The Heart of Darkness – The Ugly Truth about the Jewish Holy Bible



What if the God described in the Holy Bible and the need for salvation are not true?  Then the Holy Bible is no longer holy but a corruption of men’s minds by teaching them untrue concepts that damages their psyches.  Well, is there an real proof of an afterlife?  Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

holy bible is a grand deception of the ruling class

What about the subset claims of the heaven thesis?  Is there really a hell full of devils?  Does sin actually exist or is that just another guilt meme we’ve been taught by the priest?  What about the need of salvation?  If the answer is no to any of those questions then we need to upgrade our theology, perhaps we need to even ditch it all and start over.

The ugly truth that few can even tolerate is that everything we’ve been taught is not an accurate representation of our earth incarceration. The scientific truth is that the Bible is not true about origin, and thus probably not true about the afterlife claims. If Genesis is wrong then so is the afterlife claim, Darwin’s thesis destroyed the creator seven day story, and it unintentionally ended the rest of the logic that flow downstream from the Adam and Eve myth.


For those of us with strong constitution and sharp minds can only come to the conclusion that the entire Bible is pre-scientific myth, and bad myth at that because of the fundamental concepts within the text like afterlife punishment, hellish afterlife possibilities, or the need of salvation.  Who needs to be saved after Darwin?  No one because know we know that if the first story is dead wrong then so is the rest of it.

But consider the fact that the Bible story still continues into this high tech age of super weapons.  Then we are witnessing the horror of horrors, the Holy Bible is the heart of darkness corrupting men.  Because the belief has been unleashed upon the enemies of Judah.  America is a Bible possessed nation with 42,000 Christian denominations and many of them back Israel all the way.


List of Christian denominations by number of members

Historical Protestantism – 300-400 million[11]
Modern Protestantism – 400-500 million


What if the real devil is the construct of the judging god found in the Jewish written holy books.  What if Satan doesn’t exist yet this concept of Yahweh a potent force turning ordinary gentle humans into judgmental monsters, followers of this Jewish god?  What if the God of the Jews is the real devil in this realm and what if all of Christianity has been tricked into worshipping this Jewish god because of the fear instilled by the text of the Jewish written holy books?

Well there is no sin, no devil, no Satan, no afterlife punishment – so what that means is that the evil manifesting in this realm is not from the devil but from men who follow and ancient cult of godly authority.  The purpose of the Holy Bible is to indoctrinate the human into believing that an external god has authority over mankind.  But what if that is not true?  What if such a concept was a priestly ruse used to get men to voluntarily hand their personal authority over to the state?


What if the state has gathered authority unto itself, and this political power has attracted the most ruthless psychopaths and deceivers and that this god authority construct has now turned into a monster consuming all freedom and damning mankind to a totalitarian future?  What if Zionism is a ruse of Rothschild to take the entire planet?  What if the Lord Rothschild plans on slaughtering the Christian herd once HE completes HIS agenda of Jewish World Domination.

Your own heart was used to betray you, Christianity is a theological system that captures the hearts of men and then betrays them.  The Holy Bible is the Heart of Darkness, where Jewish prejudice masquerades as the light.  The human ego gets caught by the prejudice and the heart by the text of love, but this is nothing but the ruse of the trickster priest to enslave you into a cult of authority.  Just recently a CSI case describes a man’s own heart betraying him:

Ohio man’s pacemaker data may betray him in arson, insurance fraud case
Man describes quickly packing and fleeing; heart data shows otherwise, doctor says.

What if the Holy Bible is the ultimate deception that damns us all to the most unimaginable misery, endless wars, worldwide torture centers, secret mass killings, worldwide environmental nuclear contamination, and worldwide aerosol chem trail atmospheric spraying.  What if nations now conduct total surveillance, secret renditions, star chamber justice, vote tampering, deadly pharmaceutical and food additives, genetically engineered ‘Franken’ foods?


What say you to this Holy Bible authority that established the beast state?  At what point do you wake up and realize you’ve been had by the external authority ruse?   Will you even be able to resist when you find out everything you’ve ever been taught in church and state run schools are blatant lies?  What will you do when the cops come for you and demand an Identification Card.   What will you do when they ditch the card and demand you take a microchip or bar code?

What will you do when this external authority to self decides to eliminate cash and only allow credit transactions?  Pray to Jesus?  Do you really believe that the “Lord and God Jesus” is going to help you? When are you going to fully understand that no god is going to help you defeat the Jews?  When are you going to decide that Jews are a threat to your very existence?  I will tell you the ugly truth you can not hear, most people are never going to make the jump to higher consciousness, the sheep are going to be herded to the slaughter.

nation-of-sheep-ruled-by-wolves-owned-by-pigs WELCOME TO THE JEWISH WORLD ORDER

At what point are you going to suspect that “god” is on it with the Jews.  Afterall, God choose them to fuck you over, crush your spirit, take your money, force you to swallow the most ridiculous lies like 911 or Sandy Hook.  Did any of the chosen ones or their gullible preachers tell you that Israel did 911?  When will you snap out of the Christian trance that Jews did it?  I will tell you the ugly truth you can not hear, most people are never going to accept the Israel did the 911 thesis.

At what point are you going to violently resist this Jewish vampire that is demonizing your very breath with the Global Warming now termed Climate Change scam?  At what point are you going to realize that there’s no runaway warming and that the Jew lies to you nonstop on the Jewtube?  Will you ever know that the trace gas CO2 does nothing yet because the Jew claims otherwise you must tow the official party line and believe scientific lies as absolute dogma.


Will you be able to gather your spirit to fight the Jew demon in the end times?  Will you even want to keep sacred your very being from the Jew predator race of Neanderthal remnants when your mind is poisoned by television, your body immune system ruined by vaccinations, and most importantly your spirit corrupted by the Jewish spirit that was transferred to you by the uploading of the Holy Bible to your soul?

Will you ever figure this out in time, that as your nation states are overcome with violent third world indigents mad as hell for what we did to them, that the Jew stole your national identity with his book? When will you realize that a once proud Swede or German is now a pacified puppy dog called Christian? When are you going to see that treating the holy chosen ones with respect is a pathetic sign of spiritual weakness? When are you no longer going to tolerate any Judaic evil as the good?

men are domesticated like dogs

When are you going to wake up from the god spell and realize that the worst nation on the planet is Israel and the most unholy town Jerusalem.  When are you going to force your nation to bomb the Jews off the map once and for all time?  When are you going to vibrant and proud again?  When you finally wake up and ditch the Holy Bible as your program guide?  When will you finally realize that the only solution to the Jewish problem is their elimination and eradication?


Will you cheer us on when we nuke Israel?  Will you be able to forgive us with your judgmental Jewish mind that Israel must be made no more?  Will you give up your Bibles?  I will tell you the ugly truth you can not hear, most people are never going to give up their Bibles, nor will any significant majority stand up to Zionism in the United States.  Most people will dwell in the heart of Jewish darkness and perish in the upcoming robotic transhumanistic future when men merge with machines.





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