The Psychosis of Christmas


the psychosis of christmas banner

Every year Americans celebrate Christmas, the previous winter solstice celebration now degraded by ridiculous myth of a birth of a Jewish god now turned into the biggest commercial annual event.  The situation is insane, all year long the nation bombs millions of people into ruins then the people blindly spend money on Christmas trees and gifts and preach ‘goodwill toward all men and peace on earth’.

Christmas is a solar anthropomorphic myth spun into a Jewish disease of exclusionism, the belief states that Jesus is the one true savior god, only by the belief in the Jewish Christ does one make it to heaven.  The Christian is not only Judaized, but also spellbound by the myth.  The idea of only one path to heaven is just more narrow minded Jewishness.

christmas is a solar anthropomoric myth made into a jewish disease

Many people in our movement are defending Christianity while righteously attacking Jews and their exclusionistic religion.  Judaism is all about me and my tribe and the hell with the rest of humanity.  The headline this Christmas is the bellicose Israeli Jewish Rabbi Benzi Gopstein, head of Lehava, calls Christians vampires and a ban Christmas in the Holy Land.

jew vampire Benzi-Gopstein-Lehava-leader calls christians vampires

That of course is a real laugh, a Jew vampire calls his Christian brothers vampires.  The truth for those outside of the spell is that Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are all vampiric religions.  Christians don’t know it yet because they are caught in a spell and being held in low vibration of Jewish exclusionism.  How sick can you be to celebrate the birth of your savior so that he can hang later on a bloody cross?

the bloody cross is form of Jewish vampirism

No one ever died for your sins because the basic premise of the argument is wrong.  If God is love then God doesn’t judge, and if the father God never judged you then son Christ never was sent to earth to save you from the father’s wrath.  That simple logic seems to escape all of Christiandoom.  No one ever needed to be saved, except, of course, from Jewish logic found in the Gospels.


To illustrate where Christianity is compared to the parent religion Judaism, examine the map of consciousness chart.  Where is Jehovah on the chart?  The lowest possible rung while being human, being a Jew is only one step above animal consciousness.


Christianity is a religion based on the memes of Old Testament about an angry sky god who judges humanity in fits of rages. It is not more advanced than Judaism – it is Judaism.  Christians are indoctrinated into Bible exclusionistic and judgmental memes, you can’t have Christ without a judging God, original sin, and the fall of man.

This Christmas season how about coming to your senses and seeing how ridiculous these religions are especially when your nation is bombing other nations into total ruin the rest of the year.  Do you even know what you are doing, do you even care?  How is it you follow Christ when you are a moron without a lick of compassion?


Christians are ridiculous, pretending to be better than the evil Jews, they celebrate the anthropomorphized solar myth, believing their savior god to be a real person while acting just like the Jew and ignoring all the hell unleashed on the rest of humanity.  Christians ignore the problems they are creating with their support of the Jews.

christians ignore the problems they are creating with their support of the Jews

Christian America, which still refuses to confront Jewish Israeli involvement in 911, gives the Jewish run government a yearly blank check by celebrating Christmas.  Never do these followers of Christ stop voting for the corrupt two party system, or stop paying taxes, or organize to stop this madness.  Their god and religion an obvious sham.




2 thoughts on “The Psychosis of Christmas

  1. Angela HERNANDEZ

    And your and idiot
    But you will have your day
    In hell you stupid dumb@$&#:-)
    Jerk I’ll be praying for you idiot

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