John Hagee Makes Terrorist Threat Against the United States


satanyahu with traitor hagee

Pastor John Hagee says God Will Destroy American Because Of How Obama Treats Netanyahu.  Such statements are not just the rants of a Bible possessed lunatic, Hagee is acting as a mouthpiece for the State of Israel.  What is traitor Hagee really doing?  He is issuing a terrorist threat on behalf of Israel.

traitor hagee and the antichrist satanyahu

John Hagge is no ordinary pastor, he heads CUFI, Christians United For Israel, he is personal friends with the world’s number one terrorist, Bibi Netanyahu.  Anyone with a brain knows that this antichrist Satahyahu, who routinely massacres women and children in Gaza, who stands in front of the UN with bomb cartoons is not only capable of threats, but carrying them out.

“I am a student of world history,” Hagee said, “and you can wrap up world history in 25 words or less and here it is: the nations that blessed Israel prospered and the nations that cursed Israel were destroyed by the hand of God.”

The Egyptian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire have all been wiped out, Hagee said, and even the British Empire has been “reduced to one tiny island because, since Edward the First, they have been and remain an anti-Semitic nation.”

America will face the same fate, Hagee warned, because God “is watching what America does as it responds to Israel. If America turns its back on Israel, God will turn his back on America. And that’s a fact. It’s proven by history.”

Hagee claims God created Israel, God protects Israel, God thinks Israel is the ‘apple of his eye’.  Hagee talks with convincing authority, quoting the Bible, making his claims based on the Bible not on facts of what Israel is actually doing.  Hagee is defending and providing cover for the terrorist state of Israel which is committing genocide.  Hagee be damned, that mother fucking prick will hang for aiding and abetting war criminals.

God never chose Israel, that is myth created by Jews in order to steal someone else’s land.  God is used as a psychic trump card, if you can convince someone of your god meme, then you can use it to control them.  Part of our own conscious evolution is to overcome the god delusion and start acting rationally, not on superstition.  God never chose anyone over one another.  God is not intervening in world affairs, the Jews are aggressing against the world, not god.

God is not going to do anything, it is the demonic state of Israel that would bomb the United States again – it was Israel that bombed the United States on 911.  It is Israel that is taking the United States down with the fabricated War of Terror, it is Israel training American policemen to shoot Americans by the thousands.  Israel is the author of terror, Jews are mad, Zionist Jews are demonic, Bibi Satanyahu is their Moses, the prophet of terror, a crazed leader like the patriarchs of the Old Testament.

The barbarity of Israel knows no end.  The CIA and MOSSAD directs ISIS which is beheading whole villages, raping young women, performing female circumcision on whole towns, from infants to old ladies.  Not Muslims, Jews do this and they do it the name of their evil war god Yahweh, a monster god 100% supported by fat bastard Hagee.  Hagee needs to hang, he needs to be tried and publicly executed so that no other Bible toting fat prick gets on the Jewtube and propagandizes for Israel.

isis is an israeli front

Israel is the mad bomber, and the high commander of this terror war on freedom is Benjamin Netanyahu.  Anyone allied with this crazy nutcase is treasonous, John Hagee is best friends with the antichrist, he is acting as a mouthpiece for Israel, he is making a baldface terroristic threat against his own home nation America.  John Hagee should be immediately arrested and executed for treason.  Netanyhu should be droned, after all he is the greatest threat to world peace, he is the world’s number one terrorist.


Hagee knows exactly what is going on, like Netanyahu, Pastor John Hagee is a pathological liar.  Supremacist Jewry has infested and ripped off nation after nation.  Much of world history is the spun stories of how Israel rips off other nations, just as Israel is profiteering by the national security state right now.  Israel is doing the terror, not god, not Iran, not Russia.

If Hagee says “god” will destroy the United States, he really means “Jews will destroy the United States”.  Hagee is probably a mole, a rabbid Zionist pig, a Rabbi pretending to be a Christian pastor.    Israel has nuclear weapons and is blackmailing the United States, Zionist pig demon Hagee is issuing a threat for a criminal cabal of bloodthristy Zionists.

Natenyahu Quote

Israel is planning on disposing America when they get done using her, Prime Ministers of Israel have openly said this publicly.  They claim they control the USA now and are willing to destroy her in the future.  That makes perfect sense, the parasite Israel will destroy the United States after she bleeds her dry because she stands in the way of her world dominance.



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