Dark Friday


jesus never existed no one can die for your sins

Today is Good Friday, 2015.  Why they call it ‘good’ is beyond my comprehension.  They also call the New Testament ‘Good News’.  The two are probably related to the myth of cross fiction (a.k.a crucifixion).  What is wrong with Good Friday, the sacrifice of the son, and redemption?  Everything!


This is not just myth, it is not just ‘bad’ myth, this blood redemption story is beyond terrible, it is pure evil.  Now most would disagree because they have no idea what is really going on with psychological magic woven into myth. This story is a tale of black magic meant to spell bind your mind and thus a good alt name for today is ‘Black Friday’.   Today you learn the truth about this insane Christian story.


Do you think I have gone to far this time, criticizing your savior god?  I am only starting, this is not just bad myth, or just run of the mill evil Jewish blood cult mythology, it is a powerful spell that has held millions of minds in bondage for nearly two thousand years.  Look at how billions still believe this tale literal!  None of it is even close to being true, so why do so many believe even in the Age of Reason and scientific understanding?

fsm is metaphor for human nervous system

Many know that Jesus never even existed and thus the crucifixion could not have happened. The historical Christ is provable fiction.  The supernatural Christ who rose from the dead is certainly untrue, because no one can do that.  Neither can anyone be born a virgin, so any rational mind can easily discern that the beginning and ending of this sun god tale is 100% concocted fiction.

You don’t believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) or that he boiled for your sins, right?  So why do you believe that some unknown Jewish man died for your sins so that you could get to God?  Both claims are ridiculous, that is why the FSM meme was born, for the sins of your reasoning or lack of.

There is a much better way to understand what is going on, and that is to frame what is going on in your consciousness when you ‘sin’.  You are on a stair step-ladder of consciousness, when you sin you descend into hell, if you get to low you can die from your own actions.  This has nothing to do with God metering out punishment, it is the consequence of your own acts.

If you really fuck up in this life, like drink yourself to death in the gutter, that is the descent into personal hell.  God doesn’t care, he gave you free will, you can do whatever you like and every action has a consequence, good or bad.  You are making decisions and doing the choosing – and you can’t choose wrongly!


Hell in the afterlife is not real, it is what we create right here and right now with our beliefs and actions.  So if you drink yourself to death you don’t go to an afterlife hell, you just die and then your spirit is free to plan another life.   Sin is considered a bad choice by those who do not choose that decision.


So what is really going on with the crucifixion and atonement for sin?  There are two good answers, first the psychological answer.  How do you get back to heaven (above 200 on the consciousness scale) and out of the depths of despair?  How does the drunk get back up on his feet?  Belief in a higher power.

This is what Alcoholics Anonymous teaches.  Any higher power and it works.  People are saved from themselves by belief in a higher power.  So if you believe in the power of Elvis, that he can save you from your own ego, then it works, and back up the scale you go.

What is sin?  Sin is a mistake in judgment, it should not be viewed as something that keeps your from God eternally.  That is impossible, if you have a soul, it is eternal by definition, it can never get to a place where it can’t get back to the godhead.  It is bad theology to teach that sin separates you from ‘god’ forever and ever, but this is exactly what many Christians teach.

No one can die for your sins and you shouldn’t even want anyone to do that.  Why should someone else be punished for what you are doing?  That makes no sense.  No one should ever be the whipping boy for your fucking ego.  How about you overcome your ego and get into higher consciousness without believing in bad myth or punishing your neighbor?

consciousness-map VS. CHRIST FICTION

Science has done many things but for this essay consider what science has done in explaining the big yellow ball in the sky.  It’s not God, it’s not orbiting around us, it’s not 6,000 years old, and no one has to have their heart cut out to get the sun to rise again.   The Aztecs were wrong and so are the Christians.

Likewise you are not born in ‘sin’, you are not with original sin, the Adam and Eve story in Genesis is fear based programming to put your mind into shame.  The evil Bible Genesis story puts you in the lowest levels of that chart if you believe that tale literal.  God cast out the sinners who ate from the Tree of Knowledge and you are still carrying that guilt and automatically going to hell for being born.

According to this incredibly evil Bible story, everyone automatically goes to hell for what the woman Eve did.  You get eternal punishment for being born, so you better get right by god or else.  We teach this to children and we should not, those that teach this are worse than Eve.

There is no guilt with becoming self-aware, that claim just prove how evil the Bible really is.  You became self-aware automatically as the hominid specie grew a bigger brain, the brain became a better and better processor until one day we became human, self-aware creatures who now toiled with tools for survival.

The tale of sin in the Garden of Eden is crazy, right?   It’s the central teaching of Judeo-Christianity.  Without this ‘sin’ making you black all over and undesirable in the eyes of god, why would you need Jesus or redemption?  For a Jew, without sin he wouldn’t be doing ritual sacrifice.  That story is a memetic hook, it is meant to belittle you, cast you down, stomp on your face for ever and ever for the crime of being born.

Making you guilty is how the church is born.

Once they have you, then you are owned and toyed with by these church pricks.  If you can get into a child’s mind and indoctrinate them with Genesis, then they own you for the rest of your life, you become a church commodity.  That is why teaching the Bible must be banned as a crime, a psychological crime against the mind.

Next they have another bullshit story, you can get better with god – if you believe in the son of god, the savior (sun) god Jesus, who takes away the sin.  Jesus is just as much bullshit as Adam and Eve.  None of these three characters ever existed!  We should lampoon this story like this:


In my book I cover the next big problem, the fake passion play, I show that only by real passion that humans could overcome the indoctrinated passion play of the New Testament.  The lead characters have so much tremendous real passion that they self realize the truth about the myth.

This Jesus weeping in the Garden of Gethsemane passion story is about killing your own passion and the harvesting of your energy for the church and state and turning you into a farmable commodity.  That is the black magic answer of how myth is used to psychically control you then steal your energy.  No one can be passionate about dying for your sins.  Think about it, the story is ridiculous!

How many people are not having sex because of this myth?  You are a sexual being in a sexual Universe, sex isn’t bad, it is the way it is.  Don’t let the evil Jew get into your head, don’t let the Jew rule your physical body, don’t fear the reaper, and don’t let the church steal your energy.

Denying sex is to deny evolution and your very nature, and Christians do both.  Jesus passion in the Garden of Gethsemane is the most evil story ever invented, that is why the hero in my book accidentally drops a B61 nuclear bomb set on maximum yield right on that very spot, vaporizing it forever and ever and ending the myth.

Good Friday and the rest of the Easter story is how the vampires are killing your very soul, it is the very code of the matrix being used to harvest your vital energy.  Sound like science fiction?  It ain’t, it is what is really going on, the Crucifixion is a black magic spell on your mind.  Stop believing it!

sun vs son

I am not completely sure why the sun is associated with blood, but it is. Perhaps the sun is warm and your blood warm, and early man-made that association.  Christianity primary focus of redemption is based on a theory that blood is redemption from sin.  No proof of this theory has ever been offered yet it is asserted like it was the fact of facts.

blood sun

Do you believe God had to kill himself on a cross to change his mind about forgiving you?  Why doesn’t the ALL POWERFUL just change his mind?  Eh?  I can forgive someone by changing my mind, why can’t God?  Am I more powerful than God?  God is so rigid he can’t change his mind?  That means he has less degrees of freedom than me, a mere mortal.


Doesn’t it sound fishy to you that some ‘god’ has to kill to right a wrong.  Sounds like making more wrong to fix an insane starting premise of a demented holy book with a faulty initial premise.  What makes more sense, these insane Bible stories or that priests made it all up as they went along?  The story is bullshit, that is why it doesn’t stand up to reason, there never was a judging god.

My reasoning is more powerful than your faith, that is for sure.  Every Christian for the last two thousand years has repeated the blood redemption assertion as if it was Gospel Truth.   The Gospel isn’t truth at all, it is a GOD SPELL. The Gospel claims about Jesus are in fact it is beyond crazy, this claim of blood redemption for sins is batshit crazy!

1.  There is no proof of a God and even less of a judging God.  If God is love like now claimed then he can’t judge.

2.  There is no proof of sin.

3.  There is no proof that sin keeps you from God.  (just the opposite is true, sinning makes you need god more, not less – see consciousness map)

4.  There is no evidence that Jesus was a real human and all of the evidence is on the side of a fictional character of a poorly written story.  No one is born a virgin or rises from the dead.

5.  There is no evidence that a death on a cross changes your relationship with ‘God’.  That makes no sense whatsoever, you define yourself with your thoughts, words and actions.

6.  Anyone can forgive without killing their ‘only beggotton son”, so why can’t God?

7.  If the story is true, then the bloody cross would be proof of the sin of God, for omniscient being created man knowing full well that he would judge them all and send all to hell then change his mind and kill himself at a future time when he felt more loving.  God could not be loving when he created us if he knew he would be wiping us out in a flood, etc.

josephus invented jesus for a specific purpose

The blood redemption on a cross is a senseless story that does not stand up to scrutiny, and we have a rational reason why.  It was invented for mind control.  It didn’t happen, no one can die for your sins, you don’t need redemption, no God is out to get you.  It’s fear and like they say, fear is not real.

After Rome sacked Jerusalem in 70 A.D., the Caesar banned ritual animal sacrifice, Josephus the Jewish scholar was pressed into service of empire and paid to write a new myth, one that would convert Messianic Jews to Paganism.  Mithra was tossed aside and Jesus born a virgin by the pen of Josephus, a new solar god savior, a Jewish son of god that fulfilled scriptural prophecy.

Jesus was meant to convert Jews, not Gentiles!  Josephus was the father of this new god, a new god born in a virgin in mythological space.  He died for your sins so that you don’t need to keep up the sacrifices of the Bible patriarchs which were already banned by Rome!

The problem continues, the Jewish Neanderthals did not convert, Gentiles did, completely mesmerized by this bloody myth of a Jew dying for the sins of the world.

Next consider what science has done in its short life compared to the eons of religious belief, in a few hundred years science has exploded long-standing myths of the sun, origin, god.

 Life of the Sun:

The Birth of the Sun
“The Sun (and all the planets) started their lives in a giant cloud of cold molecular gas and dust. And then about 4.6 billion years ago, something bumped into the cloud, like the gravity from a passing star, or shockwaves from a supernova, causing the cloud to collapse. With the collapse, the mutual gravity from the particles in the cloud pulled together, and formed pockets of denser material in the cloud. These were star forming regions, and one of them was to become the Solar System.

As the cloud collapsed, conservation of momentum for all the particles in the cloud made it start spinning. Most of the material ended up in a ball at the center, but this was surrounded by a flattened disk of material. The ball at the center would eventually form the Sun, while the disk of material would form the planets. The Sun spent about 100,000 years as a collapsing protostar before temperature and pressures at the core ignited fusion at its core. The Sun started as a T Tauri star – a wildly active star that blasted out an intense solar wind. And then, just a few million years later, it settled down into its current form. The life of the Sun had begun.”

“The Sun, like most stars in the Universe, is on the main sequence stage of life. Every second, 600 million tons of hydrogen are converted into helium in the Sun’s core, generating 4 x 1027 Watts of energy. For the Sun, this process got going 4.6 billion years ago, and it has been generating energy this way every since. But there isn’t an unlimited amount of hydrogen in the core of the Sun. In fact, it’s only got another 7 billion years worth of fuel left.”

old_chakram aRES xENA


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