God is an asshole, your god, the Bible God, is a huge asshole … and you worship this guy.  That makes you an asshole, too.  If you are a Bible believer you might be offended by the word ‘asshole’, or associating that word with God.  But you are wrong, I am being very polite calling Yahweh-Jehovah an asshole when you consider what this entity has done to us and what your holy book says he’s going to do.  In fact the entire Bible is testimony that Yahweh is the biggest asshole in the whole Universe.

Dawkins could have just said that God is an asshole, but being the polite Brit he wrote it out more eloquently.  That’s not my style, I say God is an asshole.  Think these are tough words?  Have you actually read and comprehended what the Bible says about your God?  Apparently not, because if you did you wouldn’t worship him, you would despise him for the monster that he is.  But you praise this monster, and thus you are also the monster, for God and you are the same thing.

There is no “god” out there floating in space or on Mt. Olympus like humans thought a time ago, we have figured out that consciousness pervades the entire system and that your consciousness is tied into the Universe mainframe.  You and God Consciousness are one, you are simply one aspect of the bigger computer, your thoughts are instructions to the big computer in the sky, that which you call god.  What humans can hardly imagine that god and them are one in the same.  The whole bullshit Jewish mythology is about separating god from you, thus you can be a bad ass and get away with it.

Since god and you are the same, if I say ‘god’ is an asshole then am I not really saying you are the asshole?  Yes.  You are an asshole if you believe in the Bible god.  The proof that you are an asshole is how the vast majority of people do nothing about the genocide in Gaza.  What is going on there is pure evil, and those that believe in Yahweh, do not support the Palestinians but praise Israel instead, the demonic perpetrator of intolerable modern barbarity of genocide.  So, as you can deduce, the vast majority of believers must be assholes because all we have to do is look at the result of their beliefs.

Now if you have read my writings you know where I am taking this logic.  We create god in our image, we created an asshole god in our own asshole image.  So if there is really a god out there, that doesn’t really mean that god is an asshole, but our projection of god is what is mistaken.  But wait, if there is really a god, and he sees that ‘his’ people are mistaken about his identity, then why hasn’t he corrected his image?  Why would an aggressive all-powerful deity allow a false image to persist, where are his teachers?

God never sent messengers to correct his asshole image, so maybe god really is an asshole.  So the real god must be an asshole or there is no god, take your pick.  The logical minded person or scientist would choose the latter because they would realize that asshole humans simply projected their asshole behavior onto a deity.  We are simply projecting ourselves onto the god image – we created God in Our Image.  God has all human characteristics, jealous and proud of it, an unjust control freak, a malevolent bully.

All the attributes of Jehovah are exactly identical to the characteristics of the Jew supremacist.  Coincidence?  I think not.  The Jews wrote your holy book, and because you are an asshole you latched onto it and called it your own.  No one has ever forced anyone in the modern age to believe in the Great Jew Asshole in the Sky.  So why do we keep believing when doing so is so damn destructive?  Because we can be complete assholes with our barbaric behavior and claim we are following the commands of god.  God is the great invention of removing our own culpability.

God is all-powerful because we want an all-powerful deity looking out for us.  Then we can use that omnipotent meme to make grandiose claims, like god can smite our enemies.  Using god as the causal agent in war success or loss is a great way to remove individual responsibility from what we are doing, like killing other people than taking their shit.  We then claim we did it in the name of our god with a convenient meme justifying our behavior.   We rationalize our murderous actions with patriotism and god, saying things like “for God and country” or we did it for the “glory of the Lord”.

What we are really doing is murdering others and removing all guilt from our mind with the god meme.  This is why our invented god is such an asshole.  We wanted god to be an asshole so we could be assholes.  We slaughter whole nations, like Iraq, then sit around and rationalize our behavior asserting they deserved what they got from us.  If you actually study the details of what we have done, with our modern weapons on nearly defenseless peoples, you can see that Amerika, police state America run by Jews, is one big nation full of assholes.

There is no other way to sugar coat what has happened.  Asshole Americans have gone along with barbaric behavior when they no damn well that 911 was an inside job.  Think about the reality of 911, if 911 is an obvious false flag, treason to say the least, then why haven’t we hung the fucking politicians and Jews who did it?  There ought to be a rope shortage in Washington D.C.

Ahhhh…, but the talking heads on the Jewtube are running a continuous narrative telling us we are justified in fighting terror, why the President, that Predator in Chief, gives us his solemn word that we are helping rid the world of them evil Muslims militants who are beheading some journalists who shouldn’t be in hostile territory writing lies about the Jewish takeover of their country.

It’s all a big fallacious show run by total assholes, by political hacks paid for by greedy minded corporate dickheads who need to sell their expensive weapons, and always approved at the voting booth by a nation full of stupid flag waving god fearing assholes and listening to John Hagee and his Bloody Moon Asshole Theory of End Times.

Where is God one might ask?  Long gone from this sector of the Universe, why stick around when all you hear are the prayers from assholes begging you to assist the victory of Israel?  You all are emotionally dead because of what you believe, you killed the sacred with your holy book.  You killed god with your Bible.  Way to go assholes.



    • If you’re not a neo-Nazi, you’re a Fed posing as one to discredit true patriots (of which there are very few). That’s okay though, because most people are indeed cowards and/or sheep and deserve what they get. Ya almost got it right, except for you’re love of Adolph. Mixing the truth with commonly-loathed behavior/ideology is a great way to discredit the truth. So, if you are a Fed, you are controlled opposition. If you are not a Fed, you are you’re own controlled opposition. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

  1. Anonymous

    I understand how mad people are but I think its true god is an asshole and I’m an asshole too I think we should all just drink the bleach ya know

  2. Anonymous

    There is nothing new about the jews religion. Other religions have the same belief that they are the chosen people of their created god/gods and it’s normal for them to do so, after all, they did create their god so they get first dibs. If you choose to worship another peoples god, just remember that you pretty much have to treat the creators of that religion as sacred. If you can’t , the answer is simple, write your own religious text that benefits only your own goals in life and make yourself the center of love from your god. Make your god tailored to the morals you see fit in a god-role model. Take control of your life and leave other people gods to turn to dust if you don’t relate to them.

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