Hell of God



What has the Bible God brought to earth.  Hell.  The Bible has unleashed hell on earth.  The Bible is the Hell of God.  Just to prove beyond any doubt this hell relationship with “god” we know with 100% certainty that Israel did 911 AND we know that Christians of the Jew Hell God continue to support the Hell Nation of Israhell.


So what if Netanyahu ordered 911?  He delivered the hell of the believers.  The real problem is with us, we are not defending ourselves from the Jew attack!


The situation with America is completely outrageous, we are being nuked and those doing the nuking are being worshipped as gods.  What the fucking hell is wrong with everyone?  I am the only sane person on this planet I say we nuke Israel now!  Nuke Israel, they are attacking and destroying us.  What the hell is wrong with Americans?


Christians 100% support the ‘Hell of God’ Nation of Jew only Israhell.  For this treasonous crime I believe we have complete moral certitude to burn down every Christian Church and every Synagogue and every Mormon Temple within America.  All of these Catholic-Christian-Mormon-Jew-Yahweh churches are guilty of aiding and abetting the Hell Nation of Israhell in the destruction of America and ending liberty and freedom.

Why is America completely subverted and being destroyed?  Jews.  Bible.  When people believe the Bible they empower Jews, they manifest hell.  The Bible is not some holy book, it is a hell book, reading the Bible manifests the Hell of God.

911 is a lie or our truth

What about the Jews who pretend to be on our side?  Internet writer Henry Makow hates women.  Why should we hate women?  That is insane.  Love women, hate the Jew!  Henry Makow is mad, he is a Jew trying to get us in a war with our women just like the feminists.

Brother Nathanael Napster defends Christianity, but Jesus never existed, there’s no Messiah.  No one is coming to save us, we save ourselves when we ditch the Jew book and come to our senses and return to the Natural world.  Napster is dead wrong with his beliefs, Jesus isn’t real.

Are they not still Jews defending Jewisms?  Jews have always hated woman.  Do not trust any Jew pretending to be on our side, they are not, they are doing damage control or they are duped.  Nothing associated with Jew is true because the Jew lives inside of lies built upon lies.  Any Jew transcending Judaism and converting to Christianity is still inside the Jew bubble of non-reality.


Why are Jews leading the revolution, that is insane.  The Jew is the problem, and person or Jew converted to the Jewism of Christianity is with sound mind.   Do you know what that means?  The entire Western culture has been subverted at a deep subconscious level of a death cult, and we are approaching the Apocalyptic point, where the minions of evil, voted in by the duped masses lead us into nuclear war.

We must be in some sort of hell, where everyone is completely paralyzed, unable to think and act properly, we are careening toward Armageddon and the fools are cheering the destroyers.  WE MUST COME TO OUR SENSES AND IMMEDIATELY NUKE ISRAEL!




If you even knew the half of it you would be shocked to your inner core, and to know even half of the evil the Church have brought to this realm you must not have your mind in that book.  Without Bible programming skewing your reality, you would be able to see clearly what Amerika has done in the name of God.  We have created the Hell of God by acting out the Bible memes.

How about the destruction of Iraq?  A nation which never threatened the United States or was involved in 911.  This is the Hell of God.  God fearing American soldiers invaded and bombed, shot, and killed everything, all for God’s holy nation of Israel.  When the invasion occurred, Christians formed prayer teams and prayed to God for the soldiers, our team.  This is the Hell of God brought to earth by the Holy Bible.


Take for instance the Vienna’s Boys Choir.  Sounds wonderful, right?  Little boys singing in high voices praises and songs to the Almighty.   Such a needy God, who needs endless praise and devotion, has everything but wants your balls.  For years and centuries the Vienna boys choir castrated 5,000 boys annually.  Hell of God.  Do the math, in a hundred years that’s 500,000 White boys castrated for ‘god’.

vienna's boys choir MISSING THEIR BALLS

What kind of sick specie are humans?  Castrating little boys so that they can continue singing in high pitch as they go through puberty.  Humans are sick, they read the Bible and become mentally ill.  The Holy Bible is not good or holy, this is also the Hell of God doing evil in the name of good, trying to please the Jewish god.

Rabbis chewing on infant penises in sick foreskin removal ritual.  This is another example of the Hell of God.  Jews suck,  Fuck Jews.  No sir, no god told you to do this as part of a contract, god doesn’t write books, god doesn’t make contracts, god never told you to mutilate the penis you fucking sick perverts.


Where did we go wrong?  Simple!  We accepted Bible hate as our highest love, we defined love in terms of a judgmental deity, one invented by pre-scientific superstitious minds and we didn’t evolve out of primitive anthropomorphic ideas of origin.

The Jew Bible is the source of evil, it is where evil enters this realm, hateful Jews wrote the Bible, it’s time out grow hell and step out of the Bible fear realm and back into reality.  Reading the Bible is programming the human to think and behave like a Jew.

A Christian is a Gentile converted to Judaism, a Christian has a Rabbi in his head.  Is America a Christian nation as claimed?  America is a Jewish nation, a nation infested with Bibles, Jews and Christians who are creating the Hell of God on earth.

bible hate defined as love

America is completely damned because America followed the Bible and was subverted to Israel.  When America finally wakes up, Israel will be done with her and burn her.  America must beat Netanyahu to the final punch and nuke Israel first.

If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the World’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control.

Why? Because it’s god’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”  

“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away” – Bibi Netanyahu

Do you get it?  Time is up.  Once you figure out your fate the Jew will be done with you and toss you away like toilet paper.  America fucked up and now she must take desperate measures to survive the wrath of the Jew.   I say loud and clear:

Kill the Jew before the Jew kills you.



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