The Holiest of Sins



Sin doesn’t exist in reality, but it does exist in theology and the belief in sin is one of the greatest deceptions that humans have ever entertained.  The Jewish Holy Bible rests on the premise of a judgmental god who is holier than you, and if you want to get with this god upon death you must not have sin otherwise you face eternal torture and punishment.  I am not sure why I would want to spend eternity with Yahweh, Jews, and Christians when I can’t stand them right now.


According to the myth writers, god is without sin,a perfect all knowledgeable being, but then in the first book he has to scrub his big mistake by killing off most of us in a big flood.  Doesn’t Genesis make you scratch your head, it does mine, then I realize it was written by a lying Jew prick.  What escapes most Christians that if the robots are flawed then the real fault is with the designer.  God can not be perfect because of our inherent sinful nature.

According to the holiest book you are the dirty sinful mortal and separate from the divine.  According to these Christian death cultists sin permanently separates you from the perfect almighty perfect holy of holies.  Christian eschatologists inform us that all go to hell, and there ain’t a thing you can do about it, not by works, not by praying, not by indulgences – but only by faith.  Only faith in the monogod Jesus do you have any chance in hell of ever getting with the almighty Jewish prick in the sky.


None of this insane demented judgmental philosophy is true, but the effects of this thinking is real and it is causing unbelievable hell for many people right now who are being judged and bombed to death by this Judeo-Christian Satanic death cult.  Modern Christians have lost it, they have fallen off the wagon, their current politics are so un-Jesus like that I have to call them out as the biggest hypocrits of all time.

The irony of sin is that those trying to avoid it, those who are desperately trying to escape the wrath of the Jew father god, those who are trying to skirt eternal punishment, have become the greatest of sinners with their support of modern Israel.  The Zionist Jew hell state is able to genocide Palestine and kill millions can only happen with widespread Christian support.  Satanyahu thanks all Evangelicals for their support.


Zionism is the biggest sinful murdering spree of Christianities bloody history.  Christians are creating hell with their support for Zionists  and they don’t see this hypocrisy as sinful.  The sickness of modern apostate Jesus followers is laughably insane.  Not one part of their make believe theology is logical or true, but they just keep believin’ anyways ’cause they want to be winners, they want the Jew money, they want to get with the Jew god.

Sin is a meme some priest invented to make you feel guilty so that he could own you emotionally.  If there was no sin meme short circuiting your brain then why would you obey the priest?  You wouldn’t, you would laugh at the priest for being batshit insane.  But you hold the priest in reverence because you believe in sin and you also believe the priest is going to help deliver you from this angry Jew god who’s out to get you.


Yes Virginia, people believe in these crazy ideas and never bother to check to see if they are true or not.  What evidence can the priest offer you for the reality of sin?  The priest says you have sinful nature or that you did something bad like smoke some weed, but the priest can not prove that sin is a thing in itself.  That is because sin is an unproved meme in the Bible and in your head, outside of those two places it does not exist.

There is an infinite lack of evidence for this extraordinary claims of an angry Jew in the sky, or that this angry Jewish sky god Yahweh has an afterlife court, or that you even have a soul that goes anywhere upon death.  Sin is a meme only, sin is a concept in your brain, and it has created a simulacrum or artificial reality in which you exist.  For many Christians, smoking pot is a sin, and they support the courts that deprive freedom for those who commit the marijuana sin, but in the eyes of god there’s no sin.


Sin is the holiest of sins.  Sin is a destructive meme creating hell on earth.  No one gets saved, no one gets judged, no one goes to hell, no one is separate from god.  Sin is a meme invented by the Rabbi to get you enslaved to his theology and you are a fool to believe it.  Sin is one of the greatest of all lies of the monotheistic death cultists, the irony is that those that believe in sin are supporting Israel which is pure evil.

The reason that sin idea is wrong is because their is no external god that is separate from you.  You never have to try to get back to god because you have never been separate from god.  God is the creativity within yourself, it is not out there and believing in these judgmental Jewish ideas that make you exclusive from others keeps you from being holy.  Christians don’t understand that their theological construct of sin is actually making them the worst sinners.


If anyone wants to be holy (or whole with the rest of humankind) then they must ditch Jewish segregation, choseness identity, non-admission for non-members.  As soon as a Christian gets baptized they are joining the war against all those not baptized.  Baptism is entry in the exclusion zone, baptism is ritual defiance of the rest of the group.

Christians reinforce their exclusion from others with Bible verse like John 3:16, that entry to heaven is only by one means belief in their egotistic viewpoint, that heaven is only entered by belief in their Jewish monogod Jesus.  This separation by verse is one of the greatest evils plaguing mankind, John 3:16 has u leashed holy hell on the world, millions upon millions of non-believers have been slaughtered by the righteous.


Christians can not fathom that their belief system is a giant lie.  People in general have trouble believing that anyone could lie on a grand scale.  People have trouble realizing that there’s no such thing as sin or children dieing at Sandy Hook, they can not wrap their minds around the idea that the authority would lie to them on such a grand scale.

One of the reasons why people believe whopper sized lies is that they can not believe that someone in authority would lie to them on that scale.  Everyone tells small lies, but only the most ruthless tell huge lies.  Sin is an infinite sized lie for getting control of you, with sin the Rabbi and priests were able to build empire on your backs.  Most people can not comprehend that they are being told whopper sized lies by authority because they trust authority and only tell small lies themselves.

the rabbi needs sin to make you emotionally vulnerable

Sin is a whopper sized lie told by the unscrupulous make you feel guilty.  Sin makes you feel guilty for being born.  You are told that you are going straight to hell for being born in sin.  This is why churches teach young children the Adam and Eve story over and over, to indoctrinate them into believing sin.  Once they believe they are guilty then they can be controlled, taxed, and made a lifelong slave by church and state.

People believe in sin even though there is not one shred of evidence that this ‘sin’ thing exists.  They are confusing actions with sin, they are making the assumption that do something ‘sinful’ creates a thing called sin.  Sinful things may attract the attention of the court, but believe me, no god of the Universe cares what you do, like if you steal a banana from another monkey.  God doesn’t not prohibit stealing bananas or even land, in fact the Jew god is A-OK with stealing whole nation states.

jew ape prohibits stealing bananas by inventing sin

Christians make laws prohibiting nudity or smoking nature because they’ve bought the sin meme of the Jew Ape Rabbi who invented it.  Sin is a meme currently being used by Christians to control hippies.  Why do they do this since there’s no victim in smoking pot or swimming nude?  They do it because of the sin meme in their brain.  Monotheism is fascism, all must obey the one true god which in the case of Christian monotheists is obeying the one true Jew in the sky.

Christians are the monkeys believing the Jew Apes about the Jewish construct of reality.  Jews have created a false simulacrum of reality in the spellbound Christian mind.  Because Christians believe in the Jews, sin, and judgment they support the Jewish legal system which prohibits banana theft.  But Christians turn a blind eye when Israel steals Palestine.  Theft on a grand scale is condoned while the petty thief goes to jail.

jewish-neanderthal-bible KING KONG VERSION

You may doubt this thesis about sin, but oh let me tell you it is far worse than you even know!  From this sin meme, the Jews expanded that to the salvation meme.  There can be no salvation unless there is sin.  There can be no Jesus on the cross without sin.  There can be no heaven without sin.  There can be no Jewish control without sin.  Sin is the great cornucopia of the Jew.  Sin is the wellspring of all Jewish power.  WIth sin you can have it all!

The evil of the Holy Bible all starts in the Garden of Eden with the sin meme.  Forget the devil serpent, it told Eve the truth.  The real evil in the Genesis garden was the concept of sin being introduced to your mind.  With sin, a whole theology flows downstream from this Jewish deception.  If you are guilty for being born, if you are separate from God because of sin, then you must have a savior, you must believe in Jesus.   There can be no Jesus without first having sin in your mind.  Jesus is just a memetic overlay of the original sin called Genesis.


Christians believe that the fictional Jesus is the good shepherd but this is totally untrue since Jesus only affirms Jewish law and the belief in Jesus only re-affirms the sin meme.  Jesus leads his flock deeper in the Jewish simulacrum.  Jesus is just part of the great Jewish deception that all began with the Genesis story.  Jesus doesn’t save you from the Jew, he enslaves you to the Jew.  Jesus is the greatest of all Jewish deceptions, for with Jesus the Jews captured without resistance of all of Christiandom.

The truth is that you need salvation from the Jew.  They truth is that you need to escape Jewish thinking once and for all and break free of all theology.  There is a good pastor Charles Giulani that leads you out of Jewish hell realm.  You can find him on Renegade Broadcasting and Mami’s shit.  Charlie lays it out for you, an expert on Bible mythology he tells you the truth about the god damn Jews.


Hitler also told the truth about the Jews, Hitler had the Jews nailed which really pissed off Mr. Jew.  The reason is that the Jewish parasite must stay hidden so that it can control the Jewish simulacrum from behind the scenes.  Jews can not stand the light of truth and Hitler told the truth about them.

If you know your nation is infested with Jewish parasites you might rise up and give your nation a giant enema.  That’s why Hitler was a great man, he told the truth then organized his nation against the Jews.  Jews must really hate Hitler because of all the films the still make demonizing Nazis and affirming the Holohoax.


Jews, on the other hand, love Billy Graham.  This Judas goat leds millions and millions of the gullible Christian sheep right into the Jew slaughter house.  How many American boys have died because they believed Billy Graham?  Ever think about what this mother fucker has done to us?  Don’t ever forget that all the wars in the Middle East are only possible because of Evangelical support for Israel.

How do we know Billy Graham is a Jew tool?  He’s a friend of every President since WW2.  He’s on the Jewtube constantly.  He’s praised endlessly by the Jewish newsprint.  Billy Graham is one of the most evil men of the last century because he helped the Jews conquer the western world.  Billy Graham has helped the Jews kill millions upon millions of brown skinned peoples who weren’t part of the Satanic Judeo-Christian death cult.  Billy Graham is the alpha Judas goat leading all of Christiandom into the fiery pits of Jewish hell.


Christians exist in the Jewish simulacrum, they live in the simulacrum of sin.  Christians are afraid of sinning or offending the Jew in the sky, they are afraid of not making it back to be with god so they have faith in Jesus and thus affirm Jewish law which has us all trapped in economic totalitarian Jewish system where everything has to be owned and permitted under Jewish based law.

Christians are the monkeys believing the Jew Apes about the Jewish construct of reality.  Jews have created a simulacrum of reality in the dumb Goyim mind.  Christians are the lost sheep without a good shepherd, and most Christians don’t even know they been had had the Jews.  For instance, Martin Luther protested the money grubbing Church officials yet did not condemn the Jewish Bible itself.  He couldn’t because he believed and the Protestant Reformation only took the Christian mind deeper into the Jewish simulacrum.

SIN MEME HAS CREATED Ajewish-construct-of-reality



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