Mind Rape: The Virgin Birth


acharya s

Most people love Christian mythology of Jesus born a virgin. Obviously such a claim is ridiculous and is one of the first clues that the Bible story is fiction.  This essay dedicated to Acharya S in the opening picture.  I thought it appropriate and funny, her dressed as the Immaculate Mary, pure and holy.

Florence Uffizi Birth of Venus cropped

This Easter 2015, let us discuss the mind fuck of the Virgin birth, what is really going on, and how it relates to Jesus’ death on the cross.  No virgin birth, no cross, no resurrection, just pure unadulterated Grade A Jew authored bullshit!

Why did the writers of the New Testament copy the commonly used meme of a god borne a virgin? There are several possibilities. The first is that ‘borne a virgin’ is writer guild code, that the writer is creating a new god out of whole cloth.  Virgin in this context means virgin god or spiritual theme born by the writer.

Jesus is a new god, a Jewish messiah, born a virgin, with the non sperm donor Joseph. Thus the father and mother of Jesus is Josephus. He intentionally writes the story encoding the real father and mother, himself – this is quite clever and has eluded every believing Christian for two thousand years.  Josephus is very impressive, he made himself god with his new myth.

Secondly the writer is a male Jew who has the specific intention of continuing the patriarchal myth of Abraham. The female references for deity could have been sown back into Bible text at this point, if a more balanced writer had been on the scene, the new god could have been changed to a woman and her story brought a balance of sexually energy into the text.

But no, we are not so lucky, because in this hell universe the Jew wrote the myth, and if you understand Jews you will know that the Jew detests truth, hates women, and has an incredibly devious mind.

Josephus did not fix the sexually imbalanced myth, just as the woman Eve was framed for all of mankind’s sins, Josephus framed your sexual energy, by claiming god came from a virgin, thus belittling the sexual act, continuing the Bible theme that the human body is dirty, shameful, a thing needing covering.  Holy god could not come from impure lust.

see any similarities krishna and jesus birth myth

Once you understand how the Jew operates, only a fool would believe Jew holy text. The Jew has absolutely no intention of telling you the truth AND the Jew has the absolute intention of turning reality on its head and fooling you.  The Jew inverts reality on a regular basis, including many of the modern myths most people subscribe to.

So before we get into the real reason for the virgin birth, you have to know how the Jew operates. Take the Federal Reserve for instance, the title is meant to deceive, not Federal, no reserve. How about the Holocaust? Didn’t happen and the real holocaust was against the Germans who are defamed by the Holohoax myth.  How about 9-11-2001?  No Muslims, Israel did it.

Those are some whopping ass lies – wouldn’t you say? So if you know about those lies and you are a Jew wise Christian then why not examine your beliefs, perhaps the Jew told the biggest lie of all time with the Jewish messiah myth.  Is Jesus is the greatest bullshit story ever sold?  I think so and so does Acharya S (a.k.a. DM Murdoch) who wrote ‘The Christ Conspiracy The Greatest Story Ever Sold’ which was followed up by Joseph Atwill’s ‘Caesar’s Messiah, the Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus’.

Jesus - the greatest bullshit story ever

What do these two great minds tell us?  The Jesus story is pure myth, meaning, the Jesus story was not based on a real person or historically accurate, it is woven out of previous sun-god tales and Roman conquest of Judea.  Jesus didn’t even exist, he was not modeled after some man named Yesuah or whatever, no person walked and talked and said anything like what was claimed.

Atwill really finished off Jesus, drove the final nail in the Jesus coffin when he showed us that Jesus’ ministry, his travels are code for Vespasian and Titus Flavian military campaign that ended with the siege and sacking of Jerusalem.

Now with respect due to the previous writers, let me pick up this expose of Jesus where they left off, my forte is this next bit of information, the sex part or lack thereof, that’s where I come in.  This Christian cult is really an anti-sex death cult and furthermore this cult is harvesting the divine sexual energy of humanity.

I want you to consider the obvious, sex is good. Sex is natural, like breathing. If you are fit, you should be having regular sex because it is how humans bond and form social order. If you doubt this premise then I highly suggest go to Thailand or Vietnam or the Philipines or some place untouched by the Roman anti-sex cult of Catholicism or modern Protestant Evangelical Christianity.

I was in the military and had the privilege to see untouched natives up close. They had sex all of the time and thought nothing of it, they had sex as if they were breathing, they were hardly conscious of doing the sex act, they just do it because it is the natural thing to do.  Boy did I feel cheated out of my childhood, I had been robbed of this experience, and I still resent it.

As a Western raised Catholic boy I was sure curious as to why they could be this way, I was raised in a Midwestern state and never observed this behavior. I was attracted to this constant senseless lovemaking.  Humans in their natural state are simple loving joyful beings, something I did not see in the at home or at Catholic school.

Sex was bad, a dirty thing you only did to procreate according to Church doctrine.  My parents never publically displayed affection, when I joined the military, that was a rule prosecuted by the UCMJ.  Military men the world over can not display affection.  When you are in the business of dominating and killing, the authority wants no public display of affection.  Likewise the Catholic Church wants no public display of affection.  Think about it, what’s the difference?  None!

I was taught by Nuns, women who professed Christ and gave their lives to him, especially their sexual lives. Nuns never had sex. As a schoolboy we joked about this, ‘Nuns were getting none’, or Nuns had their pussies sewed up. I actually believed that, no joke.

For months on end, just before puberty I sat in the stifling conditions of the Catholic grade school classroom, with a boner, I wanted those girls in the Catholic uniform. Every day I imagined having sex with them, kissing them, feeling their breasts, fucking them. When I went through puberty, the situation was intolerable, I was being taught that these girls were off-limits but having the exact opposite feeling.

Soon I found a girl in the my neighborhood, she wasn’t Catholic but she was just as horny. The first time I had sex was pure revelation. It was the greatest thing ever! Everything I was being taught was wrong, and being me, with Aries blood, I was on the war path, and still am.

I fully intend on bringing down the Catholic church in my lifetime because of my personal experience.  Sex is the greatest thing and Christianity is the worst thing, and I am writing that in my novels, an epic tale of revelation about how fucked up Western culture really is.

So when I got overseas, the overly educated bright child of a repressed culture, I sure was curious as to what the natives were doing. Happy, joyful, mindless, and having sex all the time without a care in the world. That observation set me off on a life long quest to understand why my people were so fucked up, rigid, authoritarian, angry, and beating me physically and mentally.

Then we have the primary reason why Jesus is born a virgin because god can not come from the sex act. This has never been discussed until now and I suppose I am the one that has to break the news to the world. The Jew writers is harvesting sexual energy with the Jesus virgin birth and passion story.

My horniness overcame the god damn Christ cult. I am here with my full sexual being and I am going to expose to the world, this Easter 2015 what these mother fuckers are doing! These pricks are harvesting sexual energy, sorta like the Matrix, but we are not hooked up psychically in some hellish underworld, we are being harvested like a commodity by the use of myth.

The Virgin birth is mind rape and no one should believe it, this Universe is a sexual Universe and you are part of that, to demean sex and affection is to destroy what we really are, divine sexual beings.  I will be a happy man when the Catholic church is destroyed and my people set free of this evil Christ cult.  So on Easter 2015, let me quote from Book 4  ‘The Goddess Speaks’:

“The only purpose of the priest is to be the teacher, but in this hell realm, the Rabbinic priest is the deceiver.  The Rabbinic class are a tribe of demons turning reality upside down, teaching so-called truths that are the polar opposite of reality.  The Bible is not holy, it destroys holy, in fact the purpose of the Bible is to do that.  The Bible is a collection of Rabbinic philosophy meant to destroy life.

“This entire culture, from which we are fleeing, was created on the inversion of sexual energy from good to bad.  Being alive is bad, god hates you, he will judge you, he cast you out of paradise, he made you ashamed, you are a sinner, you are eternally separated from god, you must confess you lust to the priest, you must not have lustful sex, or pre-marriage sex, you shouldn’t celebrate your body, or be healthy or do anything that is really holy.

According to the Rabbi or priest, hell awaits the non-believer, if you don’t believe this fear porn, then you get tortured in hell for all eternity – but you are required to love this god that would do this.  That is one hell of a perversion and it is the most harmful philosophy ever invented.”

Perkins injects, “Yes I just realized the other day that Christianity was worshipping Jewish judgment as the good.”

Lisa  -“Yes, … that is correct.”

“What does the word holy mean to you?  Holy is really ‘w-holy’  or whole, when you are healthy you are wholly or whole.  I am goddess and I am here to restore holy, and sex is holy which is why I have a hottest body of any woman on this planet.  Having hot sex is the ability to not just have intercourse, it is the ability to have the highest level sex because it takes the highest amount of energy to have hot sex.”

Perkins is stunned and amazed by his new bride Lisa.  “So what you are really saying is that this revolution is about making sex holy again?”

“Yes, sex is holy, it is the holiest thing you can do because it is the life force in action.  Nature invented sex as the way higher lifeforms reproduce, we humans call the sex act fucking.  Fucking is not a bad word, it is a word that best describes sex.  Fucking is holy, and those priests who say otherwise are wrong.  This revolution will restore breathing as the good, the human body as the good, life as good, and fucking as the affirmation of life, and hotness as the highest achievement.

“What is the point in fucking if it isn’t hot?”  Lisa concludes.

We are not just sexual beings, we are sex, and hotness is a quality of who we really are.  If you doubt this take a look at a hottie and compare that to the depressed church lady.  The you will see with your own eyes the reality, those having sex are really alive and those that deny sex are close to death.  Sex is life, and writing myth of god born a virgin is psychic abuse, mind rape.



One thought on “Mind Rape: The Virgin Birth

  1. Jack

    All organized Religions are based on Bullshit. There never was a virgin Birth. It’s a fabricated story made up by Barbarian Fishermen who wrote the Bible 70 years AFTER Jesus died.
    Anyone who actually believes all the ridiculous illogical stories in the Bible is a fucking idiot with no common sense. Case Closed.

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