The God of the Gaps


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GOD OF THE GAPS ARGUMENT IS THE LAST DESPERATE ATTEMPT TO HOLD ONTO THE GOD MEME.  What is the God of the gaps argument?  Gaps in scientific knowledge are taken to be evidence or proof of God’s existence.  For the purpose of the essay, we will examine why the Christian apologist uses this argument and why its disaccreditation means Christianity is running out of excuses and nearing it’s end.


When you don’t know how something got here, saying ‘God made it’ s actually means that you don’t understand how that thing got here, things that are here are not proof of God. The God of the Gaps argument is a fallacy of reasoning, putting God meme into every hole of knowledge.

Christian theorists early on realized this as a failed strategy because eventually science would plug all the holes leaving God nowhere.  Peasant Christians used this argument universally in the 19th and 20th centuries, because of how religious memetic programming works.  The Christian programmed mind seeks to defend itself.

Take my beloved Grandmother for instance.  If you asked my Grandmother how the tree got there, she would say “God made it”.  If you asked why the grass was green or the sky blue, she would always have the same answer, “God made it that way”.  To my Grandmother, the God meme explained everything.

My German Grandmother was the hardest working women I ever met, and she kept working right up until she died at 102.  She had no education, except as a farmer.  She was a strict Catholic who believed the Bible literal and that God made everything just like the good book said.  My Grandmother didn’t know anything about science, she used the God argument because she didn’t know why things were the way they were.

Part of our evolution is to evolve.  Are we going to evolve or die out like 99% species that didn’t make it?  Are we going to grow consciously and see that religion was only a temporary adaptation of bewildered hominids waking up in the Holographic Universe?  When are we going to wake up and see our god concept as an early delusion of a developing mind in the matrix?

When my Grandmother’s back hurt from a hard day’s work she wondered why God was punishing her, she prayed to the saints and asked for deliverance from earth.  She had no idea that we evolved and when she first learned of this she felt threatened.  Why?  Because the new information threatened her belief system.


My Grandmother didn’t much like the modern world.  So what did she do?  She watched the faith channels on television.  She loved Pat Robertson and the other televangelists that preached the Bible and God and kept her mind in a state of belief.  Man didn’t know everything, there was always room for God in the unexplained.  Those faith channels were her salvation.

She would tell you matter of factly that all the other Christians were going straight to hell for not being Catholic but would send weekly bank checks to the Protestant TV preachers.  She was going to heaven, she was keeping her faith, no fact like Evolution was going to dissuade her God beliefs.  Her faith could be maintained by ignoring science and rational explanations for how things were.

The God of the Gaps theory was born out of desperation by people just like my Grandmother.  People who have been programmed with the God meme are literally wired to believe, they can not NOT believe.  They are reacting to the modern age with distrust and praying and hoping for the return of Jesus.  God is coming back after we screw everything up.

The problem with the God of the Gaps theory is that it explains nothing.  Just because science hasn’t discovered something doesn’t mean God did it.  God is only a meme used to explain the unexplainable.  Humans used the God meme for thousands of years until the scientific age, where superstitious explanations fell away.  The god meme is like a sticky post-it, once you start using it to explain the natural world you can’t stop, and no thinking is necessary.


So what are Christians really doing advancing the God of the Gaps argument?  They are defending their memeplex, their program, their wiring in their brain.  They do this automatically.  When you have a religious memetic virus uploaded to your brain, Evolution is automatically discounted.  Why?  Because the memetic program disallows new ideas as a defense mechanism.

“According to the meme theory of consciousness, a fit meme does not have to be logically consistent with other memes that may succeed in the Darwinian struggle for cultural survival.”

“Religious memes, in particular, have evolved a neat trick for avoid decimation on the basis of external evidence of the senses and logical refutation:  They contain a special defense mechanism that consists of systematic immunity to disproof.”

“It is hardly surprising then, that the memes of religion have demonstrated extraordinary survival skills and staying power.  The absence of a logical nexus between these memes and the teaching of secular science appears to be no barrier to the ongoing Darwinian success of religious ideas”

The believer starts from the position that the Bible is true.  How could the Bible not be true, God wrote it?  If some new theory comes along, like Evolution, it must be false.  God did not write it in the Bible, man did, and man must be wrong because god is always right.  Perhaps Satan is testing us with Evolution.  Satan is trying to fool us with the bones in the ground, if I lose my faith and believe in Evolution I will surely go to hell.

dawkins quote god of the gaps

In Christian academic circles, the God of the Gaps argument was rejected a long time ago based on the observation that as science filled the missing gaps, God would eventually disappear.  Either God is in the whole of Nature, with no gaps, or He’s not there at all.  The God of the Gaps was a defensive failure for the Christian memeplex, as science marched on, Christians were forced to go further into faith – and blindly believe even more intensely.

Other defensive strategies were imagined, Christians had to come up with defensive strategies to combat Evolution, because this one theory, compared to all other scientific theories, overturned the Genesis account of how we got here.  If the Bible got Genesis wrong, then the Bible was wrong.

Christianity should of ended on February 28th, 1953 when DNA double helix was discovered, Darwin’s theory now had teeth, the mechanism of change discovered in long spiral molecular chain.  All the data confirms Darwin, especially that much of our DNA is the same DNA as animals.  Humans were not separate like the Bible claimed.  Genesis now proven wrong.

THERE IS REALLY NO REASON TO DEBATE ANY LONGER THE absence of evidence is reason enough for disbelief

But the God Delusion lingers and now the Christian memetic infection can be seen in real-time for its deadly consequences with 911.  When Jews blew up the World Trade Towers they did more than topple some office space, they inadvertently exposed the Christian ties to Judaism.  In the aftermath of 911 we see that the only group not getting 911 as an inside job are the believing Christians.

The Christian memeset defends Jews even when Jews attack America.  How come?  Why is the Christian so lacking in patriotism and nationalism that he can’t defend his nation from Jewish predators?  Just as every Zionist Jew is Israel first, the Bible literalist Christian is Bible first.  The Christian is worried about the next life and getting with God, so if push comes to shove, the Christian is sticking with God no matter what comes during end times.

But what really is God in the modern world?  The Jew.  The Jew issues the money, the Jew authored the book the Christian believes.  As I have shown in dozens of essays, the real God of the Christian is the Jew.  Modern Christians are sticking with the Jew and Israel, no matter what the facts, no matter how many times Israel or Bibi Netanyahu works us over.


Facts matter not.  Christians can not be convinced otherwise.  I have personally tested this dozens of times and I recommend you try talking sense to a patriotic Christian.  Try telling any Christian that Jews have turned on us, that Israel did 911, that Israeli Jews are running our government.  Try telling them no Muslims were involved in 911.

Once you understand that the WTC came down with explosives, you are forced to discount the Muslim did 911 theory.  Muslims had no access to the Trade Towers, Osama bin Laden could not have placed the explosives in the many floors of that building.  Muslims are obviously being framed like any patsy.

Furthermore, any rational observer can see that the 911 Commission whitewashed the real perps and that the wars that followed 911 were all for the benefit of Israel and that if Muslims did 911 then it was the worst military strategy in history.  Only Israel did 911 makes any sense.  Tell your Christian friends to Google “Israel did 911”.

jews did 911 not muslims but christians easily duped

So dear reader can you fathom the magnitude of the problem, it isn’t just cuckservatives or liberals you have to worry about.  The entire population of North America is infected with a deadly memetic virus, one that threatens the survival of the American megastate.

This intense God delusion infects every level of strata in American society, including Presidential candidates like Michelle Bachmann who believes we should rejoice in Obama’s Iran deal because it is opposed by Israel and will force the end times times.

Why is she so happy?  How could anyone be happy about ‘end times”?  Christians.  Especially fundamentalist Christians so upset about the demise of their faith.  End times means the end of modern society and the the science of knowing and the return to the Dark Age of faith.

Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R- Minn., speaks at the 40th annual Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Md., Saturday, March 16, 2013. It may seem early, but the diehard activists who attended the three-day conference are already picking favorites in what could be a crowded Republican presidential primary in 2016.(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Presidential Candidate Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R- Minn., believes we are in ‘end times’ because of the Iran deal, she will never admit that we are creating ‘end times’ with our religious beliefs or Israelis Jews are trying to hijack dysfunctional American foreign policy.

Many Christians would rather see the end of life on earth than the abandonment of the God meme.  It is better to blow up the world than ever concede defeat, says the egos of millions of minds trapped in the black spell of Christianity.

We have to evolve and see that we create our reality with our myths.  If we believe in prophetic doom we create that doom.  Prophecy is true because we make it true.  We have to evolve quick or we are doomed as a specie.  But no matter what we do now, it may be to late, because of the vile mean spirit of Christians, they are willing to take down civilization on their way out of history.


Christianity must be nears its end, and it is planning on going out with a bang.  The end times is the greatest wish of so many, and these people are thinking it, voting for it, making it happen.  How can people be so destructive as to wish for ‘end times’?  It’s their parting shot on the way out.

With the failure of the God of the Gaps and other defensive strategies, Christians have unleashed the end times Samson Option, they are going to take down the world as a last ditch effort to save their faith. They have a friend in Israel.  As the world wakes up to little Israel and corners the mad bitch, the Zionists have readied their own Samson Option, taking out Western cities with pre-placed nukes.



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