Opening Salvo


As a thinking, alive, exciting human being, I am a huge critic of modern Christians.  Christianity is not good, it is not nice, it is not true, it is a death cult that has led America to a dead end.  In all probability, hundreds of millions of Americans could die in the near future in a new Bolshevik purge.

Christians exist in a delusional bubble, this explains why they can not perceive reality as to their upcoming doom.   The main tenents of Christianity are false, God, afterlife, judgment, hell, devil, need of salvation.

The problem of Christianity has reached a maximum, we have no choice but to deal with it forcefully, it is not a politically neutral religion, it is allied with world Jewry, it has allowed the Jews to take world power.

This is my opening salvo, I will present my ideas in a logical fashion, they will be easy to read and understand.  On this particular blog roll, you will be able to read the essays in order to undo your Christian programming and delusion.  After reading these essays your mind will be free, you will be a human again.


One thought on “Opening Salvo

  1. Not to put a wrench in the engine, but what if I told you that the Khazars, the ones you call Jews, are not even Jews, NOT AT ALL, and are in fact, the Synagogue of Satan. What if I told you that the name Jesus, is English and not even 600 years old, that if transliterated back into Hebrew means Horse of War, the real Jews were blacks for the most part, The Torah is their beginnings on this planet, and a lot of history, true history, and yes, a lot of bullshit. Everything is a lot deeper then you have scratched, dig deeper, and maybe you will find The Most High, the one and ONLY.

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