Apocalypse Now! Does Your Soul Care if it’s Been Left Behind?


The United States, the morally and fiscally bankrupt whore state of Israel and Rothschild, is escalating the apocalypse in Syria because they are losing.  The Syrian-Russian alliance is crushing the Israel organized terrorists called ISIS.  ISIS is Israel, ISIS is a proxy army for the Israeli state, clearing the way for the expansion of Greater Israel.  The Zionist hellmongers hate to lose, they are willing to go all the way, World War 3 is imminent.

We are on the cusp of pure madness which is going to terminate this world.  A dramatic escalation appears imminent.  Yeah ha!  I love the smell of napalm in the morning.  Battlefield earth is the greatest show in the galaxy and your your soul doesn’t care if it’s been left behind because when the nukes are lit off the souls get a grand experience while you get fried to a crisp. Only a fool doesn’t see the danger here, we are on the edge of nuclear conflict with Russia and the termination of everything we take for granted.

How can any of this be real?  What is going on is perfect insanity, why is anyone even attacking Syria in the first place?  I will tell you why,  the so-called holy book is our program code, we are following a script, we are manifesting the words, memes, concepts, and strategy of dominance in a Jewish written hell book.  We are acting out their end times programming – grasping for Greater Israel that fails in the fireball of WW3 Apocalypse.

What no one seems to realize is that the Holy Bible is the reason for this madness.  Supremacist Jews wrote a holy book that much of the world has adopted as their own, people actually believe that the agents of hell are agents of god, so many deluded fearful sheep actually have taken into their heart of hearts that the Jews are god’s chosen people.

But how can that be, the Zionist Jews are making hell with their book.  Does god even write books?  Why do we believe that just one tribe is the only representative of god, why don’t we believe that all peoples are aspects of divinity, not just a narrow few?  Why would any modern person believe in an ancient book when so much of it has been disproved by modern science?

I agree with the Christians that we are in the end times, I disagree on the cause.  I say they are creating this nightmare with their collective Apocalyptic dream of world Jewish supremacy mistakenly called the New World Order.   Worldwide Jewish despotism should be called the Jewish World Order.  But the Bible indoctrinated Gentile world won’t name a spade a spade because they hold the reprobate tribe in reverence.

In the documentary film, The Simulation Hypothesis, the case is made that scientific evidence is mounting that we live inside a computed reality.

“Is everything an illusory simulation? Was the world created by a non-physical force that we can communicate with and possibly influence with our minds, thereby participating in the creation of our own reality? These are the grandiose existential questions central to this documentary, which introduces viewers to the concept of the Simulation Hypothesis.

Teasing that there are cutting edge physics experiments that imply Simulation Hypothesis could be true, the film begins by reviewing two primary philosophies regarding the nature of life: materialism and idealism. First introduced by Democritus, materialism credits the atom as the basis for all reality, making consciousness the result of a material process. Plato, on the other hand, believed it is the mind itself that gives way to matter; therefore reality is borne from ideas.

The Simulation Hypothesis, which the filmmakers parallel very heavily against the hit sci-fi movie The Matrix, argues that matter and ideas are the result of a complex digital simulation, something akin to a video game. Theoretical physicists make their case for a programmable universe, positing that there is evidence of computer code to be found in nature and we are, put simply, expressions of a code.

Are we ourselves composed of binary strings of 0s and 1s? Could it be that subatomic particles are nature’s answer to the bits and pixels that digital worlds are composed of? Though dense in scientific jargon, there is an underlying creationist belief to Simulation Hypothesis – if, in fact, the world is a program, someone must have written it. But who, or what? The film suggests that humans have an innate mental connection back to this universal programmer through the subconscious.”

We should be careful what we think because in this sim your thoughts become reality.  Thoughts manifest, our consciousness is part of the machine programming.  That may sound fantastic but all the evidence is pointing in that direction.  Myth is used to blind us to our reality, myth is used by the powers that be to keep us under control, and if try to escape we are terminated with prejudice.

The film is important because we should consider the possibility that our Universe is a simulation for our soul experience, and that this simulated run is presently being terminated by the embedded Bible code.  Think about it, why do we even make movies like the Terminator, The Matrix, or The Truman Show if such information doesn’t speak directly to our soul?

Yes Virginia, modern science is confirming mysticism, and perhaps the soul incarnates into the simulation for experience.  The holographic simulation is a theory that explains why the soul comes here in the first place.  That may sound hard to believe because you were taught materialism – that the Universe is made of atoms and matter gave rise to consciousness, but top physicists are now saying that it’s the other way around.

If this is a simulation then why would any leader in the know care about human suffering and death?  It is said that our soul is eternal, would the soul care if this simulation was terminated by nuclear warfare?  Not at all, it may welcome it.  From the soul’s perspective – planets are expendable.  Then the soul could reincarnate somewhere else for another experience or choose to live in a nuclear wasteland for that experience.

From the soul’s perspective, end times nuclear warfare could be one of the greatest of experiences while it is injected into this artificial holographic reality.  We are currently witnessing massive destruction in the Middle East and seem to headed toward a greater conflagration, and the players don’t seem to care, how can that be?

Embedded in the simulation code is the termination program, and as this program manifests into this realm we can see the effects, like the mad world leaders who are taking us into the Apocalypse.  So we have a reason why the world is run by mad men, the program is set to make sure the world stays a mayhem, a zoo, a hell realm.  The architect wants it that way, what we call ‘god’ is really a machine artificial intelligence.  We are governed by an inorganic mind.

If the world was sane then Barak Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, Tony Blair, Bushes, Clintons, would be immediately arrested as a dangerous mass murdering lunatics.  There is hardly a sane world leader on this planet, and if anyone speaks sanely they are immediately condemned viciously by Jews everywhere.  So what does that tell you?  When all the world leaders should be immediately arrested and executed then what does that say about God?  Who created this hell?  If the world is hell then the creator is a monster.

It’s not just them either, there are hundreds of millions of souls imagining the ‘end time’ and are joyous of the termination!   If this place were real, I doubt that the hominids would be rejoicing in the complete destruction of their home planet.  Only in a sim would a sentient being not care – because it’s not real anyways and they know this at a deep subconscious level.  Thus we gladly embrace our own destruction, we want out anyway possible.

How can you explain the irrational policies of the world leaders unless this is a simulation?  Do the world leaders care the least how many million souls they kill?  They do not care the least, whether by drone, iron bomb or nuke.  They kill millions and millions and hardly anyone cares.  Hardly a person even knows there’s a war raging in Syria.  Most people don’t even know where Syria is, nor do they care when they are shopping on their iPad or texting their friends about what they just saw on the boob tube.

Could this realm be a dream within a dream?  I’ve had many dreams where I woke up in the dream then later woke up again in this realm.  What the hell is that about, why do we even dream in the first place? That possibility is being explored by many internet writers.  Why do we dream?  Why are dreams so real?  How many layers of dreams are there?

Betsie Larkin & Solarstone – Breathe You In (Solarstone Pure Mix) lyrics

At the end of the day we fall asleep
Just a dream in a dream
We wake up in the worlds we’re caught between
Always half of the scene, you said

So if this place is a simulation, where’s the projector?  I don’t know but I have a hunch the mystery of neutrinos might be a clue.  The sun is projecting so many neutrinos that something like a 100 trillion are going through you every second.  Whatever or however the machine works there are clues emerging that we are in a projection, a simulation.  Particle physics is weird because this place ain’t real.

You may scoff at the idea that this is a sim, but I think you will change your mind in the near future.  We are rapidly developing ever better virtual reality, and as that new technology creeps into our culture, as we experience the simulated realms more and more you’ll slowly be convinced that you are already in an artificial or virtual realm right now.
In this simulated reality your thoughts interact with the background consciousness – the projector.  We know this because of the double slit experiment and no matter how many times scientists try to trick the Universe with an upgraded version of this experiment – the electron always knows it is being observed.  The wave-particle phenomenon still mystifies scientists, the world is very strange at the quantum level but what their discovery implies is that thought affects this reality.

This confirms the supposition of Ester Hicks and Neale Donald Walsch  – our thoughts are real things that manifest.  Hard to believe?  The machine is always on and your thoughts and feelings are continuous program input according to them.  I know this is real because every day I experience improbable random events that align with my thoughts – I can see my thoughts in actions with the simple observation of synchronicities.

We are making real our holy book with our collective thought forms.  Since our holy book is written by the hell tribe, we are manifesting the hell of the Jews, we are creating a hell reality because we believe the hell text of the angry Semitic tribal peoples.  We don’t have to do this but we think we must in order to get into heaven, we believe with all our mind and soul in exclusionary theology, that heaven is only for some, not all.

Group thoughts are even more powerful.  What if the elites were part of the same secret society, and what if they knew about this?  They might not care how many of us they kill.  That would be really disturbing information that the elites view us expendable but the news everyday confirms this as fact.  Maybe they are not anymore aware about this realm than us, and don’t care because they are psychopaths.

Movies can be powerful mass programming media, maybe more so than we initially realized.  Movies could be literal programming of the Matrix.  Then you would never view movies the same, you would instantly recognize the blatant destructive programming in the post Apocalyptic movies coming out of Hollywood.

What if the elites knew that movies are the program code to this sim and then go ahead and make very destructive movies knowing full well that this is input program code effect to the earth simulation.  They love this power.  Should we stop them?  Shouldn’t we stop entertaining such destructive thoughts especially if we were certain that such thinking manifests?

It’s time for a new dream, it is time that we start dreaming of something besides total destruction.  Otherwise we are going to ride the hellfire straight into the end times Apocalypse without ever being conscious that the Holy Bible was not our salvation but our program code of destruction.


One thought on “Apocalypse Now! Does Your Soul Care if it’s Been Left Behind?

  1. Wesam Hashish

    It is human ignorance, greed & selfishness that has created this projection not God. Humans have been manipulated because they don’t believe in God. We believe in money, awards, & material. Humanity has turned against itself in what I would call an individual Apoclypse. Ask & you shall receive (Neutrino Apoclypse)! Recommended videos YouTube (DNA Harmonic Resonator of Neutrinos & Neutrinos Spirit of God)!

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