God is Overrated



Once upon a time early primitive humans imagined a sky god and worshipped him as the giver of life.  Cults were formed around different interpetations of the god meme, wars were fought for dominance of each tribe’s god.  A winner emerged, the most virulent and violent memeplex of all swept the world and now holds half the world captive in the form of the Abrahamic religions.


In competition to dominate territory, the worst religions emerged the victors.  The nice guys finished last, in fact many of them were finished off according to the Old Testament:  every man, woman, and child put to death.  That is what God not only wanted, it was what he commanded.

“When the Lord your God brings you into the land where you are entering to possess it, and clears away many nations before you, the Hittites and the Girgashites and the Amorites and the Canaanites and the Perizzites and the Hivites and the Jebusites, seven nations greater and stronger than you, and when the Lord your God delivers them before you and you defeat them, then you shall utterly destroy them. You shall make no covenant with them and show no favor to them,”


This version of god survives because, according to memetics, it is the most virulent of the god memeplexes: the Jews obliterated their competition leaving their book as the fittest survivor not because it was right but because it was the most violent.  The Bible has nothing to do with the real ‘god’, is simply text that justifies the violent behavior of primitive minds which are represented best by Jewish behavior.

god_at_his_computer SMITING GAZA CHILDREN

Those god versions that preached a nice god theory were wiped off the face of the earth.  The god that remains, the remaining one god of the thousands believed in, was angry and jealous.  This is what Christians worship – the exact wrong idea that we should have about god.  Christians may not be doing the violence themselves but it is done through their proxy, the state.


For instance, the entire Evangelical community that believes in Jesus also supports violent Israel which is obliterating the Arab states and decimating Palestine.  This state violence is ignored by those following Israel, they stick with the false narrative presented by the Jewish media.  If confronted, Christians will deny that they are responsible for the criminal government and what it is doing over in the Middle East.  They will deny that Israel did 911.

Humanity is facing an existential crisis because the violent traditions of the Jewish god remain with us today.  This crazy God of the Jews is unfortunately still alive and now taking the form ISIS whose favorite execution method is head chopping. Jewish commanders are organizing these monsters and having them kill the Old Testament way.

Bible believers are not going to just give up and surrender their precious evil god for stuff like reason, logic, science or evidence.  They don’t care about facts, their minds are made up, Jesus is coming back any day now to save them from reality.  Christians are stalwart supporters of the Jewish World Order even if they say they don’t like the New World Order.


Christians will take down the whole world before they give up.  They’ve spent the last 2,000 years chopping humans into mincemeat and they damn sure aren’t going to just give up.  Evangelists have teamed up with the Zionists to take us into a theological police state.  Currently the entire Evangelical community of at least 70 million Americans alone 100% support Israel and most of them believe we are in the end days.


In the current election farcical cycle, a whole slew of Bible believing crazies have been put before us.  Politicians know they must cajole these Bible thumpers because it represents such a large voting block.  It is no surprise then that those that seek high office say they are for the Bible, for Israel, for god in the schools, etc.  They keep voting for the all-powerful state but say they don’t like government interference in their lives.

insane evangelical theory of the first men

Then as time went on and humans kept slaughtering and torturing each other over the god meme, a new way of understanding the world emerged, one based on reason and logic, tested for accuracy, science was birthed and along came Darwin with his natural selection theory.  One hundred years later DNA was discovered creating a whole new science of genetic engineering.

What did we find out with science?  A whole different story than what the Bible says – all of us came out of Africa.  All people are descendents of the African blacks.  The Holy Bible is incorrect with our origin and thus it is also incorrect about god, we got god all wrong says Neale Donald Walsch.  So if god is all wrong, we as a specie have committed an egregious error.


Regardless of the new revelations of science religion remains strong especially those stressing blind faith.  In fact blind faith is all that is left of the Christian religion, Jesus proved imaginary, Genesis proved wrong about our origin, and the angry god in which we need salvation a fearful construct of confused humans awakening in the matrix.

Love Quote

So god has not gone away even though we are in the modern era of technological progress and science.  What do we know about god now compared to back then?  God is not all-powerful, he doesn’t intervene into this world, he may or may not answer your prayers or do a miracle for you.  God’s attributes are not what the Bible says.  It seems to me God is way overrated.

Many say that what need in this world is more love and understanding.  Are we getting that from the judgmental Jewish religions?  Are we getting peace with belief in God?  I think the opposite is true.  God is way, way over estimated and I’ll take the love of a beautiful woman any day over god.  Sorry God, you suck, just sayin’.

a beautiful woman is better than god

Note: the woman selected for the graphics is model Adrianna Lima, found by googling ‘world’s most beautiful woman’.


6 thoughts on “God is Overrated

  1. Tribes_Nature

    The face in last graphic is part jew, blubber lips also one eye jew symbolism. The other parts of article are core. There are two genetic groups, white ‘ashkenazi’, also black, brown jew race, and white, black, brown non jews. There are two white races not just one. The jews are their own god, we are our own master, after centuries of being slaved dupes still refuse to see the jew ‘gaud’ fraud and jew ‘govt’ fraud. Natural law is the only law, natural anarchism and tribes, can be in many small tribes. The jews made their ‘torah/tanakh/old testament’ genocide manual for themselves, then the weak she-male ‘jeezus’ fraud to force on others, taking away our original strong nature gods and identity. Scum creesjuns kathliks helped jews destroy us and our territory, creesjuns and kathliks are murderers and suicide slaves for the jews. see englishnews org jewish christianity page. They go along with killing and torture and never kill jews because creesjuns and kathliks want to be tortured to death by the jews. see_the_truth.webs.com/inquisition.html . copy page, ignore link at end. jewishracism.blogspot.nl/2013/09/the-jews-are-most-brutal-to-those-who.html They choose suicide jew ‘religion’ because they all want to die, they all think child r.ape and torture is ok and never kill pedophyles because they’re all jew race, mugshots.com — they snivel ‘be meek’ and ‘live let live’ so that jew ‘govt’ and pedphyls can do more. all creesjuns want to be tortured to death by jews. There are Two white races not just one. —-The jews are ‘govt’ – this all one link see all pages
    web.archive.org/web/20100825152634/http://jewishfaces.com/government.html – note if searched jewishfaces now doesn’t come up. respect it. pages are being taken off web. copy pages to disk, right click to copy images. see also thezog.info.
    snippits-and slappits.blogspot.com/2009_07_01_archive.html – toward bottom copy black death section. They killed tens of millions while weak morons only killed a few hundred in retaliation because idiots ‘obeyed’ jew ‘popes’ dicatating ‘don’t kill’ so spineless morons let mass jews go ‘free’ allowing them to breed millions more to kill the rest of us. see
    judicial inc blogspot ww2 bloodlines, mafia page, kkk, and false flags page, fraud ‘ww2’ killing over 20 Million for jew bolshevik takeover of europe, then tens of millions more holodomorinfo com. see also mosaisk jewish timeline. copy this and other pages here shadowmasterminds.wordpress.com/all-protesters-and-activists-are-jewish/ . You would not find these on your own, these pages plenty enough, copy to ext drive and disk and get off web. time is short. It was jews that brought the slaves and gave indians smallpox. wethoughttheywerewhite.weebly.com They blame general ‘whites’ for what ‘white’ skin ashkenazi jews do.

  2. PartTwo

    Finishing comment above, They get away with it all because others allow it. see subvertednation.net genocide purim page. They’re anarchists, same time telling others to obey their bogus govermt. They work as a tribe, while we stay separated in family or other box. That’s how you die. That’s how they got 100 million in russia, families separated sitting waiting, failing to make action Before they were attacked. waiting is death. emp grid and brain, when hits will be instant, and too late. The constitutions apply to no one. see “No Treason” by lysander spooner, clean copy at fourmilab. Ignore other sites on it, all disinfo jews. Natural anarchism and tribes is nature. We fail to use natural law. jrbooksonline.com arnold leese, ritual also bolshevism. They are spraying us, chemtrails with nanochips abouttheskycom, ignore haarp’, and there’s no such thing as nukes, the towers around us are weapon system, do emp, emp morg fibers in us to disable us, cause ‘dementia’, race genocide, also see newworldward org bioweapons page. its all jews, worldwide so called scientists making biowepns. Natural anarch and tribes, can act yourself and or with small tribes, leaderless louisbeam.com. Ignore wa dc, all govt is fraud, ‘state, city, skools’, fraud ‘media’, focus local, own area, jews, towers, chemtrails. There are no such thing as ‘nukes’ its psyops to distract from towers, will do Emp, also ‘smart grid’ is weapon have been tapping fibers in our brains stole our intelligence for their ai. wireless is a weapon it was never for your benefit. html It’s on you, us, can take back all they stole the power, water, all the lands they’ve stolen from us. Hand out links on paper notes to inform others, can copy this to make notes, at bottom put I’m not an activist’, no one is coming to save you, copy pass on, tape to mailboxes, hand out to crowds, time is short. . get Off the web. jewishracism.blogspot.fr/2012/12/time-is-not-on-our-side Doing in real life is cycle energy.

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