New Testament a Bigger Lie Than the Holocaust


The Holocaust is a huge lie, a provable lie, this information is rapidly spreading the planet. Israel will fall when the lies of the Holocaust are fully exposed to the minds of the world.  But the Holocaust story pales in comparison the the biggest literary hoax of all time, the tales of a Jewish savior in the New Testament.

The origins of the Bible are very much in question, it is plagiarized literature, the New Testament has now been fully exposed and proved to be Roman state propaganda produced by the Flavians as a way to quell the messianic revolts in the first century A.D.  Jesus’s 3 year ministry is actually the encoded military campaign of Titus Flavian, his route and battles pre-dated exactly 40 years, from 68-70 A.D.  The tale of Jesus ends with the sacking of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.  Thus Jesus, the fictional character, never existed, never was executed on a cross, can not save your soul, is not awaiting the believer in the afterlife.

Christianity will fail, just as Israel will fail, when the origins of the New Testament are fully exposed to the minds of this planet.  Once information is released from Pandora’s Box of the internet, it can no longer be contained.  It is impossible to stop the flow of information and even with stringent anti-Holocaust denial laws, anyone in Europe can easily listen to a radio interview or view a banned or blocked internet site with an anonymous browser.

Christianity is now officially over, along with its demonic attachment to Israel.  As the world economy implodes from decades of Jewish controlled central banking, the energies released in the downwave will topple all of the false based reigning institutions.  Christianity will fail to hold the minds in check, reality will force people to wake up or perish.

I eagerly await to watch Christian and Judaism get scrubbed from the face of the planet.  Their wipeout will be a thing to behold, as millions upon millions drop their faith; as the tithing revenue dries up and the phony flim flam preachers go to new extremes to prop up their failed Bible mesmerizing scam, I will watch with glee as the entire Holocaust-Christian religion-Zionist ideology-Israel-Judaism complex of evil fails in the biggest fail of all time.

Holy shit is underway, the shit of Hebrewism and its false gods fully exposed.  All of their evil control exposed.  All of their lies, false flags, false money, mind control all exposed as a big fat Jew lie.


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