America is a mad, mad Christian nation that is allied with Israel and making hell on the world.  The American Jesus is like a velociraptor let loose in the schoolyard, the world is being turned into a bloody mess by the alliance of American Christians and Israel.


These same irrational people who love Israel believe the earth was created just a few thousand years ago.  They think the text in the Holy Bible are the literal words of the creator god – but they love war – not creation.  They are not allied with creation at all – they war against it like mad dogs.

evangelical christians believe humans and dinosaurs co-existed

One of the fundamental beliefs of these mad Jesus raptor cults is believing in a 6000 year old earth and that humans lived with dinosaurs.  This is a form of extreme mental illness caused by religious belief because science has determined by 4 different methods that the age of the earth is 4.543 billion years old and that dinosaurs live hundreds of millions of years ago.

Currently a large group of Christians who call themselves fundamentalists, literalists, Creationists, Evangelists have allied themselves with the evil nation of Israel and they are causing tremendous suffering on the planet as they act out their myth.  Let us examine some of their beliefs, are they rational or are they bat shit crazy?


The 6,000 year old earth problem is only the tip of a much larger problem with religious belief that infects much of the world.  The approximate age of the Abrahamic myth may be around 6,000 years but the earth is much older by several orders of magnitude and this can be proved by many different methods.

It is actually quite absurd that anyone in the modern age would assert an earth of a few thousand years, human knowledge has expanded so dramatically in the past two hundred years that no serious mind would even think for a second that the earth is young.

Take for instance petrified wood found in the desert of Arizona.  How does the unlearned Christian believe such evidence of a former forest got there and by what process do they believe it changed to solid rock?  Where’s the forest to support these former huge trees, how did they get above ground as rocks?   Neither the Christian nor the Holy Bible can account for what is right before your eyes.

how can anyone believe in a 6,000 year old earth when you have petrified wood

The tree would have had to below ground for the mineralization process to take place.  It takes an agonizing long time for molecules to migrate from the anaerobic swamp bed into the wood.  The rate of molecular transport can be calculated in millions of years.  Then something would have to thrust this fossilized artifact back above the earth’s surface

Another example of scientific progress is the observation of horizontal strata in sedimentary deposits meant the earth must be very old, and the geologist was confronted how a formation could be thousands of feet above sea level.  Sedimentary rock at the top of a mountain ridge is a mind blower to young earth Creationism.


Obviously the very widespread 6,000 year old belief is a problem in a first world nation where everyone is schooled in science – how could any modern nation have millions of believers in a planet just 6,000 years old?  How could any forensics department hire a person who can’t make a rational objective observation.

America has a huge problem, the Holy Bible is mental plague that has rendered those infected with the Bible virus unable to think properly – and these people vote.  They have consistently voted for the Israeli firsters, the Neoconservatives who, along with Israel, are also implicated in the 911 false flag terrorism.  They think they are the bride of christ, going to heaven because they are married to Jesus but what they really are is American velociraptor cultists.

the real bride of christ is the american christian allied with israel

These irrational Christians aligned with Israel have destroyed several whole nation states in the Middle East like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria.  They have ruined the lives of tens of millions of people’s.  None of this destruction and carnage would have been possible with this Christian support for Israel.  The United States would not be implementing Israeli political goals or bombing those countries without these irrational Biblical beliefs.

Religion is a memetic infection of the mind and should be regulated just like a biological infection.  You can not allow people with Bibles loose in your community otherwise you’ll end up like the United States where the Zionist retards have taken over the asylum.   What the hell is wrong with these peoples minds?  Why are they so irrational?


They claim they have the right to believe in and support Israel, but that is not true.  Israel did 911 and thus anyone allied with Israel is allied with the enemy – acting treasonously.  Thus we have an even bigger problem than misinterpretation of rocks and earth age, we have a political problem with people who take the Bible literally.

It is shocking that in the modern age there could be such a large group of self-destructive death cultists that are mainstream. These Bible literalists have concluded that the earth is only 6,000 years old and war against scientific understanding as a form of solidarity, they offer no other explanation except that the Bible is true and must be literally believed.

is belief in the holy bible a form of possession

Christians think they have knowledge but they do not, they have a superstitious belief system – a program installed in their brain that causes them to be unable to discern reality.  Thus the problem is blind belief, these bloodthirsty allies of Israel are memetically infected with Bible memes and unable to process reality.

They claim to be followers of the compassionate Christ but they have no human compassion whatsoever for their fellow humans being slaughtered by their beloved Israel.  Modern Christians are phonies, they aren’t even human like the Jews they support.  What happened to them?


They are under a spell – they been spellbound by the holy text and now they are being used like toilet paper by Israel which controls the United States foreign policy that is helping Israel ethnically cleanse the entire Middle East of Arabs.  American Christians are prostitutes of Jewry and Israel.

For any modern person not to understand that the earth is very old is impossible unless their brain is not working – and this is the case with Christians who believe the earth is a mere 6,000 years old when there are still living trees whose rings can be counted back far past 6,000 years.  America is going down because of this Biblically inspired relationship between American raptors for Christ and Israel.

the holy bible is a form of brainwashing yukon jack logo



  1. Mark Huerta

    Atheist desire with great intensity to continue living the life they wish and will reject any effort to hinder their fulfilling that passion, even blindly ignoring the consequences of those actions.

  2. Hello I search for cooperation concerning this project which analyses the monotheist desire to destroy the world. 400 species are dying out every day, 75% of plant species are rapidly declining, 10 000 animals killed for experimentation daily only in germany, wwf says that in the last 50 years 50% of all species were wiped, arte says in 25 years 75% of ape species will be dyied out. There is no group working together or speaking out against it.

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