Rabbi Neanderthal



Does this guy look like anyone you know?  Looks like a non-human hominid specie.  His tribe wrote your holy book and now his tribe is in the late stages of nuclear war planning, where they are planning on wiping out half the people on the planet.  Even though this is becoming common knowledge, you still believe his book.


Believing in the Holy Bible as the Word of God is now suicidal for the human specie.  You must overcome this book and a way to do it is to see it as it really is, a book of cave scribbles by the Neanderthal tribe.  Their book is not true and we know it is not true because science has disproved it in many areas, the parts that are testable, like our origin.

The Holy Bible, Holy Scripture is a joke but you believe, oh you believe in the Book written by Troglodytes, their Holy Book of imaginations of power mad tribe.  Are you retarded?  Have you actually read the Book of Jeremiah?  Sounds like primitive cave man claims to me, aggressive cavemen rants justifying their murderous acts.


I want you to realize that the Holy Bible is nothing but claims and rants of a megalomanical tribe of wandering and extremely aggressive non-human specie of hominid.  Their book is not your book, their god is not your god, their ideals are not your ideals.  You are not them, they are at war with us and want us all dead.

So I present these graphics for your consideration, the Holy Bible is obviously primitive Neanderthal literature, and these graphics will help your brain realize it.


The primary unwritten premise of the Holy Bible is that the Neanderthal God Yahweh exists and is angry and judgmental.  Since that is unprovable and unknowable, that premise is false.  If you can’t prove something then believing it is foolish.

The Holy Bible is an epic fail because the original premise is untrue.  God isn’t what the Jewish Neanderthal says.  Those that study this book and assert it’s authenticity are a threat to your existence, like Rabbi Glasman and all his fellow Neanderthal Rabbis.


Consider 2 Kings 9:30-37, Jehu has a woman brutally murdered, the text says her blood splattered on the wall on the horses.  Think about what the two or three brute eunuchs must have done for the blood to splatter up on a tall horse.  This is brutal Neanderthal behavior, unrepentant malevolent behavior toward the weaker sex, and a visitor.  This is considered holy text by the Jew, it is not holy at all, it is psychopathic, and anyone who did this today would be immediately arrested and charged with first degree murder.


The psychopathic text next describes how the power lusting murderer has dinner and casual conversation, then they decide to bury her, but they can only find her feet and palms of her hands!

 “Religious fanatics want people to switch off their own minds, ignore the evidence, and blindly follow a holy book based upon private ‘revelation’.     –   Richard Dawkins

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

The Bible is a record of Neanderthal insanity.  So I make fun of it, parody it as it should be parodied so that your mind can overcome it.  The text is not of ‘god’.  The voice in your head is your own subconscious mind, anyone can hear it.  But to the Neanderthal, that voice is God’s whisper, and he recorded it in his cave books.  The egocentric, homicidal, blood lusting, genocidal tales of the Bible are Jew Ego.

neanderthal trudges on in barren land

The New Testament of Neanderthals is no different, the same exaggerated text, Neanderthal Zeus, the savior of mankind curses a tree for having no fignewtons.  The text could read: ‘Let Nabisco never profit again from this fignewton tree‘, and it would make just as much sense.  Jesus God cursing a tree making it instantly wither and die, does that make any sense to you?  Why didn’t the Jesus God make the fig tree full of fruit?  Eh?  Ever think that?

Why?  I will tell you why!  A fucking Neanderthal full of hate wrote that text, and just as that tribe hated back when that text was written, their descendents destroy the vineyards, farms and olive groves in Palestine today.

Neanderthal Jesus came to save neanderthals only

Religion is capable of driving people to such dangerous folly that faith seems to me to qualify as a kind of mental illness.”    –   Richard Dawkins

Every single Jewish Rabbi is mentally ill.  Can you understand that?   The Bible is not true and anyone who has spent years studying it as the ultimate truth is certifiably insane.  Take a look at Israel, a theocratic nation run by Rabbis, the nation is completely insane and driving the world into a devastating nuclear conflict.


Everyone loves Jesus, the Neanderthal Zeus savior.  But is the text true?  No!  No one can walk on water because the Laws of Physics are never suspended.  No one is ever born a virgin, no one can die for your sins, and the friend in your head is your own mind.  But can the Neandethal Zeus actually save you from your sins?  Eh?  Ever think of that.  Are not your decisions and actions yours and yours alone?

Neanderthal Zeus Son of King Kong

The promise of heaven, an afterlife is the ultimate aphrodisiac for the human mind, the self-aware brain.  People fear death and the promise that you will live even when you are dead is too appealing to let go. Fear of death is driving our specie over the cliff into specie extinction.  The parasite tribe sold you this story to get you under it’s control, and now that they have you, god help you!

neanderthal zeus came for all peoples


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