Making Sense of the End Times Antichrist Part 2. The Manifestation



Evangelical Christians are Clueless.

Evangelical Christians are unable to spot the antichrist, they are so busy trying to decode the Bible that they can’t see the obvious, especially their own behavior. Here’s some clues: Which nation has the world’s biggest military and is laying waste to the Middle East? Which nation has the largest Christian population yet can’t figure out who the criminals are even though their faces are televised on the Jewtube everyday?

John-Hagee-says the antichrist is a Jew lol he's standing with Benjamin-Netanyahu

Which nation has the largest Jewish population that subverts the Christian culture for the murderous state of Israel? Which nation has the highest percentage of Bible believers, commits the worst war crimes, yet has the total support of these same Christians?  The apostate end times nation is obviously America. So almost no Christian can figure out the identity of the antichrist, except for one lone church lady:

What happens to Mystery Babylon America according to Evangelicals? It is completely laid to waste in one hour according to the Bible. No surprise when you understand that evil Jews will nuke America before they even think of giving up their control over her. If the Jews pulled 911 then what are they planning next? The Jews always lay to waste those nations they occupy, it is hardly a prophecy of what the Jews are going to do to American next, look at what they have done so far.


Obviously the Jews are planning on the final destruction of America, the “Babylon the Great” of Revelation, because they are nearly finished stripping the wealth from her. That is why the FEMA camps and Jew gestapo Homeland Security was created after the Jews did 911. After the upcoming nuke false flag the irradiated survivors get a free one way trip to the death camps.

And is it any wonder why veterans are now considered terrorists by the Justice department? Is it any wonder that airports are in Jew controlled TSA lockdown? The noose is tightening. Death is coming to us all yet we still believe in salvation of the two party system. We still buy the left right paradigm. Whose fault is that? By not evolving we mock the gods of natural selection.


Its the failure of circular logic that befuddles Christian researchers, the text in the newer books is “borrowed” from the older books and why no sense can be made about what it means. A religious memeplex is a stack of unproven discombobulated memes woven together in a mythological story. Good luck trying to figure out the antichrist or anything else from the Bible.

Studying the Bible is a good way to lose your mind. The loony wards are filled to the brim with believers,
soon the FEMA camps will be filled with fearful believers turned resistant to their FrankenSTEIN creation. The smartest minds have failed to figure out the Bible, so if no genius in the last 2,000 years has been able to figure out what god meant then why do we even believe in this god? What kind of god confuses his followers? The evil Jew god Jehovah.

The Jew god is actually the Jews who wage total war on the Goyim by deception. The Bible god is not real, what is real, though, is your brainwashing that gets you to support the Jew tribe not matter what the Jews do. Obviously Christian indoctrination is what blinds Christians to their own complicity in Jew


Satan is Alive and Well and His Name is Hal Lindsey

If there was a devil alive today his name would be Hal Lindsey, the greatest deceiver amongst all of the Christian Revengelicals. Hal Lindsey’s best selling book The Late Great Planet Earth is all about the antichrist over there in the European Union even though the real seat of Jewish power is the United States.
Hal Lindsey’s timeline is piecemealed together from verses all over the Bible, his pro-Jewish logic prevents him from seeing the obvious. Like most Christards, he can’t see that the end times nation aligned with Israel, “the hammer of the earth”, the world military super power laying waste to Iraq and Afghanistan is Zionist Occupied America.


According to Lindsey, Babylon would be the hammer of the whole earth. What part of
world wide US military super power that hammers the earth do you not understand?
According to Lindsey, the United States would no longer be an actor during the
end times tribulation period. What? Apparently Lindsey has never heard of the
Project for the New American Century that calls for full spectrum military
dominance of planet earth for the next hundred years. The question who can make
war with the beast identifies the beast.

I would say Hal Lindsey had more to do with the rise of the religious right and its
support for Reagan and Bush than any other person. Hal Lindsey was instrumental
in the creation of political support for the Evangelical right more so than any other
useful idiot goyim preacher. Hal Lindsey is the greatest asset of Jewish Zionist
power that has completely taken over control of the United States because the vast
majority are completely duped by Bible preachers like Hal Lindsey. Not a day
goes by that Hal Lindsey doesn’t sing praise for Israel, he even says Israel is our
greatest ally, that same ally that attacked the USS Liberty, the same ally that
pulled the 911 false flag that killed thousands. The Zionist Jews are literally
destroying America through false flag terror and wars of aggression and that
makes Hal Lindsey’s support for Israel treason. It’s not a joke or an accident, the
information is readily available, ignorance is no excuse, he is consciously
supporting a criminal network of Jew terrorists.


Hal Lindsey is a regular on the Jewtube, that ought to tell you something. He pretends to
be a truth teller but he is actually the greatest deceiver, delivering hundreds of millions of
Christian souls into belly of the Zionist beast. Is he an intelligence asset of Israel?
Christian Zionist Hal Lindsey has never broached the subject of who actually did
911. It is common knowledge that Israel was the instrumental player, even the top
brass in the US military admits that, but Hal Lindsey never talks about what really
happened. He knows but does not say because he is a deceiver just like Satan,
maybe Hal Lindsey is Satan.

research tip: google “Israel did 911 all the proof in the world”

Apparently Hal Lindsey is so completely blind he can’t see that the only nation
that could possibly sign a security agreement with Israel would be the United
States. According to him, it is the antichrist that would sign this covenant, but he
can’t see that would make the President the antichrist. Hal Lindsey is a mouthpiece
of the antichrist, a great deceiver, a false witness based on his own standards. Hal
Lindsey is a fire breathing, war mongering, Muslim hater without equal. The
Zionists thank him, there is no greater useful idiot for the Jews and their
diabolocal state than Hal Lindsey. What Hal Lindsey will never comprehend that
he is a tool that will be disposed of when the Jews turn on America, Babylon the


Hal Lindsey is a Christian gone over to the evil side, the leader of apostate
Christianity, the thought leader who is re-creating the Apocalypse be he was so
successful in promoting the Evangelical timeline of end times destruction. What
Hal Lindsey will never understand that he was the primary mind who created a
modern apocalypse in the Middle East that has killed millions of Iraqis and
American boys.

Hal Lindsey knows by heart the parable of the mustard seed but
can’t see that his “perfect faith” is a powerful creative force that got millions of
like minds to resonate the same thoughts and thus create a huge morphogenic field
of apocalyptic resonance. Hal Lindsey would deny what I am saying but at the
same time lead Christians in group prayer. He believes in prayer yet can not see
that if you have to pray to manifest then that means you are doing it, he can not
see that his writings are no different than prayer.

Nostradamus and the Antichrists

Nostradamus says there are 3 antichrists, the 3rd antichrist is one in the same
Biblical final antichrist. What everyone seems to agree to is that the 3rd antichrist
is far worse than the first two, Napoleon and Hitler.

If you want to know about the 3rd antichrist then you must study the
characteristics of the first two. What you need to know that the antichrist meme in
the Bible is uncapitalized, it is reference to the commercialistic, god less, end
times money system of the Jews. Nostradamus CAPITALIZED the antichrist into
three persons. It was Nostradamus that turn the theoretical antichrist system into
human form. AC1 was Napoleon. AC2 was Hitler. AC3 is now and I will explain
to you how to recognize him.

AC3 = AC1 + AC2

The Third Antichrist = Combination of Napoleon and Hitler

It is not a Muslim like the Fox News pundits say, Faux News is Jew propaganda,
so you can bet anything on Fox News is exactly the opposite of the claim. The
parasite tells lies to camouflage itself. If Jew whore Glenn Beck says the Muslims
are the antichrist, be rest assured that the Muslims are not the antichrist. Maybe
Fox News is the mouthpiece of the antichrist. Really, do ‘ya think? Duh.
So how will we recognize the antichrist? He will be similar to the first two, he will
come to power in the chaos just like Napoleon and Hitler.

We are in the similar time period of Revolutionary France and Weimer Germany. The new antichrist
will probably be a world leader because the revolution against fiat money is worldwide. The system as you know it will be shattered, everyone will be in a panic, the antichrist will rise to the spotlight in the economic chaos of the fiat money system implosion. Hitler first tried to seize power at the peak of the 1923 Weimer hyperinflation but actually came to power during the first Federal Reserve caused depression in 1932

inflation –> boom times –> bubble pops –> depression –> antichrist

He will be fractally related in time, the expansion and collapse of fiat money
follow fractal Elliott Wave rules. Hitler’s timeline was exactly 129 years later than
Napoleon in specific event after event. If we multiply .618 x 129 = 80 years, 80
years from Hilter is now, 1932 + 80 = 2012.

It seems we are in the time period of world wide revolutions and charismatic personalities, it is to be seen who emerges as the real leaders of a world gone mad.

Calculating the Timeline of the Third Antichrist

Napoleon was born in 1760
Hitler was born in 1889
( difference-129 years)

Napoleon came to power in 1804
Hitler came to power in 1933
(difference-129 years)

Napoleon entered Vienna in 1812
Hitler entered Vienna in 1941
(difference-129 years)

Napoleon invades Russia on June 21, 1812
Hitler invades Russia after studying Napoleon, he even follows the same
route, 4.5 million men invade Russia on June 22, 1941
(difference- 129 years, 1 day)

Both came to power when they were 44 years old
(Obama is the 44th President)
Both attacked Russia when they were 52
Both lost the war when they were 56

5 March 1933 + 129x.618 = 2012

My guess is that when the stock and bond markets crash and things start to get real bad when the default swap market implodes taking all the major banks into a derivative black hole. The antichrist will come to power as the market crash reaches termination as illustrated in this chart, the deflationary down waves
terminates time period.

Mabus is NOT the Antichrist

The biggest piece of Nostradamus disinformation promulgated by writer John Hogue about the 3rd antichrist is that his name is MABUS. But this can not be true because the Mabus quatrain says he
“soon dies”, so if the Mabus antichrist dies how is it that the antichrist rules?

Mabus can not be the antichrist, Mabus is an anagram of someone preceding the
reign of the 3rd antichrist.

Century 2, Quatrain 62
Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

The best fit for Mabus is Saddam because Mabus is a mirror image anagram for
Saddam. Saddam was the leader of Iraq and the place where the antichrist invades.
Saddam was the one who soon died. The antichrist army lays waste to Iraq, so
Saddam can not be the antichrist, he is the victim of Jewish aggression. Saddam is
a victim of Jewish controlled American military empire and the war that started in
1991 last 27 years. Iraq was annihilated by two Bush presidents.

Century 8, Quatrain 77
The antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
twenty-seven years his war will last.
The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.

The Mabus timeline has come and gone, Saddam and GW Bush staged their war
and now both are out of power. It is possible to anagram GW Bush from mabus:
The era of Mabus is past. We are still in relative good economic times but the over
spending of the Iraq wars might bankrupt the empire and bring about the collapse
of the overly leveraged banking system and world economy. In that chaos look for
the dynamic leader who mesmerizes the masses.

Making Sense of the End Times

What no one says is the obvious, America is the nation of the antichrist, America is the host of the Jew money system called the Federal Reserve and the seat of the antichrist – the United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, the investment banks like JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs.  But wimp Obama is not the antichrist – he is only the tool of Bibi Satanyahu who controls the Congress.


The reason that America is so bad ass is because the evil Jewish lobby controls America. Obvious to me but hardly anyone else. Why? Because Americans can not see themselves as tools of the end times
beast laying waste to the world opposing Jewish tyranny. But that is exactly what is happening, and many Christians have been suckered into supporting the evil Jew state of Israel in the butchering of Iraq.  There are some Christians, however, that have figured out Netanyahu:

Evangelical Christians are the body of the apostate end times church, they even have this huge organization supporting the diabolical state of Israel called Christians United for Israel. Hey Christian,
didn’t Jesus warn you about the Jews? The Christian responds, Jesus, who’s Jesus?


How do you identify the end times apostate church?  Easy. It is the Christians who support war, it is the Christians who support Israel, it is the Christians who are sucking up to Jewish money and power and have abandoned the teaching of Jesus because they actually are very cross and love hate, revenge, and war. That is why I call modern Evangelicals, Revengelicals.


A Revengelical is a modern apostate Christian hell bent on vengeance for 911 and willing to kill Muslims or support those that do.  The hypocrisy of the current church goers will cause the abandonment of the church and it will be destroyed by its own energy. Looking at the behavior of modern Christians is it any wonder that they won’t be around much longer?  That is why they fear the antichrist, he’s the karmic retribution for what the Christ Church has done.

The Revengelicals want blood for 911, the only problem is that Israel did 911, as a  false flag to frame Muslims. Even when confronted with the facts that Israel did 911 they are so completely deluded and brainwashed they don’t even get mad when the “holy ones” kill Americans. Ten years after 911 most Christians are still foaming at the mouth to kill Muslims even though no Muslim was involved in 911.

christians search in vain for the antichrist when netanyahu is in plain sight

How obvious that Christians are the collared dogs of the Jews, the Jews can kick Christians around yet they are still loyal to their master, even when Israel butchers Americans the Christians keeping wagging their tails, so anxious to obey the chosen ones. Isn’t it clear that the Christians are worshiping the Jews?

Holy Jew of God

“Christianity is a myth for happy slaves to follow.


The Christian is owned by the Jew slave master.  The Neanderthal Jew went fishing with his book and the Christian swallowed the stories hook, line, and sinker.  The Christian is worshipping the Jew and his ego and doesn’t even know it.  Interesting, isn’t it. No wonder no Christian can not admit that Jewish Israel did 911 and is only so happy to die in Jewish contrived wars.

Does God need your prayers? Does God need anything from you? If God has everything then what does he need? He already has everything, if he needs more angels singing praises to him all day long can’t he just think of that and make a billion trillion more angels singing and praising him?


So what does God need from you? Nothing, not a damn thing. Perhaps when you pray you ought to consider who wants your praise, who is manipulating you. Jew. Not God, Jew. God has everything already, it is the Jew trying to be god, trying to get everything like god, trying to become god.”

If Jesus was real, a higher dimensional being known as a god, then why hasn’t Jesus lead his flock to spiritual safety away from the diabolical antichrist Jew beast? Do you actually want to hear the answer? Because the Jesus god is a fiction who isn’t talking to you. You talk to you and if your higher self is subverted to Jew ideas of a vengeful deity then “god” never tells you that you have gone off course. This is one of the reasons why Christians are so smug about their alignment with the beast, they do not have any feedback that they are doomed.


If you want your Christian group to be moral then it is up to you to lead them the
better pastures. You have to be the Christ because the one you believe in is on
vacation. I hope you do and I might suggest that if you are a Christian reading this
that you start a church that isn’t licensed by the Jewish commercial tax system. All
of the licensed Christian churches are whored to the beast, meaning that no
licensed Christian church will challenge or criticize their Jewish money gravy

What would be better is if you would surrender your ego to love so that you
transcend this church thing. A person in higher consciousness doesn’t need to be
told/threatened by the preacher to be good. No one needs god or church, what you
need is love and you are not going to find love in the hate filled Rabbinic text.
That is the real problem with Jews, they are so far gone in their book that they
have cut themselves from love. Don’t just toss your holy books in the garbage, run
like hell from the church people, I mean literally grab a pack and run away. The
Bible is evil and those that follow the Bible are evil and the truth is you have to
save yourself.


People tell me the Jews are really smart and more spiritually advanced than the
goy. Really? Do you think really smart people slander others with derogatory
words like goy, make war, kill their neighbors, operate in deception, run the arms,
organ, and drug trades, screw everybody the can because they can? Are you
advanced if you believe the book they wrote? Are the Jews advanced if they can’t
see that their endless persecutions are self caused?

Why We Have to Have Another Antichrist

The third antichrist is worse than the first two because the first two didn’t solve the problem. It is consciousness trying to evolve and it is the Jews standing in the way. We are trying to evolve but the greedy, commercialistic, money changing Jews have everyone pinned down in debt slavery. It is the Jews making the violent movies, it the Jews controlling the defense industry and it the Jews fomenting for
war and more war.


It is the Jewish lobby that controls American foreign policy, it is the Jews who control the Congress so that vast amounts of aid and military equipment is sent free of charge to Israel and used to kill innocent people.  How obvious can it be that the Jews are the problem and that it is the Jewish money empire that is the end times beast nation waging havoc throughout the world. It is plain as day obvious the Jews yet all of the pundits say it is something else.

The entire media and most of the alternate media is shilling for the Jews. This is a major psychic block, a huge denial by those emotionally attached to the ideas in the Bible.  The crisis is going to get so bad that humanity is going to be shoved into higher consciousness by none other than the antichrist.  So now you can realize why we must have Netanyahu, he is the one who forces humanity to change.


Remember that the antichrist is being used by a higher consciousness to fix a bottle neck in the flow to higher consciousness. The antichrist spirit is caused by the non shifters. If we all shifted voluntarily then there would be no antichrist. But many will not shift, they are stuck in the black magic spell of Christianity and other religions. So war it shall be. War is how consciousness fixes the problem with stubborn humans.

Is Obama the Antichrist?

According to my logic I think the President of the United States is the prime candidate for Nostradamuses 3rd Antichrist. Why? Read my numerous essays on this topic, I have spelled it out crystal clear. Summarizing: the antichrist is a Jew or a Jew puppet (useful goy idiot) who is installed in office and does the bidding of Israel and the Jewish money masters.

Wile E. Antichrist  by Yukon Jack

“Many are wondering who is the antichrist?  He is visible now, he should be obvious to you but probably is not, some are on to him but most would deny if told.  So who is this mysterious antichrist that so many movies and books are about? He is right in front of your face and 99.99% can’t see him.

Most people can’t see the obvious antichrist who is starting WW3 because they have their minds woven into the story, they are creating the story and thus can’t admit that they are responsible for the carnage.  For instance most people would say they are good citizens who uphold the law, but they vote for criminals and support Israel that breaks the law.  How can you be for the law when you vote for lawbreakers?

Here is the strange thing about the human mind and prophecy, what we believe we manifest, so if many believe that we are in end times then the energy field that orders creation. We are projecting on the holoscreen what we think. So who is the antichrist in the play we are creating right now?  Who is taking the world down while the world worships the destroyer?  Could this person be any more obvious?  Who is the antichrist dear reader?”

this is definitely not the antichrist

The antichrist is the leader of the world’s biggest military machine, and since the USA holds that title then the antichrist has to be the President. GWB was a perfect fit, a useful idiot who attacked Iraq at bequest of the Jews. The antichrist is not a Muslim and is not over there in some impoverished Muslim nation that is defending itself from the onslaught of the beast. Muslims are the victims of the antichrist – remember that when you hear the pundits on Fox News claim otherwise.

I used to think of Obama as a prime contender because of his ability to speak and sell the Jew propaganda to the idiot masses, but now I doubt it, but we will have to wait and see if he is removed from office. No one takes Obama seriously anymore,  so how can he be the antichrist? Obama is a joke, a pathetic hollow man pandering to every demand of Israel, he an empty suit that reads his lines, hardly a military master who commands the beast army into world conquest. The antichrist leads with passion, and that is not Obama. Obama is not leading anyone except a few aged golf buddies on par 9.

obama is a destroyer not the antichrist

Obama is an empty suit that reads his lines and panders for Israel. Obama should resign before he embarrasses himself further, ask yourself how did this Jew paper cutout come to power, he’s never done anything important. Obama promised change and changed nothing, he even was awarded the Nobel Peace prize even though he has never done anything for world peace. His lack of passion and credibility disqualifies him as as a powerful antichrist.

Obama has quadrupled the troop level in Afghanistan since taking office even though he was awarded the Nobel Peace prize. Obama stood in front of the American people and said he was going to change things, end the wars. He lied because he’s a tool.  He is not the antichrist, but only the tool, a homosexual wimp who will soon be out of power or assassinated by Israel for not following the orders of Satanyahu.

obama may be a piece of shit but not the antichrist



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