Politics is Very Sophisticated Theatre


If you are wise you watch what they do and not what they say.  Politicians are actors, the best of the best sound very, very authentic like they believe what they say.  Trump is very much like Ronald Reagan, a believable passionate actor.  What did Trump say over and over?

“From this day forward it will be America first”

Politics is very sophisticated theatre, what did Trump do after the election?  He made Israel first.  Many people still don’t get it.  Jew wise patriotic radio hosts, like Dr. David Duke, still don’t understand the game.  Trump is an actor, they didn’t “get to him”, they didn’t turn him, Trump is a player and knows exactly what he must do to play the game.  We must question the validity of any truth leader after Trump removed his mask – the 6 Apr 2017 missile barrage.



The candidate’s talking points are created in think tanks and focus groups.  Trump and Hillary Clinton’s speeches are written by teams of professionals, the candidate reads the special prepared lines to capture the target groups.  Obama was “Hope and Change“, trump was “Make America Great Again”.  The politicians are literally actors, in fact some of them like Jesse Ventura, Ronald Reagan, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are actors.

After the election all the same Zionist policies continue unabated.  The simpletons are fooled in every election cycle because those in charge are controlling the world’s biggest military and cash cow and have a great interest in fooling the public.  The American people are the goy, the cattle, the easily milked dupes.  They do not understand how sophisticated the election process really is.




Trump didn’t change his real internal character, Trump was not turned or coerced into doing the bidding of the Jews.  Trump is an actor that played his role, he was convincing like Ronald Reagan.  What did Reagan believe and say?  The American government had grown to big, it was overbearing, it needed to be reduced in size.  What did Reagan do?  He ran the biggest deficits and made government bigger.

Political craft works because of belief.  If the public is pre-conditioned to believe then they can be easily fooled.  If in your mind you believe that Jesus is going to defeat the devil, then how hard is it to believe a politician who says he’s going to save us from the hobgoblins and boogeymans?  If you believe in Jesus you might also believe that the presented actor wild claims that if elected he will balance the budget or make America great again.

Who wrote the religious myth?  The state?  Who makes political promises?  The state.  If you take the time to listen to Joseph Atwill you’ll learn the true origin of the Jesus myth.  The Roman State, under Vespasian, hired Josephus to pen the Gospels.  The state hired an expert to write propaganda.  Christianity is religious propaganda that softens the mind to political propaganda.

The Gospel of Mark and Pauline Gospels are written by Josephus, in fact all the Gospels are god spells written under pseudo names just like Mark Twain or Yukon Jack.  Paul’s travels are modeled after the Jew Josephus who was captured in 68 A.D.  Jesus in the temple at a young age is Josephus in the temple at a young age as he tells in his autobiography.  Josephus was a well paid propagandist who wrote much of the New Testament.

Look at the success of the Gospels in convincing the masses of state propaganda.  That was almost 2,000 years ago.  The modern state is far more educated and sophisticated than ancient Rome.  The modern political parties hire corporations that run focus groups to figure out what you want to hear so they will get your vote.  Trump, like Obama, was sold to you like a bag of potato chips.  Trump made ‘soundbites” that appealed to many disaffected voters.  Trump went fishing and caught a whole lot of naive White nationalists and alt-righters.

Joseph Atwill proves that the crucifixion of Jesus is an allegory of the siege and fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.  Jesus is invented after the Roman seige.  The point is that the masses are under a Jewish spell, they are worshipping the Jews and the Jewish controlled state and the spell is so strong that few are able to overcome it and all the while many will be praying to their Jesus god with no effect.

If you want false hope then you can read the Gospels or believe in the Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Trump actors.  But you must want some truth because you are reading Yukon Jack.  It is not my job you serve you up false hope and promises like political candidates.  My job is to convince you of your upcoming doom because of faith.  Yes faith, faith is the great destroyer of this age.

Faith and belief are the great destroyers of this age.  The Gospels are not “good news”, such claims are bloody cynical.  The idea that there is salvation from an angry God who hangs the guillotine of eternal damnation over your soul is not some good news at all.  It is the worst state treachery of political propaganda that scares you into submission.  My job is to blaze a new path for consciousness and liberate the human mind from the treachery of the state and Jews otherwise the American sheeple will be used, morally debilitated, financially raped then killed off in WW3.


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