The Faulty Initial Premises of the Holy Bible


initial premises of Bible FALSE

The initial premises of the Bible can not be correct, and this essay will destroy once and for all time this notion of an omniscient yet judging god.  I will show you exactly what the Bible is and how it is being used to control you.  This book is not a good book, it should be banned because of what it has done to us.  The fruits of the Bible are Israel, that should be enough proof to prohibit its reading.

What exactly is the Bible?  It is hate, hatred for men.  The Bible is Jew hate literature and we shouldn’t make the mistake of making this perverted Jew book our spiritual text.  If you want to defeat the Jew, if you want to completely overcome the Jew then start by overcoming his book.  The problem with the Bible starts with the initial premise, that God exists and that this god is judgmental, neither can be proven the first is an inner belief and the second provably not true.

Bible is a book for thieves


The Problem of Judgment

Can god judge his creation?  Wouldn’t that be self judgment? If an omniscient god created us, endowing us with free will, then he would know what the outcome of his creation beforehand?  Judging us would be a sick game of creating a faulty specie and then knowingly sending all of us to hell.  This is the malevolence of Jewry, not of a creator.  Judgment belongs to the Jew, and it shouldn’t be associated with a creator god (assuming that it exists).

the bible

Theists are imbecilic children unable to grasp the glaring contradiction of their god description, an all knowing creator god could not judge his creation because that would be the designer judging his design and then condemning sentient beings to eternal torture for his own mistakes.  If such a god truly exists then we are in hell and should resist that god, but the god damn theist insists we worship this judgmental psychopathic entity and even label it as love.

Theists are lying sycophants who are making believe in god when their own definitions torpedoes their god delusion.  What they are doing is insisting on god belief even though their logic is faulty, not caring because when you create any power structure it invariably is based on lies.  Theists are all liars, because with god comes authority and to get this power over another some men are willing to do anything, including inventing a god delusion.  Once authority is established, god help the man who bears the truth.

state as god

This monotheistic idea of one true god is about power, consolidating power to an all powerful monolithic state.  Some say monotheism is the original source of fascism, but it would be better said that monotheism is the original source of monopoly political power regardless of the stripe.  If you obey God of the Bible what you are really doing is obeying the author of that text, Jews.  So in a very real sense, obedience to the Bible is obedience to the Jews and their political power structure.

The Problem of Existence

Whether god exists or not is an individual belief, the question becomes does the Jewish version of god exist?  I say the Jewish god can’t exist because the initial premise is obviously wrong, no creator could judge the creation – so if god does exist then that god definitely doesn’t judge like the Jew claims.  The problem with the existence of God doesn’t solve the problem of existence, where did God come from?  So, as Richard Dawkins patiently explains in his numerous interviews and books, the God meme solves nothing.  Why does existence even exist in the first place?  The theists answer is for simple minds not curious about our reality.

krauss dawkins 2

But even if we chuck the Jewish god into the shitcan of previous gods, we are still left with the notion that there may be something out there that made all of this, the material world.  Richard Dawkins and others have answered that question, it is not so much a matter of whether god exists, but a bigger question of how anything could exist.

The brilliant Lawrence Krauss has a new book ‘Something from Nothing’ that attempts to answer this age old question.  The Big Bang came from nothing, why is that?  Well the Universe is bigger than your mind and just because you don’t understand how we got here or what all those fossilized dinosaur bones are doing sticking out of the ground, doesn’t mean your god is real.  The problem with dinosaur bones is that the Bible provided no explanation, the creation story in Genesis says God made animals in one day, so how is it that millions of species have come and gone, and many of their remains are so old that they are fossilized, turn to stone?


God was our early attempt to explain causality.  God did this and god did that, like he drowned everyone in the flood.  Except that didn’t happen and we know it didn’t happen based on scientific research concerning the repeating ice ages.  When the flood happened, it happened very slowly, it took 10,000 years for the ice to melt when the Holocene started.  Very few animals, if any, drowned.

Noah's Flood Myth - sea levels went up slowly

The worldwide flood that drowned everything save those pairs on Noah’s Ark is myth promoted by Hollywood Jews who are enlisted in the crusade of defending Bible stories – because if the story of bullshit – which it certainly is – then why believe the Bible?  And if you don’t believe in the Bible then this idea of Jewish chosen ones falls away.  If Noah’s Ark story fails then the Jew is a fail, do you all see the importance of maintaining the myth?

So when faced with the dilemma of defending Bible text to scientific evidence, the theist goes into make believe land and builds Creationist Museums and giant Noah’s Ark theme parks.  Because if the story is kept alive by Hollywood and Christian theme park investors, it must be true.  The flood myth is a central story in the judging god premise.  God judged wicked humans and then wiped them all out in a big flood.

This is God causality gone wild, humans imagined an all powerful deity wiping clean the earth surface because someone did something wrong, sin.  This is the human brain searching for causality when something goes wrong, the Bible is full of these type passages, the story of Job a classic example that when bad things happen to good people, there must be a reason why god allowed it.

As a result of faulty observations of Nature, man built a judgmental god and called him Yahweh.  He doesn’t exist but what does exist is the belief and the program, and it is the subconscious programming in Bible text that is being acted out today.  The result is horrific suffering of millions of people – caused by belief.

creation debaters ken ham vs bill nye

The Jew has been found out, the Jew is insane, and his god is insane, because the Jew god is the Jew ego cast upon a deity.  It’s time we graduate from this program that has created a hell realm.

Bible is Jewish Hate Literature

The Bible can be boiled down to one simple concept, the Bible is hatred toward men.  Think about the lunacy of the judging Jewish god, HE sends all automatically to hell, to be tortured forever and ever, for the crime of being born.  That is real searing hatred for mankind, the kind of hate we see acted out by the Jew in Palestine everyday.

What is really happening when you believe the hateful text of the Bible is you are being enlisted in the Jewish viewpoint of reality, and thus become the helper of the Jew in conquering the world.  There is no quicker way to becoming a Jew whore than belief in the Bible.  Palestine suffers the belief in the Bible, because without this belief the world would never let the Jew get away with his crimes.

using-the-bible-in-an-evil-way-is the real intention of the jews

So why would anyone make this book their holy book?  Pre-existing judgment and hate with the Gentile populations.  We were attracted to the ultimate hate book. We made a huge mistake of adopting Jewish hatred as our moral guide.  It’s time to graduate from Jew hatred and dump the Bible.  The Bible is not good, it is the book that has made our present world.  Are you happy with our current situation?  Only the Jew is happy, the rest of us are screwed and facing termination and extinction.

jews are your god

Should we keep with the Bible?  No!  We shouldn’t because if our society uses the Bible as the basis of reality then the nations will be at war and killing each other based on the memes in this book.  The Bible makes war because the Bible teaches judgment.  The entire Old Testament (Torah books) are full of stories of Yahweh commanding his tribe of Israelites to kill everything.

Most Christians are unable to grasp the contradiction of this fact, that Yahweh and Jesus are polar opposites yet Yahweh and Jesus are one in the same AND the new version of god in the New Testament contradicts the idea that god is eternal and unchanging.  And isn’t Jesus and the Holy Spirit one?  That means Jesus got his own mother pregnant.

How can anyone believe the memes when you have whopping ass contradictions like those?  Theists are deluded liars, making up excuses and rationalizations to justify their beliefs.  They have made the mistake of trying to intellectually defend faith, you can not use your mind to defend god when your mind is already possessed by the god meme because the arguments you advance become nonsensical to those not possessed, those not in the spellbound state of belief!

This tendency to overlook the horrific passages that describe the Bible God proves how dishonest most of the preachers are.  But even more treacherous is this agreement with the Jew about their god construct, the preacher is trying to get in on the action, make bank with the deceptions of the Bible.  The Bible attracts those with criminal minds, so is it any wonder why preacher after preacher is exposed for hypocrisy?

Bible Delusion Used to  Wage War

Once the masses are taught judgment as the highest good, the greatest expression of love, the populace is easily manipulated by Jewish propaganda to distrust and attack the other.  So the Jewish propagandists that run the media can easily manipulate brainwashed American Christians into endless wars into the Middle East.  All they have to do is promote the fear of the Bible text to motivate the believers, like get them before they get us.

stupid unthinking sheeple

After decades of abuse and millions of wounded American soldiers, tens of millions of dead brown skinned people over there are the sheep starting to awake that something is fundamentally amiss with our culture.  The fish can not see the water in which they swim, they can not see that the very basis of the cultural memes from Bible indoctrination are the cause of their downfall.


The Muslims are not out to get us, Israel did 911, no Muslims were even involved, you’ve been hoaxed.  Unfortunately this book was used to establish authority and the state.  The Jews took control of the state and have full authority to wage endless war even though many people no longer believe.  The world now faces total destruction because of Jewish control.

holohoax logic

State Authority Established by the Holy Bible

It is no coincidence that Israel genocides Palestinians with the most horrific weapons when so many Jews believe in the passages in this book.  They get away with it because they have authority.  How did the psychopaths get authority to do in your name what you would never do?  Your belief in authority allows them to wax evil.


What is the premise of this book?  An angry god who hates his own creation and wipes them out in fits of rages.  God wiped out almost all men in a flood and plans on wiping us out again according to the prophetic passages in this book.  This is terrible hate literature and it should not be tolerated let alone promoted on television.  Ban the Bible, lock up the preachers, arrest the Jews, execute the Rabbis, hang the political Jew whores!


The state is now out of control and taking more and more of our freedoms, right now it is questionable that any freedom actually exists.  We are experiencing out of control statism, and this is caused by a belief, belief that the state has authority to do anything in order to protect us.  The state is a killer, the Jewish run state is a genocidal maniac on the loose, killing everyone with drones!


Hell on Earth Caused by Bible Belief

It is the ultimate cynicism to think the New Testament book is good news.  Good news because there is a means of salvation from the angry god when he killed his son on a bloody cross?  Why is that good news?  That is sick, an all powerful god made a mistake and then fixed it with torture.  This is really sick thinking.  Who wrote this sick book?  Jews.  No wonder.


Jesus is a Jew.  Why get saved by a Jew when the Jew is the problem?  There’s no sin that seperates you from the divine since you are the divine – so this idea of judgment has also been used to separate you from your own divinity.  What the theist can never conceive is that no external god exists, that the anthropomorphized creator floating in space doesn’t exist, that the creation process is ongoing, and because you are a self aware being – your thoughts order reality, create reality.  You are the one doing it and this god thing is inside of you and not separate!

So what the Jew is, is the ultimate separatist.  The Jew imagined this huge separation from god then said, god choose me over you, fixing his problem of separation – for himself and screwing you!  But none of this theology is true, separation is just a faulty observation of an awakening mind in the matrix.  You are NOT separate from the background consciousness, you are not separate from god, you can’t be because you exist in the soup of the matrix!


The Holy Bible is not holy, it is Jewish hate literature.  The entire book rests on the premise of an angry god that judges and condemns men.  Without this judging character, the entire book is a fail, because without a judging god there could be no hell, devil or need of salvation as this book claims.  No judging god means no Jew for you.  Your freedom from the Jew starts when you stop believing in his book!


So in order to believe in the Bible you must believe the opening premise, that this judging Jewish deity exists.  He does not exist, and there is no evidence of this god, there is no proof of afterlife judgment, there is no proof of hell or devils;  furthermore eternal punishment and torture is not just, not even men meet out eternal sentences for crimes, so how is it just that babies go to hell?  The Bible message is not just, rational, good, holy, or something we should want or put up on the shelf and admire.


The Jew is now intellectually defeated, his god is a delusion, his holy book a memorial to his searing hatred for men, his chosen status fraudulent, his legal system without justice, his false flags a testimony to his depraved thinking, his blood lust now evident in his state actions of Israel.  The Jew is fully decloaked without the Bible camouflage, only the Bible could cause you not to see the evil Jew as the way he really is, only the Bible gets you to put up with the authorities, only the Bible got the people to go along with the legal system imposed on us.

This Bible is the wellspring of evil in this realm, believing in it is the problem, believing in the Bible empowers the Jew to wax evil on the world.  I can imagine a world without the Bible, how about you?

So what is this thing called Jew and what is HIS book really about?  The Jew is fucking bastard and his holy books are really hate books being used to con the world out of everything – and you are complicit if you believe.  But no one can make you believe anything, so this widespread Bible belief must be due to the Jew selling his thievery as a holy book.  No wonder corrupt people want to be the Jew.  When someone tell you they are the one true Jew, reach for your revolver.



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