Christians are Following Jesus into Self Annihilation


 Self- annihilation  n. Self-destruction. Loss of self-awareness, as in a mystical state.

Worshiping a dead Jew on a cross can not save your soul because Jesus is not real.  Jesus is a fictional character in a fictional story and no thing outside of your self can save you, we save ourselves, Iceland just proved that.  People really need to graduate from Christian myth memes.

In fact worshiping Jesus does exactly the opposite of the claim because your soul can not be saved externally.  Your eternal soul is not threatened in any way shape or form but in this life it can be sidetracked and held hostage, until you find yourself dead on a Jew created battlefield.  For most Christians, who are completely and hopelessly trapped in Jewish myth and bound by the memes of the Jew holy book, death is a good way out and thus Christian soldiers are glad to die and get their souls free.

Jesus is the greatest story ever sold, like all marketing campaigns what is claimed and what is real are two different things. You must save yourself, you have to do it, you must become aware of your self. Following Jesus is the path of self annihilation, a downward spiral into confusion, looking for light at the bottom of the Jewish pit.  Believing in Jesus and worshipping Jehovah is subjecting your mind to Jewish abuse and is the highway into Jew hell.
A modern soldier is purposely confused as to what he is fighting, the Jewish power elite carefully craft a storyline for your mind to follow, otherwise you might choose self preservation and not fight their wars.  War is glorified, you are told over and over that fighting a war against the perceived enemy is for glory of god.

Unfortunately for the Christian soldier, he is not do the creators work, he is doing the destroying for the evil Jew power that controls America. You can not be serving the creator by destroying creation unless you are destroying the destroyers. Right? Just simple logic.  You are being scammed at the soul level by our little demonic friends.

The scam works like this: the Jews managed to convince you that they represent god, so when you are told to destroy life you think you are following god, but what you are really doing is following Jews and committing evil.  A Christian is being part of a of the Jewish death cult, a cog in a Jew machine of death.  From the day you are born you are in a Jew script, baptism, circumcision, Bible study, schooling in authority and then entry into the work force as a tax paying slave.  The fortunate ones are drafted then killed, their souls freed.

A soldier who reads the Bible will never figure out the scam because the Bible says the Jews are God’s chosen. The Jews being extremely clever have trumped the Christian psyche by getting Christians to believe in their superiority.

The Jew god is a war god who destroys creation, that is why Jews are evil, they follow the path of destruction.  The Jew lies, cheats, steals and then gets others to kill with gusto.  The Jew is the master of propaganda, he knows just how to pull on your emotional strings so that you do his bidding.  The Jew must do this because he is a coward and prefers the goy to do his killing, and just to make sure you are totally demoralized the best soldiers, like Pat Tillman, is fragged from behind by specially trained army rangers who are mind controlled assets of the Jew elite.

After the Jew false flags the nation into war he then bears false witness against the innocent he framed for his crime, with the case of 9/11/2001 the Jew framed the Muslims and then got busy killing the goy on both sides.  All the while he lies and covers his tracks for his crimes, truthful war time reporters have a very short lifespan in these Jewish contrived wars.

In order to live they must first destroy life. The Jews are playing this chameleon game of claiming that they represent the good, the light, the creator god while they secretly destroy everything including your soul. Like any parasite, they must remain cloaked so that the masses don’t catch on to their game.

For instance, the IDF say it’s the “most moral army in the world” as they shoot children in the head then harvest their organs for profit. The slogan resonates with the believers but the reality negates what the Jews say of themselves.  But the believers continue to believe because they are under a black magic spell of Christianity.  The intense psychopathic behavior of Jews has lead to the professions of psychology,psychotherapy, psychiatry. Often Jewish made comedy films poke fun at the Jewish obsession with shrinks and now that the Jew has abused millions of veterans they have turned the shrink onto the returning soldier classifying them all as enemies of the state.

The Jewish state can only exist so long as it keeps attacking its neighbors and residents.  Israel is the state of the Jewish mind, continuous warfare and profiteering all the while claiming divinity. A Torah Jew feels good at someone else’s expenses. When a Gaza relief ship is attacked and innocents killed, the Jews chest swells in pride. Zionism is another label of deception, Zionism is the political expression of Judaism, the Israeli flag is a big sign hat says “Jews only”, and the Mossad slogan “By way of deception, thou shalt do war”. War and deception is all the parasite knows because they have killed the real god and serve death.

When a Jew or Christian kills he did so because god “commanded” him to do it, because the Bible are the books of the Torah which are war making documents. Do you think a creator god wants you to blow up innocent civilians or is this a war crime by deranged religious lunatics?  Right in front of our eyes the Palestinians are ethnically cleansed by the holy ones and we do nothing.  Why?  Because we believe in the Jew as a special chosen one.

Christianity is the double lane expressway into Jewish mental warfare.  Christianity was birthed out of Judaism, it is completely connected to the Jewish memes. You can not separate the two. Christians are indoctrinated into this warfare mentality, ready to help “god” win the battle. What Christians can’t see is that since the Jewish god is a fiction and what they are really doing is helping the Jews conquer the planet.  Jehovah is not a real being, Jehovah is an outpicturing of the Jewish warfare mind. The proudest thing a young Christian can do is join the army and kill those heathen Muslims, and he does so because the Bible has taught him to be this way.

Teaching this myth is voluntary and it is a form of child abuse.  Christianity needs to be banned. Christianity is completely integrated into Judaism and the two can not be separated.  In an email exchange with John Kaminski, World Changer said:

“The only thing about your below comments is that Judaism and Christianity are JOINED AT THE HIP SEAMLESSLY ALL THE WAY UP TO THE TOPS OF THEIR HEADS in an inoperable Siamese twin condition. The only way you can destroy Jews and Judaism is to destroy Christianity.

You cannot put the cart before the horse.The Christian cannot divest himself of the influence of the Jew without throwing out the dogma of the Bible. If you rally around Christianity you circle the wagons around the Jew.”

This is exactly true, Christianity is married to Judaism, they are one in the same thing.  In the New Testament myth, Jesus was a Jew who affirmed the Torah.  Thus a follower of Jesus must affirm the Jewish holy book as part of his religion.

The Christians are aiding and abetting the Jews, they are worshiping the parasite that is devouring the planet.  So for us to get free we must free our minds of Jewish myths, including the Christian myth.   Once you understand the problem then the solution is easy, all Jews must be exterminated, all of their books destroyed, all those in a belief state deprogrammed.  Our survival depends on us waking up and dealing with the problem.  Hitler tried and failed.  What are you going to do?


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