Christians Are Slowly Waking Up to the Genocide in Palestine



In this  news this week, the big story is the epic shift of Evangelical Christians support away from Israel.  That is good but a bit late. Thousands and thousands of innocent men, women, and children, not to mention animals and other life forms have been butchered, maimed, shell shocked by the Zionist Jews relentless attack on occupied Palestine.  In the latest bloodletting orchestrated by both United States and Israel, over 3,000 persons killed, 15,000 wounded, 500,000 displaced, and now 100,000 missing homes in the narrow Gaza strip, just 5 miles wide, where the remaining Palestinians have been herded into a giant open air ghetto-prison camp.


Why didn’t the Christians wake up earlier?  That is a good question and what this essay will answer.  Christians are under the influence of  a Jewish spell, the spell of the Bible.  In this book, Jews are given special status, and because of that whatever Israel does, Christians turn a blind eye.  Israel can only get away with murder on the world stage because of all these Christians aligned with Israel, specifically the American Christian Zionists, numbering some 70 million support Israel no matter what she does.  For this reason, Palestine suffers the sin called Christianity.


Christians are only now increasingly supporting Palestinians – after decades of the most vile bloodshed with the most evil weapons ever imagined, which are illegal banned weapons condemn by the world like white Phosphoros bombs that eat the flesh of the person that gets this residue on their skin – when their housing complex is bombed.  When these fireballs rain down, a person can catch on fire, the chemical reacts with your body, the body becomes fuel for the fire, the fire can’t be put out.   If you dose the person on fire with water the person literally burns up in just a few moments as the water reacts with the phosphoros chemical and increases the heat of combustion, speeding up the chemical reaction.


Israel does this to it’s own civilian population, that would be like Washington bombing New Jersey with F-16’s, with weapons banned by treaty.  The whole world would condemn such an act as total barbarity and say it’s illegal.  Our Congress approves of these weapons, because they are supplied by us and given to Israel for use.  If the United States did not want these weapons to be used, then they could cut funding to Israel, condemn Israel, stop supplying Israel with free weapons.

Israel Gaza Conflict Enters Fourth Week

So where does this undying support for Israel come from, and it isn’t just the Israel lobby?  It comes from the dominant belief system in America, Christianity.  No sitting official dares go against the God lobby.  Most people won’t understand what this really means.  After some 70 years after the demonic genocidal evil corrupt state of Jewry called Israhell, the nastiest most “anti-Jesus” nation in the history of man, the Christians are just now figuring out that Israel is no good.

burning palestinians

What a laugh, what a tragedy, what a fail Christianity is, these Evangelicals claim they have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, many have told me they talk on a regular basis to him.  Ok, so why are Christians only now waking up to the evil of Jewry?  Why didn’t their personal god inform them a long time ago?  Why indeed, because the god is a mind delusion, and the Christians are talking to their selves which isn’t of a very high vibration.


The reason is that Jesus the God doesn’t exist, no god is out there informing them how to behave, no shepherd like they claim.  Jesus is AWOL, a fail, and only after repeated slaughters of Palestinians, so outrageous that the whole world started protesting did SOME Christians start to turn against their beloved state of Israel.  Christianity is not a good religion if those infected can’t tell good from evil and can’t support those being attacked by a ruthless cunning enemy.

This entire unbelievable debacle is made possible ONLY because of Christian support for the Zionists, otherwise Israel would be isolated from the rest of the world instead of being allied with a superpower.  Without America, Israel is nothing.  Without Evangelical Christians then Israel is nothing, because they are the last remaining group in the world that still supports Israel.

traitor hagee

Only after pictures of blown to bits little kids, children with sniper holes in their backs, children buried in the rubble of US made bombs, thousands and thousands of dead children, lined up in rows on the ground, did SOME Christians start changing their minds.  There was no Jesus whispering in their ear, telling them to love the other, Jesus did not show, he did not act, he did not let on, he did nothing to persuade his flock to support the downtrodden genocided innocent victims of Jew aggression.

So what this big change in the tide really means, is that Christians are only persuaded to change their minds against the evil of Israel if the crime is so bad as to be Apocalyptic size.  Only super size crimes get the attention of heartless Christians busy reading their Bibles and getting ready to enter heaven.  The world suffers the hell of Israel because of their selfish beliefs.  Christians do not act like they love to claim, they did not wake up until the result was so completely evil that it registered on a Biblical scale, most however still support Israel, millions still support Hagee and his CUFI brand of Jew terror.  You ought to ask yourself, who would Jesus support?

What can you say bout people that support evil like John Hagee and his endless warmongering religious fervor?  What can you say about people that still support Israel and Netanyahu?  They are evil, and the fact is most Christians are still stuck in a low vibration and still resonate with evil which is why Hagee’s books are best sellers.  That doesn’t point to a good religion, it just illustrates that the world has moved on and Christianity is still playing catch up.




One thought on “Christians Are Slowly Waking Up to the Genocide in Palestine

  1. Joyce Hale

    AND now if you can believe it my news feed on NIBIRU..says ISREAL is the only safe place to be when it mytholocialy hits earth in the apocalypse…SO now what do we have? Thousands of ppl feared of mythological doom rushing to Is real!! Good for the economy ??? Lolol..pfttttt!!!

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