The Gospel of the Abyss




Professor Robert Eisenman of California State University describes Atwill’s research as rendering contemporary Christian scholarship so challenged that it is now “looking into the abyss”.   It’s far worse than any professor can imagine, professors live in the intellectual ivory towers and can not comprehend what Christianity has done to the Western man’s soul, Christianity is falling back into the Abyss, the Jewish abyss from whence it sprang. 

sara netanyahu welcomes you to hell - her husband is still hungry

Western man, via Christianity, is emotionally dead, unable to grasp it’s predicament.  Western man is facing extinction because it was delivered into the Zionist Abyss by the Gospels, the God Spells of the Jew.  We are now at the exact point of the epic failure of Western civilization, where we learn that Jesus is fiction and Netanyahu the fabled antichrist.  Good luck surviving the upcoming hell storm as we fight for our right to exist.


Joseph Atwill’s book is a nuclear bomb going off into the heart of Christianity.  Professor Eisenstein’s comments on the implications of ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ is an understatement of the century.  What the this Jewish professor will never admit is that the derivative religion of Christianity, the new Judaism, is from the same abyss as Judaism.


Christianity was never in the light, it was formed from the darkness of Jewish thinking. You can not reach god while slopping around the pigsty of fear.  Fear of god makes for bad religion because what follows is pure hell for those not afflicted with that possessive memeset.  Godless heathens were slaughtered without remission or guilt.

Christianity reached for God from the Jewish hell, it never reached the heavens, it only clawed humanity, it just became the Jewish arm, chopping up defenseless aborigines and natives everywhere as the Jew expanded empire.  Thanks Christian, thanks for delivering the Western World into the Zionist Abyss with your fucking evil belief system.  Jesus didn’t save you from the Jew.

go tell the world the god spell and kill everyone in your path

With the world finally in their grasp and the fist tightening the entire myth is failing, from top to bottom as the vibration raises every bright mind can see it for it really is, pure unadulterated bullshit.  So what will the Jew do now that the collective vibration is making the Jew visible?  Nuke the world.  The iron fist was revealed after 911, now they are moving into the final phase of world conquest, war without excuse or restraint.

the dream of bibi antichrist

The arrogance of the Jew, first he claims he’s the only chosen one then he claims the only way to heaven is through the Jew.  Want God?  Must go through Jew.  But the Jew in nowhere near heaven, the Jew wallows in hell, the Jew is from hell, so those Gentiles thinking they are getting a free pass to heaven by believing in Jewish text are greatly deceived.


The Christian was willing to do anything to get to Jew heaven, anything.  Like fight World Wars for the Jew, wipe out Germany for the Jew, destroy Iraq for the Jew.  They are still whoring themselves to the Jew and it is not just pathetically evil, Christian Jew ass licking is suicidal.  Heaven by Jesus the Jew only, but while on earth you play second fiddle to the chosen ones, the Jewish supremacists.


The great deception of Yahweh, the pillar of hell, based on the unwritten assumption that the angry god judging the world. It just isn’t true, it couldn’t be true if you take a look at Nature, but everyone went with it out of fear – and all that was built on it needs to be shoved back from where it came from.  No God told you to wipe out the other tribe, no god commanded you to obey the state, no god held your soul as ransom over the fires of hell.  It was all pure bullshit.


The Christian, indoctrinated into Jewish supremacist memes, shamelessly enslaved and slaughtered natives everywhere while feeling entirely shamed of their bodies the entire time.  Shame for the naked body, but no shame for the demonic deeds commanded by Yahweh.  Perhaps when we reach higher consciousness and are able to feel free unclothed, we will be free of Jewish anger and find paradise again.


The solution to this incredible problem is simple – flush the hell belief, ram dump Jewish thinking especially Christianity and Judaism.  You must destroy the Third Temple, the worldwide church of Judeo-Christianity, just as Titus destroyed Jerusalem you must destroy what the Jew built after 70 A.D.!

Kill Rothschild

Nuke Israel

Destroy all churches and synagogues

Burn all Jewish holy books

End terror by ending the Jew and his thinking patterns. A concerted world-wide effort is needed to round-up all the pastors, priests, and Rabbis of the Jew cults and send them to FEMA camps along with all the Jewish bankers and political minions that have turned this world into hell.  Then burn their books and kill the holy men preaching this crap.  It has to end now or the specie is doomed!

benjamin-netanyahus-psycho best friend of chrisitans

The Rock of Christ is sinking into the quick sands of internet time.  Good riddance.  Thanks for nothing, the world would of been far better off without your religion.  The only real miracle that we need is the disappearance of Christianity and Judaism, hopefully before the world is pushed into nuclear war.



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