It’s Time to End Authority Outside of Self



Imagine no authority outside of self.  I can imagine no state and no religion, how about you?  Can you imagine killing all the preachers, Rabbis, and Imams?   I can and I say we do it now without any regrets.  No one has any authority over us, we are free, we are love and to hell with those that try to negate our very existence with their fucking holy books.

evil sheep  2

How can there be any authority outside of your self?  Are you not free?  Do you not breathe independently of other people?  Do you not own your own thoughts and actions?  How can anyone claim they have some concocted authority that negates our free thoughts and actions?

Do you believe that some Jew died on the cross for your sins?  But do you not define your very being with your thoughts, words, and actions?  How can anyone negate you by taking away sin?  Who says that any act can be taken away by magic of blood sacrifice?  It’s Christ insanity big time and most of the Western world is possessed by that crazy idea.

Why would you even want absolution?  Why do you not want to own your actions?  Do you not approve of your own choices?  Don’t you want freedom to define yourself?  Who says there’s some god out to get us?  Liars.  People in low vibration make that claim, and people in even lower vibration believe it, people who want no responsibility gravitate to a religion that negates self actions.

Christianity is a religion for irresponsible people, people who do not want to live noble lives but instead choose to live lives of servitude to an imagined god that they believe needs everything.  How can god be god if he doesn’t already have everything?  Do you believe that Jews should be allowed to sacrifice animals or people to their imagined angry sky god?  If not then why are you sacrificing your life to Jesus?

I do not believe that Jesus is a valid concept, I do not believe that a man can be killed for my sins, and I don’t even believe in the religious concept of sin, that some act of mine separates me from the divine.  I do not think that man can do anything to get in a state completely separate from god, even if he try.  God might be construed as the life force energy surging through the Universe and yourself, but he is definitely not the angry bearded Jew in the sky.

The Bible has constructed false ideas about god, if there is such an entity, since the god meme has never been proven.  Regardless, the effect of god belief is everywhere, it is the authority of the state, where some men believe they can do anything in the name of god or authority, which are one in the same.  The Bible established authority in the minds of men, and now the state is running wild with power to kill us.

Do you not have the right of self-defense, especially from the state?  All animals defend themselves and they are not even self-aware like you.  So your free will makes you even more precious than any animals, because you know you exist, you know you are free, you are closer to the divine. You have the absolute right to defend yourself from authority.  Freedom is holy, not the goddamn Bible!


Freedom is a natural consequence of being alive.  To defend your life against predators like Christian preachers and Jews, you have an absolute right to own a gun or any other weapon and use it against them.  A gun is like having claws, you keep them retracted until you need them, like when some fucking Christian approaches you and tries to convert you to the evil Jew religion of Borg hive mind.


That is when you get out your gun, you point it at said Bible wielding lunatic and tell them to drop it.  Anyone with a Jew Bible is threatening your very existence, anyone with a Bible is trying to negate your very breath.  Do not stand for witnessing, it is an assault on your very being.  Do you get it?  Anyone converted and possessed by Bible memes is a threat worse than a hive of killer bees or horde of Zombies trying to eat your brains.

No one has any authority over you, never did, never could, never will!  This is what you must realize for you to be free.  I can not use force to convince you of this fundamental truth of existence, you must raise your vibration so that it becomes self-evident.  You are the only one with the determinate actions of your being.

map of consciousness

You think the Bible makes you safe, it does not.  It is the very evil that entered this world, the malevolent force operating in the world that could easily cause nuclear World War 3.  Billions could die all because some people choose to believe.  Being a sheep is not good, being a sheep is evil, passively listening to the preacher is an evil act of submission.

Do not submit to the Holy Bible, for you become Zombie, you kill your very soul by the act of submission.  Have you ever noticed any creative Christians? They do not exist, they can not exist for what they have done to themselves, being a Christian is the negation of self and the destruction of creativity via the self. The Christian is just like the Jew this way, unable to create because they cut themselves off from source by believing in external authority.

evil sheep

Christians are not just in on it with the Jew, trying to profit with the Jew, they are destroyed like the Jew, Zombified by Jew memes.  This is why trying to argue the Bible it always pointless with the possessed Christian, they can not even use their brain to think and counter their argument, so not only is their soul cut off, so is their brain!  The great irony should not be missed, the believer in authority is cutting themselves off from the very thing that is divine, the creative potential.

So all the Zombie Christian can do is replicate copies of previous arguments in defense of the Bible, for the past forty years all I have heard are the same lame arguments coming from these Christian robots who couldn’t reason their way out of a wet paper bag. They blindly repeat the canned responses in defense of their senseless belief – a belief that created external authority and all-powerful state that now threatens to kill most of humanity.

External authority is the primary threat to life on planet earth, it is sourced in the Holy Bible, which is not holy because of what that book is doing to our specie.  Holy is whole, that which enhances life.  We must rid the earth of the Bible and the Jew and anyone else that loves that damn book, that is the only way our specie can survive.  From here on out, the revolution is about freeing ourselves from control of the Jew and his books and take control of self back.

The best part of getting rid of authority is that the ‘authority’ meme can be retired along side the ‘god’ meme.  Both are unproven ideas used to gain control of humanity through the use of words.  Without external authority, you would never see cops with guns pointed at you, you would never have to curse some authoritarian prick trying to do you in, for without authority you would no longer even have to think of that word.

No one has any authority over you, and I strongly suggest you arm yourself against those claiming authority.  Be a hero of humanity and use deadly force against anyone claiming authority or god, especially anyone claiming Yahweh, the evil Jew god, for those people empty your clip.



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