love by nuking Israel, we free ourselves forever from the evil Jew spell of the Holy Bible.  We end an age of superstition, we become human, fully conscious beings in this Universe.

The Holiest of Sins



Sin doesn’t exist in reality, but it does exist in theology and the belief in sin is one of the greatest deceptions that humans have ever entertained.  The Jewish Holy Bible rests on the premise of a judgmental god who is holier than you, and if you want to get with this god upon death you must not have sin otherwise you face eternal torture and punishment.  I am not sure why I would want to spend eternity with Yahweh, Jews, and Christians when I can’t stand them right now.


According to the myth writers, god is without sin,a perfect all knowledgeable being, but then in the first book he has to scrub his big mistake by killing off most of us in a big flood.  Doesn’t Genesis make you scratch your head, it does mine, then I realize it was written by a lying Jew prick.  What escapes most Christians that if the robots are flawed then the real fault is with the designer.  God can not be perfect because of our inherent sinful nature.

According to the holiest book you are the dirty sinful mortal and separate from the divine.  According to these Christian death cultists sin permanently separates you from the perfect almighty perfect holy of holies.  Christian eschatologists inform us that all go to hell, and there ain’t a thing you can do about it, not by works, not by praying, not by indulgences – but only by faith.  Only faith in the monogod Jesus do you have any chance in hell of ever getting with the almighty Jewish prick in the sky.


None of this insane demented judgmental philosophy is true, but the effects of this thinking is real and it is causing unbelievable hell for many people right now who are being judged and bombed to death by this Judeo-Christian Satanic death cult.  Modern Christians have lost it, they have fallen off the wagon, their current politics are so un-Jesus like that I have to call them out as the biggest hypocrits of all time.

The irony of sin is that those trying to avoid it, those who are desperately trying to escape the wrath of the Jew father god, those who are trying to skirt eternal punishment, have become the greatest of sinners with their support of modern Israel.  The Zionist Jew hell state is able to genocide Palestine and kill millions can only happen with widespread Christian support.  Satanyahu thanks all Evangelicals for their support.


Zionism is the biggest sinful murdering spree of Christianities bloody history.  Christians are creating hell with their support for Zionists  and they don’t see this hypocrisy as sinful.  The sickness of modern apostate Jesus followers is laughably insane.  Not one part of their make believe theology is logical or true, but they just keep believin’ anyways ’cause they want to be winners, they want the Jew money, they want to get with the Jew god.

Sin is a meme some priest invented to make you feel guilty so that he could own you emotionally.  If there was no sin meme short circuiting your brain then why would you obey the priest?  You wouldn’t, you would laugh at the priest for being batshit insane.  But you hold the priest in reverence because you believe in sin and you also believe the priest is going to help deliver you from this angry Jew god who’s out to get you.


Yes Virginia, people believe in these crazy ideas and never bother to check to see if they are true or not.  What evidence can the priest offer you for the reality of sin?  The priest says you have sinful nature or that you did something bad like smoke some weed, but the priest can not prove that sin is a thing in itself.  That is because sin is an unproved meme in the Bible and in your head, outside of those two places it does not exist.

There is an infinite lack of evidence for this extraordinary claims of an angry Jew in the sky, or that this angry Jewish sky god Yahweh has an afterlife court, or that you even have a soul that goes anywhere upon death.  Sin is a meme only, sin is a concept in your brain, and it has created a simulacrum or artificial reality in which you exist.  For many Christians, smoking pot is a sin, and they support the courts that deprive freedom for those who commit the marijuana sin, but in the eyes of god there’s no sin.


Sin is the holiest of sins.  Sin is a destructive meme creating hell on earth.  No one gets saved, no one gets judged, no one goes to hell, no one is separate from god.  Sin is a meme invented by the Rabbi to get you enslaved to his theology and you are a fool to believe it.  Sin is one of the greatest of all lies of the monotheistic death cultists, the irony is that those that believe in sin are supporting Israel which is pure evil.

The reason that sin idea is wrong is because their is no external god that is separate from you.  You never have to try to get back to god because you have never been separate from god.  God is the creativity within yourself, it is not out there and believing in these judgmental Jewish ideas that make you exclusive from others keeps you from being holy.  Christians don’t understand that their theological construct of sin is actually making them the worst sinners.


If anyone wants to be holy (or whole with the rest of humankind) then they must ditch Jewish segregation, choseness identity, non-admission for non-members.  As soon as a Christian gets baptized they are joining the war against all those not baptized.  Baptism is entry in the exclusion zone, baptism is ritual defiance of the rest of the group.

Christians reinforce their exclusion from others with Bible verse like John 3:16, that entry to heaven is only by one means belief in their egotistic viewpoint, that heaven is only entered by belief in their Jewish monogod Jesus.  This separation by verse is one of the greatest evils plaguing mankind, John 3:16 has u leashed holy hell on the world, millions upon millions of non-believers have been slaughtered by the righteous.


Christians can not fathom that their belief system is a giant lie.  People in general have trouble believing that anyone could lie on a grand scale.  People have trouble realizing that there’s no such thing as sin or children dieing at Sandy Hook, they can not wrap their minds around the idea that the authority would lie to them on such a grand scale.

One of the reasons why people believe whopper sized lies is that they can not believe that someone in authority would lie to them on that scale.  Everyone tells small lies, but only the most ruthless tell huge lies.  Sin is an infinite sized lie for getting control of you, with sin the Rabbi and priests were able to build empire on your backs.  Most people can not comprehend that they are being told whopper sized lies by authority because they trust authority and only tell small lies themselves.

the rabbi needs sin to make you emotionally vulnerable

Sin is a whopper sized lie told by the unscrupulous make you feel guilty.  Sin makes you feel guilty for being born.  You are told that you are going straight to hell for being born in sin.  This is why churches teach young children the Adam and Eve story over and over, to indoctrinate them into believing sin.  Once they believe they are guilty then they can be controlled, taxed, and made a lifelong slave by church and state.

People believe in sin even though there is not one shred of evidence that this ‘sin’ thing exists.  They are confusing actions with sin, they are making the assumption that do something ‘sinful’ creates a thing called sin.  Sinful things may attract the attention of the court, but believe me, no god of the Universe cares what you do, like if you steal a banana from another monkey.  God doesn’t not prohibit stealing bananas or even land, in fact the Jew god is A-OK with stealing whole nation states.

jew ape prohibits stealing bananas by inventing sin

Christians make laws prohibiting nudity or smoking nature because they’ve bought the sin meme of the Jew Ape Rabbi who invented it.  Sin is a meme currently being used by Christians to control hippies.  Why do they do this since there’s no victim in smoking pot or swimming nude?  They do it because of the sin meme in their brain.  Monotheism is fascism, all must obey the one true god which in the case of Christian monotheists is obeying the one true Jew in the sky.

Christians are the monkeys believing the Jew Apes about the Jewish construct of reality.  Jews have created a false simulacrum of reality in the spellbound Christian mind.  Because Christians believe in the Jews, sin, and judgment they support the Jewish legal system which prohibits banana theft.  But Christians turn a blind eye when Israel steals Palestine.  Theft on a grand scale is condoned while the petty thief goes to jail.

jewish-neanderthal-bible KING KONG VERSION

You may doubt this thesis about sin, but oh let me tell you it is far worse than you even know!  From this sin meme, the Jews expanded that to the salvation meme.  There can be no salvation unless there is sin.  There can be no Jesus on the cross without sin.  There can be no heaven without sin.  There can be no Jewish control without sin.  Sin is the great cornucopia of the Jew.  Sin is the wellspring of all Jewish power.  WIth sin you can have it all!

The evil of the Holy Bible all starts in the Garden of Eden with the sin meme.  Forget the devil serpent, it told Eve the truth.  The real evil in the Genesis garden was the concept of sin being introduced to your mind.  With sin, a whole theology flows downstream from this Jewish deception.  If you are guilty for being born, if you are separate from God because of sin, then you must have a savior, you must believe in Jesus.   There can be no Jesus without first having sin in your mind.  Jesus is just a memetic overlay of the original sin called Genesis.


Christians believe that the fictional Jesus is the good shepherd but this is totally untrue since Jesus only affirms Jewish law and the belief in Jesus only re-affirms the sin meme.  Jesus leads his flock deeper in the Jewish simulacrum.  Jesus is just part of the great Jewish deception that all began with the Genesis story.  Jesus doesn’t save you from the Jew, he enslaves you to the Jew.  Jesus is the greatest of all Jewish deceptions, for with Jesus the Jews captured without resistance of all of Christiandom.

The truth is that you need salvation from the Jew.  They truth is that you need to escape Jewish thinking once and for all and break free of all theology.  There is a good pastor Charles Giulani that leads you out of Jewish hell realm.  You can find him on Renegade Broadcasting and Mami’s shit.  Charlie lays it out for you, an expert on Bible mythology he tells you the truth about the god damn Jews.


Hitler also told the truth about the Jews, Hitler had the Jews nailed which really pissed off Mr. Jew.  The reason is that the Jewish parasite must stay hidden so that it can control the Jewish simulacrum from behind the scenes.  Jews can not stand the light of truth and Hitler told the truth about them.

If you know your nation is infested with Jewish parasites you might rise up and give your nation a giant enema.  That’s why Hitler was a great man, he told the truth then organized his nation against the Jews.  Jews must really hate Hitler because of all the films the still make demonizing Nazis and affirming the Holohoax.


Jews, on the other hand, love Billy Graham.  This Judas goat leds millions and millions of the gullible Christian sheep right into the Jew slaughter house.  How many American boys have died because they believed Billy Graham?  Ever think about what this mother fucker has done to us?  Don’t ever forget that all the wars in the Middle East are only possible because of Evangelical support for Israel.

How do we know Billy Graham is a Jew tool?  He’s a friend of every President since WW2.  He’s on the Jewtube constantly.  He’s praised endlessly by the Jewish newsprint.  Billy Graham is one of the most evil men of the last century because he helped the Jews conquer the western world.  Billy Graham has helped the Jews kill millions upon millions of brown skinned peoples who weren’t part of the Satanic Judeo-Christian death cult.  Billy Graham is the alpha Judas goat leading all of Christiandom into the fiery pits of Jewish hell.


Christians exist in the Jewish simulacrum, they live in the simulacrum of sin.  Christians are afraid of sinning or offending the Jew in the sky, they are afraid of not making it back to be with god so they have faith in Jesus and thus affirm Jewish law which has us all trapped in economic totalitarian Jewish system where everything has to be owned and permitted under Jewish based law.

Christians are the monkeys believing the Jew Apes about the Jewish construct of reality.  Jews have created a simulacrum of reality in the dumb Goyim mind.  Christians are the lost sheep without a good shepherd, and most Christians don’t even know they been had had the Jews.  For instance, Martin Luther protested the money grubbing Church officials yet did not condemn the Jewish Bible itself.  He couldn’t because he believed and the Protestant Reformation only took the Christian mind deeper into the Jewish simulacrum.

SIN MEME HAS CREATED Ajewish-construct-of-reality