Attunement With Reality This Easter


easter 2015 he didn't go because he didn't exist

Easter should be a wonderful celebration of life, this important spring holiday should not be subverted to religion.  Humans celebrating melting snow, spring, fertility and renewal – how wonderful.  Humans celebrating a dead Jew on the cross – how insane!  Jesus dying for your sins is a really bad idea that everyone seems to love.  Why is Christian Easter bad?  Let me tell you why.

bad pope jesus didn't exist

Christ = Slavery 


Responsibility = Freedom

No one can die for your sins and you shouldn’t want anyone to do that for you.  You should crave freedom and own your actions instead of trying to skate free out of this life with irresponsible myth.

Why do people love the Christ myth?  Simple, they escape responsibility for their actions.  According to many Christians, nothing you do matters in getting to heaven unless you believe in Jesus.  You could be the kindest and most generous soul that ever lived, even giving your life for another and you still would go to hell, automatically.  Only assholes think this way, and there are sure a lot of assholes these days!


This myth, no doubt, is only something an evil Jew mind could come up with, but what puzzled me for so long is why so many wanted to believe. Why do so many for so long believe this fucking crap?  Low vibration, fear, and ego consciousness were the answers I got after decades of seeking.

No one should ever want to worship Yahweh, but because most lack that internal fortitude to stand up to evil, they fall.   Christianity is a carefully laid trapped for the human psyche.  No matter how much one believes, facts are facts, no one is born a virgin, no one can walk on water, no one can die for your sins.  Such beliefs should have already evaporated in the modern scientific age, where men discovered laws of Nature, like Physics, and no one can walk on water, never, no exceptions because it is a law.

What do you think makes Christians assholes?  Please tell me, I’m sick of them telling me I’m going to hell, or I’m the devil, blah, blah, blah.  Study this next chart, it explains a whole lot about this hell planet we are stuck on.  This chart is a map of consciousness developed by David Hawkins.  People in fear consciousness are at the lowest levels, the Bible level.

Find the attributes of Yahweh on the chart above.  That vindictive condemning prick is at the bottom, that’s your ‘god’ Christians, that’s the Jew god everyone fearfully loves, that is the god of the Old Testament, the one Jesus affirmed and said “I and the Father are one” (John 10:30).  So don’t tell me Jesus isn’t Yahweh, they are the same thing according to the book.

Does that sound like a ‘good’ shepherd, leading you into the lowest depths of human consciousness?  Not to me, sounds like the sheep are being led back into Jew hell with Jesus.  Christians have a thinking problem, they haven’t thought the obvious – Jesus should of condemned the Torah.  If Jesus was a real god he would have told you the truth of the higher vibration, he would of told you to burn the Torah like I do.

Of course, Jesus is not real, he is a character in a fictional tale, and this mythological tale has goals, your obedience.  With the Jew you must obey or else.  Logic and a sense of fairness be damned, the Jew demands your obedience.  So when the Jew Josephus wrote the new myth, the same Jew evil was laced throughout the new text of the New Testament.  That doesn’t make it Good News, it’s the same bad Jewish inversion of reality.

What is the Christian taught that makes the updated version even more evil than the Old Testament?  The new god Jesus, born a virgin from Josephus pen, affirms the Torah and the law.  Jesus affirmed vindictive Jew law (see chart where vindictiveness lies, the second lowest rung to hell).  Josephus, captured by Rome during the Judean revolt, is the father and mother of Jesus, and a damn Jew liar.

So this Easter, do not believe the fairy tale of Jesus born in the manger or that Jesus died for your sins and then rose again.  None of that happened.   Align yourself with reality, no person is born a virgin, no person can die for your sins, no person rises from the dead.  In fact you do not need forgiveness because the judging god was never there.  No person needs Jesus on this planet, the exact opposite of the claim.

Jesus affirms the Jewish inversion of reality, Jesus affirmed Jewish insanity, and thus we know that Jesus is nothing but a paper fraud, because no god in the highest consciousness would ever affirm Jewish low consciousness.  Understand?  This is very simple to comprehend, but the Christian can not because they are under a black magic spell.

Someone existing in the perfect peace of bliss (highest consciousness) doesn’t affirm hell level of consciousness.  Increase your perception of reality, no person that affirms the Torah could be god.  Do you see the Jesus fraud now?  JESUS CAN NOT BE GOD IF HE AFFIRMS JEW.   Worshipping Jesus is a huge mistake, a ‘sin’, because you are making the Jew your god.

If you make the Jew your God

you are completely damned!

How does the Christian memeplex trick the mind?  First the mind is terrified with the threat of eternal punishment, then the carrot on the stick of Jesus and eternal life offered as salvation.   Once again, the Jewish demand of obey or else.  The New Testament is no better than the old, perhaps more deadly because now the Gentiles (a derogatory term used by Jews to demean gentle people) were converted en masse.

The New Testament created more Jews, more unthinking Borg hive minds, slaved to the power of the Jewish controlled state.  That is not good news.  Christianity is a gigantic Jewish death cult, and proof is the history of Judeo-Christianity, mega death brought to earth by believing in Jewish ideas.

With the New Testament and the new god Jesus, billions were converted to Judaism.  A Christian is nothing less than an honorary Jew, they may not be a chosen one, but they think in terms of the Jewish simulacrum, they define reality as a Jew.  Evil was unleashed upon the world by this new Roman cult.  That was not good news.

The Bible defines fear as love.  This is why fundamentalists fear god even as they tell you the God is love.  So which is it, fear or love?  Both, and that is impossible, so the Bible has the effect of scrambling men’s minds and putting them in a permanent state of confusion.


The description of the Bible god of the Old Testament has best been summed up by Richard Dawkins.  How many of the characteristics of Yahweh can be found in the lowest reaches of the consciousness chart, the region of death?

This threat of eternal punishment is not true, there’s no hell to go to, and everyone gets the exact same ending when they die – they go back.  No exceptions, no special privilege, no better seats in heaven.  Everyone goes to heaven without any exceptions is a new idea that exceptionalist Fundamentalists hate.  This exclusivity is the emotional driver of war and hatred.


So you might be wondering what makes the Bible, even the New Testament, is so evil.  Very specific verses, like John 3:16, which I consider to be the most evil verse ever.  When you read it, it may sound innocuous to the non-believer, but to the believer it is the flamethrower verse.

Only the believer goes to heaven.  That’s what it says.  ONLY THE BELIEVER IS SAVED.  Thus all non believing infidels must be sent to hell.  How big is the pile of human carcasses from that verse alone?  Not thousands, not millions, not tens of millions, hundreds of millions put to death because they did not profess Christ – a man who didn’t even exist!

John-3-16 most evil verse ever written 1

John 3:16 might be the most evil verse penned by the hand of man, but John 3:17 is it’s brother and just  as deadly.  Josephus got his revenge, his new god is the condemnation of the world.

John-3-16 most evil verse ever written

These two verses are like the twin towers of evil, David Rockefeller would be proud.  The world fell into darkness in the first century A.D. when these two hellish verses were unleashed on mankind!  Meet the real Kraken, the Book of John.  Bible wielding Christians have killed hundreds of millions as they preached the love of god.  Josephus was a genius, a Jewish master mind.

unleash the kraken John 3-16 and 3-17

Monotheism is the greatest evil invented in the pantheon of the Gods, when man consolidated power with one god, the one true god, all hell broke loose.  You can thank the mother fucking Jews and their Yahweh prick in the sky for the present hell state of the world.  Hell.  Christians are grasping for heaven and creating a living hell.

Monotheism is the father of the all-powerful state, it is the consolidation of power – the monopolistic use deadly force in the hands of the state, the unelected few, the camouflaged Jews who pull the levers of power behind the scenes.  Right now they are planning nuclear war, and there is little you can do to stop them.  The carefully built the modern state and now that they have it, with nukes and they are already using them judiciously.

Soon they will use nukes Jewliciously, killing everyone and everything, because that is what the Jew does, that is all he knows, he is the destroyer of life and he’s got the hell bomb!  So celebrate Easter you damn fools, say your prayers to the Jew Zeus, pray for his return.  By believing in Jesus you affirmed the Torah, you made the Jew God, you destroyed your very soul.

Jesus Nuke Rapture Second Coming


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