The Ultimate Secret of the Holy Bible


Note:  The original title of this essay was ‘The Ninth Gate of Hell – The Betrayal of the Human Race by the Holy Bible’ but I changed it just as I go to publishing.  Why?  Because you’ll be more apt to read this essay if I make it about Bible intrigue.  Sure, the Bible has lots of secrets but the main one has you fooled, and the ultimate secret of this book is going to end our specie.

People say they want truth, well, that’s a laugh, the typical human being on planet wants nothing to do with the truth and the proof is how they love the Holy Bible with all their heart and soul.  So how dare I call the Bible the entry into the Gates of Hell?  Because that is exactly what it is, but you will deny my words because once you’ve been Judaized – because converts to Hebrewism can’t stand the truth.

There’s a big danger in even opening that book and peering inside – you’ll get sucked in and you’ll never be the same.  Yes Virginia, the Holy Bible is the real Gates of Hell and there’s a 99% chance you’ll become possessed by this book – the Holy Bible is mind programming written by a higher dimension being used to control events on planet earth by those who created this simulated reality.

There should be a warning label on the cover of the Holy Bible that reads Dante’s famous expression:



According to the Urban Dictionary, the Ninth Circle of Hell is betrayal of a loved one.  Betrayal of love is the ultimate sin – to betray what is closet to your heart leaves you in the worst hell imaginable.  Well if you think about it, many people hold the Holy Bible as the closest thing to their heart and the book is greatest betrayal of the human spirit because whatever inspiration you might attractive within the pages the book also contains the termination code of this civilization.

According to my last essay, I assert the Holy Bible is background program being used to terminate the specie just as we make it to the singularity.  The reason for this observation is that thoughts are creative – thoughts manifest – and if group thought is extremely powerful then the collective thought energy of millions of believing Christians in the world coming to end is the force driving the Apocalypse.

What if the Universe is a Machine?

“The Bible is a pernicious spell that most people can not shake from their consciousness, the reason being (under this hypothesis) is that the programmers of this universe created it that way for their purposes.  There is absolutely no reason why the Bible should still be a dominant force at this point of our advancement since science has proved an alternative origin.

One possible reason for the Bible program is as an embedded virus in the main program.  Since we are in a machine that mimics our thoughts that the Bible mind virus causes the Apocalypse and ends this simulation before we achieve singularity or runaway machine consciousness that would compete with the programmer realm.”

Let me say that again, the end of the world is currently manifesting because of what we think – not because prophecy is coming true – because Revelation and the rest of the Holy Bible is a program code of our destruction.  The greatest error of humankind was to love this book and draw it into their hearts – because the book is the ultimate betrayal of love, it has turned love into a weapon of our destruction.






Once you realize that the Holy Bible is exactly wrong, 180 degrees off, the polar opposite of love you should be able to realize the full scope of your abandonment by the Jewish betrayers.  Let me be very, very clear, all those defending the Bible are causing us to go extinct.  Let me be very clear, Jews turned Christian are some of greatest betrayers – like Henry Makow who has you looking down blind alleys of Masonic Satanic Death Cults.

How do I know that Makow is off his rocker?  He uses Bible quotes to defend his thesis, he is using the authority of his PhD to convince you the holy text is valid.  Saying that some men who control us are Satanic tells us nothing because it implies that some former angel is in control of these men, and you can do nothing about it nor understand it.  How can you fight an archangel?  That’s like trying to take on an alien Grey with his superhuman powers.  This is using superstition to combat superstition, but where does Satan lie but in the text of the Jewish Holy Book?  Satan is only a meme in a Jewish book.


Satan is not real, however the text is real.  Anyone defending Satan as a real character is defending the legitimacy of the holy text, and is damning you to hell.  Forget the Illuminati, forget the Masonic Order – it’s the damn text itself – the text of the Holy Bible is the entry into the Gates of Hell. Any PhD defending the authenticity of Satan is off his rocker.  You’d think the purpose of higher degrees is to transcend common man stupidity.

Save the Jewish Males Campaign by Henry Makow

“Any indoctrinated Christian who is hired to work inside the state bureaucracy will soon have a moral dilemma, the state has no authority yet criminalized nearly every human behavior.  A Christian is programmed to support the state – after all that is the purpose of the Christian religion.  The Christian is indoctrinated to believe that God ordained government and put the authorities in charge.

Romans 13:1  (New International Version)

“Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

But when a Christian of IQ above say, 90, is working within the sprawling government apparatus, they might wake up in the control matrix and realize their religion is bullshit, a con job, a magic trick.  When they do they are welcomed with open arms into the next level of the cult, Luciferianism.

Just as Judaism is the stepping stone to Zionism, Christianity is the stepping stone to Masonic Luciferianism –  there are no Hindus or Buddhists in the inner circle of Holy Bible Satanic cult.

All those secret Satanic groups are just manifestations of the text itself – as I explain all those converts to Satanism are only being honest about the evil intent to subjugate embedded in the Bible text. 

Embracing the dark side of the Holy Bible is Satanism and embracing the true meaning of being controlled by the authority of the state, handing your personal authority to an outside entity.  So what is the true gate of hell but the entry into this cult of authority?

The state is Satan, the Jewish god is the anthropomorphized devil himself and the Judeo-Christian culture is state worship, so embracing state authority is how you enter the Gates of Hell.  Once the state has your authority is can do anything it wants to you, embracing this power is Satanism.

Listen to me, the root of the problem is not some Wall Street greedy banker, it’s not the bureaucrat in the bowels of the Pentacon, or the fraud Obama.  The real problem is the words of the Holy Bible – they are acting like a secret program to destroy us.  Sure, you can name the corporations, defense contractors, the banksters, the Jews, the Zionists as operatives who are absolutely carrying out the destructive acts – but the real problem lies in the text itself.

Want proof?  Every Palestinian house Israel razes is 100% legal.  Bulldozing peoples homes is pure evil made real by the authority of state.  Israel is Satanic because is using the full authority of the state to do evil and just the same is true of Obama smokin’ those camel jockeys with drones.  Every man, woman, and child the President of the free world unilaterally executes is legal under the power and authority of the state which is 100% supported by Judeo-Christian death cult.

If you want proof of what the Holy Bible is capable of turning Christians to the dark side, just take a look at Palestine or what is happening all around the Zionist hell state of Israel.  Christians defend Israel no matter what.  No matter how many native Palestinians are routinely killed by the state, Christians rally the wagons around their pet state of Israhell.

Hell is pouring out of the earth at the black hole called Israel – the very nation that Bible believers love.  How can the Bible be a love book when it creates hell?  It isn’t holy at all – it is really hellish Satanic code being used to demoralize and destroy the human race. Israel is not some isolated Satanic phenomenon – its the tip of the Judeo-Christian spear of domination.

Look with your own eyes and see the Apocalypse unfolding in the Middle East.  Everyone denies the Bible as casual – they can’t see that it is the prime cause of the Apocalypse – it’s not prophecy – it’s the programming of the book causing humans to act out the full authority of god script. This is not funny at all – Christians are being willfully ignorant about the hell they are creating.

Humans are like fish unable to detect water – they can see that the prime myth of the civilization is causing the demise of the world.  The Anglo-Saxon empire is built on the the text of the Holy Bible – and that text must be malevolent because it manifests as a world domination force.

The only way out of this conundrum is the collapse of civilization and a return to feudal anarchy, which will accelerate once nuclear WW3 gets fully underway – which according to Veterans Today is already happening in Syria – Israel is using small nuclear weapons on targets.

This proves that the Bible is exactly the opposite of what believing apologists say it is.   It is not our hope – it is a program of destruction that is being acted out right now before our eyes.  The Gates of Hell have been opened in Palestine by the words in the book – and the cancer is spreading all around the Middle East and soon the entire world will be engulfed by termination program.

You have to understand that none of what Israel does could be possible without the support of the faithful.  It is America that backs Israel and she only does this because America is a Christian nation – a god fearing nation – a nation that supports Jews no matter what.  American’s view themselves as Hebrews, America is for all intensive purposes a Hebrew nation.

Christians defend Israel no matter what – they can not hear nor will the accept the notion that Israel did 911.  Even if you managed to somehow get through to the possessed mind of a believer, and have them acknowledge this fact – they will then still defend Jews and Israel.  It doesn’t matter if Jews terrorize our nation because ,after all, they are the holy ones.

This has become the fatal flaw – because Bible belief is incompatible with freedom.  You can not be a free nation that is a vassal of Israel, you can not be a light unto the nations when you are doing the dirty work of the Jewish hellions.  None of what is happening to us should be happening except we’ve lost our way because of the programming text of the Holy Bible.

So this leads one to consider the possibility that something completely different is going on – like what is happening to us is being directed by a higher mind – not a creator god like the fool Christian says – but the programmer(s) of this simulated reality must want us all dead.

If this a simulated reality, which many scientists are saying that it is, then the Holy Bible is the program text of our destruction and could end us as a specie.  The Holy Bible text is what is driving toward the Apocalypse – the book is the background program put into the Matrix to end us just as we reach escape velocity and free ourselves from myth forever.

According to megachurch pastor John Hagee, if America turns its back on Israel then God will turn its back on America.  Do you believe that nonsense?  Obviously support for Israel is what is allowing the destruction, because without America Israel is nothing.  America is the enabler of demonic Israel and America will be destroyed because of this special relationship – exactly the opposite of what Hagee claims.

Israel is the mad dog tearing up the Middle East and is getting every person over there to hate America.  Obviously if we keep supporting Israel then terrorism will come home.  So this support of Israel is not just immoral and wrong, it is foolish and it is not only bankrupting our nation but going to cause us to live in terror – real terror as the Zionists take over the Amerikan asylum.

And what is also true, is that America is a first world nation that can NOT protect itself from real terrorism.  If America can’t stop 50 million illegal aliens that have come across the border, then how can the nation stop trained mercenaries coming bent on vengeance for what we have done?  It is nothing to take down the grid that we all depend on.

Achilles Heel of the West

“The United State Government is run by insane Zionist retards who haven’t thought their War of Terrorism all the way through.  It is impossible to protect a first world infrastructure from ‘real’ terrorism, meaning it is impossible to protect the capital-intensive investments if some nation retaliated from what we are doing to them.

In other words, anyone motivated to bring down the United States by attacking the grid can do so putting the land in permanent darkness.  If you’ve noticed we motivated a whole lot of people to hate us by bombing them into total ruin.”

“Amerika the police state has an Achilles Heel, it is a nation built on petrol, the fail is built into the system, if anything disrupts the flow of this one commodity then the whole nation fails.  Gasoline is pumped around the nation in completely unprotected open air pipelines.”

The government is insane sponsor of terror and can not stop nor does it care if America goes down.  Obama is insane, his Jewish staff is insane, the Jewish media is insane , and those that watch Fox News are also insane.  Amerika is an insane nation of Hebrew converted retards that has ditched reason for Biblical faith.

Americans won’t listen to reason because they are in a state of faith.  This faith is what is driving the evil support for Israel, it is this faith that will cause the undoing of the nation.  America is on the brink of destruction because of its support of Israel.  All this faith and support of Israel comes from only one source – the text of the Holy Bible.  Thus what am I to conclude about the true nature of the Holy Bible?  It is a Codex Terminus – an ancient program code of our destruction.

Whatever we think we are getting from this book, it is causing our demise.  You can see the evidence right in front of your very eyes yet everyone is in denial about what this book is doing to us.  We’ve been warned by John Titor that nuclear war with Russia is inevitable and you can see us acting out the program, supporting ISIS and Israel in the Middle East.

Our love for the Bible is our undoing.  Our ideas about God are all wrong.  Our support for Israel is irrational and immoral.  What we don’t know is that our holiest book is also a program of our destruction and are just coming to understanding is that we may be in a simulated reality and the Holy Bible the termination program because our thoughts manifest.


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