I Challenge Jesus to a Duel


I challenge Jesus to a duel, yes, I, Yukon Jack challenge the so-called ‘Lord and Savior’ of these phony lying Christians to a shoot out.   No worries, since he isn’t real, this challenge is of little risk except by issuing a challenge and the unlikely event of getting any response will put me in a position of dominance over the cult of Christianity.

Yes sirree, I say your religion is just another ridiculous cult of Jewish supremacy.  Having overcome the myth myself, I challenge you to do so also.  I look back and hold Christianity in contempt, it isn’t a good religion, it isn’t an authentic form of spirituality, it is Jewish supremacism wrapped up in another cloth.  Mind control religions are not good, they are meant to make you into a pliable and obedient mind controlled docile slave, not an authentic human being.


Christianity is a self effacing death cult, and it has allowed the Jews to take control of the United States and run it into the ground.  Christians are absent without leave, they are in a spell bound never-never land awaiting their own death and their savior at the same time while putting the rest of the culture into a position of extreme peril with their attachment to Israel and the Jews.

Debate Challenge Issued

I challenge Jesus and all his followers to a debate, I assert that Christianity is treason of the human soul, giving your whole being to the ‘Lord’ is selling your soul to the Jew devil, allowing your body to be used in wars of the state, and relinquishing your mind unto a false belief system.  These are high crimes to the self, and with Jewry making it’s final move on extinguishing humanity, I challenge you to wake up.  You are not allowed to be a sheep any longer.

I challenge, you the reader, to here me out.  This Roman invented religion of Christianity is not only highly plagiarized from other sun god myths, it is not really a form of true spirituality, it is installing fear memes and false concepts in order for you to accept authority and the state.  The state then uses this mass obedience training, this subservience to god, for its own authority and to commit acts of unbelievable horror.


Your religion is part of the state mechanism of death.  The Jews own the United States and they are using her like toilet paper and you Christians have your heads stuck in the sand, unable to deal with this reality.  Why should anyone be like you, you are a menace just as bad as the Jew predators because it is your faith that empowers the psychopathic supremacists to rule.

Christianity is Bad Religion

When a religion disempowers a people, making them chattel and war fodder, it is a bad religion.  Christianity holds to a set of fantastic premises that can not be proven and puts the human mind in a state of suspended belief.  The end result is an unthinking sheeple not sure what reality is, but is emotionally attached to the power structure and obeys commands like a dog.  Christian reality is what the authorities say it is because they are trained to obey their masters.

The primary tenents of Christianity are alien to a reasonable mind, an invisible male god is interacting in the world, testing people, assisting the Jews in defeating their enemies, judging sinners upon death, making laws for us to follow but does not follow those laws himself.  It is obvious that the god the Christian following is the Jewish power structure.  The real god Christians worship is Jewry itself, their money and power, the authority of the Bible is really the authority of the Jew.  I think that is the point of them serving up the Jewish Bible to gentiles.

Jesus didn’t walk on water, in fact, Jesus didn’t even exist.  As Joseph Atwill explains in his latest book Casaer’s Messiah, Jesus is the one provable fictional character because not only are all of Jesus’s traits copies of other man-gods, his ministry is the coded military campaign of Titus Flavian pre-dated 40 years.  Your savior is not real and thus all the worship energy must be going somewhere, and I will tell you where, to the Jews and the political power structure that you sedulously adore.

titus-statue-naples with text

Christian, your myth is ridiculous, no virgin can give birth, a central tenant of your man-god is his virgin birth, but it didn’t happen and you can’t prove it.  Anyone can claim their mom is a virgin, in Tijuana I have been assured that every prostitute is a virgin.  If god needs to be born of the virgin womb in order to sell his holiness (and demonize the sex act) then anyone can claim it.

The virgin birth is just the same as steel buildings collapsing from a fire, it’s never happened before, but your faith in the virgin birth allows the criminal authorities to sell the WTC collapse from fire theory.  You believe bullshit and that allows criminal Jews to put off bullshit theories to cover their false flags.  Your religiously decieved mind allows for political deception.

No man has ever been god, no man can be god, there is no proof that any man has been god and can do miracles.  Your man-god hypothesis is a fail, you are walking around in a delusional state believing in things that are not real and can not be proven.  It’s time you get bitch slapped back to reality for holding your nose up in willful ignorance.  No man can do miracles and if someone says their man-god can then they are lying.

Christian Beliefs Makes for a Delusional Population

Christianity is a form of mass delusion caused by a god belief, it has created our evil world because the Christian is unwittingly empowering the Jews to wax their legal system and control over the world.  Christians are in on it with the Jews, they are helping the Jews conquer the world by spreading the Biblical mind virus, they are destroyers as portrayed as the Ori in Stargate.

The latest wars of conquest, called the War on Terror, is actually a war of terror on the rest of the world.  This time Mr. Jew went for it all, he declared war on the world after he did 911 and framed Muslims.  This terroristic war is nothing knew for Christianity, the teaching of Christianity are terroristic in their very nature.  Christians willfully teach children Jew hatred of mankind, they teach terror of eternal punishment in a fiery hell and call this God’s love.  They cynically call the Jewish savior god Jesus redemption the ‘good news’.  What incredible fear must possess men to teach those ideas to children?  Christian indoctrination is mind rape.

Christianity is a boldfaced lie and those that adhere to it are lying to themselves as a price of membership in a social group.  None of its primary claims are true, there is no eternal hell, and no judgment by an angry Jewish god, there is no afterlife punishment for sin. There are no commandments to follow, those that assert this are subjugating the population to religious tyranny.

The Christian is taught not to covet, but what does the Jew not covet?  Is there a single ounce of gold on this planet that the Jew is not currently scheming to steal from the gentile?  The Christian is taught not to covet thy neighbor’s wife but the Jew covets all women to be his whores and even has made an huge porn industry of making films of Jewish males degrading gentile females.

jewish law deception

The Christian is taught not to bear false witness but the Jew bears false witness with the the 911 deception that framed Muslims for the crime of the Jews.  Everytime you hear the phrase ‘anti-semitism’ you are hearing Jewish defamation.  The Jew book says not to take the Lord’s name in vain but the Jew is cursing you with his book, calling you a sinner and terrorizing you with eternal damnation unless you slavishly worship as Jewish savior god.  While you seek to avoid sinning you voluntarily teach the greatest sin of all, you teach a Jewish book as truth when the Jew is incapabale of truth.

You believe in a virgin birth and the Holy Mother Mary but the Jew has made you a money grubbing whore of his fiat money scam, there is nothing you won’t do to get this greenmail that you are being black mailed with.  Your business behavior is a far cry to what you profess.  You will rat out your neighbor just to get some bucks or be a policeman’s pet.  You talk about building integrity but your allegience to the Jewish system has made a farce of your integrity, you willfully fill out tax forms and turn your kids over to the authorities for circumcision, vaccinations, psychotropic drugging, and imprisonment for smoking a weed.  Twenty million American kids have rotted in concrete and steel cages for smoking pot and this war on drugs is 100% supported by Baptists.


One of the grandest lies in the Bible is the assertion that a Jewish god judging the world when it is obvious that the Jew is judging the world, it is the Jewish hate on the world.  But the record breaking biggest lie of all time is the claim that the Bible god is love when the Bible god is a vengful and hateful deity.  There is no recovery from that mistake, you have made Jew hate your innermost love.  You totally damned yourself when you let that into your being.

Furthermore, there is no need of a savior that pardons sin, the only real sin is the one you make when you sign on to the evil of belief and forgoe reason.  Humans are insane to believe myths in this age.  Science has trumped primitive superstitions of our origin, the earth was created by some long torturous process, not in a day.  And no saying that a ‘day’ is allegory for a billion years, either the Bible is literal, the work of a god mind, or it is a fraud and subject to endless interpretation.

But for some reason you believe the Bible story literal dooming yourself and your progeny to a timeless Jewish hell, the earth paradise turned into a Jewish cesspool of profiteering.  What did one of smartest chess player of all time say about these Jews?  He says they are anti-human, and you dear Christian, worship the god of these evil ones.  What are you thinking, what are you doing?

The Shoot Out at You’re Not OK Corral

So I challenge these Bible believers and their phony Jesus god to a dual.  You are defaming me and my humanity with your delusional thinking.  You are the problem along with your Jewish cousins, and because the world is collapsing into a new feudalism, we the rational people can no longer tolerate your faith and willful ignorance any longer.  You are on notice, and we don’t have time to re-educate you.  Your failure to understand reality is going to be a big problem for you in the near future.

new sheriff in town

What needs to be done is the eradication of Judaism from western culture.  Jewish rule must be terminated, and since the politics of Judaism is exactly the same as the religion of Judaism, this means that Judaism must be completely scrubbed from the planet.  Thus the targeting priority is the destruction of all Jewish books, including the Christian Bible, followed by those that vector the virus, the Rabbis and preachers, along with the psychopathic politicians that implement Judaic supremacist policies.

The Judeo-Christian cult is a mind virus, and the virus is embedded in the text of the so-called holy books.  This god of the Jews, YHWH is a programmed spell on the human mind, it is the source of hell on the planet.  There is no God giving us commandments, there are only Jews programming you to accept their rule by getting you to believe their rule book.  This damnable supremacy religion is the source of America’s exceptionalist mindset, genocide, and endless wars.

Meet Your New Lord

So dear Christian, having failed at your myth binding on me, and my overcoming the evil Jew spell means I now have trumped you at the higher mental planes.  What this means, that if I trump your attempt to subjugate me then I now own you and I am free to declare war on you because your religion was a war on me.  Now that I am free I am going to send you back to hell with your Jew business pals.

Spell binding works both ways, you should never attempt to put black magic on another because it may backfire on you.  Teaching the Bible to a child to accept Jewish law is brainwashing, it is evil and wrong.  Bible indoctrination must end.  Teaching child hell is the highest psychic abuse, no wonder physical child abuse is rampant, and it is far less of an evil.

The Jew says you must follow the law but the Jew follows no law, he only decieves, and teaching the Bible and his god is part of his deception.  The Bible is a Jewish weapon of mass deception that leads to societies total destruction.

Your Bible spell failed and now it is going to cut you deep, your black magic is a double edged sword, it cuts both ways.  You are now owned and I am your new lord and master.  You will do as you are told and my first order is stop believing in the lies of the Jew.  Stop your beliefs and come to reason.


2 thoughts on “I Challenge Jesus to a Duel

  1. Makala Doulos

    Grace to you sir. The Triune God of the universe is inviting you into His great Life, through His Son Christ Jesus. Religion and labels have nothing to do with this. May you find Him soon.

  2. Correction you challenging the Trinity. Roman invented religion? Are you attacking Christianity or Catholicism? Judaism? Make up your mind. Your so called debate is just a complaint because you don’t understand God. Whoa question! If he doesn’t exist why challenge? 9/11 didn’t frame Muslims it framed ISIS. Islam is a double faced religion. It has the peaceful side called Muslims and it has the Isis side that take every part of their book seriously. If you think he created Hell then you don’t understand the Bible. You don’t even understand God your enemy the one you are battling against.

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