The One True Monster God


trump and netanyahu is a wave repeat of mussolini and hitler

Monotheism is the mother of all fascisms.  The one true god meme is the original source of statism and corporatism.  The god meme was used to invent external authority in the minds of men, this evolved into theocracies then modern nation states which licensed monopoly power to corporations.  Eventually these economic powerhouses merged with the state and the system became fascist.

the greater israel project plan is to geniocide all muslims

Monotheism is intolerance for all other viewpoints about god, in the Judaic fascist tradition, all competing gods were destroyed, those tribes worshipping other gods were totally destroyed.  In the Bible text the Israelites are commanded to kill everything and leave no human or animal alive.  This tradition of intolerance evolved into the modern fascist state.  The individual is made subservient to god then to the state.

1 Samuel 15:3 (New International Version)
“Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.'”

monotheism is the great evil

The Bible is an instruction manual for genocide and following orders blindly.  What did “god” do to Saul when he didn’t blindly kill every living thing as ordered?  God was filled with regret and anger that not every single thing wasn’t killed!  And this is the monotheistic monster god of the Jews that Christians whoreship!  (They even have the audacity to call the New Testament the “good news” because this same god nailed his only begotten son to a bloody cross!  What lunatic spell we all live under!)


If you love your Abrahamic monotheistic religion don’t complain about the modern intolerance of political correctness, they are both the same damn thing.   The one true god leads you down the road to the one true state, the one true system, the one thing you must obey without question, which is the Jewish World Order.  Obedience is what the Bible cultivates, obedience to your Jewish masters!

Make no mistake what this monotheistic hell religion has beget, the Jewish World Order, worldwide Jewish fascism.  It is this religious intolerance of the Rabbis expressed as a despotic worldwide political system that makes the world hell.  Those under the spell refuse to confront the demon the occupies their mind, Christians call this worldwide despotic system the New World Order because they are unable to confront the demon Rabbi that occupies their brain.  There’s nothing new about it, it’s been their plan all along.

monotheism israel fascism

Monotheism is the original source of fascism, the meme of the one true god became the one true religion then the one true state which beget corporations and monopolistic power.  Then these monolithic corporations consolidated economic power by manipulating the political process until they merged with the state, and Mussolini coined this union fascism or corporatism.

This Judaic based fascism is a potent force in the world, modern democracies are unable to resist the persuasive power of Jewish money control, all western states are now Zionist occupied.  All western nations are bending their knees to the intolerant Jewish criminals that run Israel and the central banks.  Fascism is the one true monster god of the Jews, it all started when Amenhotep/Moses promoted monotheism.  ‘Amen, amen’ is still stupidly uttered at the end of Judaic prayers, although the spellbound sheep have no clue they are uttering the name of the founder of one true god, Amenhotep.

fascism is the-monster-god-yahweh

Oh how the Hebrew tribe lectures us on the evils of Nazi fascism yet practice it themselves, oh how we have tolerated these monotheistic monsters born of the god Yahweh.  What is Yahweh but an outpicturing of the Rabbinic soul on deity, the the one true monster god Yahweh is nothing less than the Jewish supremacist ego.  Yes Virginia, all Christians are whoreshipping Jewish ego as god!

Fool humans whoreship this intolerant ego as god almighty and the result is monopolies in religion, politics, corporations.  Like I say, we are not really that far removed from the trees, humans are still apes, albeit conscious ones and if you don’t dominate then you become dominated.  Do you really want to lick the boot of Jewish tyranny forever and ever?  Do you actually want to end world terrorism?  Then what must we do to stop this Judaic insanity once and for all time?


The center of monotheism in the world is the ancient capital of Israel, Jerusalem.  More blood has been shed in this city than any other, all three of the Abrahamic hell religions have laid claim of it.  Jerusalem has been invaded and attacked nearly a hundred times.  Although this sore on the planet has caused untold misery for mankind, it is considered to be the holiest city of the world.

History of Jerusalem

“During its long history, Jerusalem has been destroyed 2 times, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, and captured and recaptured 44 times.”

Don’t you think it’s time to stop this insanity?  How do we regain consciousness and come out of the Bible spell?  We end the source of our misery, we end the reign of terror by dropping the bomb on the center point of the Abrahamic evil.  The only way to world peace, the only way to stop terrorism is to end the state that actually sponsors it, Israel.


By nuking the center point of the world’s three monotheistic religions, we would end these three terrible religions and come to our senses about the evil of monotheism.  By ridding the planet of the one true city of god we save ourselves from the most hellish Jewish future.  By glassing over the Dome of the Rock we end all the Abrahamic religions with one blast.  Does my proposal sound unreasonable to you?  That’s only because your mind is spelled and you can’t see reality clearly.

It’s time to roll the B-52s down the runway and point them toward the Jerusalem and give the hell bomb back to it’s creators.  It’s time to end the deadly spell of monotheism, it’s time to free ourselves from the Jew hell religions and their monster god Yahweh.  All it takes is clear vision and will to save ourselves from the Jewish World Order, all we have to do is put the bomb on the center of the monotheistic spell and take out Jerusalem.

end fascism by nuking israel








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