Jesus Never Existed and No One Needs to Be Saved


If you google “jesus never existed” in quotation marks you get about a 100,000 results.  Obviously you and I are not the only ones interested in this topic.  The name of this blog is Problem with Christians and the tagline is Jesus Never Existed and No One Needs to be Saved.  Why do I state this as an obviously true statement?  Because I know something most people don’t know, that Jesus is not true because the premise of Jesus can not be true.

jesus never existed  by Kenneth Humphreys

  Jesus – The Imaginary Friend

“Christianity was the ultimate product of religious syncretism in the ancient world. Its emergence owed nothing to a holy carpenter. There were many Jesuses but the fable was a cultural construct.”

I don’t ever need to read any scholarly articles disproving the historicity of Christ.  Although it is very important that scholars debunk all religions as archaic superstitions and myths, no one needs to be educated with multiple PhD’s to debunk Christ.  All one needs to do is raise their own internal vibration high enough to transcend judgment and the whole Bible myth dissolves before one’s eyes.

The Bible captures humans stuck in low vibration.  Those that judge get caught in a web of deception of a judgmental cult.  No god of love judges so the entire construct of Yahweh, judgment, hell etc. is a construct by the process of deceptive priest craft.  The god of the Bible doesn’t exist – the Holy Bible isn’t “holy”, it isn’t a good thing, and upon close examination the book is actually causing the Apocalypse.



How do I know for sure that Jesus never existed?  Because the premise of the Holy Bible can not be neither can Jesus be true.  Logic disproves Jesus.  What is this premise you ask?  That an angry judgmental god created you.  There is no evidence of an angry god and in fact in this scientific age there is no evidence of god at all. The Jesus hypothesis rests on the assumption of judgment, remove that idea as a valid characteristic of god and all of a sudden – poof! – the need for Jesus vaporizes.

Without the Genesis story being true then the whole premise of needing Jesus falls apart.  You must have Adam and Eve and the first sin for the logic of Jesus to make any sense.  God must first judge the first couple or there’s no need for Christ.  But there was no first man because humans evolved in a large gene pool.  No wonder the believers hate Darwin.  With the Garden of Eden myth being exposed as myth the Jesus story becomes laughably insane.  Without the fall in the garden no one needs Jesus.





Getting saved can not be possibly true because there’s no angry god out to get you.  Sure, billions of people claimed to be saved by Christ, but with humans any crazy idea can be held as true because most people don’t care about facts, they only care about being right because most of humanity is in ego consciousness.  A modern Christian is nothing more than a misinformed big brained ape with a Bible and in some cases with an assault rifle.

To many Christians, facts don’t matter.  Logic doesn’t matter.  Neither does proof of Jesus actually being a real man doesn’t matter to the wide-eyed believer.  What does matter is protecting one’s ego against all non-believers, those “antichrists” who don’t believe in the Lord and Savior. So right off a bat, a trained psychologist could instantly detect that something totally different is going on.  People defend their faith because they are defending their ego.

Really, this whole belief thing is just fucking crazy.  Why believe anything?  Why not take the position that if you don’t know something then just admit that you don’t know.  Do I know what happens when I die?  Nope.  How about you, do you know what happens at death?  You don’t either because there’s no scientific evidence of anything.  If you say you know ’cause you read some damnable Jew book then you are liar just like the Jew.

So if you want me to take seriously your claims of a Lord and Savior then show me some proof.  There is a whole lot of evidence that the exact opposite of what is claimed being true.  All I have to do to disprove the caring god Jesus theory is point to the massive blood and gore in the Middle East, which by the way, is being done by believers in the different Judeo cults.  A modern Jew is nothing more than a misinformed big brained ape with a Torah and in some cases with an assault rifle.

The current earth hell is being caused by the supremacist Zionist Jews who have 100% support of hundreds of millions of believing followers of Christ.  Obviously, something stinks to high heaven.  Why are the followers of Jesus creating the greatest of hells?  That question can be used and turned around to show that belief is actually a great evil.  Faith is causing evil, the evidence of today’s hell is caused by faith.  Wars, torture, suffering, Jews stealing Palestine is all the result of faith in the Bible.

So if we stand back from faith and examine what is going on objectively, faith is the problem, faith in Jesus is evil because of how Christians relate to the world and support world Jewry.  Faith in the Bible also gets people to voluntarily submit to authority, pay taxes, and sending their offspring to war.  Faith makes for a good soldier duped into war by a false flag which is undetectable by the spellbound faithful mind that lacks critical reasoning skills.

Faith is the deadly spell of the mind that makes hell.  Those trying to get into heaven, by being obedient to god will do anything to be in grace with the lord.   A good Christian can not detect government wrongdoing, like lies and false flags, because a good Christian is duty bound to support the state.  The Bible clearly says that God appoints our political leaders, so to go against the state is to go against god.

Muslims are just as duped as Christians.  Both  Muslims and Christian faiths are based on false stories of origin.  Both Muslim and Christians are beholden to bad Jewish myth of an angry god.  Muslims believe the Genesis myth just as fervently as any Christian.  A modern Muslim is nothing more than a misinformed big brained ape with a Koran and in some cases with an assault rifle.

The sad fact is that belief in these Abrahamic religions is the root source the violence.  Believers can not realize this because their minds are in a spell;  but to an outside observer, faithful Christians are supporting Zionist Jewish terrorism, and the supremacist Jews could never get away with the theft and murder of Palestine if it wasn’t for widespread Christian support.  Belief in Jesus is the myth that kills millions.


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