The Greatest Lie of the Theist: God Has a Plan



Religion is about getting power and the greatest power play is to convince you that a deity has a plan for you and your life. Do you believe the contradiction that Almighty God granted you free will but also has a plan for you?  Millions do, and that belief gives religion a huge amount of power marshaling believers into a formidable force.


So does God have a plan or is that just another unproven claim of theists? Take and objective look at the world, do you see evidence of a divine plan or do you see the chaos of caused by Zionist Occupied Governments? Look at the refugee crisis, millions upon millions of souls having to flee Syria from the over the top evil of the Israel directed head chopping barbarians. Is this the work of God or is it the work of the Jew?


All you have to do is look around and observe ‘god’s plans’, if the Jew is god then his plan is surely being implemented. The Jewish racist state of Israel is ethnically cleansing the Middle East of all Arabs. This plan is not advertised, the Jews own the media and they don’t tell you their demented plans of world domination. They plan on making Jerusalem the capital of the world.

The spiritual power of Israel comes mainly from Christians who give Israel their spiritual energy when the worship the Jewish god. This god doesn’t exist so where does the energy go?  The energy goes where the intention sends it, to the Jews, this is why the Jews seem invincible, because you have made them your god with your worship. That might seem unbelievable, but worship is thought and emotional energy of a group and it is very powerful.


Thought and intention is the vector and emotion the voltage or power thrusting the thought forward. Emotion is e-motion or energy in motion. Intention is directing that energy toward the target. So if you are a Christian sending the thought and intention to save souls for Christ, convert the Muslims or die, that energy is acted out through Israel when is ethnically cleanses the Muslim states.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you know this is happening, you don’t have to be conscious that your thoughts manifest. Christians also believe their prayers are answered by God, so that belief is the purity of thought and particularly powerful.  Thoughts manifest as the natural cause to action.  The collective human mind directs the play, we are manifesting our destiny with our collection of thoughts, no external god involved.


Thoughts are real things and you can test the validity of that claim. Focus your mind on what you wish to desire and you will attract it, you will immediately start manifesting the thought energy with synchronicities and coincidences that match you thoughts. Thoughts can not just be in your head, they are apparently everywhere, but since they can not be seen or measured only the second order effect of them manifesting can be observed.





So even though all this skullduggery is going on why is it that Christians seem aloof to all the suffering they are causing through their avatar Israel?  The Christian convoluted memeplex has made mush of the flock’s perceptive powers, they are acting out the memes in Revelation.  The belief in the Apocalypse creates the Apocalypse, when the Neocon authority created this modern Apocalypse the Christians dutifully played along, obeying authority, believing that the Bible is coming true.


We are in that time period of Apocalyptic manifestation that the thought energy is a runaway train – as the Apocalypse manifests the believers belief is strengthened, thus the thought purity is improved making for increased powerful manifestation.  A positive feedback loop has been created by the Neocons and the Christians – the worse things get the greater the manifestation resulting in the increased brutality of the ISIS head choppers.

Christians are self-proclaimed sheep, they blindly worship their Jewish deities, which they claim are all one thing. Jesus and Yahweh are one thing even though they have completely opposite characteristics. This glaring contradiction doesn’t seem to bother the believer who has equated opposites in their mind and thus negated their ability to think.  They can not see that the destruction of the Middle East is their energy manifesting, they are not owning their energy, they remain unconscious of their thought power.


If you question Christians on these glaring contradictions they will have a canned response off topic, they simply can’t think and thus trying to reason with a Christian is hopeless. So what religion is really doing is taking normally cognizant human beings and turning them into unthinking sheep/slaves/obedient warriors of the power structure.

These unthinking yet obedient slaves go to church often and sing hosannas to the Lord, they are in love with a Jewish deity and thus empower Israel. Israel is demonic hell state, so Christians are empowering evil to destroy the world. So once again, Christianity can be seen a widespread death cult causing much harm to the world.  They are doing it but do not realize it, they are unconscious of their actions.


All this harm comes from the idea that God has a plan. Once a person freely gives their life over to the power structure, religion can harvest that person’s energy to spread the religion or political system, which are always one in the same thing. In order to keep the deception going the theist denies that the religion is tied directly into the political, claiming that government is persecuting their beliefs.

They are not separate, church and state have always been one in the same thing, it is the religious belief in the supreme authority of god that establishes the authority of the state. If we were all atheists then you would need another belief system like national socialism or communism to establish the state. Now be sure to understand that once the state is established, they all maintain themselves through perceived consent or by the gun.

State authority is a belief, it is not real, no one has one bit of authority over another. But state authority can be established by a belief system, then once established it can grow and gain ever more power and even turn on the believers. For instance the United States authority has turned on some of the off the grid homeschooling Christians who helped launched the state with their beliefs.


All religious and political power structures attract psychopaths who want power. So it is inevitable that all religious and political power structures will become corrupt. Once the evil pervades the system it will eventually self destruct. The funny thing is no matter how bad it gets the believers have a meme set that says some day god will come back and make government honest!

This directly contradicts the belief that God is running the system now, but no matter the believer is unable to critically think because of the contradictory memes. The perfect religious slave system would be a set of beliefs that totally negate each other while requiring absolute belief in all of the them being equally true. (God is in control even though everything is evil / God will come back and set things right and punish evil)

prayers are thoughts that manifest

God doesn’t have a plan for you and once you own that then you are free. You create your own plan for your own life. You can do this with your rational brain or your heart or both. You can be rational and create a life plan around a well paying career but you may end up unhappy and unfulfilled. Example: you like to paint but are a professional.

The way to a fulfilled life is to follow your own internal guidance, those feelings of what you truly want to do no matter what anyone else says or tries to direct you. By developing a life around your own internal desires a human being is fulfilled, it has nothing to do with the theists god projection. So you may have a fulfilled life and not enough money. Example: you paint but are a broke artist.

The greatest lie of the theist is that there is this anthropomorphized god with a plan. It is the theist with the plan and that plan is domination.  We are ruled by dark lords who wear holy robes claiming that god has a plan.  I lack faith in that system, I do not believe the theist and thus I am the enemy of the evil system of church state.



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