The Asshole You Call God


Yahweh God of War

God is an asshole, your god, the Bible God, is a huge asshole … and you worship this guy.  That makes you an asshole, too.  If you are a Bible believer you might be offended by the word ‘asshole’, or associating that word with God.  But you are wrong, I am being very polite calling Yahweh-Jehovah an asshole when you consider what this entity has done to us and what your holy book says he’s going to do.  In fact the entire Bible is testimony that Yahweh is the biggest asshole in the whole Universe.

dawkins quote about god

Dawkins could of just said that God is an asshole, but being the polite Brit he wrote it out more eloquently.  That’s not my style, I say God is an asshole.  Think these are tough words?  Have you actually read and comprehended what the Bible says about your God?  Apparently not, because if you did you wouldn’t worship him, you would despise him for the monster that he is.  But you praise this monster, and thus you are also the monster, for God and you are the same thing.

There is no “god” out there floating in space or on Mt. Olympus like humans thought a time ago, we have figured out that consciousness pervades the entire system and that your consciousness is tied into the Universe mainframe.  You and God Consciousness are one, you are simply one aspect of the bigger computer, your thoughts are instructions to the big computer in the sky, that which you call god.  What humans can hardly imagine that god and them are one in the same.  The whole bullshit Jewish mythology is about seperating god from you, thus you can be a bad ass and get away with it.

Since god and you are the same, if I say ‘god’ is an asshole then am I not really saying you are the asshole?  Yes.  You are an asshole if you believe in the Bible god.  The proof that you are an asshole is how the vast majority of people do nothing about the genocide in Gaza.  What is going on there is pure evil, and those that believe in Yahweh, do not support the Palestinians but praise Israel instead, the demonic perpetrator of intolerable modern barbarity of genocide.  So, as you can deduce, the vast majority of believers must be assholes because all we have to do is look at the result of their beliefs.


Now if you have read my writings you know where I am taking this logic.  We create god in our image, we created an asshole god in our own asshole image.  So if there is really a god out there, that doesn’t really mean that god is an asshole, but our projection of god is what is mistaken.  But wait, if there is really a god, and he sees that ‘his’ people are mistaken about his identity, then why hasn’t he corrected his image?  Why would an aggressive all powerful deity allow a false image to persist, where are his teachers?

God never sent messengers to corect his asshole image, so maybe god really is an asshole.  So the real god must be an asshole or there is no god, take your pick.  The logical minded person or scientist would choose the latter because they would realize that asshole humans simply projected their asshole behavior onto a deity.  We are simply projecting ourselves onto the god image – we created God in Our Image.  God has all human characteristics, jealous and proud of it, an unjust control freak, a malevolent bully.

All the attributes of Jehovah are exactly identical to the characteristics of the Jew supremacist.  Coincidence?  I think not.  The Jews wrote your holy book, and because you are an asshole you latched onto it and called it your own.  No one has ever forced anyone in the modern age to believe in the Great Jew Asshole in the Sky.  So why do we keep believing when doing so is so damn destructive?  Because we can be complete assholes with our barbaric behavior and claim we are following the commands of god.  God is the great invention of removing our own culpability.


God is all powerful because we want an all powerful deity looking out for us.  Then we can use that omnipotent meme to make grandios claims, like god can smite our enemies.  Using god as the causal agent in war success or loss is a great way to remove individual responsibilty from what we are doing, like killing other people then taking their shit.  We then claim we did it in the name of our god with a convient meme justifying our behavior.   We rationalize our murderous actions with patriotism and god, saying things like “for God and country” or we did it for the “glory of the Lord”.

What we are really doing is murdering others and removing all guilt from our mind with the god meme.  This is why our invented god is such an asshole.  We wanted god to be an asshole so we could be assholes.  We slaughter whole nations, like Iraq, then sit around and rationalize our behavior asserting they deserved what they got from us.  If you actually study the details of what we have done, with our modern weapons on nearly defenseless peoples, you can see that Amerika, police state America run by Jews, is one big nation full of assholes.


There is no other way to sugar coat what has happened.  Asshole Americans have gone along with barbaric behavior when they no damn well that 911 was an inside job.  Think about the reality of 911, if 911 is an obvious false flag, treason to say the least, then why haven’t we hung the fucking politicians and Jews who did it?  There ought to be a rope shortage in Washington D.C.

Ahhhh…, but the talking heads on the Jewtube are running a continuous narrative telling us we are justified in fighting terror, why the President, that Predator in Chief, gives us his solemn word that we are helping rid the world of them evil Muslims militants who are beheading some journalists who shouldn’t be in hostile territory writing lies about the Jewish takeover of their country.

It’s all a big fallacious show run by total assholes, by political hacks paid for by greedy minded corporate dickheads who need to sell their expensive weapons, and always approved at the voting booth by a nation full of stupid flag waving god fearing assholes and listening to John Hagee and his Bloody Moon Asshole Theory of End Times.

Where is God one might ask?  Long gone from this sector of the Universe, why stick around when all you hear are the prayers from assholes begging you to assist the victory of Israel?  You all are emotionally dead because of what you believe, you killed the sacred with your holy book.  You killed god with your Bible.  Way to go assholes.



18 thoughts on “The Asshole You Call God

  1. NeverWillUnderstandItAtAll

    Speaking of assholes, God is a super Asshole for punishing us Good people which he Blesses the bad ones. I don’t get it.

    • Tribes_Nature

      There is no ‘gaud’ doing anything, there is nothing ‘bwessing’ or ‘punishing’ anyone, there are jews, who you allow to be your master because you fail to be your own master. That is natural law. Weak dupes choose ignorance, that is why you die. You are responsible for what’s happenend and is going to happen if you fail to stop them. see post further down.

  2. Ray Kuipers

    The wording used in this atheistic rant shows your low level of education.
    I am a Christian. Call me an asshole I really don’t care. I would carry that title with love for Jesus Christ’s sake.
    You would rather burn in Hell for eternity than serve your Creator. Well, if you keep this level of stupidity and ignorance up you will certainly get your wish fulfilled.

    • Me

      Nice threat…. empty, but I’m willing to believe that you believe the stories. I wonder if you would also “carry that title” for bigfoot’s sake, or leprechaun’s sake, or flying unicorn’s sake? Similar evidence supports them. Have you read your holy book? How did you determine it is true? Why aren’t the vedas or Koran or Upanishads true? What about Wotan? How about Marduk? Indoctrination and cognitive bias destroys rational thought…. so keep carrying that title for Jesus, whom you cannot even demonstrate actually existed.

    • Afrik

      Stupid Ray, go to your fucken heaven, i choose to burn, what is your problem? Go and lick your Jesus Christ, i choose to burn. Someone is calling for your name Ray, you church usher, go back to your friends and supply the heavens with the much needed cocaine. look at that Jew God, white powder all over his face.

  3. You believe there are „assholes“ and „non-assholes“.
    But you’re just a man. You’re just one man who believes whole lot of things. So? -Does it make you an absolute being who can dictate us what is wrong and what is right? -No. -I’m also a one man. I can also believe whatever I want to believe. As long we have no absolute being, who has made everyone and everything, who is the owner of all and has the authority over all things that he has made,
    we are equally wrong and equally right. And everything is meaningless. There is no point to argue if there is no absolute being.


    God set up the fall of man to look good. He predestines people to hell just for little sins. He has an elect. Not to mention he treats women as objects. I was saved, and God sent A LOT of demons that severely possess and oppress me, and when I came to some Christians for help, they ignored me and turned their backs on me. Note I did not do anything to deserve this. I try to keep my morals. There’s something not right about these devils that pick on me, which means there’s something not right about their God. I even sensed the evil in God the father’s presence.

  5. J France

    Calling all Christian’s ‘assholes’ calling my god an ‘asshole’, that’s your opinion. You’ve clearly never read the bible, it doesn’t encourage rape or violence or slavery, it’s actually the most accurate book of all ‘religions’ and those misconceptions eathiests use are simply due to lack of education on how the bible is to be read, and the meanings of the ancient scripts from which it’s derived. But I wouldn’t expect you to believe that! If you had actually researched ‘PROPERLY’ the holy book, you’d be quite astonished at its accuracy, every prophecy ever written has come true… in scientific terms… for comparison, statistically speaking, there’s CH3 makes up .00017% of the air we breath… there is a greater statistical chance in that tiny amount of CH3 migrating around your body and spontaneously igniting than there is of the bible being so accurate by chance. Indeed it is the most accurate of all religions. You say I’m an arsehole, sorry ‘asshole’ and my God is an ‘asshole’, that simply shows me you’ve sadly had a poor upbringing, been taught little if any respect, and haven’t got the Mental capacity to properly read, understand and process the words in the holy book.

    Statistics and facts don’t lie, science can be manipulated by theories and is manipulated by theories, simply because theoretical physicists are uncomfortable with our univers having an intelligent designer. Our universe is one as far as we know, for it to exists from an explosion to a state or extreme order which you see today statistically that is 10^-40, I’ve seen some say -50 but that’s over exaggerated. Still, that means it’s pretty much impossible to have a universe as finely tuned as ours without an intelligent input. Then after this discovery was made, a short time after the multiverse was proposed because that made many scientists feel uneasy. Also, did you know, genetics who study the genome are amount the highest converters to Christianity out of any scientific background. This is because that too needs intelligent design. It’s not simply repeated information causing patters like most would like to explain away, it’s very complex structure of information, even bill gates likened it to a super program with infinite complexity. That can’t come from evolution because information needs intelligence, they can’t exists without each other. Same goes for the false doctrine of evolution, that relies of the uptake of new genetic information, which is scientifically impossible, one species cannot suddenly developed into another species, aside theom this THEORY being widely accepted and taught as fact there is literally no evidence for it scienctifically, and there’s no evidence for it in the fossil record, over the proposed time for evolution statistical analysis would suggest that we should be finding these examples at at least a rate of 1 on every 200 fossils uncovered, we’ve yet to find one.

    I can understand how believing in a god without proof can be daunting. However, the proof is all around you if know how to read the bible.

    Of course you’re entitled to an opinion, but it’s an ignorant opinion when you’ve clearly not even researched the subject, and please don’t say you have because it’s abundantly clear you haven’t. Or you would at least understand how to read the bible properly.

    I’m guessing by your poorly written piece that you neither have the mental capacity or patience for that so I will prey for you my friend. I hope you chose the correct path, you will say you don’t need my prayers, but you have no idea.

    Best of luck to you and god bless.


    The asshole Christian

  6. Tribes_Nature

    All creesjuns are suicidal murderers for the jews, slobbering over a fraud ‘gaud’ made by jews is why whites are now only 2% of world, of that a fifth are actually ‘ashkenazi’ jew race. Refusal to be a real man real woman, be your own master fight for your life is why you are killed. That is natural law. Most comments are computer generate from millions of jew ‘comments’ since begin of web, of few live ones 90% are jews using different angles, pretend to be creesjun so creesjuns continue clinging to she-male ‘jeezus’ suicide by jews, pretending to be white while they bash whites, pretending to ‘defend’ whites all the ‘national-ist’ bs and ‘renegad e-y bs are actually male and female jews keeping dupes online for the cull, pretend to be white while they bash blacks on the web to divide us so dupes focus division instead fight the jews. Scum creesjuns and kathlaks are murderers for the jews, from scum ‘inquisitions’ thousands of years to now, slaughter of the middle east, millions men women children families who did nothing to us. They know jews did 911 and don’t give a sht, it’s proven fact creesjuns like torture and slaughter, now the jews are turning their weapons on us here suicide creesjuns want everyone here dead for the jews, including themselves and their own spawn, insanely yammering to themselves they get to go to fake ‘he-vun’ for letting themselves and their spawn be killed. creesjun scum deserve the death they’re about to get from their jew masters. Instead of destroy fraud ‘govt’ here they ‘obeyed’ and went to kill our german white race in fraud ‘war2’ over 20 Million of our white race for jews take down europe, fraud ‘bailouts’ creesjuns sat on a- while jews claimed trillions bogus ‘debt’ against us, fine for creesjuns as long as their fake ‘house value’ didn’t collapse ‘for now’. sitting allowing mass jew filth snippits-and – – see link halfway down article. you allowed it all. mass emgrunts creesjuns don’t give a sht about their spawn, helping jews destroy this territory over 200 Million scumigrunts and still creesjuns ‘follow’ suck jew ‘religion’ fraud ‘govt’ jew Scump, too stupid to realize ‘govt’ is a jew fraud the same as their ‘jeezus’ fraud, too stupid to recognize jew faces – ‘white’ ashkenazi jews are all the ‘preachers’ and ‘priests’ spewing ‘gaud’ bs while the tribe sets up the cull. Too late to stop mass im-i-grunts now. better focus on the weapons the put inside you and around you for cull. Those who know there is no jew ‘gaud’ and you are your own master see posts here links and refs to find links, how focus off the web to stop them – copy paste link

  7. TellingTheTruth

    God is a filthy no good scumbag all the time for punishing us very innocent good people which the low life piece of shit should be punishing the very evil no good people out there nowadays and leave us the hell alone.

    • Afrik

      God is useless, weak and is the biggest asshole of all time. And that thing err Jesus Christ is a motherfucken cock sucking blood liar. Fact

  8. Anonymous

    God is a filthy scum sucking dirty jew bastard that never gave me a good wife and family which he gave to billions of other people in this world. What about a good man like me you fucking homo?

  9. Afrik

    Stupid Ray, go to your fucken heaven, i choose to burn, what is your problem? Go and lick your Jesus Christ, i choose to burn. Someone is calling for your name Ray, you church usher, go back to your friends and supply the heavens with the much needed cocaine. look at that Jew God, white powder all over his face.

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