Saint Peter’s Prick


Vatican Pope Easter

Every Easter the Popes says mass and waves to the crowd at Saint Peter’s Square.  The Vatican is at one end of a giant size scale sexual architectural layout.  Most people have never seen it even if they are standing right in the middle of it when getting a view of the Pope, who is the successor to Saint Peter.

What do you see when looking at Saint Peter’s Square?  Do you see any sexual references?  What does the word Peter actually mean?  Did Peter the Apostle ever exist?  Nope!  It’s all a big lie and the Papacy is a penis worshipping cult.

lingham and yoni at Saint Peter's Square

In the middle of the circle shaped square is the obelisk, what does it represent?  Obviously the phallus.  Both of these phalluses in the graphic below are in Rome, close to the Pope’s prick.  They are more obvious than the one by the Vatican.

oblesk is a phallus

But there is more to see. What does the surrounding square represent?  The yoni or female vulva.  Here is a clue, a giant Shiva Lingam shrine located somewhere in Asia bathed in water.  A sexual shrine usually has reference to the male and female sex organs and water.


A lingam -yoni shrine is used to connect to the gods.

lingam yoni prayer gods lifeforce


In ancient times and still today in India, believers pour milk or cream over the top of the phallus and collect the holified semen.  Remember this, the lingam is closely associated with semen.


Now take a look at Saint Peter’s Square again, can you see it now?  Shocked?  It’s far worse than you have ever imagined.  Keep reading.

saint peters prick vatican square lingam yoni

The Pope likes to bless the parishioners with holy water.  What does the holy water represent?  Semen.  Do you doubt that?  First take a look at the rock band Rammstein concert where they use a giant penis foam machine to dose the crowd.

rammstein penis foam

The Pope does the same thing with his holy water blessing, the water represents semen, remember?  Unfortunately the devout do not understand the symbology of this act, the Pope is dousing the believers with holy semen.


The hypocrisy and arrogance of the Pope and his priests should not go unchallenged, do not let these Pagan imposters douse you with holy semen.  Not cool.


And be sure to keep your children away from the creepy Pope and his minions.  Do not let the Catholic Church or any other denomination rob your children of their vital force and sex drive, do not allow your daughter or son to become entrapped in this anti-sex death cult.  There’s nothing holy about it!

pope-francis creating hell by promoting myth

Keep your children out of any Catholic or Christian school and far away from the Bible.  The Holy Bible is not holy, it is a Jewish deception, it deceives the mind, and makes you believe in hell and devils and afterlife punishment.  The Bible is mind punishment, psychic abuse of the highest order, brain washing and mind control.

Do you think the Pope is holy and close to God?  I don’t, I think all Popes are a fraud and I do not like what they say or how they behave or what they wear.  Popes are a money-making fraud based on ancient sex cults, they roll in gold coin while you toil.  They managed to do this by mesmerizing your mind with the Holy Bible.

The joke is on us, the Popes do not even believe the crap they preach, Pope Leo X admitted to profiting handsomely from the Christ fiction.  They say he is worst Pope, but in reality he was the most honest Pope, Christ is fiction, Christ never was, no one can die for your sins, no one ever gets judged in the next life. 

know your popes 3 and 11

The Catholic Church has actually convinced thousands of woman not to have sex!  Can you believe that?  I can not.  You should ask yourself why any person would agree to some contract where they are prohibited from having sex.  Does that sound sane?  Isn’t sex natural, like breathing?

Men think about sex all the time and women many times a day.  How often do you think about sex in a 24 hours?  One study discovered that men think about sex every 7 seconds.  Do certain woman at work stimulate your sexual thoughts, are you constantly looking for the next hottie?  Have you ever thought why you have nearly non-stop sexual thoughts?

Nuns looks on as Pope Francis arrives to lead his weekly audience in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican

Take a look at the nuns in the above graphic, and the hottie.  Which one stimulates your mind for sex?  Why are the nuns dressed like they don’t want none?  Are they doing that on purpose, hiding flesh?  Why do nuns hate their skin?

I am not trying to defame nuns, just defrock them for their own good.  Why would a woman not want to be hot?  Ever think of that?  Why, why, why?  How is any of this insanity even possible?  Animals are sexual, have you ever met a non-human animal that didn’t try to have sex when the conditions are right?

Do not animals have sex right in front of you, completely unconcerned if you watch, completely oblivious to the shame you’ve been indoctrinated in?  So the answer to my questions lies in what we believe and what we are taught.  Obviously we have been taught bullshit because not having sex is unnatural.

Myth is the answer why the human animal is so completely fucked up.  Bad myth, bad Jewish written myth.  Bad Bible.  The Unholiest book ever written because the Bible demonizes sex.  Sex is natural and the Jew inverted reality and made sex shameful, a sin, an abomination unto the Lord.  Jews suck.  Fuck Jews.

Really, I hate that book and what it has done to mankind.  The Holy Bible has turned humanity into monsters and all you have to do is take a look at the bent cross the Pope carries around these days.  It is disgusting, it displays a completely disgusting drooping Christ figure.  It looks evil to me, how about you?

hideous cross pope vatican anti-sex death cult

I would never carry that damn thing, I would never put that artifact in my hand, I can barely stand to look at it, it is grotesque.  What is going on in the Pope’s head that he chose that staff and cross to carry?  The Vatican probably has a whole closet full of different ones produced over the ages.  Why does he choose the most demonic looking one?

That disgusting bent cross isn’t the only weird thing inside the Vatican, take a look at the next graphic, can you believe this ‘work of art’?  It looks handcrafted by the devil himself.  The angel at top center looks like a flying Reptilian on the attack!

nothing demonic here, move along citizen

The Vatican artifacts have an effect on my consciousness, they make me shrivel and go un-hot.  I believe they are meant to do that.  I propose that the Vatican-Pope power structure is based on robbing believers of their sexual passion.

As we move the mass consciousness back to sanity I can only hope and pray that someone in a position of power targets this most unholy anti-sex death cult of Rome, may I suggest the target coordinates? directly about the large prick (phallus) in Saint Peter’s Square as shown in the diagram below.

St_Peter_Square_GROUND ZERO


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