Conscious Manifestation Versus the Jew


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Humans have the power to consciously manifest their desires and needs.  Most of the time they do it unconsciously or through a god proxy via prayer, but they have the potential to do it directly, without help, intentionally.  The truth is the power is within you, you are the one doing it, prayer is simply manifesting without being conscious of your own power.

words in the bible are god

Christians say the Bible is the word of God, but there is no external god.  So what are they really saying?  The Bible words are “the god”.  This is important to understand, because what you believe limits your reality.  If you believe there are limitations on what you can get, your personal power has been checked.

You can have anything you want or desire, there is no god deciding what you can have.  You are the decider!  You can manifest without limits or believe that god has a plan or is putting restrictions on you.  You can manifest anything, but if believe that you should only pray for godly things defined in the Bible then your innermost desires will remain unfulfilled.

When Christians pray, not knowing their own thought power, they pray in terms of a proxy, usually Jesus.  Not believing in their selves, they pray in terms of Jesus, which they do believe, thus increasing the power of their prayer via an avatar.  Jesus is the magic wand of the believer.

manifestation by proxy bible quote

Jesus never existed, god doesn’t care what you do, because god is the life force tapped by the human mind. God is NOT what the Bible says.  The Holy Bible is a giant Jewish deception on the human mind. The omnipotent god Yahweh is a concept in your mind, a deadly meme, an idea that an external being has all the power, not you.  You are being taught that god has the power, not you.

Anyone can manifest, an atheist can manifest better than a Christian using the Jesus avatar, if the atheist knows the power of the mind. Every single conscious being has the power to manifest, regardless of belief.  Every Hindu can manifest, every atheist can manifest, manifestation is a gift created by self awareness.

Theists, trying to gain power over the population will try to stop you from realizing your own power.  In order for the Christian to stop you from believing in yourself, the Christian uses the Jewish trick condemning your power as demonic or Satanic, demonizing anyone who doesn’t do it their way for their purpose.  The Holy Bible is a book full of metaphysical lies, the reader has no idea that they are bing indoctrinated into a helpless sheep who needs the priest’s god.

Holy Bible most evil book ever written but consider the good book

What is very evil about Christians is how they use prayer, to force everyone in compliance with Bible code.  Jewish control is evil, it destroys life. Humans must have freedom to fully express themselves, the Jew is busy exploiting the goy with legal restrictions.  In order to feed on you, the Jew must control you.  The Jew does everything to strip you of all your personal power.

The Bible recruits the believer in defending the book, Jews, and salvation doctrine.  Christians pray to convert others to the faith.  But what it is really going on the believer is possessed by the text and is working on behalf of Jewish power, cut off from their creativity, believers are the memetic possessed robots of a Jewish book.  Christians are Bible robots enforcing Jewish legal code.

For instance the Jewish concept of state, the exclusive right of the state to use force is the cause of most death on the planet.  The American state, controlled by Zionist Jews, have killed 55 million since the end of World War 2.  You are the cattle for the Jew to exploit, and the Jew gets this power over you with your Biblical belief.





Combine British-American aggression that with the Communist state and you get the idea of magnitude of Jewish evil being implemented by Jewish memes.  The state is a manifestation of religious code, according to their books, god ordained the government amongst men, and that it is your duty to obey the state because god created it.

holy bible instruction manual in evil

Because of the Bible, most of the west can not conceive of living outside of the state, thus most people are in the deadly deception of living under government control.  This has allowed the states to organize into megalithic structures now slaved to the Jewish World Order of death and destruction.

The creative potential of world is slaved to insane governments and the Jewish World Order.  The result is that human potential is being used to destroy, human intention skewed to Holy Bible memes of dominance, war, and destruction.  Jews have captured much of the world with their book and the result is deadly.

Men who wanted power created governmental organizations using religion to brainwashing the sheep into compliance.  The Jewish state, is a state of mind, the idea that some men can use force on others.  No greater example of the deprivation of the Jewish state (of mind) is Israel.  The omnipotent state, a mimic of Yahweh, cuts off creativity of those slaved to the welfare system.

Human creativity is being interfered with, humans are being corralled in Bible stock yards, unable to see that they are divine beings with huge creative potential.  Most of humanity uses their creative ability to build robots and drones, armaments for Jewish instigated wars.  Believers are enlisted in maintaining the Jewish power structures by dominating the rest of society.

Brilliant Ezra Pound, light years ahead of most minds, pointed out the excesses of religion, like bell ringing.  The bell ringing and loudspeakers of the believers is intentional, it is not pointless at all, it is the use of force, the interference of religion into everyone’s lives.


Bellringing is one of the many things religions use to force compliance.  Christians and other religious people often pray to force society into compliance with religious code, prayer is preying on others with thought power. Praying for outcome is preying on others, a form of black magic.  Christians decry black magic but practice it en masse.

christian using will via prayer to force bible memes on everyone else

God is a meme, but it also is an imaginary being of humans manifesting.  Humans are now gaining awareness of god’s limitations, challenging the long held ideas that god cares or controls the world.  God does nothing and god doesn’t care because the god of the Bible is a delusion.

Christians are doing something – forcing the Bible down your throat – forcing you to accept Jewish rule.  Christians think they are doing good, but they are assisting in Jewish evil.  You must become aware of this and put a stop to Judeo-Christian evil.  Religious bell ringing is evil and must be stopped.

Evil can only exist if you allow it to exist, if you stand down in front of Jewish evil thinking god will intervene, you are under the Bible delusion of omnipotent god.  Thus it is important for you to realize your own creative power and take on the Jew and save humanity from extinction.


It is important for humanity to graduate from Bible deceptions and come out of the Bible spell.  We are the ones doing the creating, and we need to learn respect for other peoples intentions.  Bell ringing must stop, no nation should be under the thumb of religious zealots.

All people have the right to manifest their innermost heartfelt desire and should not be forced into religious codes of extremism like the Jewish concept of total war.  We should be allowed to manifest love and not spend our time killing the brown skinned man in far off places like Vietnam or Iraq.



2 thoughts on “Conscious Manifestation Versus the Jew

  1. Tribes_NatureLaw

    The facts are core, proven by all the record, and what we face now due to ignorance. The jew’s weak she-male ‘jeezus’ and pedophyle ‘vatican’ cons, the failure to fight the jews in any serious, ongoing way has meant our mass destruction, thousands of years of ‘tax’ and ‘obey’ slavery, mass murder, and nature power destruction. ‘prepper’ dupes too stupid to catch on that ‘prepare’ is a jew psyop, ‘prepping’ doesn’t stop anything, to stop them you have to Stop them, ‘prepping’ doesn’t matter when you allowed jews to kill the last of the bees, no bees no food dummies. search ‘robotic bees’, only for their jew monsanto poison crops. We’re being sprayed with nano chip chemtrails see aboutthesky com. They stripped our original strong nature gods, forcing their she-male jeezus con for slavery and so they could destroy nature and thereby and destroy us, see englishnews org jewish christianity page. Their ‘religions’ and bogus ‘govt’ are controls to rob and suicide masses. They also made race bioweapons see newworldwar org bioweapons page. The jews are anarchists in a tribe, while dicatating others ‘obey’ fraud jew ‘govt’ ‘state’ ‘cities’, so-called ‘founders’ were cons in the tribe see ‘washington’ face. The jews use a ‘contract’ con, their bogus ‘constitutions’ apply to no one. The jews are ‘govt’ jewishfaces com at archive org, see all pages, also thezog .info, judicial inc blogspot ww2 bloodlines, also mafia and kkk and false flag pages, holodomorinfo com,
    It was jews that brought the slaves and gave indians smallpox,wethoughttheywerewhite.weebly, also see mosaisk jewish timeline. copy pages to disk. Too many continue to stay in a ‘box’, instead of co-support, make small tribes with others of like mind.
    Masses have allowed jew printing press to pay mass parasites who are drowning us. ‘following’ jew schemes to suicide, even now expecting some jew front trump clinton ‘leader’ to ‘save’ them. There is no ‘military’ or ‘militia’, no one is coming to ‘save’ you. We can be fighters if we choose, while we can. Failing to learn from the southerners who fell for the ‘con-fed-eracy’ scheme instead of fight in their own small groups and kill ‘govt’, dupes falling for ‘war2’ bs, and ‘hitler’ scheme, setup by the jews so dupes would ‘follow’ yet another ‘leader’ to suicide, fraud ‘ww2’ killing over 20 Million for jew bolshivek takeover of europe. ‘republic’ ‘nation-al’ anything ‘state’, all ‘govt’ is suicide. Nature anarchism and small tribes is fight and life. We are free to take back everything they’ve stolen, masses of land here they stole from the southerners and from bogus ‘depressions’, and across the world, europe, russia, it is all stolen, the electric we built, the water, they stole it all into their bs private and bogus ‘public’ companies, it is ours, we are free to take it all back from them and do it before they blow the grid. It won’t be ‘nukes’ bs, there is no such thing as nukes, the tower are not ‘cell’ they’re a weapons system. emp, can blow our minds also, by race. ‘dementia’, doesn’t matter if you ‘go-along’ or not. The ‘wht’ ashkenazi jews are about genocide, everyone but them and a fraction of the chinese as slaves.
    The masses don’t deserve to be alive, this post is not for them, it’s for the ten percent who aren’t weak morons but are stuck, the problem is not knowing how to connect and fight in real life, a way to meet others is hand out paper notes with links on them, with ‘copy pass on, tape to mailboxes, hand out to crowds’ at the bottom. you can copy this to make notes with. Putting out notes is a way to do something in real life, break paralysis and do something. Ignore ‘dc’, focus where you are, fake ‘govt’ ‘state’ ‘cities’ ‘skoolz’ jews, chemtrails, tower weapons, smart grid in your face. See also shadowmasterminds wordpress jewish protesters activist page, important, copy pages to disk. Use notes with links to inform and meet others. also search jrbooksonline arnold leese, ritual page link and bolshevism page link, also core. –


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