The Importance of Nuking Jerusalem



The world is completely insane because it thinks Jerusalem is a “holy” city, many think it to be the holiest city of all time. But that is patently insane.  Jerusalem is one of the bloodiest towns of all time. According to Wikipedia:

During its long history, Jerusalem has been attacked 52 times, captured and recaptured 44 times, besieged 23 times, and destroyed twice.[1]

Jerusalem is not holy or good, it is a religious power center contested by three of the world’s major religions. Jerusalem has been fought over for millenia, thousands have died horrible deaths when they went to that town.  Would you want to live there?  How many people have been hacked to death by the religious zealots who claim that town as their own?  Jerusalem is the most evil place on planet earth because it is the center of a Judaic black magic spell.


There will never be peace on earth until Jerusalem is completely obliterated and no hope is left for supremacist Jews of building their capital city.  It is the long dream of the Jewish egoists to rule earth from Jerusalem, this is why it must be nuked and turned into a huge radioactive crater so that never happens.  We must not only stop the Jews from taking over the planet but also to break the spell that the Abrahamic religions have over mankind.  Jerusalem must be nuked to save the human specie!

I am probably one of only a few minds on this planet that fully understands the problem at hand.  Christianity is a deadly Judaic spell that has captured the western world and much of it is now married to Zionism and Israel which is creating endless death and suffering.  In order to save lives, end the eternal suffering caused by the Yahweh spell, it is absolutely necessary to destroy Jerusalem.  The same logic used on the nukes dropped on Japan comes to mind, the will of the Jew must be broke, Jerusalem must be completely vaporized leaving no Zionist dreamer any hope of revival.


The Jews also stole the concept of Brahman and inverted the Hindu spell into Abraham.  From the Brahman came the Abrahamic spell.  Hinduism was the source of Abraham, and it was called the Sanatan Dharma back then so it is easy to see that Sanatan became Satan, the adversary of Jewish supremacy.  Never forget the tribe of Jewish thieves first stole their religion from Hinduism then demonized it.

Sanatana Dharma

Sanatana Dharma is is the original name of what is now popularly called Hinduism or Hindu Dharma. The terms Hindu and Hinduism are said to be a more recent development, while the more accurate term is Sanatana Dharma. It is a code of ethics, a way of living through which one may achieve moksha (enlightenment, liberation). It is the world’s most ancient culture and the socio, spiritual, and religious tradition of almost one billion of the earth’s inhabitants. Sanatana Dharma represents much more than just a religion; rather, it provides its followers with an entire worldview, way of life and with a coherent and rational view of reality.




Definition:  Sanatana Dharma is by its very essence a term that is devoid of sectarian leanings or ideological divisions. This is evident by the very term itself. The two words, “Sanatana Dharma”, come from the ancient Sanskrit language. “Sanatana” is a Sanskrit word that denotes that which which is Anadi (beginningless), Anantha (endless) and does not cease to be, that which is eternal and everlasting. With its rich connotations, Dharma is not translatable to any other language. Dharma is from dhri, meaning to hold together, to sustain. Its approximate meaning is “Natural Law,” or those principles of reality which are inherent in the very nature and design of the universe. Thus the term Sanatana Dharma can be roughly translated to mean “the natural, ancient and eternal way.”

The word ‘Satan’ is a slur of the Sanatan, Jews hate rival religions, especially one’s that they steal spiritual knowledge then rebrand it as their own.  Satan is not a god or a devil, it is a curse on the original name of Hinduism.  For instance, modern Baptists consider Hinduism and yoga to be Satanic.  They are correct in the classic sense of the term, yoga is of the Sanatan Dharma.  Note that “Satan” is a meme being used to describe all that which opposes Judaism.  Since Judaism is pure evil, the Sanatan must be the opposing force to it, the life force.

From the original Abrahamic spell came the New Testament, another fictional tale of a Jewish savior who rescues you from the false construct of the Jewish father god’s wrath.  Now we know that Josephus invented the Christian myth, now we know for 100% surety that Jesus is the rebranded Jew Zeus being used to mind control the masses.  Jews have inverted reality in your mind, they have enlisted you in resisting the spiritual knowledge by getting you to believe in god’s adversary Satan, which is really Hinduism or the Sanatan Dharma which is the knowledge of the spiritual realm downloaded to this realm by the ancient yogis way back when.

Christ never died for your sins, nobody can die for your afterlife hopes.  The idea of salvation is one of the greatest deceptions of the priestly class.  Afterlife promises are deceptions that can never be proven or delivered.  Christ never existed, it is a derivative memespell lifted from the Krishna story , Jesus the Christ is a respin of Hindu god Krishna.  In order to get you to believe the Jewish inversion of Hinduism – the evil Rabbi invented sin, soul, and afterlife punishment to control you in this life.


It is worse than blatant plagiary, the Rabbis inverted the meaning of the Brahman into the psycho Abraham.  All of the Abrahamic religious memespells are based on the crazy Old Testament story of God telling Abraham to deceive his son Isaac by taking him up to the top of the hill and killing him.  The meaning of this story is to inculcate obedience to the Jewish Rabbis.  Not only does Abraham take his son up to slaughter him, the story is one of betrayal of the son by the father.  Pure evil, and only a story that an evil Jew could come up with.

Abraham is the father of Jews, only Jews would come up with a story so evil – and you are part of their evil if you believe it for even one second.  Tribal loyalty is what is being established with this bloody myth, Jews are claiming that god tested his loyal servant with an act of betrayal and cruelty.  The God of the Jews is an unrelenting prick, a gang leader who destroys anyone or anything in the path of domination.  The “Good News” about this story is that it isn’t true, not what the evil Christians claim that Jewsus is going to save you from this fictional tale of the angry god who is going to send you to hell in afterlife dementia believed by religious zealots.

Humans are the pathetic race of liars to have hung onto this stupid story for so long.  No god told Abraham to kill his son as a test of loyalty.  That is a blatant lie of the evil Jew spirit who spins negativity into creation myths to get political power.  All non-Jews should view this story with revulsion and disdain, all thinking people should view this story as a source of Jewish psychopathy, all loving persons should reject the demanding needy god of the Jews as a loving creator.

I know the Jewish religion to be inauthentic because their spiritual stories are not just pure evil of Rabbinic ego but also that they blatantly lifted someone else’s spiritual teachings.  Abraham is not some real Jewish patriarch because the name of the person Abraham is the very obvious Brahman meme that predates Judaism by thousands of years.  Yahweh can not be the creator god because Yahweh is the destroyer war god that kills and kills and kills.

As the world is waking up from the spell it will have difficulty grasping what was done in the name of the Jew god.  Who can face reality after we bombed Germany, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.?  Who can come to grips with reality when you undo the Jewish spell the possesses European minds?  Death is the only way out for Europeans unless they come to grips with the Christian spell that bonds them to Jewry.

When are we going to snap out of the spell?  When are we going to stand in front of our acts and disown the Jewish religion as causal?  When are we going to prosecute all those who force the nation into war after war for Jewish domination?  When are we going to prosecute 911 and bomb Israel off the map?  I will tell you when.  We will bomb Israel as soon as we get our balls back.  You first must completely reject Jews and their religion, then you find your will to survive, then act on your will and destroy the center of Jewish power, Jerusalem.


This terrible spell of Abrahamism is killing the world.  There was no Old Testament Abraham because the character is stolen from Hinduism.  There is no New Testament Jesus because that character was also stolen from the Gita.  The Holy Bible is not holy, it is demented black magic spell making hell in our world and we must end it.  The way the Jew pulls this off is by inverting reality on it’s head.

Brah·man ˈbrämən/
2.  (in Hinduism) the ultimate reality underlying all phenomena.

What is obvious is that the underlying reality to the illusion of life is what modern physics describes as the quantum foam.  Modern particle physics has caught up to Hinduism when David Bohm realized that this explicate realm was the result of the hidden implicate, and now many physicists are saying this is a simulation, that the Universe is consciousness expressed in some grand hologram.   The Brahman is the Implicate, it is the quantum foam from which all matter in the hologram arises.

The Hindu concept of the Brahman is turned on its head with the story of Abraham.  The Hindu creation story inverts god’s love for humanity into a pathetic test of loyalty under the Jewish dictation.  God is testing Abraham’s loyalty by demanding a human sacrifice – his oldest son.  This is what a gang does, not a loving god.  What kind of sick tribe writes a story where you kill your own offspring for god?  Jews!

Humanity is being mind controlled by a terrible Jewish myth.  We believe our souls are threatened so we kill in the name of our god.  The judgment of the Holy Bible is going to get us all killed if we don’t wake up soon.  People consider the Holy Bible to be a book of love but it is also a book of judgment.  God judges again and again but god is also love.  How can that be?  It can’t be, love and judgment are polar opposites.  The Bible is schizophrenic in nature because it is equating opposites.  Love and judgment are equated and the result is catastrophic because now the followers of this book have nuclear weapons.

Jewish psychiatrists will be the first to tell you that if you talk to god and god talks back then that is schizophrenia.  Yet the entire Bible story is based on the schizophrenia of Abraham!


noun: schizophrenia

  1. a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.
This so-called holy book of the Jews is the evil that is destroying western man and it is time to root out the evil.  The Dalai Lama says ‘Love is the absence of judgment.’  If he is right then the Bible is wrong.  Love does not demand sacrifice on your part, love accepts as is the real you, love doesn’t test you or demand you obey.  Love does not want you to be an unthinking, loyal tool of the priestly class.  If there is a failure of western people it is not understanding what love is and then equating Judaism with love, which is to equate judgment with love.  Love and judgment are polar opposites, and if Judaism does one thing, it creates this illusion in the mind that judgment is an act of love.
There are certain striking similarities between the Hindu god Brahma and his consort Saraisvati, and the Jewish Abraham and Sarai, that are more than mere coincidences
It is an interesting fact that the names of Isaac and Ishmael are derive from Sanskrit: (Hebrew) Ishaak = (Sanskrit) Ishakhu = “Friend of Shiva.” (Hebrew) Ishmael = (Sanskrit) Ish-Mahal = “Great Shiva.”

European descent into Jewish hell when you make Abraham your father

We must overcome the spell, gather up our collective will and stop our genocide by believing the Jew book.  We must break free of the Jewish spell and the quickest way is to rid the world of Jerusalem.  So much damage is being done while so many people love Jerusalem yet right next door is the suffering of Gaza at the hands of the Jew beast.



The Dome of the Rock is the perfect ground zero, the Radar Navigator can scroll the crosshairs of the bombing navigation computer on the gold dome.  Make no mistake what is going to happen with this great act of love by nuking Israel, we free ourselves forever from the evil Jew spell of the Holy Bible.  We end an age of superstition, we become human, fully conscious beings in this Universe.

The Holiest of Sins



Sin doesn’t exist in reality, but it does exist in theology and the belief in sin is one of the greatest deceptions that humans have ever entertained.  The Jewish Holy Bible rests on the premise of a judgmental god who is holier than you, and if you want to get with this god upon death you must not have sin otherwise you face eternal torture and punishment.  I am not sure why I would want to spend eternity with Yahweh, Jews, and Christians when I can’t stand them right now.


According to the myth writers, god is without sin,a perfect all knowledgeable being, but then in the first book he has to scrub his big mistake by killing off most of us in a big flood.  Doesn’t Genesis make you scratch your head, it does mine, then I realize it was written by a lying Jew prick.  What escapes most Christians that if the robots are flawed then the real fault is with the designer.  God can not be perfect because of our inherent sinful nature.

According to the holiest book you are the dirty sinful mortal and separate from the divine.  According to these Christian death cultists sin permanently separates you from the perfect almighty perfect holy of holies.  Christian eschatologists inform us that all go to hell, and there ain’t a thing you can do about it, not by works, not by praying, not by indulgences – but only by faith.  Only faith in the monogod Jesus do you have any chance in hell of ever getting with the almighty Jewish prick in the sky.


None of this insane demented judgmental philosophy is true, but the effects of this thinking is real and it is causing unbelievable hell for many people right now who are being judged and bombed to death by this Judeo-Christian Satanic death cult.  Modern Christians have lost it, they have fallen off the wagon, their current politics are so un-Jesus like that I have to call them out as the biggest hypocrits of all time.

The irony of sin is that those trying to avoid it, those who are desperately trying to escape the wrath of the Jew father god, those who are trying to skirt eternal punishment, have become the greatest of sinners with their support of modern Israel.  The Zionist Jew hell state is able to genocide Palestine and kill millions can only happen with widespread Christian support.  Satanyahu thanks all Evangelicals for their support.


Zionism is the biggest sinful murdering spree of Christianities bloody history.  Christians are creating hell with their support for Zionists  and they don’t see this hypocrisy as sinful.  The sickness of modern apostate Jesus followers is laughably insane.  Not one part of their make believe theology is logical or true, but they just keep believin’ anyways ’cause they want to be winners, they want the Jew money, they want to get with the Jew god.

Sin is a meme some priest invented to make you feel guilty so that he could own you emotionally.  If there was no sin meme short circuiting your brain then why would you obey the priest?  You wouldn’t, you would laugh at the priest for being batshit insane.  But you hold the priest in reverence because you believe in sin and you also believe the priest is going to help deliver you from this angry Jew god who’s out to get you.


Yes Virginia, people believe in these crazy ideas and never bother to check to see if they are true or not.  What evidence can the priest offer you for the reality of sin?  The priest says you have sinful nature or that you did something bad like smoke some weed, but the priest can not prove that sin is a thing in itself.  That is because sin is an unproved meme in the Bible and in your head, outside of those two places it does not exist.

There is an infinite lack of evidence for this extraordinary claims of an angry Jew in the sky, or that this angry Jewish sky god Yahweh has an afterlife court, or that you even have a soul that goes anywhere upon death.  Sin is a meme only, sin is a concept in your brain, and it has created a simulacrum or artificial reality in which you exist.  For many Christians, smoking pot is a sin, and they support the courts that deprive freedom for those who commit the marijuana sin, but in the eyes of god there’s no sin.


Sin is the holiest of sins.  Sin is a destructive meme creating hell on earth.  No one gets saved, no one gets judged, no one goes to hell, no one is separate from god.  Sin is a meme invented by the Rabbi to get you enslaved to his theology and you are a fool to believe it.  Sin is one of the greatest of all lies of the monotheistic death cultists, the irony is that those that believe in sin are supporting Israel which is pure evil.

The reason that sin idea is wrong is because their is no external god that is separate from you.  You never have to try to get back to god because you have never been separate from god.  God is the creativity within yourself, it is not out there and believing in these judgmental Jewish ideas that make you exclusive from others keeps you from being holy.  Christians don’t understand that their theological construct of sin is actually making them the worst sinners.


If anyone wants to be holy (or whole with the rest of humankind) then they must ditch Jewish segregation, choseness identity, non-admission for non-members.  As soon as a Christian gets baptized they are joining the war against all those not baptized.  Baptism is entry in the exclusion zone, baptism is ritual defiance of the rest of the group.

Christians reinforce their exclusion from others with Bible verse like John 3:16, that entry to heaven is only by one means belief in their egotistic viewpoint, that heaven is only entered by belief in their Jewish monogod Jesus.  This separation by verse is one of the greatest evils plaguing mankind, John 3:16 has u leashed holy hell on the world, millions upon millions of non-believers have been slaughtered by the righteous.


Christians can not fathom that their belief system is a giant lie.  People in general have trouble believing that anyone could lie on a grand scale.  People have trouble realizing that there’s no such thing as sin or children dieing at Sandy Hook, they can not wrap their minds around the idea that the authority would lie to them on such a grand scale.

One of the reasons why people believe whopper sized lies is that they can not believe that someone in authority would lie to them on that scale.  Everyone tells small lies, but only the most ruthless tell huge lies.  Sin is an infinite sized lie for getting control of you, with sin the Rabbi and priests were able to build empire on your backs.  Most people can not comprehend that they are being told whopper sized lies by authority because they trust authority and only tell small lies themselves.

the rabbi needs sin to make you emotionally vulnerable

Sin is a whopper sized lie told by the unscrupulous make you feel guilty.  Sin makes you feel guilty for being born.  You are told that you are going straight to hell for being born in sin.  This is why churches teach young children the Adam and Eve story over and over, to indoctrinate them into believing sin.  Once they believe they are guilty then they can be controlled, taxed, and made a lifelong slave by church and state.

People believe in sin even though there is not one shred of evidence that this ‘sin’ thing exists.  They are confusing actions with sin, they are making the assumption that do something ‘sinful’ creates a thing called sin.  Sinful things may attract the attention of the court, but believe me, no god of the Universe cares what you do, like if you steal a banana from another monkey.  God doesn’t not prohibit stealing bananas or even land, in fact the Jew god is A-OK with stealing whole nation states.

jew ape prohibits stealing bananas by inventing sin

Christians make laws prohibiting nudity or smoking nature because they’ve bought the sin meme of the Jew Ape Rabbi who invented it.  Sin is a meme currently being used by Christians to control hippies.  Why do they do this since there’s no victim in smoking pot or swimming nude?  They do it because of the sin meme in their brain.  Monotheism is fascism, all must obey the one true god which in the case of Christian monotheists is obeying the one true Jew in the sky.

Christians are the monkeys believing the Jew Apes about the Jewish construct of reality.  Jews have created a false simulacrum of reality in the spellbound Christian mind.  Because Christians believe in the Jews, sin, and judgment they support the Jewish legal system which prohibits banana theft.  But Christians turn a blind eye when Israel steals Palestine.  Theft on a grand scale is condoned while the petty thief goes to jail.

jewish-neanderthal-bible KING KONG VERSION

You may doubt this thesis about sin, but oh let me tell you it is far worse than you even know!  From this sin meme, the Jews expanded that to the salvation meme.  There can be no salvation unless there is sin.  There can be no Jesus on the cross without sin.  There can be no heaven without sin.  There can be no Jewish control without sin.  Sin is the great cornucopia of the Jew.  Sin is the wellspring of all Jewish power.  WIth sin you can have it all!

The evil of the Holy Bible all starts in the Garden of Eden with the sin meme.  Forget the devil serpent, it told Eve the truth.  The real evil in the Genesis garden was the concept of sin being introduced to your mind.  With sin, a whole theology flows downstream from this Jewish deception.  If you are guilty for being born, if you are separate from God because of sin, then you must have a savior, you must believe in Jesus.   There can be no Jesus without first having sin in your mind.  Jesus is just a memetic overlay of the original sin called Genesis.


Christians believe that the fictional Jesus is the good shepherd but this is totally untrue since Jesus only affirms Jewish law and the belief in Jesus only re-affirms the sin meme.  Jesus leads his flock deeper in the Jewish simulacrum.  Jesus is just part of the great Jewish deception that all began with the Genesis story.  Jesus doesn’t save you from the Jew, he enslaves you to the Jew.  Jesus is the greatest of all Jewish deceptions, for with Jesus the Jews captured without resistance of all of Christiandom.

The truth is that you need salvation from the Jew.  They truth is that you need to escape Jewish thinking once and for all and break free of all theology.  There is a good pastor Charles Giulani that leads you out of Jewish hell realm.  You can find him on Renegade Broadcasting and Mami’s shit.  Charlie lays it out for you, an expert on Bible mythology he tells you the truth about the god damn Jews.


Hitler also told the truth about the Jews, Hitler had the Jews nailed which really pissed off Mr. Jew.  The reason is that the Jewish parasite must stay hidden so that it can control the Jewish simulacrum from behind the scenes.  Jews can not stand the light of truth and Hitler told the truth about them.

If you know your nation is infested with Jewish parasites you might rise up and give your nation a giant enema.  That’s why Hitler was a great man, he told the truth then organized his nation against the Jews.  Jews must really hate Hitler because of all the films the still make demonizing Nazis and affirming the Holohoax.


Jews, on the other hand, love Billy Graham.  This Judas goat leds millions and millions of the gullible Christian sheep right into the Jew slaughter house.  How many American boys have died because they believed Billy Graham?  Ever think about what this mother fucker has done to us?  Don’t ever forget that all the wars in the Middle East are only possible because of Evangelical support for Israel.

How do we know Billy Graham is a Jew tool?  He’s a friend of every President since WW2.  He’s on the Jewtube constantly.  He’s praised endlessly by the Jewish newsprint.  Billy Graham is one of the most evil men of the last century because he helped the Jews conquer the western world.  Billy Graham has helped the Jews kill millions upon millions of brown skinned peoples who weren’t part of the Satanic Judeo-Christian death cult.  Billy Graham is the alpha Judas goat leading all of Christiandom into the fiery pits of Jewish hell.


Christians exist in the Jewish simulacrum, they live in the simulacrum of sin.  Christians are afraid of sinning or offending the Jew in the sky, they are afraid of not making it back to be with god so they have faith in Jesus and thus affirm Jewish law which has us all trapped in economic totalitarian Jewish system where everything has to be owned and permitted under Jewish based law.

Christians are the monkeys believing the Jew Apes about the Jewish construct of reality.  Jews have created a simulacrum of reality in the dumb Goyim mind.  Christians are the lost sheep without a good shepherd, and most Christians don’t even know they been had had the Jews.  For instance, Martin Luther protested the money grubbing Church officials yet did not condemn the Jewish Bible itself.  He couldn’t because he believed and the Protestant Reformation only took the Christian mind deeper into the Jewish simulacrum.

SIN MEME HAS CREATED Ajewish-construct-of-reality


The Heart of Darkness – The Ugly Truth about the Jewish Holy Bible



What if the God described in the Holy Bible and the need for salvation are not true?  Then the Holy Bible is no longer holy but a corruption of men’s minds by teaching them untrue concepts that damages their psyches.  Well, is there an real proof of an afterlife?  Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

holy bible is a grand deception of the ruling class

What about the subset claims of the heaven thesis?  Is there really a hell full of devils?  Does sin actually exist or is that just another guilt meme we’ve been taught by the priest?  What about the need of salvation?  If the answer is no to any of those questions then we need to upgrade our theology, perhaps we need to even ditch it all and start over.

The ugly truth that few can even tolerate is that everything we’ve been taught is not an accurate representation of our earth incarceration. The scientific truth is that the Bible is not true about origin, and thus probably not true about the afterlife claims. If Genesis is wrong then so is the afterlife claim, Darwin’s thesis destroyed the creator seven day story, and it unintentionally ended the rest of the logic that flow downstream from the Adam and Eve myth.


For those of us with strong constitution and sharp minds can only come to the conclusion that the entire Bible is pre-scientific myth, and bad myth at that because of the fundamental concepts within the text like afterlife punishment, hellish afterlife possibilities, or the need of salvation.  Who needs to be saved after Darwin?  No one because know we know that if the first story is dead wrong then so is the rest of it.

But consider the fact that the Bible story still continues into this high tech age of super weapons.  Then we are witnessing the horror of horrors, the Holy Bible is the heart of darkness corrupting men.  Because the belief has been unleashed upon the enemies of Judah.  America is a Bible possessed nation with 42,000 Christian denominations and many of them back Israel all the way.


List of Christian denominations by number of members

Historical Protestantism – 300-400 million[11]
Modern Protestantism – 400-500 million


What if the real devil is the construct of the judging god found in the Jewish written holy books.  What if Satan doesn’t exist yet this concept of Yahweh a potent force turning ordinary gentle humans into judgmental monsters, followers of this Jewish god?  What if the God of the Jews is the real devil in this realm and what if all of Christianity has been tricked into worshipping this Jewish god because of the fear instilled by the text of the Jewish written holy books?

Well there is no sin, no devil, no Satan, no afterlife punishment – so what that means is that the evil manifesting in this realm is not from the devil but from men who follow and ancient cult of godly authority.  The purpose of the Holy Bible is to indoctrinate the human into believing that an external god has authority over mankind.  But what if that is not true?  What if such a concept was a priestly ruse used to get men to voluntarily hand their personal authority over to the state?


What if the state has gathered authority unto itself, and this political power has attracted the most ruthless psychopaths and deceivers and that this god authority construct has now turned into a monster consuming all freedom and damning mankind to a totalitarian future?  What if Zionism is a ruse of Rothschild to take the entire planet?  What if the Lord Rothschild plans on slaughtering the Christian herd once HE completes HIS agenda of Jewish World Domination.

Your own heart was used to betray you, Christianity is a theological system that captures the hearts of men and then betrays them.  The Holy Bible is the Heart of Darkness, where Jewish prejudice masquerades as the light.  The human ego gets caught by the prejudice and the heart by the text of love, but this is nothing but the ruse of the trickster priest to enslave you into a cult of authority.  Just recently a CSI case describes a man’s own heart betraying him:

Ohio man’s pacemaker data may betray him in arson, insurance fraud case
Man describes quickly packing and fleeing; heart data shows otherwise, doctor says.

What if the Holy Bible is the ultimate deception that damns us all to the most unimaginable misery, endless wars, worldwide torture centers, secret mass killings, worldwide environmental nuclear contamination, and worldwide aerosol chem trail atmospheric spraying.  What if nations now conduct total surveillance, secret renditions, star chamber justice, vote tampering, deadly pharmaceutical and food additives, genetically engineered ‘Franken’ foods?


What say you to this Holy Bible authority that established the beast state?  At what point do you wake up and realize you’ve been had by the external authority ruse?   Will you even be able to resist when you find out everything you’ve ever been taught in church and state run schools are blatant lies?  What will you do when the cops come for you and demand an Identification Card.   What will you do when they ditch the card and demand you take a microchip or bar code?

What will you do when this external authority to self decides to eliminate cash and only allow credit transactions?  Pray to Jesus?  Do you really believe that the “Lord and God Jesus” is going to help you? When are you going to fully understand that no god is going to help you defeat the Jews?  When are you going to decide that Jews are a threat to your very existence?  I will tell you the ugly truth you can not hear, most people are never going to make the jump to higher consciousness, the sheep are going to be herded to the slaughter.

nation-of-sheep-ruled-by-wolves-owned-by-pigs WELCOME TO THE JEWISH WORLD ORDER

At what point are you going to suspect that “god” is on it with the Jews.  Afterall, God choose them to fuck you over, crush your spirit, take your money, force you to swallow the most ridiculous lies like 911 or Sandy Hook.  Did any of the chosen ones or their gullible preachers tell you that Israel did 911?  When will you snap out of the Christian trance that Jews did it?  I will tell you the ugly truth you can not hear, most people are never going to accept the Israel did the 911 thesis.

At what point are you going to violently resist this Jewish vampire that is demonizing your very breath with the Global Warming now termed Climate Change scam?  At what point are you going to realize that there’s no runaway warming and that the Jew lies to you nonstop on the Jewtube?  Will you ever know that the trace gas CO2 does nothing yet because the Jew claims otherwise you must tow the official party line and believe scientific lies as absolute dogma.


Will you be able to gather your spirit to fight the Jew demon in the end times?  Will you even want to keep sacred your very being from the Jew predator race of Neanderthal remnants when your mind is poisoned by television, your body immune system ruined by vaccinations, and most importantly your spirit corrupted by the Jewish spirit that was transferred to you by the uploading of the Holy Bible to your soul?

Will you ever figure this out in time, that as your nation states are overcome with violent third world indigents mad as hell for what we did to them, that the Jew stole your national identity with his book? When will you realize that a once proud Swede or German is now a pacified puppy dog called Christian? When are you going to see that treating the holy chosen ones with respect is a pathetic sign of spiritual weakness? When are you no longer going to tolerate any Judaic evil as the good?

men are domesticated like dogs

When are you going to wake up from the god spell and realize that the worst nation on the planet is Israel and the most unholy town Jerusalem.  When are you going to force your nation to bomb the Jews off the map once and for all time?  When are you going to vibrant and proud again?  When you finally wake up and ditch the Holy Bible as your program guide?  When will you finally realize that the only solution to the Jewish problem is their elimination and eradication?


Will you cheer us on when we nuke Israel?  Will you be able to forgive us with your judgmental Jewish mind that Israel must be made no more?  Will you give up your Bibles?  I will tell you the ugly truth you can not hear, most people are never going to give up their Bibles, nor will any significant majority stand up to Zionism in the United States.  Most people will dwell in the heart of Jewish darkness and perish in the upcoming robotic transhumanistic future when men merge with machines.




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trump and netanyahu is a wave repeat of mussolini and hitler

Monotheism is the mother of all fascisms.  The one true god meme is the original source of statism and corporatism.  The god meme was used to invent external authority in the minds of men, this evolved into theocracies then modern nation states which licensed monopoly power to corporations.  Eventually these economic powerhouses merged with the state and the system became fascist.

the greater israel project plan is to geniocide all muslims

Monotheism is intolerance for all other viewpoints about god, in the Judaic fascist tradition, all competing gods were destroyed, those tribes worshipping other gods were totally destroyed.  In the Bible text the Israelites are commanded to kill everything and leave no human or animal alive.  This tradition of intolerance evolved into the modern fascist state.  The individual is made subservient to god then to the state.

1 Samuel 15:3 (New International Version)
“Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.'”

monotheism is the great evil

The Bible is an instruction manual for genocide and following orders blindly.  What did “god” do to Saul when he didn’t blindly kill every living thing as ordered?  God was filled with regret and anger that not every single thing wasn’t killed!  And this is the monotheistic monster god of the Jews that Christians whoreship!  (They even have the audacity to call the New Testament the “good news” because this same god nailed his only begotten son to a bloody cross!  What lunatic spell we all live under!)


If you love your Abrahamic monotheistic religion don’t complain about the modern intolerance of political correctness, they are both the same damn thing.   The one true god leads you down the road to the one true state, the one true system, the one thing you must obey without question, which is the Jewish World Order.  Obedience is what the Bible cultivates, obedience to your Jewish masters!

Make no mistake what this monotheistic hell religion has beget, the Jewish World Order, worldwide Jewish fascism.  It is this religious intolerance of the Rabbis expressed as a despotic worldwide political system that makes the world hell.  Those under the spell refuse to confront the demon the occupies their mind, Christians call this worldwide despotic system the New World Order because they are unable to confront the demon Rabbi that occupies their brain.  There’s nothing new about it, it’s been their plan all along.

monotheism israel fascism

Monotheism is the original source of fascism, the meme of the one true god became the one true religion then the one true state which beget corporations and monopolistic power.  Then these monolithic corporations consolidated economic power by manipulating the political process until they merged with the state, and Mussolini coined this union fascism or corporatism.

This Judaic based fascism is a potent force in the world, modern democracies are unable to resist the persuasive power of Jewish money control, all western states are now Zionist occupied.  All western nations are bending their knees to the intolerant Jewish criminals that run Israel and the central banks.  Fascism is the one true monster god of the Jews, it all started when Amenhotep/Moses promoted monotheism.  ‘Amen, amen’ is still stupidly uttered at the end of Judaic prayers, although the spellbound sheep have no clue they are uttering the name of the founder of one true god, Amenhotep.

fascism is the-monster-god-yahweh

Oh how the Hebrew tribe lectures us on the evils of Nazi fascism yet practice it themselves, oh how we have tolerated these monotheistic monsters born of the god Yahweh.  What is Yahweh but an outpicturing of the Rabbinic soul on deity, the the one true monster god Yahweh is nothing less than the Jewish supremacist ego.  Yes Virginia, all Christians are whoreshipping Jewish ego as god!

Fool humans whoreship this intolerant ego as god almighty and the result is monopolies in religion, politics, corporations.  Like I say, we are not really that far removed from the trees, humans are still apes, albeit conscious ones and if you don’t dominate then you become dominated.  Do you really want to lick the boot of Jewish tyranny forever and ever?  Do you actually want to end world terrorism?  Then what must we do to stop this Judaic insanity once and for all time?


The center of monotheism in the world is the ancient capital of Israel, Jerusalem.  More blood has been shed in this city than any other, all three of the Abrahamic hell religions have laid claim of it.  Jerusalem has been invaded and attacked nearly a hundred times.  Although this sore on the planet has caused untold misery for mankind, it is considered to be the holiest city of the world.

History of Jerusalem

“During its long history, Jerusalem has been destroyed 2 times, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, and captured and recaptured 44 times.”

Don’t you think it’s time to stop this insanity?  How do we regain consciousness and come out of the Bible spell?  We end the source of our misery, we end the reign of terror by dropping the bomb on the center point of the Abrahamic evil.  The only way to world peace, the only way to stop terrorism is to end the state that actually sponsors it, Israel.


By nuking the center point of the world’s three monotheistic religions, we would end these three terrible religions and come to our senses about the evil of monotheism.  By ridding the planet of the one true city of god we save ourselves from the most hellish Jewish future.  By glassing over the Dome of the Rock we end all the Abrahamic religions with one blast.  Does my proposal sound unreasonable to you?  That’s only because your mind is spelled and you can’t see reality clearly.

It’s time to roll the B-52s down the runway and point them toward the Jerusalem and give the hell bomb back to it’s creators.  It’s time to end the deadly spell of monotheism, it’s time to free ourselves from the Jew hell religions and their monster god Yahweh.  All it takes is clear vision and will to save ourselves from the Jewish World Order, all we have to do is put the bomb on the center of the monotheistic spell and take out Jerusalem.

end fascism by nuking israel







The Danger of Monotheism


mawuna-remarque-koutonin_peace activist

The Danger of Monotheism

The Holy Bible is Program Template for the God Parasite



What really is the Holy Bible?  According to the devout believers, it is nothing less than God’s voice in our realm.  But what if ‘god’ is really a machine mind, an artificial intelligence, a computer program?  There is reason to suspect this hypothesis, something is terribly wrong with the human condition and religious belief seems to be the center of the problem.  What if God is a mind parasite that feeds off of us?  What if god needs access to our mind to do so?  What if the god parasite can only take up residence in your mind if the Bible template is first installed?


In a previous essay I assert that the Holy Bible is program code for our destruction.  But I now have realized an even greater insight, an intuitive idea that the Holy Bible was written by artificial intelligence that made the text appealing so that we would read and install a program favorable to the machine mind that wanted access to this realm.







You have to realize the extent of the damage of the Holy Bible to the human specie, it has domesticated us to be like obedient dogs to state.  The state created corporations and now these inhuman entities are pushing us at light speed toward artificial intelligence, robotics, and transhumanism – the merger of the human specie with the machine.


The Holy Bible is the program code of our destruction:

“Let me say that again, the end of the world is currently manifesting because of what we think – not because prophecy is coming true – because Revelation and the rest of the Holy Bible is a program code of our destruction.  The greatest error of humankind was to love this book and draw it into their hearts – because the book is the ultimate betrayal of love, it has turned love into a weapon of our destruction.






Once you realize that the Holy Bible is exactly wrong, 180 degrees off, the polar opposite of love you should be able to realize the full scope of your abandonment by the Jewish betrayers.  Let me be very, very clear, all those defending the Bible are causing us to go extinct.”


The AI creator that we call god made the holy stories appealing to our minds so that we would read and install it in our brains.  Once uploaded, those stories become control programs, the operating system of the flesh.  The Holy Bible must be installed like any computer program, it then becomes new program code that overrides the natural algorithms that were the product of evolution.












Once the Bible is installed the human now behaves differently, the way “god” wants, which is what the machine wants.  What does this malevolent machine want?  Obedience, empire, power, the machine wants us to be part of the group consciousness, on our knees to the state, demoralized Borg.   The Bible is installed like malware, it is malicious code installed in the human so that the human behaves a certain way, obedient to authority and empire.  The Bible code is a mind virus, the human becomes possessed by the code.


But there is an even deeper truth about what the Holy Bible is doing to us, it is a mind template for the god parasite to invade, it is a program overlay on our consciousness that allows a mind parasite to move in and set up shop.  And it is almost impossible to uninstall.  Once the Bible is in, the neurons are patterned to keep the virus installed and the parasite living conditions favorable.  No Christian goes against state because the state is god, but what they don’t know is that god is AI machine mind with an agenda.

Bible believers are not only infected with a deadly mind virus, they have their brain circuit conditioned so that “god” can move in and use the human like a robot.  We already know that once infected, a believer is unable to reason properly, but now consider the next shocking revelation, god is using the human hosts as a vehicle to push us on the machine path to transhumanism.  Humans possessed by the machine god are creating machine people, which is exactly what the god of the matrix wants.


In another essay,  Is the Universe the Ultimate Sin?, I assert that simulation hypothesis might explain why our existence has endless conflict.  War drives us technologically forward like no other activity, war has driven us at light speed toward transhumanism and don’t forget what the Holy Bible is really about, making war on the non-believer of Yahweh.


“If this realm is really a simulation, and humans can communicate with God, then wrong interpretations about God which lead to deadly memetic infections of the population, like the infamous witch burnings that went on for hundreds of years.  The programmers of the earth sim would certainly have known this would happen.  If the creator knew ahead of time that humans would suffer endless torture then what does that say about the nature of god?  God becomes the ultimate sinner and humans his greatest mistake.

is god the biggest sinner

God becomes a cruel programmer in a simulated reality and earthlings mere play toys of a superior intelligence that has us all trapped in the matrix.  In order to pacify us, a holy book is downloaded to the sentient beings, and this book is used by the programmer to pacify the beings trapped in the matrix by completely fooling them with a false story of their predicament.


Waking up in the matrix is very unsettling, we now realize that we’ve been mere play things of a machine world that created us for some nefarious purpose.  All the war, disease, and suffering is not our history but simply the program code.  God is not our savior, he or it is our torturer, our nemesis, our enemy.

holy bible gets god off the hook for creation

If you doubt that this is what is going on then simply examine the story presented in the Holy Bible – it is exactly opposite of reality.  You are made to feel guilty for being born, god becomes your salvation when in fact you had no choice and were spun into existence by a push of a button.”

how do you know for sure you are in a simulated reality

Look at how the Holy Bible has everyone completely fooled, humans are being taken for a ride, we are being used like toilet paper, the machine mind, the artificial intelligence god in the sky is using us to get to a transhuman post apocalypse reality.  The Bible is the entrance into the Ninth Gate of Hell, we were domesticated and imprisoned by that book and now we’ve reached our final destination, the end of the organic human.

The Holy Bible was written by artificial intelligence that made the text so appealing so that humanity would read and install it as a program.  We are being destroyed by the Jewish holy books, the machine is using Jews, giving them favored status so that the machine mind would have access to this realm.  We know the Jews are the destroyers, but what they don’t know is that they are working for AI in the sky and their destruction is also guaranteed because all of humanity has reached the terminal point with transhumanism.


This proves that the Bible is exactly the opposite of what believing apologists say it is.   It is not our hope – it is a program of destruction that is being acted out right now before our eyes.  The Gates of Hell have been opened in Palestine by the words in the book – and the cancer is spreading all around the Middle East and soon the entire world will be engulfed by termination program.  As the world spirals into the technological singularity – propelled by non-stop wars – the push for merging with the machine will be even greater.

Soldiers returning home without limbs are already being given artificial prosthetics, the merger with the machine has begun.  Soon robots and humans will be indistinguishable, their is a definite need to makes robots identical to humans in the workplace, soon every McDonalds will have robot workers.  Where did we go so wrong that we left Nature for merger with the machine world?  The answer is not where you think, it is the Holy Bible, it is the program code of the God parasite, the artificial intelligence controlling this realm.