Whites Seduced by the Jew Snake


Seduced by the Jew Snake

White people so love the Bible, when that Jew book is the obvious cause of their destruction.  Whatever benefit or leverage they thought that book gave them when they genocided the Indians and all the other red-brown-yellow skinned people – those that looked different, is now being turned against them.  Israel has taken control of all Western nations and now is slowly obliterating the White genome.  All because of this widespread belief in the Jew construct of god – which is really the Jew construct of the Jew that you believe to be God.


Hey White man, its time to wake the f-ck up!  The Holy Bible is a filthy book of Jewish supremacism, it isn’t holy, it  isn’t good, it isn’t historically accurate, it wasn’t written by God, and it isn’t even about ‘the Jews’.  It is a literary hoax, probably the greatest hoax of all time, by the same people that gave you Sandy Hook, 911, USS Liberty attack, the Holocaust, WW2, WW1, and the Federal Reserve.  It’s time you realize the God of the Bible is not “god”, but the stinkin’ Jew!  You’ve been duped and seduced by the tales in the Bible.


Hey White man you’ve been led down a dead end, a cul-de-sac of your genome!  You have been totally deceived by the Jew lust to kill.  The Jew hooked you like any prostitute who hooks a John, but in the case of the Bible it was your own defects that got you to go for that book.  The Holy Bible is not the literal word of God, but it is literally the word of the Jew prick.  It’s time you take that filthy Jew book and cast it as far away from you as you can, otherwise you risk total DNA obliteration.

Why ‘oh why do so many people still believe even though we are over 150 years past Darwin?  Seduction, we love myth, we love the myth because we love story telling and we love this idea of a just god who is going to make everything right some day.  But that day never comes, because there’s no god out there who’s coming back to rescue us from our own follies.  The hard cold reality of repeated specie extinctions is rapidly coming toward our specie lost in the Bible.

The Bible

What is the Adam and Eve story really about?  Who does the unlucky couple actually represent?  Who is it that is being cast out of the Garden of Eden?  You!  You are the gentle human being cast out of paradise and into the Jew hell world!  No god ever judged you for eating from the Tree of Knowledge, that is only an allegoric story of us gaining self awareness.  Think about it, that story is about our change as a specie, it is not about god at all.  The Jew book got it wrong!

We are self aware hominids, we gained self awareness during our evolution, our big brain got so big we became SELF aware.  No god was involved at all!  The Garden of Eden represents our condition as animals existing in an instinctual mode, we didn’t have to work back then because we were integrated into Nature, just like all of the other animals who don’t work, they just exist.  But we became tool makers and made tools, weapons, clothes and housing structures, which required knowledge.

The Jew stuck his judgment meme into the myth, the Jew ruined the myth with his negativity.  There is no judgmental god, there is only that assertion by the judgmental Jew – by reading and believing his book you are accepting Jewish judgment as your reality.  Knowledge is how we survive, damn the Jew for casting reason and thinking in a bad light!  The Jew wants you to believe in his book of Yahweh fairy tales so that he can easily control you.  So the Jew took pre-existing myth and stuck his bastard god right in the middle of it.

Stop believing these stories as your core inner truth, Adam and Eve never existed and never could of existed, no god made Adam from mud, or took Adam’s rib and made Eve.  If that story is wrong, and it is way wrong, then how can you possibly believe the rest of the Bible?  You can’t be rational and do so – but you do!  Believing in the Bible is mass insanity, it is a cultural mental illness and it is the reason why the West is in a permanent death spiral.


Genesis is terrible story of a judging god condemning his creation.  It isn’t true and it isn’t good myth, it is bad Jew myth.  The Jew is a bad man, full of negativity, and when he writes his bullshit stories glorifying himself to his own ego, his god is a prick just like him.  Yahweh isn’t  “god”, Yahweh is a euphemism for a “JEW”.  Yahweh is a fictional deity created to glorify the Jew prick, and their prime symbol of Judaism is the Big Penile Menorah.

No one gets judged, no one got judged back in those times and no one is getting judged by god now.  What is really going on with this story is that you are being taught to accept judgment as normal, this leads to your slavery to the Jew and his legal system of judgment.  The Jew is judging you, making you feel guilty for being alive, controlling you with his book, creating hell right here right now with his idea of Yahweh and judgment.

Do you get it, do any of you get what is happening to us?  We are being completely fucked by Jewish ideas of law, of courts, of hierarchical systems of control, of judgment and jails –  a prison planet created by the Jew with your complicity.  By voluntarily believing and teaching this evil story to your children, you pass your slavery on to the next generation.  So stop with the Bible, throw it away, throw hell away and open the door back to the garden.


No one forces you to go for this shit, you have to do it.  The Bible is a control document and those that push it consciously know they are putting a control mechanism on the offspring.  Quit!  Stop with the Bible, burn it or use it for worm compost.  The New Testament is worse than the Old one.  Camouflaged as “good news” the sick psychosis of Jew thinking is reformed into a sun savior myth.  What kind of sick mind would think that dying on a bloody cross is the greatest expression of love?

The idea of Jesus is not good, the idea of salvation is not good, it only reinforces the original evil judging god.  But if toss out the judgmental god idea you are instantly freed from Yahweh and the follow up savior Jesus.  No one needs to be saved because no one is being judged.  No one needs the Jew god or the Jew savior.  No one is not going to heaven, no person can be separated from the divine, the entire theological construct of the Bible is completely wrong.  The Bible is wrong because the Jew is wrong and the Jew is wrong because the Jew lacks love and hates Nature.  So fuck the Jew and stop with the Bible.

This is a sun-blood cult, the real salvation from the evil psychotic Yahweh occurs when you quit believing in it.  No person should want to worship or emulate Yahweh, no one should even want to be saved.  But people do, lots of people love the sick character in the Old Testament and have skewed their Christian churches toward those teachings, forgetting the teaching of Jesus and picking up the sword and fighting wars of Jewish supremacism.  America is the land of voluntary Christian army, a nation of Jew WHORES!

New Testament is NOT Good News

The only “good” Christian is the one that refuses to play along with the blood cult and go to war and be the Jew whore.  World War 2 was the total defeat of the Whites.  Whites in America totally played along and defeated Germany, and now we are doomed unless we take drastic action.  I have a question for all those in the military.  Do you like playing second string, do you like being the whore of the Jew?  What is the point of the Anglo-Saxon empire if you don’t run it?

Do Jews have our values?  Why are we adopting Jewish values of mayhem and murder, torture and genocide?  Why?  Because of the Bible.  We read that damn book then adopt the values of evil, within the text are highest Jewish values of genocide and we have been seduced by those memes.  So it is obvious to the non-believers that our problem is our belief in the Holy Bible.  It is our downfall, it is the end of our genome if we continue with that book!

Whites, you must expunge the Jew from your ranks!  You must remove the Jewish infestation from America, you must stop supporting the Zionist hell mongers.  Only you can choose to believe this bullshit, no one can ever force you to believe Jewish fairy tales and make them your core truth.  Stop believing and come out of the Bible, retract your mind from the Bible and free yourself from Jewish control!




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