Christian Belief is a Memetic Infection of the Mind


Christianity is a belief system, a way of ordering the mind, a framework of reality.  Science is also a framework of reality.  The human mind needs a framework in order to deal with the world, since we don’t actual know what we are looking at, we invented myth.

We are waking up from myth, we are waking up from history, we are waking up to the thing we believe and looking back at those beliefs.  A time of great change is upon us.  I have a whole blog roll on this, called Holographic Consciousness, I explore this from an shaman thinker rationalist perspective.  Interesting stuff and you can understand how and why myth is generated by reading that material.

What Christianity actually is, is obvious to me.  My lifelong quest to overcome the limitations of my generation and culture was successful, I have a perfectly clear vision of what Christian belief actually is, it is a memetic infection of the mind.  If that phrase sounds confusing, it isn’t, let me explain.

A meme is a cultural unit of information, any word or letter or sound is a meme.  The Bible is a book, a book contains words, they are a set of related memes.  The Bible is a memetic complex, or memeplex for short.  The Bible is a big book, a comprehensive book of origin, with the Bible a person can find a perspective in the hologram.  That doesn’t make it true or good, it just is an attempt at making sense of the world, from a Jewish supremacist perspective.

The New Testament is a propaganda document, an attempt to convert the Jew to the Roman way of thinking.  It worked very well at convincing many people to be sheep in an empire.  If you ever wonder why there are so many sheeple with so little will and why the empire is so big, the answer is in the Bible, the answer is because of the Bible.

If you study the Bible, read and memorize it, you risk becoming infected.  The memes in the Bible can take over your mind and make you believe the fiction as reality. Christians believe you need to be saved or hell awaits upon death.  No proof of afterlife or hell is ever offered except for the book itself.  The need for salvation is driven by the personality of the angry Jewish God, a fictional character who some claimed talked to them.  No proof outside of the Bible is offered.

If you read the Bible you will read about an angry God, who has all the characteristic of an angry Jewish supremacist.  This angry God does bad things just like an angry Jewish supremacist.   Most Bible readers never make the obvious observation, that the Bible is written by angry Jewish supremacist who outpictured God as themselves.

So not only is the Christian believing in a book, making the book real, a framework of their reality, they are believing in a bad God who does bad things.  Then the Christian makes a huge metaphysical mistake, they equate this bad God with love.   This is the source of the wicked evil of Christians and why they have unleashed hell on the world.  Christians never see themselves as hellions because they refuse to process their own history, but if you talk to a native American or any victim of Jewish-Christian aggression then you will receive a lesson from a different perspective.

A normal human person infected with the Bible becomes just like the evil God of the Bible, judgmental and war making hellion, but with a smile of a faking sheep.


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