Faith Shock Wave


A shock wave of new information, traveling at the speed of the internet, is ripping through mass consciousness as humanity wakes up from the Bible trance and sees the Jew in the new light.  We here at The Rebel are leading the way, we are waking up the masses, thrusting the spear of truth into the heart of the Jew beast and subverting the dominant mythological paradigm, undoing centuries of programming.  But there is something you must hear now, so shocking that it will overturn the very basis of your existence.  Faith is the real problem, it isn’t just the Jews, it’s your faith.

Jewish evil is being exposed to the bright light of reason – the Zionists are being exposed, the Jews themselves are being exposed, even the religion of Judaism is being exposed.  While the internet activist expose all of the lies of the Jews the incredible Jewish violence on helpless Palestinian natives crowded into ghettos is sending a shock wave traveling through world consciousness.  The Jews have no idea what they have done, they have exposed their true nature after carefully camouflaging themselves amongst us.

The Jew is being outed along with his goyim helpers.  This nuke flash of new information is also exposing Christianities association with Judaism – that Christians have been willing subordinates of Jewish dominance, doormats to the Jewish rise to power.

Christianity is being taken down with Zionists, modern Evangelicals made a strategic mistake having tied their fortunes to Israel and Jew worship and Creationism, they stand the risk of losing everything at this juncture.  All this is happening while Christianity is being exposed at plagiarized myth, the Roman origin is demystifying the belief system that has captivated minds for two millenia.  The entire Judeo-Christian edifice is being toppled at this moment in history.

The wise can see that major cultural institutions are about to be rolled over.  Christianity is already finished, the faithful just don’t know it yet.  Evolution won, Genesis is out.  Comparative mythology exposed the pagan origin of the Christ sun savior myth.  Evangelicals mindless attachment to the demonic Zionist state is the last straw.

The faith based shock wave of insane belief empowering Israel is causing untold suffering and violence the modern world can not tolerate.  Faith now stands exposed as a political problem, faith is now the great enemy of freedom and liberty, faith in the Jews and the Bible can now be seen as hate, as a death cult based on ancient superstitions.

The Jews do not operate in a vacuum, they must be getting support from somewhere and its not from atheists or Muslims or Buddhists.  The Jewish power base is Christianity.  Most of the world already despises Jewry, it is only the American Christians that support these Bible gangsters.  The end times hysteria of the Evangelical movement has reached a crescendo, the tide is going to turn against Israel and all of her friends.

The Real Problem with Jews – Your Faith

What almost no one knows is that faith itself must be exposed.  Faith is the real problem, because faith is a faulty condition of the mind, where logic and reason fail to penetrate because of the strength of the defensive religious memes.  Faith is the condition where the mind is operating outside the realm of proof. With a population in a state of faith, clever propagandists can easily maneuver the spell bound masses into supporting illegal and immoral wars.  Wars are often fought in the name of defending one’s faith.

Faith based political policies are a disaster. For instance the Jews claim they have the right to settle in Palestine, this claim is based on faith, not evidence.  Because of strong Biblical beliefs in the literacy of the Bible, tens of millions of Christians are supporting the genocidal and racist state of Israel.  Because of faith, Palestine suffers. Because of faith thousands of innocent children have been killed by horrible means. Faith kills.

Because of faith most people have a problem challenging the killer ideology of Zionism. Because of Bible indoctrination into a mindset of an angry god, half of Christianity readily embraces evil of Jewish behavior.  This is the real problem, the Jews are a tiny minority yet have managed to take control of the body politic and widespread acceptance of Israel and reverence for Jews is causal.  Christian faith is backbone of Jewish rule, with the Christian faithful protecting the Jews, the Zionists can spill blood and never stand trial for war crimes.

Even within the patriot community, most can not perceive that Zionism and Judaism are the same thing. Zionism was formed directly out of the primary themes of the Torah, the Jews are basing their claim to Palestine based on what the book claims. Zionism floats on a sea of Judaism. The political movement for a Jewish homeland has given the terrorist ideology of Jews a base, a state, a nation that wages terror based on their holy teachings.  You will eventually come to see that holy isn’t good, holy teachings are evil teachings. The Jew is bad, the Jewish god is bad, Jewish teachings are very bad ,the Jewish state is worse, and a society based on Judaism is pure evil. So why would any decent-moral-humane person believe in the Jewish god? Eh?

The tree of Judaism has produced bad fruit. Everyone agrees the Islam is terrible. Zionism is derived from Judaism, it did not appear out of thin air, it is a carefully crafted ideology based on the teachings of the Torah (Old Testament).  The apple didn’t fall that far from the tree, the apple is the tree, Zionism is Judaism, but most wouldn’t agree because they are still are in a state of faith. How can you separate the Judaic faith from the political movement of Zionism? It is clearly the faith that is driving the politics.  But deny you will.

Beliefs Drive the Zionist Beast

It is the beliefs that are driving the evil, Zionism is driven by Judaic beliefs, and what this really means that when your mind is in a faith based state it manifests as evil.  To hell with with this Jewish evil, so to hell with his holy books that establish his supremacist attitude.  To hell with his faith, to hell with your faith, because your faith is blocking your access to the truth about everything, especially the situation in Palestine.

I have news for ‘ya, the destruction of Palestine is the wake up call to your consciousness for what the Jew really is, because you could not see it beforehand it is being played out in the lower physical planes.  The Jew is pure evil because of the book he reads, you are just starting to realize this because you can no longer deny what you see what is happening right in front of your deceived mind.

The monstrous horror of Palestine is proof of what the Torah really is, a tribal war making document that scrubs all others out of existence. When you finally see the Jew as evil then it will be a real shocker to your consciousness, because it will be then when you realize that your worship evil when you worship Yahweh, the god construct of the Holy Bible. It is about time to see clearly that Abraham, the patriarch of the Bible, is an insane psychopath.

The entire Jewish faith rests on the altar of Abraham, do you believe god would order you to kill your son as a test of faith?  If you do then call yourself crazy like a Jew.  It’s time to retrieve your mind from the deep pool of crazy Jewish memes, time to heal and recover from the Abrahamic religions.  Once you ascend from the depraved pit of Jewish thoughts, you will look back and wonder how you could of believed, it wasn’t your fault, it was a black magic spell cast by the Rabbinic priests.

Christianity, the Other Branch of Judaism

So what about Christianity? Without judgment and eternal damnation then why would you need Jesus?   Jesus and hell can not be separated.  They are the symbiotic concepts, without hell there is no need of salvation.

Where is the proof that some other person can die for your sins? You define yourself with your thoughts and actions, you can’t get a free pass and have everything you’ve done just magically taken away.  Christianities promise seems to good to be true, because it isn’t true.  Being sold the idea that you are not responsible for what you do appeals to the common man, it is a ruse used by the ruling class to control you.

Do you have any proof that anyone can be resurrected? You are basing all of this Christian ideology on faith, because there is no evidence that anyone has every been ressurected or walked on water. The Bibe is full of fantastic stories, they can not be taken literal, you have been decieved that you are somehow lacking, that you need circumcision as part of a god contract, or that you need to be baptized to remove original sin, that you need to be saved.

Judaism is a fear construct, if you overcome the fear it projects then you no longer need or want it.  God isn’t out to get you, he isn’t making contracts, he isn’t picking favorites.  These fear memes in Judaism is driving the Zionist evil and it has widespread support amongst fearful Christians.  Faith is the great enemy of life, just look at what Israel does based on it’s faith.

Christianity must have its angry god or it won’t work. Can you see that? How many more people have to die before you overcome this ridiculous myth? Oh, you can surely create a Christian ideology all about love, but eventually you have to decide if you are going to keep the Jewish judgmental part of the book. Without fear Christianity just falls away from your consciousness, once you trance-end fear you no longer are worried about heaven or hell or fear the Lord.

When when you finally let go of the myth you will then realize that this belief in Jesus is tacit support of the Jews and the hell they create. Without the judging god, why be Christian at all? You can’t worship love, you can only be love. So when you eventually surrender to love you will surely no longer be a believing Jew or a practicing Christian.  Once you reach a state of love, the Jew becomes obvious, you can distinquish the lies and see through the propaganda, killing in the name of security is a great ruse.

With love you no longer need religion, or god, or the Jewish version of reality which is the evil god Yahweh masquerading as love and light. He isn’t a good god, Yahweh is Jew evil, Yahweh is the projection of Jewish traits on a deity. You need to wake up and smell the Jew in Jehovah.  There’s no judging god folks, only the judging Jew.


There is no getting around this inevitable chain of thought, that if the Jew is evil because he follows his book then if you also read and believe in that book that you are part of this evil.  This leaves the Christian in unique quandary – you can not remove the Old Testament from the New Testament, that is why the Christian Bible includes both, if you doff the angry old bastard in the sky, why would you need to be saved?  We have arrived at the quagmire of your faith, it is sinking into the quicksands of time, we are at the end times of faith, beliefs are mind thoughts not supported with evidence.

The antichrist has delivered your faith into an impasse, you can no longer be moral and be Christian. Bibi Satanyahu is your creation, your thoughts brought him to power so that you could change. Belief and faith are the great evil that is making hell on earth.   None of this suffering was even necessary, if the masses would quit being willfully ignorant none of this would have happened or been possible.  Willfull ignorance of the faithful is causal to the problem.

Palestine suffers because of the Christian faithful, without the Christian support, Israel could not do what is doing or get the funding from the people of the United States.  Faith is the real culprit, faith is what is driving this entire insanity, faith is the real problem. Rothschild has no power over you, he can’t make you believe in Israel, only you can choose what to believe.  Rothschild control ends when you quit with the Jew book, but like a heroin addict you can’t give up the addiction you have with hate and judgment.  The Jews seduced you with their book because of your own internal vibration that resonated with the Bible.

There is no difference between Biblical faith and evil, the state of mind that is anti-reason is also a state of evil because it allows the believers to wage evil in the name of their god. What is going on right now is that faith in the Bible god is manifesting in the physical planes as evil.  This is what you must come to understand, that the human mind in a state of faith can be very dangerous, no different than a biological virus, the human mind infected by religious memes has become the plague.

The preacher instinctually knows that reason can undo faith, and thus reason and free thinking are the enemies of the theist. Darwin was the death blow to the faithful because he showed an alternative viewpoint of how we got here, thus the reasonings of Charles Darwin, the theory of natural selection is considered the great human mental achievement of all time, is considered the greatest threat to belief because it overturned the first book of the Bible, Genesis. Every verse of Genesis is proven wrong, then how can any Jew claim Palestine. The book is bullshit, it is not a legal claim.

The Final Solution Resisted by the Faithful

As we work toward a solution to the Jewish problem we will eventually come to the only logical solution, Judaism must be banned, the Jewish books confiscated and destroyed because they are they source of the memetic virus that poisons humanity.  This, is of course, a horror to those that believe.  Ban the Bible? Yep!

I laugh at your incredulity, how could anyone think to ban the Bible?  The Bible is such utter bullshit that from my perspective I can hardly keep from laughing at your reverence and faith in it.  How many more people have to suffer horrible deaths and wounds before you wake up?  The Bible is the evil destroying us. The Bible is evil because the Jewish authors are evil and you just need to come out the Bible mind spell.  There’s no god, judgment, hell, devil, afterlife punishment or need of salvation.  It is all total bullshit.

The Jews are very worried about this anti-Jew and anti-Christian talk. They need you to stay in faith, they need your consciousness carefully nested in the Jewish plan of evil dominance, when you voluntarily believe you are handing the Jew your personal authority.  Only this meme of the Jews being god’s chosen ones can save their necks.  If you stop believing and break the black magic spell on your mind, you will all of a sudden want vengeance on the Jews.  Even that meme the Jews reserved for themselves, the Jewish book claims justice is for the Lord only, this is complete disempowerment of the individual.

These Jewish slimeballs have committed so many crimes that any talk about what they really are and what they really are doing means they are going to hang.  I look forward to the day the whole stinky coven of swine at the ADL, JDL, SPLC are arrested at gunpoint and hauled to the prison camps for their crimes.  That day is soon coming because America is waking up, and when the American people find out what the Jew has done the police jail may not be enough protection from the angry and violent Americano.

I am very happy to do my part, can I be radical enough?  Can the words in the defense of liberty be too radical?  No, god dammit, no!  We must be more radical and call the Jew out, the Jew Ape and his disgusting behavior must be brought into the bright light of reason, we must make the stand against this evil, we will prevail against the faithful who have circled the wagons around their Jewish friends. The entire Jewish tree of death cultists must be cut down and thrown into the bonfire.



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