Fossilized Defenders of the Faith


Some people believe a “almighty creator” created the earth, but that long held belief has been overturned by science. Let us take a look at how completely irrational these claims are. What is true, the claims in a book or reason and science and all of the fossil evidence dug out of the ground?

Let us start by examining the claim of creation, believers cite their book as proof of a creator even though the text of said book is wrong about the ‘creation’.  If the book got the creation part wrong then maybe the creator part is also wrong.

The earth isn’t 6,000 years old like Bishop Ussher asserted in the 17th Century, it is billions of years old, and life on earth is evolving, it wasn’t created in 7 days AND MOST OF THE CREATION HAS DIED OFF LONG AGO DURING THE PROCESS OF EVOLUTION. There is absolutely no way to rationalize the Bible text with reality, 99% of the former ‘created’ life is no longer with us. The reason the Bible writers got it wrong is because all they could observe was the life in the present moment, they didn’t perceive that most life had come and gone.

The Bible text about God creating everything in a blink of an eye is wrong, life is old and changing, and most species are long gone. No serious mind can examine the uncovered evidence of earth history and then justify the Bible, the two are opposing concepts.

Most rational people then evolve, and conclude that the Bible is myth, pre-scientific understanding of the world. If you hold on the tale of Genesis then you are being willfully ignorant of reality. Genesis is wrong, verse after verse, has been proven wrong, even the order of how things were ‘created’. Thus if Genesis can not be taken literal or even close to what really happened, the rational mind then correctly assumes that the rest of the text is probably wrong.  Why is this probably so?  Because of how the text was created, it was asserted without proof, it did not follow the rules of evidence that science follows.

Thus if none of the Bible text went through rigorous testing by scientific methodology then what are the chances of it being correct?  Close to zero because if some of the Bible memes are patently false then most of them are probably false because of how religious text is assembled, it was built in layers upon itself.  The Bible was invented by the wrong perception of an angry sky god, thunder and lightning were anthropomorphized and then a thick book built on that assumption.

Claiming that fairies are coming out in the garden at night is not proof, it is an assertion and until proved. Likewise, asserting Bible text as proof of authenticity is a logic fallacy, only a fool falls into that trap. You can not say the Bibe is true because the Bible says it’s true, but that is exactly what these believing fools do all of the time because of their deceiving natures.  Belief favors dishonesty because belief was built around the absence of truth.

The world is full of dishonest charlatans making assertions and false claims of Bible authenticity.  The motivation for telling whooping untruths is enormous, money is to made and power is to be grabbed.  Why work digging ditches when you can lie?   Lying is the path to power.  The Bible is a path to power and in order to get power someone has to believe and obey.  The hierarchical power structure needs lots of believers and once established that pyramid of power will become its own thing and even resort to killing whoever challenges it.

The virulent psychopathic defenders of the faith come onto forums like this and attack anyone for daring to suggest that their childish beliefs from superstitious times is somehow wrong. They defend the irrational no matter what, because to accept the new idea with undo their faith and thus their entire construct about reality.  But the age of faith is over, it slowly passed away and those that keep asserting it are relics of the past, fossilized defenders of the irrational.  I have written much about this process and why faith lingers on, without the causality of God their entire construct of reality falls apart and their sanity threatened. So they defend the faith no matter what because it is a life and death issue for themselves, not to mention the money and power that comes with it.

The Bible can not be taken literal. Unfortunately many patriots are also steeped in Bible programming and are trolling forums like this, where we uncover the truth about our controllers who are using the Bible as a weapon of mass deception. I specifically write dozens of essays on this exact topic. They can not stop trolling this site or my essays because of it is a direct challenge to their faith. But the fact remains, the Bible is a mind control document, if you believe it then you are under the spell of it, and in essay after essay I show that the Bible is a giant black magic spell on humankind.

Even though only a few thousand people read my essays, such potent information is a challenge to the control minions and thus it must be attacked by any means possible.  If they can’t defeat my reasonings then they seek to discredit me with an ad hominem attack claiming that I am a secret Jew trying to subvert Christianity.  Every rational person in the patriot movement can see what they are up against, it isn’t just the Rothschild banking cartel, it isn’t just the power mad Rabbis, it isn’t just the power grabbing maniacal state, it is every man trained in Bible thinking patterns. The Bible is causal to the problem, NOT THE SOLUTION.

Anyone with an ounce of sense and honest heart can intuit that authority is the enemy of freedom. Either men are free beings or they are shackled wards of power overlords who get authority from God. What some can not grasp, is that the Bible is the mental shackle that binds men to authority and thus control. All of the evil on planet earth is now sourced in the Bible. Jewish control is Biblical control as I point out in essay after essay.  Connecting the dots, freedom has been taken by those claiming authority, and the authority can be traced back to the religious text that claimed it as of God.  Thus God becomes known, it is a meme that is used to get authority.

Being willfully ignorant is no longer ok, either you are going to get with the program and start defending liberty based on reasoned arguments or you are going to remain entrenched in religious authority and thus, state control.  My last essay stands, Noah’s Ark is a literary hoax, and we know it is a hoax because there is no evidence of a worldwide flood as my essay explains. The Bible is wrong and those that choose to believe are little men of no consequence.



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