It’s Time to Kill Rothschild



Stand back and take a good look the shit hole called Israel, a place of demented egos writhing in their self chosen status, completely convinced of their superiority over everyone and everything.  The entire nation of Israel approves of their Prime Minister completely controlling and subverting the United States for their parasitic tape worm existence.


Without a shred of integrity, the Jew wants all, the Jew wants you to pay for its existence, fight its wars, then demands you grovel in front of its glory, licking the dust off the feet of their glorious Neanderthal genetic laced bodies.  Do you agree with your lesser status?  Do you like being the Jew whore, the mule of these fucking pricks?

fuck you rothschild  eat lead

Well, are you going to keep taking it up the ass or are you going to grow a set of balls and kill these pukes? When are you going to join me and say enough is enough and we take these mother fuckers out and I mean take them out, completely annihilate these assholes.

Israel is the private state of Rothschild.  No one should be allowed to create a private fiefdom and then wage holy hell on the rest of the world.  It’s not like Rothschild doesn’t have enough already, he has too much, that’s the problem, he should not be allowed to do what he is doing, wrecking the Middle East for his private gain.  It is time to take out this Rothschild prick and take back our birthright.

I say we nuke ’em, I say we completely glass Israel over, and we do without any regrets.  Really, no joke, I say we kill every mother fucking Jew in Israel, leave none alive.  We are justified for what they have done to us, the world wars, the exploitive banking system, how they cheated us out of affordable homes with exponential debts created out of nothing.

KILL Nathaniel-Rothschild  AND THE BANKS

Perhaps you believe in the Bible as the word of God and agree with the Jewpoint of view.  I don’t, I think if you believe in the Holy Bible as some sort of truth then you are a major asshole and deserve to die alongside your Jew buddies.  Only assholes would agree with a book written by Jew assholes.

Do like paying taxes?   Do you believe you owe someone for your existence?  What gives the Jew any right to our income?  It’s our money from our individual labor, you owe no one anything, taxation is theft.  The Jew is a fucking parasite, and like any blood sucking parasite you kill it, so you can survive.  Believing in the Bible allows the Jew to completely drain our life force.  Thanks Christian.

How about we get a spine and say fuck you Jew, eat lead.  How about we take out the IRS buildings and all those that work for the Jew stealing out efforts.  We kill all those that helped the Jew rape us, they are equally guilty in the scam, including those who enforce the system on us, all these Federal Agents are working for Rothschild, and they are all guilty of treason.

Do you remember Waco and Ruby Ridge or Edgar Steele?  It’s our time now, our anger has long been building and now we shall unleash our wrath on all these enforcers of Rothschild.  Isn’t it time we kill all these fuckwads that enforce the criminal banking system on us?  Yes, it is time, line them up and cap every god damn one.

Don’t forget the preachers, they are actually worse than Rothschild, they mesmerize the sheep with the tales from the Holy Bible, about some angry god and his bloody son.  It is really a very sick book, so kill them too.  The Bible is how authority is established in the minds of the unthinking sheep.  Take a good look at your world, where authority is running rampant over our natural rights.  The preachers of the Holy Bible are the prime agents for the evil force entering this world.


And what about “Lord” Rothschild.  Why is that prick still alive?  Look at what Israel has done to all the neighboring states, you’d think some rich Muslim that has some ball and pride would buy a fancy missile and send it sailing for Rothschild castle.  That is what I would do, and I would do it without hesitation.  But rich Muslims are just like rich Christians, they love to do business with the Jew.


So perhaps Putin will send Bear Bombers over England and take care of business, remove the problem at the source, nuke Waddesdon Manor and end the Rothschild banking dynasty.  We can only hope for some real leader to end the insanity clutching the world, and end the reign of holy hell.  It will be a great day for humanity when Rothschild is taken out of the gene pool.

No one needs Rothschild or his bank, we should act decisively to free ourselves from the Jew banking parasite, it is long overdue.  No one needs trillions of Pounds or Dollars of debts, in fact we don’t need any debts.  We can be perfectly content being free without debt and without Rothschild.

It is time to kill Rothschild and all agents of Rothschild, all IRS and FBI agents, etc.  They are all guilty of aiding and abetting the criminal Rothschild family, what they have done to us is inexcusable and unpardonable, they have written their own death warrants.



23 thoughts on “It’s Time to Kill Rothschild

    • Edward

      Hi anonymous,…..
      Just red your clear and strait- forward remaks about those hypocrital lying scumbags of the entire R. family…… but it is not just them, it involves also other families like the Rockefellers, the Du Ponts, The Warburgs, The Waltons, The Harrimans, The Bushes, The Dutch and British Royal Families, and some other filthy rich thieving scumbag- Families (see my youtube message; “EdwardVlasveld Agenda 21”)
      As given in your message,…. you are right,….. my only problem is the lack of support from the right people !
      contact me at +32-476-791325 And let us choose a safe way to communicate,
      Best regards


  1. Anonymous

    Don’t believe this lie if you do you are just as blind or stupid as the people that made this all i ask is do your own research and don’t believe ever thing you read or hear on the Internet do your own research stop being brain washed and be stronger

  2. Rothschilds are responsible for millions of lives lost, Wake up (ALL WARS) are a scam, created for profit Israel did 9-11, Will Trump announce this, WILL the American Miltia get their country back & print greenbacks like JFK wanted to do before Rotschilds murdered him?

  3. Agent of Yahweh

    Okay, so you figured it out; Rothschilds control the world. 5 bucks (whatever that will be worth soon) says that when the Rothschilds puppeteer the world towards North Korea that they’ll start launching nukes killings tens of millions. And yeah, lets say that, this guy who published this article MIGHT be the guy in a North Dakota Nuclear Command Station that turns the key with his buddy to launch nukes towards the rothschild buildings. Could you really expect that killing the Rothschilds would end all of our suffering? Odds are, they have people to collect their assets if that ever happened lined up, and i mean a LINE. Cut one head off and two shall rise. Being “christian” simply hides the fact that you gave up; whoever you are reading this. I know i did. You kill Rothschild. Then what? we find out Putin was next in line to take assets. Or the Queen of england. Or some random guy smack dab in the middle of a town of good people. There’s no stopping this now. Excuse my pessimism, its simply blurry from my standpoint what exactly the ultimate answer is for correcting the earth. So many questions, so many self-percieved, “correct answers”. But only one is truely accurate. And if one were to be wrong… perhaps you killed the leader that would one day rise to save us all, and we nuked them while they were being concieved. Say the Rothschilds actually DO have exclusive control over the earth. Id imagine that they have to sacrifice a sense of righteousness for the sake of the many when it comes to fueling the pig that is the country of The United States, some of those people will cause hundreds of dollars of property damage over their Chicken McNuggets being incorrectly counted. Being a multi-trillionaire responsible for establishing order and prosperity while considering the expectations of tech-savvy niche groups must be a 24/7 job, even with people on the hamster wheel for them in labs or factories. Careful what you wish for; we kill the “evil” people that are actually trying to be somewhere inbetween, and they may be replaced by someone who would truely be fine with everyone being enslaved in factories and farms attempting to fix a smog-filled, plastic-littered earth.

    • You better, start being more, optimistic, their is a massive wave of humanity waiting, out there I,ve seen it! You may despair, but once the heads start rolling, there is “NO” stopping this tsunami of humanity, get ready for the “NEW” Renaisance!

  4. Filippo


    They are enslaving all, poisoning all the waters and food, funding wars, civils wars, terrorism EVRY WHEREIN THE WORLD, INCLUDED “ISIS” and 9/11 !

  5. Filippo Italian-Boy


    Quickly change your money in GOLD !

    Do not trust any western bank ! … Do not keep nothing in !

    Otherwise you will remain with nothing in your hands.


    Those people say:

    They are planning a world economy collapse, in order and prospect to poorish all the world citizens and make them ALL KILLING EACHOTHERS !

  6. I like to respond. Killing the Rothschilds seems unwise to me (although I know this suggestion was a joke). What I suggest you try to do is build a strong family yourself, inspired by the positive speculation that is circulating about the Rothschilds. No one knows if they control planet Rothschild, they don’t speak out. I assure you, building a strong family nowadays is nearly impossible, if not totally impossible. We live in an utter primitive society. At least this world has *one* strong family about which a coherent amount of information has formed. We actually need more people like the Rothschilds; people who are truly independent. I can garantuee you that *I* am not under control of the Rothschild family. I try to make a difference and am considering my options. Likely, I will just try to make a career in Physics. I suggest you try to do the same. I proposes an alternative world order years ago, which mostly consists of suspending all consumers in bathtubs permanently. If that’s what you want, too bad for you; the world was unreceptive so I basically gave up on the idea. If the world cannot cooperate, and clearly it cannot, it deserves Rothschild control.

  7. 16yr old Syrian

    we must create a secret allaince
    grow numbers
    and then when we have power
    we attack rothschild
    god is with us we will win inshallah

  8. Jas

    Yes I agree the Rothschild’s are the Worst of the worst, they want to be kings and rule over us, their slaves by fiat. Billions or trillions of debt dollers they have created and siphoned off. It is just terrible we pay taxes hoping for a better country and the money just goes to these bastards. Other elites are not much better, siphoning off wealth from stock market, or manipulating currencies. But the Rothschild’s just make me sick, stealing from entire countries. They deserve whatever they get, hope they die a painful death.

  9. Jas

    We need to mobilize against Rothschild’s and other parasites. We can’t trust politicians who are ignorant or corrupt. Money buys power and the elite families have a nice grip on power. They have a nice grip on currency as well along with business. Wonder why our countries always resemble a shit hole ? Cause all the money goes to the crooks at the top. Anyways, hope these “bankers” “industrialists” “businessman” get what they deserve.

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