The Bible as Subversive Jewish Literature


For those waking up and becoming ‘Jew wise’ are re-examining our culture’s long standing beliefs.  Many are ditching the Jewish god as fiction, not believing in this psychopathic judging Jew god, not believing in hell or devils, not believing that you need to be saved.  If you stop worshiping the evil of Jehovah then you have graduated from the Jew school of judgment.zfurel

If you want the Jews to go away then you can start with clearing your own mind and ditching anything Jewish, especially a judgmental legal system generated from the Biblical spell.  If you undo the spell you will soon realize that no one has any authority over another, that you don’t need to be saved, that you were born ok and don’t need to mutilate your body in order to get right with god. 

No one needs Jesus because no one needs to be saved because the Bible is fiction, the very evil destroying our culture and is subversive Jewish literature.  If you come to the conclusion that Jewry is the malevolent force on the planet then why believe in a Jewish savior god?  We need to be saved from the Jews, not spellbound by Jewish myth.  Jesus never existed, he was an invention of the New Testament writers according to Atwill, he isn’t coming back to save you.  Jesus is poison to your survival, with Jesus you are paralyzed and standing down in a state of peacefulness as the Jew wolves rape the world.

A new viewpoint is emerging considering the Holy Bible, it’s not holy and not good and the god described is actually vile and evil.  The god of the Bible is the greatest evil character in all of fiction.  Forget Satan, Jehovah is the real devil, he commands the destruction of everything, the killing of innocents, tells his followers to dash the babies against the rocks.

America has collapsed as a western civilized society due to Jewish influence, money laundering through the Federal Reserve, unrestricted immigration, the welfare state.  We all know now why it happened, it was the intentional plan of Jewish supremacists to take America down by weakening her from within.  The Jewish tribe has always been parasitical, all they can do is manipulate and war on everything around them.  We will never have peace until the Jew and his books are destroyed.

Within America is a larger group of traitors aligned with Israel, they are called Christian Zionists.  They are very Jewish in nature, they are for all intensive purposes Jewish converts, gentiles converted to Jewish thinking patterns, and pro -Israel.  In the upcoming revolution this problem will be addressed, the Bible will be banned, and Zionists put to death for treason along with their Jewish comrades.  There is no other way, the parasite must be killed.

Once you understand the real problem with America, that the subversion was assisted by those aligned with Jewish power, then the logical solution becomes obvious.  No one will be allowed to own a Bible or any other Jewish book and no Jew will be allowed to practice their dark art of culture subversion by practicing ancient rituals.  None of these people can be trusted in any political position, Zionists are the enemy and civilization will decline so long as they wax influence.

If there is a destructive trend that must be arrested before it destroys all of our work, it is Christian Identity, those whites subverted to Jewish memes and think they are the true Jews.  There are no favorites except in the mind of the supremacist, there is no god choosing one group over another, the meme of the chosen ones is a man made creation.  This idea that there are true Jews is keeping Bible racism alive.

Christian Identity is the ticking timebomb within the patriot movement, they are in the door and setting up shop.  No group is chosen by god, this god is a fiction and needs to be exorcised from the mass mind.  God is a meme, he lives in a book, he infects you mind when you read and believe in the Bible.  When a preacher reads to the flock he is casting a spell, he is infecting the congregation with hell memes and is causing the destruction of our culture.  The Bible destroys lives because it is Jewish literature, trying to revive the Bible in a new cult is not the way to go, it is further entrapment in the Jewish spell.

The path to freedom is found by maturing your mind and clearing it of the memes that bound you to the Jew.  Stop using any Jewish phrase or syllable, stop reading the Bible, remove it from your presence, burn ever copy you find.  Melt the Menorahs, burn all the Torah scrolls, level all of the Jewish temples to their demon god, stop all the rituals, stop participating in the courts, and stop putting millions in jails, bring down the walls in Palestine. 

Stop being Jewish, stop judging the world, stop controlling everything around you, let Nature live, learn to live naturally, build homes that integrate into the environment, stop buying building materials from Jewish owned corporations.  Integrate back into the environment and remove yourself from the Jew cyborg.

If you want a free world then first free yourself from bondage to Jewish thinking.  The Jew lives in the prison of his own mind, the ideas he holds translates into the culture around you, the police state, the prison planet.  His world is artificial, his world is fiat money, taxes, welfare-warfare state, living beyond his means by massive theft of others, he is an imposter, a monster devouring the world.

When you free yourself from the myth you will clearly look back and see the Holy Bible as subversive Jewish literature, it is the source of the wars and suffering, it is the source of evil because it is channeled from evil.  The Bible is a very bad book pretending to be good, the Bible god is evil masquerading as love, the so-called holy books are not holy at all.  All men are free and no one needs to be told what to do by the Jew, we want nothing to do with him and his rules and obsession with control.


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