Pope Poop



When God takes a poop the earth receives the holy Pope.  Popes are god shit.  Popes are full of shit.  Popes are Godly shit imitating the divine.  There is nothing ‘holy’ about Pope Francis, he is just another bad pope in a long history of bad popes, who joins his predecessors in state propaganda.


Everything the Pope believes about God is dead wrong.  Imagine that, the Popes viewpoint on God is completely wrong and deadly for the rest of mankind because millions of people still believe in God, Pope, authority, and Church.  Ending fossil fuels at the start of a new Ice Age isn’t just foolish state policy, it could cost the lives of millions.


If the Pope was infallible, having a direct line to the Almighty, he wouldn’t have issued the latest encyclical that supports the Global Warming meme and the enslavement of mankind via carbon taxes.

But what is the real truth here?  There is no external God and that the Pope isn’t endowed with special abilities in communicating with God.  The Pope is just another human, who is fraudulently posing as a holy man by wearing a funny costume.  The truth is the Pope is a Jewish like parasite and in on the scams of the ruling elite.


This idea that burning fossil fuels and causing runaway Global Warming is a popular myth with many even though it has been thoroughly debunked by science.  Millions were spent in a massive media advertizing campaign to sell the Global Warming meme.  CO2 caused warming was never scientific, it was only political.

co2 not causal to global warming

Carbon Dioxide can not warm the earth as claimed.  We have detailed ice core data proving that CO2 lags temperature.  CO2 does not force, it follows earth temperature trends.  The entire Global Warming by CO2 hypothesis is wrong and must be discarded, but the parasitic ruling class won’t let it go so they rebranded it as ‘Climate Change’.

surprised-pope ice core data proves co2 follows not forces temp

So how can the Catholic holy man be so wrong?  Simple.  The Pope has bullshit in the brain because his brain circuits are loaded with Holy Bible bullshit.  The Pope can’t think properly, so no wonder the Popes are wrong again and again.  So when the glaciers return, the Holy Pope decrees on Global Warming mean nothing.


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