Making Sense of the End Times Antichrist Part 3. The End Game



The Covenant Sham

For Obama (Manchurian candidate?) to be the antichrist there would have to be a radical change in behavior, he would have to be activated as a leader, he would have to authentically passionate about his life path. He won’t be playing golf but conquering the world. The Christians say he would have to sign a covenant with Israel and that would signal the start of the 7 year period of tribulation.


They get these ideas by piecing together different parts of the Bible from Old and New Testament in desperate attempt to come up with some sort of sensible timeline of events. The Christians have gone through Bible text and picked and chosen whatever verses were convenient for their theories, if you were to look closely at the references then you would see that their theory of the antichrist was pieced together mainly from Daniel, they are making the claim that his dream way back then is related to now. They even make the fatal logic mistake of saying St. John’s vision of Revelation is consistent with the Old Testament when clearly Revelation is constructed from Old Testament text.


What no one mentions is that if the Jew god was actually real then Israel would not have to sign the covenant with an earthly power. The end times covenant of the antichrist with Israel proves that Israel’s previous covenant with god was a sham, and if the covenant is a sham then the Jew’s as god’s chosen is a sham.  There was never a covenant with “god”, there was never this activist god making deals with humans.  The covenant is a mythological belief not based on reality.


Of course it was a sham from the start. The Bible is a monumental hoax, there is no god choosing favorites, that was a Rabbi memetic trick that got you hooked into viewing the Jews as special and of a higher caste. The Jew chosen status is a mental trick to get your obedience to Jew power. If you believe in the Jews chosen status then you have made the Jews your god. The Jews absolutely do NOT believe in their god construct because their behavior is clearly toward amassing wealth and political power right now, in this life. The Jews do not believe in an afterlife a point that Christians totally don’t understand.


Over half of American Jews are non practicing and of these they are mostly atheist, Judaism essentially a deity free religion. The Jews have craftily constructed a god for you to believe when in fact they have no belief in it at all. They have your attention diverted all the while as they get power over you. The Jew god is a sham and the tribe has no special protection except for which they bargain for from an earthly source.

The Evangelicals say we are in the end times and that the antichrist will sign a covenant with Israel. The United States is the security blanket for Israel, as the Muslims unite I suspect Israel will bite off more than it can chew and will come crawling looking for a military pact or treaty guaranteeing its safety. Maybe Israel will attack Iran’s nuclear program like they did with Iraq and when they fail they will demand protection from the USA. There doesn’t have to be a formal agreement, it is already in place, implied.


Be rest assured the bully Jews are such assholes they will end up starting more fights they can not win and this is when the “antichrist” abandons Israel to the wolves according to Christian end time scholars. So you count on pussy Obama saying he will back Israel and then you can count of pussy Obama to abandon Israel when the shit hits the fan.


What a laugh this demand for security even though the Jews say they have divine protection, in the end Israel is glassed over. Many already say Israel is a failed state, it can only exist in war. The believers will
say that it was god’s will and fulfilment of prophecy. LOL The believers fulfilled their own collective thoughts, if the Evangelicals had their heads out of their asses then the Israel lobby could not have co-opted the USA.






Looking at Obama’s past actions, his pandering to the AIPAC lobby before the elections and most recently his UN veto in support of Israel settlements on stolen land. Absolutely pathetic-whore-prostrate-submissive behavior making the USA the laughing-stock errand boy of the Jews. Obama is the biggest Uncle Tom serving the self chosen ones (who have lots of money he needs for re-election). If Israel demands a “covenant” then Obama will sign it while groveling at the feet of his masters. It is laughably insane that the world’s most powerful nation acts like a whipped child around little Israel.

What to Look for in the Antichrist

The first two antichrists give us the perfect clues to figure this out. Both Napoleon and Hitler are military men that come to power and rescue the failing industrial state. Only the premier industrial state at any given time period is able to wage war on the world and expand empire. Both France and Germany were failing industrial states reeling from hyperinflation and experience starvation. Both antichrists balance the out of control budget. Both are from the industrial powerhouse nation states in decline that get things moving again and get people working, they create jobs.







Now which nation fits the bill? The United States of America, the failing industrial super state. It is the USA expanding empire in economic decline, it is the USA experiencing massive inflation, it is America that people starve while the bloated military runs ruffshod over the Muslim world. The USA has over 1,000 foreign military bases and occupies a 140 countries. The United States spends more on “defense” than all other nations combined, the 2011 Pentagon budget is well over a trillion:

I now think it is inevitable that there is going to be a military counter coup against the Jew money power. It is a perfectly logical path for power and consciousness to flow into at this point. The military commander that wrests control of the American state from the criminal Jewish bureaucracy would be the new candidate for AC3. Why? Because the antichrist is the energetic leader who rescues the failing republic during the crisis and turns everything around. The antichrist balances the budget. The antichrist dissolves the parliament. The third antichrist is the one who takes on the money lenders.

It is now becoming obvious that Nostradamus’s Third antichrist is not the Biblical antichrist.

Does that sound like Obama, the President with the biggest deficit in world history who does whatever Jew bankers tell him? In other words the antichrist is the good guy because those that slander this
prophecized leader are religious extremists trying to hang onto power through deception. How can you trust any Christian theory about the antichrist? Christians say the antichrist will deny the christ, will show no regard for the religion of his ancestors, he will blaspheme god, etc. This means the antichrist is rational and is not a believer in religion. The antichrist makes war on the saints, in other words he destroys religious despotism and that is a very good thing.

the great leader comes to the rescue of the failing industrial empire

So is the final antichrist really the bad guy? Well if you are a Jew converso like Catholic Nostradamus then the antichrist is your mortal enemy because the antichrist overturns the Christian-Jewish power structure. The unsolvable problem of figuring out the antichrist can be rendered just like cutting the Gordian knot – all we have to do is realize that the Jew Nostradamus is a liar – his 3 antichrists are NOT related to the Biblical antichrists.

In other words Napoleon, Hitler and (Trump?) have nothing to do with the real antichrist Netanyahu.  The Nostradamus predictions are not the same as the Bible.  Nowhere does Nostradamus mention the Jews as the end times problem.  The mystery can now be solved, Nostradamus is a tribe member, he doesn’t implicate Israel in the antichrist story.  All of Nostradamus’s work should now be viewed as more routine Jewish propaganda.

The antichrist is the man who takes on the Jews, like Hitler who stomped on the face of Jewish supremacy and made the Jews wear yellow stars. The (Nostradamus) antichrist humiliates the Jews, in this cycle the same will happen and the antichrist will humiliate their Christian minions. So isn’t it logical that Christians say that the antichrist blasphemes the church and god?  Sure he does, just as I do. Someone who points out the BS and hypocrisy of these modern theocratic power mongers is “of the spirit of the antichrist”. I wear it as a badge of honor, your religion is total bullshit and I’m not taking it anymore.

The antichrist is called the “anti” “christ” because he opposes the “christ”. Look at what the American Evangelicals have done to America, the end times “christ” is the apostate church aligned with the evil Jews. So the antichrist is someone who is against the Evangelical crazies, he opens up the eyes of the brainwashed, sorta like watching Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist is the spirit of the times, the spirit of the antichrist is
to expose Christianity as to what it really is: Jew brainwashing.

So I ask you isn’t the antichrist a necessary thing to shift consciousness? Yes. The antichrist arises only because so many refuse to think and mature. If you are a believing Christian or Jew then you are the cause of the antichrist. I’m not worried about the antichrist, how about you? Some popular songs lyrics comes to mind, “it’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine…” and “don’t fear the reaper”.


Is not Trump shifting consciousness?  Everyday he blasts the establishment with truth, he’s earned the nickname Trumpeter.  If Trump is our guy then he will continue to gain power and be unstoppable, as the nation crashed Trump will rise as savior.

During the reign of the antichrist there are jobs and roads and delivery trucks and marks of the beast (fiat currency), just the same as now. If people don’t want to carry marks of the beast in their wallet they can vote for Libertarian candidates who will end the Federal Reserve. But they don’t, in election after election the American people vote for the current system in place. Don’t tell me the “devil” is making this happen when obviously the people are making this happen.





Christians paint the antichrist as evil. In the Bible the only place the antichrist is mentioned is in John who uses lower case letters to describe many antichrists, those that “deny the christ”. Well, how can I deny something that doesn’t exist? There is absolutely no historic reference to Jesus, the sun god forgery. How many people have been tortured and killed for denying Christ? How many young men have been sent into wars for the Christ? Christianity creates an evil angry population hell bent on war. The destruction of Judaism and its bastard child Christianity would mean peace on earth.


Christians say the end times antichrist is the devil incarnate because what they sense is that the antichrist ends the christ. The Christians are demonizing this upcoming leader who rescues the world from the chaos caused by the Christians and Jews. Why? Because the Christians know that when the antichrist comes to power they are finished, the antichrist is going to put down the mad dogs wrecking havoc on the world.

The Jews Turn on America When We Wake up from the Trance

Have you noticed that the Jews are screaming antisemitism nearly nonstop? When more and more people starting calling the Jews on their anti-human supremacy behavior then the Jews will realize their end and be put into a fear frenzy and start attacking their host America. How obvious that the Jews will now start attacking America more and more as they are exposed. How obvious that as the Christians
wake up to their deception that the Jews will then start attacking their former Christian allies. Millions of Americans are just starting to hear about the Jewish attack on the USS Liberty and the Israeli false flag 911 World Trade Center bombing and controlled demolition.


And how obvious that a huge world-wide retribution against these evil people is spontaneously forming everywhere. Those who insist on controlling everything are meeting with the awakening consciousness of humanity. Once you fully comprehend that Jews did 911 to manipulate America into a war against Iraq then you will fully grasp the magnitude of Jewish evil.  Apologists say it’s Rothschild doing when clearly everything happening is clearly delineated in the Torah and Talmud, Judaism is a predatory religion.

There are no “chosen” ones, there are no “saved” people. The Judeo-Christian religion is exclusionary mumbo jumbo that appeals to prejudiced racist sub humans. Nobody can be born again because Jesus is not real. God didn’t choose one tribe over others. God isn’t out to get us, god isn’t commanding us to kill other tribes, god isn’t judgmental, god doesn’t stick us in hell fires for practicing free will, god isn’t battling Satan for control of the world, god doesn’t need our help to save souls, god isn’t in a synagogue or a church or a book.

Christianity is a mind spell, the Gospel is a God Spell.  It’s time for Americans to grow up, come out of the mythos and realize that their nation is run by godless Jews who are taking the Goyim for a ride.  Jews are piggybacked on Christianity, they are in power because Christians worship Jews.

“That is what the Jew is doing to you, the Jew is making you a spiritual whore, you are really fawning to get in on the Jew money action. If you worship Yahweh then maybe the Jew will let you into his money racket, give you a little for playing along, so long as you do it like a whore.

Christian prayers are not spiritual in nature they are for acceptance an servitude in a Jew system of slavery.  The Jew is only so happy to receive your guilty prayer, “Pray to me oh Goyim slave as I drink your blood and eat your sustenance with my never-ending greed.”

The Neanderthal Jew is fooling you with his book, the Jew Neanderthal trickster is getting you to worship him as your god. The Jewish supremacist wants it all, all the gold, all the wealth of the world, your loyalty and obedience in fighting wars, your tax paying servility, but what does the Jew more than anything else, the big Jew ego wants your undying praise and attention for his self conceived holiness.”

when is the world going to wake from the bible spell

What the fuck is wrong with these people, you are not better than us! We don’t need to be saved by your judgmental god. We don’t need to be controlled by self chosen Jewish supremacists. What we need is to be left alone, but you won’t ever leave us alone so the antichrist is the man who is going to destroy you and your god. Good riddance!

Clearly, Netanyahu is the man who is destroying Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  He is unveiling to the whole world and human consciousness that Judaism is a crime scheme – not a spiritual practice, he is exposing Christianities loyalty to Jewry and physically destroying Islam and Muslim nations.   Satanyahu is shoving the world through a conscious bottleneck that is blocking our spiritual evolution.

slowly but surely the world wakes up from history because of the policies of Satanyahu

I look forward to the future when there are no more Jews and Christians or churches or synagogues left on this planet. So you have to understand why the church people have demonized the antichrist, church people fear the end of their bullshit. Oh nooooo, the antichrist is going to burn us alive! Yeah, he’s going to toast your out of control ego. The Christians fear the end times antichrist saying the antichrist is the devil himself but the real devils, of course, are the Christians and Jews using all of this religious mumbo jumbo for political supremacy.

I might speculate that in the energetic wave of the revolution, the antichrist is empowered at the time of maximum entropy. When Hitler came to power in 1932, so did FDR (1932), this was in the same time period of the other fascist leaders like Mussolini (1922), Franco(1936), Stalin (1924).

nostradamus named napoleon and hitler as the first two antichrists

Likewise, at this point of maximum entropy, there will be a plethora of little antichrists coming to power all
throughout the world. Just as the 1920’s and 1930’s, dynamic leaders are coming to power worldwide like Putin and Trump.  The time of empty suits is over, charisma is returning.  America is ripe for a leader who stomps on Rothschilds, Jews, and Israel.

No doubt the huge stress on the Muslims will result in an extremely magnetic Islamic military leader coming to power and uniting the Muslims against Israel. This, of course, the exact reason why Hamas, Hesbollah, and Fatah were formed.  The Jew deluded US State department lists all three as terrorists when it is plain as day obvious that Israel is the terrorist aggressor state harming its neighbors. The
US has aligned itself with the real terrorist nation of Israel and look where that has lead us. 911 and a fascist dictatorship.

The Third Antichrist may be a Real American Hero

The big final antichrist might be the American hero who tells the fundamentalists and Israel to fuck off. It could be Trump who doesn’t need AIPAC’s money. When the empire fails, why wouldn’t we realign with those nations that have oil?  Americans need to feel safe burning billions of barrels of oil.


For what reason is Israel our ally? They attack us, bleed us, hate us, manipulated us, do false flags on our soil, embarrass us, destroy our values, train the police to see Americans as the enemy, pass gun control laws, no fly lists etc. It is insane to be aligned with the Jew crazies. A rational American regime would align with the Arab states that have the oil. Godless American consumers love oil. Oil and cheap energy is our salvation.

The world is changing all of the time. Isn’t it logical that at some point those under the Zionist yoke spontaneously rebel and remove the Zionist puppet overlords? Is it not logical that the human wave of history that truth and freedom win, if not wouldn’t we all be still slaves of the ruthless kings eons ago? Consciousness marches forward, those aligned with the old tyranny are swept away in the tides of
history. Isn’t it time we tell the Jews and Israel to fuck off? Hell yeah – it’s time.  During the revolution the sheeple will be unsure of abandoning the farmer, they will wonder if they’ll be able to fulfill their prescriptions or if WalMart is still open.

Look at the riots across the world at the present moment, can you imagine the chaos in the Islamic world if Israel attacks Iran? If Israel fails in its attack on Iran then Ahmadinejad will be seen as a hero, an incarnate of Mohamed. At the same time America will be scrambling to defend its oil interests with the Muslims gone wild. Solution? Ally yourself with the Muslims. So I speculate outloud, as the empire fails will not the empire align itself with the oil nations? The US military is the biggest oil user on the planet.

America is ripe for a National Socialist leader, and ultra conservative, hard money, budget balancing dictocrat who guarantees the social programs. A tough guy with a big American optimistic smile. A deflationary crash that lays waste to the economy and peoples lives would be the impetus for the military to seize the organs of state and start major reforms that grid locked Washington could not.





trump wants to win like napoleon

The antichrist is a populist reformer that takes charge of the nation and gets things going again. Think of Ross Perot, a little swift talking Napoleon like business man. The antichrist shows up on the seen during the crisis, Napoleon didn’t cause the hyperinflation or start the French Revolution, he works his way up through the military, becomes more and more political and takes over and “saves” the nation during the point of greatest chaos. Both Napoleon and Hitler make the fatal mistake of getting into external wars.

The antichrist is a creation of the chaos, an energetic individual caught up in the wave of energy that is the revolution. The antichrist isn’t a limp dick like Obama who panders to Israel and wastes his Presidency playing golf. During the reign of the antichrist the people will love, worship, follow, adore, look up to, name their children after the man who saved the nation. With that said we can eliminate the
previous presidents because they were phonies and war criminals. Obama is a phony and I do not think he is the antichrist, I think that he is the last President who is sitting on the throne when the financial system implodes ending the era of fake presidents.


Wouldn’t you like to see the Wall Street Jew criminals executed for their crimes? Well pull up a chair and have a front row seat, it’s going to be televised soon. After the crash the government can save face and continue to rule by telling truths about the Jew demolition of the trade towers. Telling the truth will destroy the powers that be. Think about it awhile, if the military counter coups the criminal state and tells the public the truth then the civilian government is finished. The media, justice department, courts and the two parties that covered up 911 would be politically finished.

If you tell the truth no one in Washington will survive. Imagine that, if someone actually tells the truth they would be worshiped as a god because modern politics is so corrupt. I believe that when AC3 shows we will be celebrating in the streets. Napoleon and Hitler were revered in their time, people were tranced out in their presence.The French still revere Napoleon. Elated war making Christians of the Bush years will be in doom when their hoped for theocracy plans fall into ruins. Everyone already wants to nationalize the Fed, so no problem there.

russian attack their white house - what are we waiting for

Nationalization is sorta like a hostile takeover, the USA corporation seizes the private Fed corporation. Gordon Gecko karma. The military can publicly prosecute the bad Jewish crooks and hardened criminal Wall Street financiers. Everyone would love it except for the Jews, so obviously a counter coup also means the Jewish media is taken over by the military. The situation is going to get so bad that when the military steps in we will all breathe a sigh of relief. We will be glad the Jews are gone but will we be glad with a military dictatorship?

Seize all Jewish Assets

The USA military regime could also legally seize the assets of nearly everyone on Wall Street under the RICO act. The USA state put under martial law by the naval maritime power, the banks could be nationalized, the debts rescinded and discharges, assets confiscated, etc. Easy as pie. America is completely bankrupt and was destroyed from within by the Jew parasite. Why not seize all of Rothschild’s assets valued at 100 trillion?


We can pull together and become socialist, the “democracy” has failed and now it is time for military leadership. Military coups happen all of the time, for instance the military just took over Egypt when Mubarak fell, Egyptians trust the military because the military sided with the people during the revolution. This is a trend of awakening consciousness, it is a choice to fire upon the people, the military commander can just as easily point the tank barrel at the parliament.

trump attacks white house 2016

If you transcend fear then firing upon your own people is insane, the real enemies are the politicians who sold out to Jew money and power. A couple of tank rounds into the parliament building ended the USSR in 1991.  This is what America needs, we need some rounds into the White House to mark the historical calendar that we are done with these phony ass presidents.

gdow weekly

Now as this all goes down (2016?) the big crash is going to spur big changes. Who’s going to want to hear about free markets when you’re starving? America is already socialist, I used to joke about the military as the most socialist place in America, soldiers love the fact that everything is taken care of, like food, medical, dental, retirement.

I think national socialism is coming to America.  Americans having been worn down by Jewish debauchery now embrace socialism, a disease caused by Jewish parasitism.  Socialist and Jewish Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is now the Democratic front runner.  The collapse of the markets in 2016 will cause Americans to reject the sitting party and Trump will be swept into power and he will make America great again – we will start winning wars for a change.

So rejoice, rejoice, we have no choice.


Disclaimers and Definitions

Jew means a person practicing Judaism, it is not a reference to a race, the Jews are not a race, Zionist Jews are racist and use the political smear antisemitism to quell dissent of their policies of genocide and numerous criminal acts. The term Jew also applies to Jews who are non religious but are supremacists or Zionists.  Obviously there are humane Jews who care nothing about any of this crazy ass religious stuff and don’t believe in a Jew only state and condemn Israeli war crimes, unfortunately I have yet to meet one but I do believe they exist.

Christians, Evangelicals, Zionist Christians are loosely used terms to describe the vile supremacist Christians who agree and align with the barbaric acts of Israel based on the teachings of the Bible. Obviously there are non Zionist Christians and non Apocalyptic Christians who are humane and do not approve of war butchery. There are new age Christians who do not take the Bible literal and are peaceful and practice peaceful living, unfortunately they still believe in some parts of the Bible and have yet to mature to a full human beings devoid of evil Jew Rabbi myth.

The antichrist is feared by the power mongers yet is often revered in his time by the common people. The antichrist destroys the old order and ushers in the new order. The antichrist in not Satan or possessed by demons, the antichrist is empowered by the group consciousness. The antichrist is a creation of humanities collective consciousness. The end times is not the end at all, it is the end of statist religion.

This essay originally published 19-26 Feb 2011 on Scribd, it has been updated with improved graphics and text reflecting the times:




3 thoughts on “Making Sense of the End Times Antichrist Part 3. The End Game

  1. Dwight

    Where to start?
    I have set quietly since Sept. Of 2015 reading and pondering on your essays. At each edition I thought to have gained insight into our plight.. Oh many are the times I agreed with you on those “Dangerous Memes” that are controlling our thoughts and actions. I see the Bible and the Gospel (god-spell) for what it is and I have followed along with you.
    However; the other day as I was deep thinking about the articles you issue and my very own thoughts….something enlightening happened.

    Just as the serpent told 99% truth in the garden…1% lie…….you follow suite sir!

    Yes the bible is a hoax….the jew god is all mind f**k. That much is true…same as a VERY OLD EARTH!. Today I went back and re-acquainted myself with past articles you have submitted.. You state in many that Man will NUKE itself into oblivion,…yet in many others you claim there are NO NUKES! Which is it? are you doubled minded or just immature in your spiritual progress?
    This article more or less makes Obama and the NUT-Yahoo as good and wholesome fighters against the Zionist program.

    Are you for fucking real? And U have the Nerve to shit on Henry Makow for being a Dupe. No I am not a fan of His…

    But I did expect a bit more from you sir!… I am 79 as of 6-29-2017….and have discovered these many things long ago……my hope is…you will remove the cranium from the sphincter , clear you mind and leave the Matrix program for good! For as of now, you my young immature friend are leading multitudes that visit here astray…….are you a Zen gardener in disguise?

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