Christian Fakers


I live near a Christian college, everyday I see hundreds of young Christian woman, carrying their Bibles, working on their careers, anxious to get jobs an be a good corporate whore.  I am not impressed, I am disgusted.

In the town I live there are also many non Christians who are jocks, pagans, street girls and are trying very hard.  The differences are startling.  One expresses her sexuality the best she can, the other is required to downplay her lust and deny it.

Let us examine two hypothetical woman in my town, which is just like your town or anywhere in America.  One is a good Bible reading Christian girl attending a Christian ‘university’ and the other is a local street girl, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes.  Which one is having a better life, which one is having a greater soul experience, which one is getting laid, making love, having her heart broken, which one is the real human and which one is a faker?

One is a real human acting out their drama, maximizing their soul growth, the other is a Christian faker, unable to act out their desires because of their religious programming.  The primal girl is skinny, worried, trying hard to get what she wants.  The Christian girl is unplugged, chubby or fat, delusional with Jesus on the brain, canceling her desires to please a fictional deity.

Sex is a primal force and myth can be so powerful as to negate a person’s intense sexual desires.  This is unbelievable, the Universe is billions of years old, desire should always rule, desire should easily override the brain.  But humans have a big brain, with a hundred billion neurons, and this brain can override the bodies desires.

This is very unhealthy and drives the messianic urge to wage war.  If you are unable to love then you war.  Christians are easily maneuvered into Jewish wars of conquests because of their programming.  The reason for this is simple, if you are trapped in myth then your only way out is to kill yourself in a war.  The soul would rather have you dead and itself free than be trapped in a body in a lifetime of Christian servitude.

So as the Jew takes the world as booty, waging endless wars of dominance, Christians are happy to die for Jesus and the Bible and unholy chosen ones.  Even as they die by the thousands and millions, even though hundred of internet activists and truth tellers expose the skullduggery and lies of the Jewish controlled establishment, the Christian will side with the power structure and be a good little sheeple.

A perfect example of this is 9112001.  At first we were shocked, then war, then a process of discovery where we all found out that 911 was an inside job, that Israel was a prime player, that the weapons of mass destruction was a lie.  This entire American episode was exposed and over a decade later, most Christians still deny the obvious.  They are sticking with the marching band, unwavering, marching off the cliff to their doom.  They are a death cult trapped inside a bad myth, bad because it causes death and destruction and is not life affirming.


One thought on “Christian Fakers

  1. Obviously those aren’t real Christians at the collage. Those are people who say they are Christians. But are not real Christians. They do things that contradict the teachings of the Bible. 80% of America say they are Christians but they aren’t really Christians. One should be able to answer all three of these things with yes. Do you go to Church? Do you read your Bible? Do you pray?

    Instead of attacking Christians with your works go and attack our supposedly fake God. Denying God isn’t good at all and saying the Christians are wrong and evil isn’t good either. Did you know that Atheists of the past were well aware of the consequences of denying God. That without God we live in a cold, dark, evil, pointless universe. Many old Atheists cried over the death of Jesus Christ because it undermines the foundations of Western culture.

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