Heaven is Now a Mental Illness of Fearful Creatures


flying spaghetti monster is a metaphor for god

Heaven, like the god meme, is an outdated concept but still being used to motivate the masses into war.  Theists assert, without any proof, that god judges humanity and that only some can get into heaven.  Heaven has limited membership, only the most faithful can get past the pearly gates.  This exclusivity meme concerning heaven is what is used to get soldiers to do the most unspeakable deeds, obeying their masters no matter what, for not to obey political authority is disobedience against god.


Chris Kyle, an indoctrinated Christian, killed Muslim resistance fighters with hatred.  These Muslims who were acting bravely to defend their towns from imperial invaders – heavily armed illegal, immoral, and criminal soldiers sent in with modern equipment to destroy what the bombs hadn’t.  Chris Kyle obeyed God, he obeyed political authority when he murdered hundreds of people for a criminal Jewish controlled government.


Chris Kyle is no hero, he is a victim of an insane culture, a Judeo-Christian nation of fearful creatures who are afraid to not obey god because they believe in an afterlife, judgment, and heaven that has limited membership.  Amerika is an insane religiously possessed nation fighting wars based on unproven god concepts, fighting wars for the Jew because of widespread Bible beliefs.

Chris Kyle should of never been taught insane Jewish theology, Chris Kyle should of never been put in fear on not making it with god, Chris Kyle should of never been in Iraq.  Israel did 911, not Muslims.  Chris Kyle, a skilled marksmen, was misled by a criminal government, the enemy isn’t over there, it is here, the enemy is within the gates.

Where is Heaven?

Where is heaven a scientist might ask.  A psychologist might ask why the brain wants to believe in heaven, a neuroscientist might look for heaven as a region in the brain.  The Christian believes that heaven awaits the faithful after death, but is this merely wishful thinking of a self aware creature that fears it’s own death?   What is the truth about heaven?

heaven is invention of self aware brain

When did the idea of heaven collide with the evolving human bipedal Ape?  When those early ancestors brains reached a threshold of brain volume when they became self aware.  Humans are the only animal that ponders it’s own existence, it is the only specie that is aware of its existence.  At some point in our evolution it is logical to hypothesis that human self awareness drove the need for concepts of heaven and the afterlife.

So at some point in time humans started contemplating their own existence, they postulated a creator based on the observation that humans make things, thus humans and the rest of everything were also created. That idea makes perfect sense to a pre-scientific mind.

As time went on, stories were told of our origin, gods were invented by creative minds.  Holy books were compiled with these stories of our origin, original ideas were expanded into stories of the gods, gods interacting with humans, gods that needed us to do something, gods that tested us, and recently, gods that want to have a relationship with us.

The Holy Bible says God took some mud and made the first man Adam, then he took one of his ribs and made the first woman Eve.  God talked to Adam, God forbade certain things of Adam, this first man disobeyed God and humans were cursed forever – cast out of the Garden of Eden, all because the first woman tempted the first man.

The world was never created perfect without sin.  Humans imagined an omniscient creator who created a perfect world without sin until man ate from the Tree of Knowledge and then everything went to hell.  According to this logical precept, man has been declining since the Original Creation.


This captivating story is just a story, we now know factually that no such condition of a single man and single woman could of ever been the condition for our specie, we evolved in a gene pool of hominids.  No scientist or rational person believes the Adam and Eve story any longer, especially not since Charles Darwin and his idea of Natural Selection.  Humans evolved in a large gene pool.

Darwin killed the creator hypothesis, animals were NOT made all at once, they were evolving on a tree of life, 99.9% had come and gone.  The earth was very old, billions of years old and humans are just the accumulation of millions of years of evolution.  Humans evolved from Ape ancestors, mice, fish, bacteria depending on how far back on the tree of life you wish to inquire.

That is an amazing discovery because when all holy books were written, human prejudice put our specie outside all other animals.  God made man separate from the rest of the animal kingdom.  Man was instructed to be fruitful and multiply and use these animals placed here for us.  Man was above the animal kingdom, not part of it.  According to the theist, man was devolving because of sin, not progressing upward as evolutionary theory has proved.

Now we know different, and we know exactly how closely we are related to all living things by DNA research.  Our genome is very close to Apes, we are evolving up, not down.  The Jew book was wrong again, the Jew’s ideas about the solar system were wrong, the Jew’s ideas about man’s place on earth were wrong.  The Jew got everything wrong, there is no need to believe in the Bible, it is really a book about installing Jewish supremacy into the Gentile mind, a masterpiece of Jewish supremacist doctrine.


It is our nature to change, we are gifted with the ability to change, we do not owe god, we do not owe the priest, we do not owe the Jew.  We are free, to hell with his religion, to hell with his holy book, in fact to hell with the Jew.  We have free will, we can, and we must end the Jew and his book, we must kill the Jew and burn his books, we want intelligent snipers who have the skill of Chris Kyle who can accurately put bullets into the head of Jewish supremacists.

Bible Explanations of Reality Fall Away

What exactly is the Bible?  It is a book with a collection of writings that explains origin.  It is a book, a pre-scientific book, a book written by man, a collection of unproven memes. The problem with the Bible is how the memes were compiled.  None were proven, they were stacked one upon another, the Bible is a collection of myth memes, not factual understandings.

If you compile any book with unproven memes then it is virtually guaranteed to be wrong, especially a holy book where every meme must remain true for that book to remain valid.  One wrong verse in the Holy Bible is doom for it’s authenticity.  The Bible consists of thousands of memes, many contradict one another, many proven wrong.  The Bible is not a fact book, it is a myth book and because it was compiled without proof it virtually guaranteed to be wrong.


Pope Urban VIII knew this that is why Galileo had to recant his view of the solar system.  One wrong meme and the book is disgraced, it is no longer the perfect book authored by God Almighty.  The Holy See was forced to protect the Catholic Church power structure which is based on a perfect book and teachings.

We now know that the Holy See was wrong and Galileo right.  How did Galileo know about the heliocentric solar system?  He used his newly invented telescope and was checking the theory of Copernicus with observations, when the two matched then it clicked, it became obvious, the big huge sun was the center of things even though it looks like the sun moves across the sky.


The original meme of a fixed earth and the sun moving across the sky dome was wrong.  The human observation of the sun movement, which is observably true, was not what was actually going on.  We got it wrong, like the flat earth, we got the solar system completely wrong.  So if we got that wrong what makes you think we got god right?

The Bible is a very old book based on these incorrect observations, and it certainly could of drawn fallacious conclusions about what happens when we die.  So if the Bible is wrong about the solar system and our origin, could be wrong about the afterlife?

darwin right jew bible wrong

Galileo proved the Church wrong, but he wasn’t he only one.  Jesus (author Josephus) proved the Old Testament theology wrong.  Darwin proved the Bible origin of specie wrong.  Hubble proved the Bible cosmology wrong.  Dawkins proved the god meme wrong.  Atwill proves the prevailing view of New Testament origin wrong.  So an objective mind might ask, what else is the Bible wrong about?

As we evolve, we make new discoveries, and the old explanations fall away.  Unfortunately the Bible has not gone away, it is not viewed as myth by everyone.  The reason why I am discussing this and writing this essay is because Bible is causing a huge crisis amongst earthlings, it is used by political authority to wage war.  As we shall see, Israel proves Fundamentalism wrong, Israel is bringing the house of cards down.  Razing of innocents in Gaza is holy hell, the Bible is an epic fail, in fact it is the destroyer of our modern world.  The Bible has to go and those that promote it, Like Pastoral Pig Demon John Hagee,  must be arrested as agents of terror, put up against the wall and shot dead.

The Heaven Meme

Richard Dawkins, who invented the word ‘meme’ in his landmark book The Selfish Gene (1976) also wrote a more recent best seller titled The God Delusion.  Is god a mass delusion like he says?  I think so and vigoroursly promote the new idea that god only exists in two places, in a book and in your mind, which is why is requires vectoring by inter specie contact.  If Jehovah was real, he wouldn’t need witnesses.

god thinks like a jew

So, dear reader, if you really think about it, god is a meme only and proof is in the pudding on how Christianity or any religious memeplex spreads, by mind to mind contact.  Once you grasp that religion is a memetic virus then it becomes very clear in your mind that god is a cultural construct, its reality is only within the specie.  God isn’t out there, he is in your head and in the book.

So if the god meme is provably wrong then what about the heaven meme?  Did the killing of the god meme also kill the heaven meme?  What if what happens after death is nothing like what we originally imagined?  The idea of some part of self surviving after death could also be wrong.  What if nothing survives death?  That is a more logical presupposition since we have no proof that anything happens.

If that is right, then the Bible is a complete and total epic fail.  If we don’t survive death then what is the point of the Holy Bible?  No point at all, it was never real, only wishful thinking of fearful creatures because the entire construct of the Holy Bible arose out of fear of death.  We were aware of our existence and feared our death, so we wrote a book and convinced ourselves of an alternate ending.  Heaven was our masterpiece, the most grandiose self delusion of all time.


Heaven was our ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card for our dominating ego.  With heaven we could continue our lives pretending that an afterlife awaits.  Heaven was a mental trick, it was a mind meme for fearful self aware creatures who could not mentally accept non-existence.  Who wants to be completely obliviated?  Not the ego.  It is the egoic mind in fear of annihilation.

Fundamentalist Christians are operating in ego consciousness, they wish for their opposition to burn in hell forever, tortured for all eternity while they live in heaven.  This very American Baptist theology is evil to it’s core and the Bible is their weapon of mass destruction.  Mass murdering sniper Chris Kyle is a product of this intense evil, it’s not Buddhist or Hindus sniping the Afghanis and Iraqis.  It’s indoctrinated Christians.

Theists disdain nihilists more than godless hippies, radicals, rebels, anarchists, anti-state revolutionaries.   Have you ever wondered why?  Why are they so antagonistic toward not just a non-believer but one that believes in nothing after life?

The nihilist negates the heaven meme.  That is worse than the godless heathen, that is worse than the most anti-state revolutionary.  The nihilist doesn’t believe in heaven or that anything happens after death.  No belief is the afterlife is the worse possible philosophical position of all time because it negates the biggest fear of all time, the idea that the self can not exist.

Killing To Get To Heaven

Humans invented all kinds of gods.  Animal gods, human-animal gods, human like gods. As time went on the gods became the God, the monotheistic One True God, that led to religious fascism, where men could be motivated to war based on the god meme.

Once you postulate that there is only one god, and that our god is true god, then all kinds of trouble starts.  Now you no longer respect the other tribe’s god, your goal changes from mutual respect to destroyer.  The Holy Bible is a book detailing what happens when a violent tribe adopts a single god meme.  Hell is unleashed on the earth with the one true god Yahweh.  Not heaven, hell.  The Jews brought hell to this realm with their insane war god.  Monotheism is the recipe for genocide.


When the one true god becomes the only god, it becomes the only god allowed, humans now start destroying each other because of the god meme.  How do you prove to the other tribe that your god is the most powerful god?  You destroy the other tribe, you completely annihilate the other tribe, his warriors, his wives, his children, his goats, his temples.  You raze the other tribe until not one stone remains standing.

The Old Testament contains endless stories of the Israelites doing exactly that, they prove that Yahweh is the most powerful god by destroying everything.  The Hebrews were destroyers of you and your facsimiles of your god, they razed your temples, they tore down the statues oyour gods so that only the one true god remains, the Jew god.  They got you to read their text and forget your own tribal heritage,now you are lost in a fictional Jewish narrative of Jesus and salvation.


Monotheism is the original source of fascism.  With monotheism there can be no tolerance of the other man’s god, and this mindset can be adopted by the state to wage war.  For instance, Christians can be motivated to kill and obliterate Muslims, they do not believe in our god therefore they must be killed.  Holy hell, we’ve hit bottom now with what we did to Iraq.

To motivate the believer, the memeplex uploaded is full of commands by god to kill the non-believer.  You are taught that to please god you must obey god.  To be with god in the next life requires belief and obedience, especially when it comes to war.  Obey God is to be right with God.  This translates to obey the commands of the state, which is really obeying the Jewish selected president.  Chris Kyle obeyed, he killed the other, and now is a hero.  Chris Kyle went to heaven while unleashing hell.


The Bible is a fear based construct, a holy memetic virus that is now killing humanity.  Western man has now reached a severe crisis point in his evolution, we are about to start nuclear World War 3 over the God meme.  Look at the fossil record, Nature cares not if you don’t evolve.

Christian Fundamentalism and the Rise of Israeli Supremacy

Fundamentalists in favor of Bible literalness still insist the Bible is 100% accurate, these are the mentally ill creatures still in fear based mode of consciousness.  But the literal interpretation of the Bible is not reasonable idea if we know that the Bible story of origin is wrong.  If Genesis is wrong why believe any of it?  If the all powerful creator inspired the Bible then the story of origin would not be dead wrong, thus since it is provably wrong, it is a book written by men.

The Bible is special because unlike all the other books it possesses the human mind and then owns that person.  Once uploaded, the Bible can possess the human creature and become a control document within the operating system,  not unlike a computer program running your computer.  No one is building churches based on Tom Clancy novels or around the Harry Potter wizard.

So what is so special about the words in the Bible?  Those that study the science of memes, memetics, have discovered the principles governing ideas, words, or memes as they call them.  What is a meme, it cultural unit of transmission.  The Bible is a complex set of memes, one carefully honed to perfection so that your mind does become possessed.

It is the goal of the believer to be in perfect belief, without a single doubt.  When someone admits they believe the church celebrates, if the do the opposite they shun.  Belief is considered superior to thinking and reason.

Religions are thought of as mind viruses that compete for space with the brain neural network.  The infected mind literally has a virus, any neural net can become infected, whether computers that transfer viruses from one to another, humans beings can also become infected by virulent memetic viruses that are vectored by others.

Thus the God idea has a home, it is in a book and in your mind.  God only exists in those two places, in the pages of a book and in your mind.  Unlike other books however, God becomes a living real thing when you believe those words.

Striving For Heaven Has Reached Crisis

Religion is a mass deception that can morph into a mass illness, god is a dangerous meme that can be used by those in the know to organize the sheep into Crusades.  To put it bluntly, God is a mental illness we were taught by previous mentally ill generations.  The only real purpose of ‘god’ is to sell you the idea of afterlife, so as to not be bothered by what really happens when you die, if anything.

To make matters worse, those promoting the memeplex came up with the idea that heaven has limited membership, only so many can get in.  Some Christian religions believe that only 144,000 can be with god for eternity, all the rest, over 7 Billion burn in hell forever.  That isn’t just a mental illness, it is a plague on your society when people act as if that belief is real, when they go to war for the Jew.

With that kind of belief, a believer can be motivated to do anything to get through the Pearly Gates.  The result is not people getting to heaven but a whole lot of hell being unleashed as humans fight each other over getting into heaven.  Christistan Amerika unleashed hell on Iraq, what we did to Iraq is evil beyond comparison.  Pure evil was put on Iraq by the likes of many snipers.

I want you to pause just for a minute and think as clearly as you can about your own death.  What is the most obvious explanation that any rational person should first assume as the most likely hypothesis about what happens when we die?  Nothing.  Nothing, not anything, not-a-thing happens.  Is that terrifying to you? Apparently so terrifying that hundreds of millions choose heaven and god over rational explanations.

Obviously we are all going to die, so until that happens why worry about it?  Because the priest told you you must choose while you are alive or hell awaits. But we do, in fact we are so worried about it we give our hard earned money to preachers to tell us something happens when we die.

Humans being self aware and conscious of their deaths need an explanation for what happens when they die.  Religion provides them with an answer.  If the Jews own the book for that end of life explanation and you are in fear about it, then the Jew owns you.  That would explain why so many are loyal to Israel.

All this Jewish initiated violence around the world is all about this one question, this one fear we all have about what happens when we die.  You ask, how so?  Because those trying to get to heaven believe they have to support Israel or they won’t get to god.  Really that is what people are led to believe, true or not, Christians are taught they must be 100% loyal to Israel of God will reject them upon death.


John Hagee just told the world that America will be completely destroyed if she doesn’t support Israel.  Congress obeys that meme.  Hagee is one of the most respected preachers in Ziohell Amerilka.  Christians are being commanded by god to be loyal to the hell state of Jews.  John Hagee, agent of pure evil, loyalist of Zion, pathological liar, fat pig demon wants you to obey the Jew.

Humans are big brained self aware creatures, they are aware of their impending doom, we all die, we all know we are going to die, and thus we become obsessed with being on the right team when we die.  We kill others in huge religious wars over who has the right god.  Isn’t that absurd?  Because we fear death, we become so god obsessed that we kill.  We kill others because we fear are own death.

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  1. realconspiraciesrus

    HAHAHAHA Ridiculous material! But hey even if it is all isn’t true the all out nuclear war that is sure to eventually happen will surely put the fear of GOD into the survivors for at least another thousand years. Setting your anti-GOD Jew hating agenda back at least a thousand years(and probably forever). All your anger is in vain, your nervous system will cease to exist and people will continue to believe in GOD until the end of time.

  2. How is Darwin right? Spontaneous Generation is gone way gone Pasteur’s experiments proved it wrong Instead now you Evolutionists believe in your “abiogenesis” Spontaneous Generation had it’s chance but is now gone those who still believe it are using a lot of faith.

  3. Tribes_NatureLaw

    Just saying ‘darwin wrong’ does not change the facts. There are many millions in the tribe, most comments on web are jews doing distraction to keep people weak and sitting. We are the prime luck of evolution, and too many are ungrateful morons, ingoring that extreme luck, failing to fight for our lives and future, instead sucking down ‘turn cheek be meek’ she-male ‘jeezus’ religion cons. This why and how hundreds of millions of our true white people are dead and now being poisoned, it’s how the jews claim we ‘owe’ trilions printing press ‘money’ they used to get weapons for themselves. Beside article above and others here see see englishnews org jewish christianity page. They ripped away our nature power gods to force a single ‘gaud’ and jeezus slavery to jews. Hundreds of millions dead, now they are spraying us with heinous nano chip chemtrails which we’re breathing. ‘govt’ itself is a con, jewishfaces com at archive org government page, thezog info, judicial inc blogspot ww2 bloodlines page. The jews are anarchists, in a tribe, while others ‘obey’ slavery to jews. Their bogus ‘constitutions’ apply to no one. search “No Treason” Lysander Spooner, fourmilab has a copy. Natural anarchism and small tribes is the way free from fraud ‘state’, and bogus ‘money’. Good way to meet others is hand out paper notes with links and ‘copy pass on’ at the bottom, better than trying to explain. you can copy this post to reread and make notes with. also see yukonjack2013.wordpress.com/2015/07/09/the-end-of-his-story-and-the-last-jew/

    • I didn’t say “Darwin wrong” I asked “how is Darwin right?” If you look at what Pasteur’s experiments, what he did and how Pasteur proved it wrong. Destroying it. So the question was how is Darwin right? And really bringing up luck? Luck is being considered the religion of the lazy. Are you trying to attack the Jews? Because most Jews today are still waiting for their Messiah to come they think Jesus was a Prophet. Not a whole lot believe in Christianity.

  4. Tribes_NatureLaw

    There are millions in the tribe, 90% comments are computer gen from millions of jews having spewed billions of ‘comments’ since begin of web, other 6 or 7% are jews keeping dupes spinning, 3% of comments are real such as mine. The jews are a genetic group, there are white black brown jews, and white black brown non jews. The jews began their ‘tribe’ and genocide schemes over five thousand years ago, inbreeding to make their tribe of psychos which today are millions. ‘govt’ ‘media’, ‘skoolz’ etc. The jews made the term ‘race’, to hide their genetics which is mix mongol asian, sephard, then later with whites, while keeping their base genetics enough they could use bioweapons to kill others without them being affected. They were once browner, after killing masses in the bubonic black death they bred with whites to lighten their skin, blend in more to do their schemes while pretending to be ‘white’. Because jews pounded the word ‘race’, it’s simpler to say — there are Two white races, Not just one.
    The jew post above pretends to question ‘darwin’ to keep dupes weak. It is fact we are very lucky to exist, logical recognition of billions of years of nature processes to become the advanced life that we are. The ‘how Darwin’ comment is to continue dividing us from our power attachment to evolution and nature as our means to fight the jews, including the ability to feed ourselves. The jews forcing their monotheism ‘relgion’ cons, to strip us of our strong nature gods and identity, replaced with a weak she-male ‘jeezus’ fraud to dicatate others ‘obey’ jews. By stripping our nature attachement and scum creeshjuns ‘going along’ they’ve been free to destroy nature, using ‘be meek’ bs ‘religion’ to keep us from killing them, while they kill us, and nature, our power. Millions of them have taken our lands, and control of food over centuries. The importance of evolution, nature, and natural law, and jews use of it, where they are now, compared to others not using natural law to kill the jews, for instance when jews were forcing their ‘jeezus’ fraud and slavery on others, jews branded jeezus refusers as ‘heretics’ and killed them, tens of thousands over centuries, where if the ‘heretics’ had used natural law, and also made small tribes, even groups of just three or five, and used cunning as jews do, they could have killed the jews instead, then killed the scum masses that sat ‘going along’, to now, total enslavement to the jew, for suicide by jew. This is why jews work every angle, pushing creeshjun bs, or, pretending to ‘argue’ obvious evolution, to keep dupes from nature, and from using natural law.

    — That is how jews have stolen everything from us. Stealing mass land after the ‘black death’, and after fraud ‘civ-il’ ‘war’, the southerners seceding to be free, but didn’t fight in their own groups to kill jew fraud ‘govt’, instead they fell for the jew ‘big group’ ‘con-fed-eracy’ con led by ‘jewdah benjamin’ so that as always, jews directed both ‘sides’ of the slaughter, same as ‘hitler’ fraud, jews duping Germans to ‘follow hitler’ so they failed to make small tribes and fight the jews on their own – ‘judea declares war on Germany’ jew bolshevik takeover of europe and more lands. see mosaisk jewish timeline. The jew’s ‘depression’ ‘money’ frauds, more lands stolen. The ‘prove darwin’ bs, and failure to fight for nature and ourselves is how the jews are now killing the last moths and bees, food now to be ‘pollinated’ by ‘robotic bees’ they’ve made along with mass predator drones, eatr robots and other weapons. This while jews have organic ‘greenhouses’ for themselves, for others it will be poison and ‘lab meat’, if we/you fail to stop them, Now. ‘prepper’ morons too stupid to catch on that ‘prepping’ doesn’t matter if there are no bees, jews now killing last of bees with, bt ‘isreali’ poison pretending it’s for bogus ‘zeeka’. The ‘prepper’ bs another jew psyop, they know ‘prepping’ doesn’t stop anything, the way to stop them is to Stop them. Nature power self power is fact. Darwin ‘right’ because evolution is fact, nature power is fact, natural law, law which jews also use to slaughter masses and the natural world. The jews can be stopped, by us using natural law, though very soon it won’t be possible, and that is what jews want, they slobber bs to confuse and weaken others.

    — Part three. The jew ‘pasteur’ was a poisoner, jews used pastuer’s bs to push ‘pasturization’ of raw milk, stripping more of our nature power, biotics in milk part of our gut system for thousands of years, which ‘pasturization’ stripped from us, fraud jew ‘govt’ bogus ‘law’ telling people to buy jew ‘pasturization’ machines or stop selling milk. Once again people failed to make tribes and kill. ‘pasteur’ and jew salk poison tribe also started ‘vaccines’ con, 1918 flu killing tens of millions more. Today, it’s nano chip chemtrails and race bioweapons and other torture. The ‘trying to attack jews’ femmy jew snivel act, and dupes buying it, is how the tribe weasels, using a ‘poor jeews’ act, while mass killing, from mass poison, to every ‘war’ to now slaughtering the last of non jews in the middle east, not for ‘oil’, it is all genocide, white black and brown non jews per jew ‘torah/tanakh/old test-ament’, soon to be no one left but ‘white’ skin ashkenazi jews and a fraction of the chinese as ‘transhuman’ slaves, ‘skynet’ drones ‘smart grid’ terror ‘world’. The jews have been spraying us with nano chip chemtrails over ten years, aboutthesky com and byebyebluesky.com/the-weaponization-of-cellular-towers-large-kill-radius/ see vid. though note there is no such thing as ‘nukes’, the towers everywhere are not ‘cell’, they will do emp to blow the grid, also ‘dementia’ or kill by the fibers in us, which can be genetic targeted, doesn’t matter if dupes ‘comply’ or not, genocide is the ‘order’, and for themselves to ‘live forever’, torturing slaves by the same ‘morgellons’ – D. Bacu Anti Humans. The jews have stolen dna from everyone to use for cloning, forever, jrbooksonline arnold leese ritual page. Those casually reading, be clear you didn’t earn this information, it’s taken years sacrifice, this isn’t for ‘entertainment’. It’s to assure those who deny and refuse to do anything you’ll get what’s deserved by ignorance, and otherwise inform those who think, to get Off the web and doing, meeting others, real life is where the fight is, stop the slaughter of the natural planet, our power of survival, stop the genocide of the last of our people.
    Ignore bogus ‘dc’, jew trump clinton bs, focus local, all ‘govt’ is fraud, ‘state’ ‘city’ ‘skoolz’, all bogus ‘activist’ groups, focus your own area, jews, towers, ‘smart grid’ in your face. We are free to take back the power and water they’ve stolen from us, before they use the towers to blow the grid, and our minds. Natural law is nature, natural law is the only law. see leaderless louisbeam.com. can copy my posts to use for notes, pick out sentences to put between links, end notes with ‘copy pass on, tape to mailboxes, hand out to crowds’. Beside get links from first post, also shadowmasterminds wordpress, protesters activists jewish. Use notes to inform and meet others, get off the web.

  5. Tribes_NatureLaw

    Distraction jew bs.

    For others see my posts above. Also there re no nukes. – heiwaco.tripod.com/bomb.htm – the ‘nukes’ psyops has been to cover up the towers, the towers everywhere will do the emp if we don’t stop them. Focus local, jews, chemtrails, towers in your face. Use hand out notes off the web to inform others, get links from my posts, use sentences in between links. Best to turn word doc sideways to landscape layout, make two columns, plenty of space if use ten point type size. I start with ‘we’re being sprayed’ and the links, and chemtrails and tower notes, then ‘this is the actual identity of those you call ‘government’, then more links, then a few other sentences and from the posts above, you can copy to make paper notes with. Make your own tribes. Use hand out notes off the web to inform and meet others.

  6. Tribes_NatureLaw

    jew troll distracting from my posts.

    Real people see my posts above. get links. copy my posts to make paper notes with. We are free to stop the towers, take back the power and water they’ve stolen from us, before they use the towers to blow the grid, and our minds. Natural law is the only law.Use hand out notes off the web to inform and meet others.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t care about those posts I don’t care about this article really. You evaded the question. Why? To afraid to answer? Answer me this accuser, complainer, evader, do you believe in Evolution?

  7. Tribes_Nature

    sentence above appeared, other post didn’t. – rest of post –

    The jews use ‘belief’ words to dumb down other’s power, that only appeals to suicide creeshjuns who suck on jew ‘buleef’ instead of live by fact and natural law. the Facts of evolution is our power, if we use it to Stop them. There are white black brown jew race, and white black brown non jews. That is what happened with ‘evolution’. Two groups. See Faces. Homo smut all jews, 90% are jew race – snippits-and slappits.blogspot.fr/2009/04/could-jews-get-any-more-gay.html 100% of pedophyles are genetic jews. faces. mugshots.com
    – truthhertzradio.weebly.com/the-franklin-pedo-ring-and-the-elite-jew-pig-factor-11711.html — subvertednation.net/purim-blood-lust-genocide/
    From post above if search jewishfaces now doesn’t come up. this it. all one link.
    You wouldn’t find these by searching. get link pages on disk. use links and sentences to make notes. don’t overcomplicate. use notes to inform others, make action in real life, Now.
    continuing to reply to jew distraction only serves their purpose. Not going to reply to again.

    Focus local, in your area. Man up. Get off the web.

  8. Anonymous

    If we are historically literate, we know that America was founded upon Christ and His Word. But the true sources of America’s greatness have recently been blotted out for the most part by the miasmic fog of secularism. Credit is not being given where it is due. From whence did most streams of thought―the basic principles of life that have made this country great―originate? What man in history, in peoples opinion, made the greatest―contribution to the sources of American liberty, government, economics, education, and its general thought?

    Let me suggest to you the man I believe history clearly gives the decision to. He was a humble Reformer from Geneva, Switzerland, and his name was John Calvin. If we are going to get back to the principles of John Calvin. If we are going to have to get back to the principles that made America great, then we are going to get back to the principles of John Calvin, because it is precisely his principles that made this nation great. John Calvin is considered to be one of the greatest original thinkers of all time; however, this is really not accurate, because Calvin was not so much an originator as he was an expositor of the Scriptures―an expounder of the teachings of Jesus Christ. So in an indirect sense, the virtual founder of this nation was Jesus Christ and His teachings.

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