Apocalyptic Death Cult Zombies Dance Under the Blood Moons


blood moon christian zombies

As the modern world approaches the nuclear war termination point, apocalyptic death cultists sing hosannas to the blood soaked and demonic Jew state of Israhell.  Have your last dance idiots, because when the world wakes up one morning to the darkened skies of radioactive fallout, they will have had enough of this Biblical inspired religious insanity.

jehovah witnesses celebrate destruction of civilization

The world is waking up and smelling the Talmudic laced coffee, and what are they realizing, that the entire problem with the lack of jobs, endless war, police state terror, cops killing civilians is all caused by Jews – and they are realizing that the Christians are in on it, together these two are reducing the modern technological miracle growth world to a New Dark Age Bible inspired Torah tyranny.

jesus riding t-rex

For Christ’s sake, these loons are building Creationist Museums and huge replicas of Noah’s Ark, with the same money used to build Holocaust Indoctrination centers.  While the Evangelical lunatics take down their pin up posters of Sarah Palin, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney are being readied as your next red white and blue conservative/liberal/Mormon Presidential team of Jew whores.


Can anyone doubt that Nightmare Amerika is going to have a bad ending?  The main religion is writhing the nation in the self inflicted pain, belief in the second coming of a fictional savior Jewish character has reached fever pitch.  Christian cattle pack the megachurches while Zionist preachers pump out a pro-Israel sermons.  Praise Yahweh and pass the ammo.

We are rapidly approaching nuclear confrontation, toe to toe with the Rooskies.  The West is intentionally prodding the Russian Bear, eventually Putin will roll his forces.  When Russia enters the fray, when the ante is upped, when the missiles are launched, your world will suddenly end and you’ll be in prepper heaven.  Eating cans of cold beans for reals.

ukraine-destroyed by jew pig demons

Events in Ukraine, orchestrated by the Jewish overlords, is looking very grim.  Kiev Jew Pig Demons keep ordering their forces to attack, and attack again.  Most people are not even aware of what the Jew pig demons have been doing to the Middle Eastern states, fracturing those nations, successfully applying the destabilization template.

Then we have the long standing John Titor prediction, that all world timelines have the same N-day, on 12 Mar 2015 at 3:45 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, Russia launches a sneak attack on the Amerikan cities, now only 52 days away.  Who would of guessed that in the year 2000?  How could anyone have known unless they were a real time traveler or privy to the Jew plan?  (Titor never said the word Jew.)

So where are we on the grand cycle of things?  We might be staring the end of the world as you know it right in the face.  Really, I’m not bullshitting you, Jews and their little crazy Christian allies have brought us to the very brink – we are at the end of Western civilization and long standing European civility.  In other words, when the shit hits the fan,don’t expect your neighbors to be those nice people next door anymore, expect gun barrels pointing out of broken windows.


Everything you know, everything that was normal  is already gone or being made extinct by the Israeli Jews hellbent on turning Amerika into a Greater Palestine.  Gone away because your neighbors are bat shit crazy Evangelists who cheer Israel on while the nation careens into the Jew hell pit.  We are witnessing the final twerking of the Apocalyptic zombies in these end times, the religious freaks are dancing their last dance of death under the Blood Moons.

honesty is better than sugar coated bullshit logo


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