Time to Get Off Your Knees Christian!



Modern Christian men are not men at all, they are sickeningly gay, every single one! Not one man exists in all of Christendom, they all are Jew ass lickers!  You may protest my assertion but it is true, faith is cowardice, faith is subservience to the Jew. Faith is believing something not real to escape facing reality.


How can you be a man when you believe, even for one second, that you need to be saved?  Christians are standing before God as a pussies, not a men.  The joke is this “god” so feared doesn’t even exist, never does anything like the Bible says, never intervenes, and no evidence that “he” cares.  God is macho, but not the followers, something smells fishy about this god of the Jews.

All religions are denial of reality, and with Christians, Biblical faith is denial that you are a Jew slave.  None of the main tenants of Christianity are true, no one needs to be saved, no one needs a Jewish savior, or to pray, or do anything to get to heaven.  So what is really going on?  Jews are turning the Goyim into shivering cowards with their myth, while they act as wolves and tear up the world.


The preacher claims the Holy Bible is a “good” book.  Sorry, it’s not good at all.  Filthy Jewish literature is not holy or good, “god’ never said what the Jew claims.  The Holy Bible is fear porn, it is pure bullshit, not one major theme in it is true, there’s no judgmental god, you aren’t going to hell for being born, Jesus never existed and can’t save you, and there’s no such thing as blood atonement.

The Bible maybe total Jew bullshit, but what it is doing to your psyche is far worse.  Consider what you are giving up with your faith.  Your manhood. You are handing your balls to the Jew.  In fact let me be even more clear, you are putting your balls on the chopping block and letting the Jew take your maleness.

Who considers what the real cost of being Christian?  You are giving your male essence to the Jew, so that the Jew rules over you without a whimper, because faith covers your cowardice.  With faith you don’t have to think, all you have to do is obey.  When the President says attack Germany in WW2, Christian Germans voluntarily comply believing the war storyline.

Gullibility is a big problem with Christians, taught to believe, not think, they are easily manipulated by politicians and preachers who are employed by them.  Many Christian preachers, like John Hagee, use the exact same divide and conquer memes as the political class of liars.

GAY JOHN HAGEE protests to much about gays

World War 2 was the greatest mistake of White man.  World War 2 allowed the Jews to completely own you,soon afterwords the emergency war draft was extended to regional conflicts in Korea and Vietnam, jail for anyone who refuse to go.

What are you really doing when you take it in the Bible tale and believe?   You are trading your manhood for security of the group.  The Bible castrates your psyche, prevents the male from being a man, you are taught to submit to the Lord, you imagine that some god requires this submission.  But no higher intelligence would ever want that, the Jew wants your voluntary compliance, not some deity.


Christians love to imagine that all knees shall bow to the Lord.  This is sick, no free man would bend a knee unless coerced, no free man would want his fellow citizens on their knees.  Thinking men know what happens next when you are on your knees, execution, which is exactly what the United States Government is implementing right now.

But what Christian advocates taking up arms against the state intent on killing us off?  None!  Not a one, they are in the churches singing hosannas to Israel, which controls our nation.  The situation in America is not just religious insanity, it is suicidal.  So is it a stretch to call Christianity a death cult?  When you stay on your knees obeying the executioner, do you deserve to live?

does a nation that bows before evil deserve to exist

Christians claim to be anti-gay (which is a good thing) but they are not really anti-gay when they are on their knees to the Jew god and licking Jew ass in order to get into heaven.  Gays are castrated males, if you are on your knees to the Jew god you have your balls cut off.  Groveling at the feet of the Jewish lord is pathetic, if you are willing to do anything to get into heaven, are you sure you have any balls?

all christians are gay

How can you have any balls when you are on your knees?  It is impossible.  Christians pretend to be manly, but they are not, they are pretenders shivering in the corner, unable to stand up to Jewish aggression.  You have to wonder what is really going on with Christianity, is it really a way to hide from the truth of being dominated?

john-hagee is a god damn faggot and traitor

What are Christians really doing with their phony faith?  The are sheep hiding behind the Gospel, afraid to stand up to Jewish power.  The Jews own the money, no one dares go against them for to do so is to invite poverty.  So most people cave in, go along, run with the herd, right over the cliff.  Christians are whipped, Christian males are NOT real men.

The situation is beyond sick, it is a bad joke, Jesus never existed, no one needs to be saved except from bad literature, no one needs a savior because there in no judging god.  The effects of the Holy Bible on the Goyim population is devastating, Israel is committing genocide and Christians look the other way, unable to see the Jew in a negative light.


Americans Christians are total pussies, unable to even make a peep about the death and destruction reigning down on the Middle east form Jewish controlled Amerika.  Everything Israel does is in total conflict with their belief system yet they do nothing about it, many even singing hosannas to Israel in fundamentalist churches.  Evangelists are all whores of Israel, on their knees to the devil state.


If the Christians only knew how the Jews felt about them.  But they don’t want to know because they are busy hiding from truth with the wall of their faith, reciting Bible quotes, pretending to be sane when in fact not paying attention to reality is the highest act of insanity.  Israel is the enemy, not your friend.

Israelis are planning on destroy White people, Western civilization, they are doing it right now and planning on completely destroying America.  At what point in the destruction are you going to wake up and smell the Jew, are what point are you going to defend your nation and race from Jewish destruction?

supremacist jews are the self chosen

If you want some concrete evidence of gay Christianity, just take a look at Christian rock lyrics.  Rock and Roll is a rebellion against religious and political authority, but Christians have mimicked the rock beat and turned it back toward state worship and Jew ass licking.  Pathetic Christians sing love ballads to imaginary Jesus, kissing God’s ass while the world goes to hell.

religion that teaches subservience leads to subservience to evil

Why is Christian rock gay and subservient?  Simple, Christianity castrates the male into a willing servant of Jewish power.  There is no Christ, there are Jews with a deceptive book.  Do you think some “god” loves to see you grovel to the “Lord”.  No real teacher ever demands student worship, and if their are deities, consciousness higher than our own, they are not demanding your veneration and worship.

The human spirit naturally rebels against authority, for Christian rockers to turn rock inside out and back to state worship is really pathetic and exposes how gay they really are.  America’s obsession with Christian subservience is why Congress licks the feet of Netanyahu.


In the first book of the Bible, Genesis, we are told of an all powerful creator who admonishes the first man.  Fearful Adam is sent packing, cursed by god, the text is instructing the male to be a pussy.  Adam doesn’t stand up to the Lord, he hides, because his mate Eve ate some fruit.

Adam is a total pussy and doesn’t confront God about the Tree of Knowledge being in the garden or the nature of women.  Christians don’t understand that such stories are instructions to their behavior.  There never was a Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve never existed.  Such tales are meant to make you a willing slave, a pussy in front of political power.

So right off the bat, the Holy Bible starts making a pussy of men.  No wonder so many Christian men are really gay, if you believe the subservient story of the Holy Bible you are psychically cutting your balls off.  Christians need to get off their knees, subservience is evil and worshipping Israel is worshipping evil.

Type = ArtScans RGB : Gamma = 1.9

Laughable Christian display at Creationist Museum, Adam could bot have talked to Jesus who wasn’t born yet.  Adam talked to the father god Yahweh, but Christians like to pretend that the father God is also Jesus.  It was the judgmental Old Testament God that sent the first couple packing from the Garden, not the forgiving Jesus character.  As horny Eve wonders about her gay Christian mate (notice the haircut), Jesus queries why the modern pacified male is not interested in heterosexual sex.  The Bengal Tiger (another gay reference) is not acting natural, it is not stalking the giraffe or killing the humans like it would immediately do in real life.  I’m not sure how about the sun depicted lower than the mountain and waterfall, looks like a Pacific Island setting not Babylon where the story originated.



3 thoughts on “Time to Get Off Your Knees Christian!

  1. Anonymous

    Jews are not God’s chosen people they’re the who staked him to the cross. Jesus is not a mythical figure he did exist. Archaeologist have proven it but the fact still remains that Jews control television and keep bringing up the Holocaust claiming seven million Jews were killed I do believe 7 million Jews were killed but i also believe 20 or 60 million people were killed in the Soviet Union during the Cultural Revolution add many millions of Chinese were were killed by mao tse tung. Not to mention the many millions that were killed during the Rwandan genocide. Jews are not the only humans on this planet to suffer losses in the millions they need to stop whining. They act like they’re the only members of the human race has ever suffered my people were Indian we suffered most by the white man they stole our land and forth to some reservations not only that they killed us by smallpox another epidemic but we don’t whine the Jews need to stop whining and I need to stop forcing Palestinian Christians off of their land they are the great evil they pretend to friend Christian but an air of Christian is still considered an enemy

  2. Anonymous

    Jews are big babies always crying over the Holocaust and trying to keep it fresh in people’s mind like they’re the only ones that have ever suffered they on television in America therefore they’re the ones who brought for most of the violence in America through television

  3. Hi Gabby. As Nicky said earlier, th;7&e#821res no need to push. Put what you do out there and let your readers know you’re happy to help them. Then, trust them to join the dots. If you get the balance right, they will.

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