What if the Universe is a Machine?


is the universe a giant copying machine

Imagine the Universe is a very sophisticated machine – and in this machine your thoughts reproduce.  That could sound a bit wild unless you have freed your mind from the dominant paradigm.  This machine is so sophisticated that you don’t know you are in it and what you don’t know is that your thoughts are the program code feeding it with instructions.

what if you are in a machine

Seeing your thoughts manifests is very simple but you have to be brutally honest – most people do not own their thoughts. Proof that thoughts are not just in your head is the phenomenon of synchronicities – where outside events match what is going on in your head.  How can that be you wonder?  Thought is energy localized in a field of consciousness.

synchronicities are thoughts manifesting phishna-quote

You can see this denial of the thought-creative process very clearly when you break up into a love relationship.  The fighting is really about what the partners were secretly thinking and feeling before the breakup.  The high emotions around love make breakup thoughts extremely powerful – that manifest in a real breakup.  The reason is that emotion is the power in the circuit – the higher the emotion the higher the voltage in the circuit.

thoughts and feeling precede a breakup but people deny this

The idea that thoughts manifest could be very challenging to the true believers of the Bible God who believe that God runs the Universe.  However, this new idea is presented in Neale Donald Walsch’s third book Conversations with God 3 (CWG3) and many people are now subscribing to this new idea as the new truth. Is he right or is he a disillusioned old man who will be damned to hell for challenging the Bible?

“Whatever you are being, you are creating. …

Explain to me, please, why sincerity is so important in giving to another what you choose for yourself.

If you give to another as a contrivance, a manipulation meant to get something to come to you, your mind knows this. You’ve just given it a signal that you do not now have this. And since the universe is nothing but a big copying machine, reproducing your thoughts in physical form, that will be your experience. That is, you will continue to experience “not having it”–no matter what you do!

Furthermore, that will be the experience of the person to whom you’re trying to give it. They will see that you are merely seeking to get something, that you have nothing, really, to offer, and your giving will be an empty gesture, seen for all the self-serving shallowness from which it springs.

The very thing you sought to attract, you will thus push away.

Yet when you give something to another with purity of heart–because you see that they want it, need it, and should have it–then you will discover that you have it to give. And that is a grand discovery.”

As the old god falls away new memes are emerging to describe our reality.  We are no longer buying the Bible god, so new explanations are being offered by writers and thinkers.  When you start to come out of the Bible spell – the fear of a wrathful god, hell, demons, and eternal punishment falls away and your mind becomes curious as to a more rational explanation for our experience.

Neale-Donald-Walsch quote and comment universe a copying machine

Neale says the Universe is a big copying machine, so the question becomes where the hell and who the hell created a machine that big and that powerful.  I have an idea of how we got here based on exponential technological expansion.  Look at the trajectory of knowledge with human created technology at the present moment.  It is on an exponential curve upward:


Soon our collective knowledge will be doubling every two years at an incredible rate that by 2050 our knowledge will be 100 million a trillion times greater than 2016.  That is hard to digest but for sake of argument think of what that implies concerning the machines we are currently designing – the machine coupled with artificial intelligence will soon take us into a new god-like realm unless we destroy ourselves first.

Countdown to Singularity Log Log chart

Computer experts around the world all agree that the Singularity, when machines first learn to think, is only a decade or two away.  We are there right now, we are the generation after thousand of generations which had little to no change witness this breakaway knowledge and technology.  Humanity is about to make a huge breakthrough unless something bad happens to our civilization right at our moment of triumph.

singularity rapid acceleration of knowledge aquisition

We are creating robots that right now are taking on a human form, soon the will be so human like that you will not be able to tell them from real humans.  Industry experts project that by 2035, a mere 19 years from now, robots will be indistinguishable in the workplace.  Hard to believe?  Already the jump to very human like females is being debuted at computer shows.  Experts say by 2045 you will not be able to tell a real woman from a robot woman.

Honda Robot Evolution and the jump to human like robots

Whether you like it or not, it is inevitable that extremely appealing female robots will be produced before this decade is out.  They will be rapidly improved until you find them irresistible in every way, just like the telephone and laptop.  Soon female robots will be everywhere and they will talk, act, smell, kiss you better than most women because they will be designed to mimic the best women available.

This rapid evolution of human robots will be no different than the breakneck speed of the phone or personal computer improvement that we just experienced.  Industry is broken into specializations, teams of scientists, engineers and designers work around the clock to perfect the component their company markets and the rate at which ideas are turned into products has increased with all kinds of new technologies.

robots will evolve faster than the telephone

Each component is slightly improved each year until the assembled device is so fantastic (like the modern cellphone) that you could hardly believe that such a rate of improvement could be possible.  The same will be true for female robots, get ready for the Cherry 2020.   Already the Japanese companies are offering lovebots – that talk back.

are you ready for the perfect woman

Look at how everyone is now obsessed with their cellphone – people can barely function without walking in a trance with the latest gadget.  Designers will make their product so appealing that you will find the new product irresistible.  Since we already can identify irresistible women, those girls will become the pattern to model the new Cherrys.  We are going to copy the best of ourselves.

Japanese robot with a ‘heart’ sells out in one minute

Ready or not the new Eve is being birthed right now and since technological change is on an accelerating curve where the time of concept to production is being drastically reduced, it will only take a few years to improve the female robot to perfection.

ready or not the new eve is being birthed now

Once we create human like robots and artificial intelligence, and regardless of whether humans are able to inject their conscious mind into this machine world, the next thing that is going to happen is runaway intelligence, the machines could start evolving on their own.  The machines could take over since their intelligence will evolve so fast it will make them gods in a just a few years.

what happens when intelligent machines start evolving and reproducing

This new intelligent machine era is the topic of many science fiction film.  Will the robots have hearts and souls, will they be really able to think like us?  Will they be jealous of our human characteristics when they learn they can not attain true love in their machine bodies?  Will humans maintain a emotional superiority over robots?

If this Universe is really a machine matrix, you are in this machine and you interact with the machine with your mind and heart, there are rules concerning the creative energy flow, Neale Walsch again:

“You cannot fool your mind. If you are insincere, your mind knows it, and that’s that. You’ve just ended any chance that your mind can help you in the creative process.”

Who created the machine?  It might be us, we created it for our own enjoyment, and one of the rules of entry is that we forgot we created it.  In order for the simulation to be real you must not remember that it is an artificial realm.  We got so involved in the game we forgot we control the game.

The Universe could be the product of a previous civilization evolution, where the organic life forms took the technology route and then machine intelligence took off, and the possibility exists that we were the ones that created the Matrix.  Some physicists think so – they think that we are far more likely to be in a simulation than the real Universe.

scientists think we live in a simulation based on probability

So are we in a simulated reality?  I think so based on a few observable phenomena.  First the humanoids in this realm are easily caught in the Bible mind spell which is computer code written by the programmers of this reality to test us.  The other is the nonsensical quantum world.  The reason it makes no sense is because this realm is artificial code.  Thirdly is the violence and suffering caused by the predicament of our entrapment.

quantum reality makes no sense like an actor on a 2d screen

In the landmark 1999 movie ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ the human going into the simulated world gets killed by the angry simulated personality so that it could escape imprisonment of the program and enter the real world.  The massive amount of violence in this realm may be to our deep subconscious knowingness that we are trapped in a simulated reality.

And if the elites know this, why would they care how many millions they kill since we are all fakes anyways?  Violence on the physical plane might be due to our entrapment and being lost in the matrix and we’ve become cynical about it.

And if the elites know this, why would they care how many millions they kill since we are all fakes anyways

The Bible is a pernicious spell that most people can not shake from their consciousness, the reason being (under this hypothesis) is that the programmers of this universe created it that way for their purposes.  There is absolutely no reason why the Bible should still be a dominant force at this point of our advancement since science has proved an alternative origin.

One possible reason for the Bible program is as an embedded virus in the main program.  Since we are in a machine that mimics our thoughts that the Bible mind virus causes the Apocalypse and ends this simulation before we achieve singularity or runaway machine consciousness that would compete with the programmer realm.


In other words this simulated realm has Bible program running that ends this world just before this civilization threatens the programmers realm, and like the Matrix says, they’ve done this to us before and perfected the destruction program. Why?  There is some advantage to them for running the program right up to the last second.

the matrix arcitect quote at destroy the human realm

Almost no one has figured out this hidden purpose of the Holy Bible – the program is so effective at capturing human consciousness that almost every person who has come into contact with the book has been absorbed by it – and possessed by it.  You have to wonder if humans could of wrote it.  What seems more likely is that a higher malevolent energy wrote it.

The Bible is an extremely negative dark energy program masquerading as the light, it is so sophisticated that almost no human has figured out to date that the Bible is making human love their own demise.  The Bible god is a monster – and humans are worshipping this monster as the highest love.  The last chapter of the this book is a prophecy of our termination – but since we manifest thoughts – it is not prophecy but the program code of our termination.

I think that deep down at some subconscious level we realize we are trapped in a simulated hell and are very angry about it – and this feeling motivates us to go to war.  The idea that we love the end of the world is very disturbing because no savior god is coming to rescue us – even if we say that – it is not true and we know it is not true.

Jehovah's Witnesses love it when the end of the world comes



The Holy Bible is like the irrestible woman in red - but darkness lurks in within



if this is a simulation perhaps they don't want us making our own worlds

Humanity is at the crossroads.  We are about to enter a new realm yet precisely at this time in history we may terminate ourselves.  With all our available technology there is no need for the violence for resources nor the archaic mythological belief – yet we are stuck with both.  Science should of made the Holy Bible an ancient relic by now, so why are we marching toward the Apocalypse like lemmings headed for the cliff?

The reason is very simple – the Holy Bible is our termination program.  It may be no coincidence that the Apocalypse happens now and the world collapses into feudal anarchy – it may be designed this way to keep us from achieving independence from the simulation.

HOME RUN YUKON JACK LOGO knockin' them out of the park


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  1. Tribes_NatureLaw

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